Steeda Pro-Action Mustang Shocks & Struts GT V6 (2011-2014)

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Looking for a cost effective alternative to adjustable shocks and struts? Here is the answer. Steeda's new Pro-Action shocks and struts for the S197 Mustang.

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Looking for a cost effective alternative to adjustable shocks and struts? Here is the answer. Steeda's new Pro-Action shocks and struts for the S197 Mustang. Steeda's Pro-Action shocks and struts were engineered by Steeda and manufactured to provide the ultimate in ride quality and handling while exceeded OE standards for durability and build quality.

Steeda Pro Action Shocks are manufactured under these rigorous manufacturing certifications: ISO/TS16949, QS-9000 & ISO 9001

Read about what Billy Johnson, a professional racecar driver, has to say about the Steeda Pro-Action Shocks & Struts in his article on MotoIQ.

Product Benefits
  • Exceptional ride quality
  • Properly valved for your Mustang
  • Better ride than competing brands
  • Engineered & manufactured to exceed OE standards
  • Great for street and track action!
  • Limited lifetime warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

If you own an S197 Mustang and you're getting ready to lower it, you can't just get springs. The reason for that is the factory shocks on those cars, especially with how old they are now, need to be replaced along with the springs. Most of these cars are over ten years old and shocks and struts are wear items they do wear out. And over time the gas charge depletes, the fluid starts to leak out of them, the bushings start to go. And as a maintenance item, you should really be looking at replacing your shocks and struts. And this is a great opportunity to make the upgrade, frankly, even if you're sticking with your OE spring. But let's be honest, there are a lot of awesome performance spring options out there, specifically the ones we offer here at Steeda. So if you're going to make that jump to a more performance oriented spring, lowering spring, on your S197 Mustang, the way to go is picking up a set of non adjustable Pro-Action stocks. Now, Jamie, you've got your shocks picked out. You've got your lowering springs picked out. What else should you consider when you're lowering an S197 Mustang, you should really look at your- at how you're going to readjust your alignment, because once you lower your car, you're going to throw the suspension alignment off. Camber plates are a great way to get your alignment back into spec or be able to adjust for more performance driving situations. Also, look at your strut mount, the bearings, the rubber mounts, make sure that they're in good condition. That would be the best time to replace those along with the bump stops. Speaking of camber plates, can you briefly go over who would want to use a camber bolt because there are plenty of options out there for that or make the jump to a camber plate when they're lowering their car. Camber plates are the preferred method for camber adjustment. The camber bolts are a good economical method. If you have to make small changes to your camber, you're trying to balance it. You don't have another way to do it. It's a good economical way to do it. But the best long term approach is with a camber plate and when it comes to camber bolts, I usually like to say that when it comes to street use pretty much strictly street use, camber bolts are a great way to go, but if you plan to do any more than that, plan to have some fun on the back roads, hit some canyon roads or HPDE or anything like that, definitely suggest making a jump to getting a camber plate. The camber plates will stand up to the abuse a lot better than a camber bolt will. Camber bolts by nature, there reduced size from the factory bolt and you give up a little bit of strength to get the adjustability with them. With the camber plates, you don't risk the loss of reliability. Now moving onto the rear, something that's much different versus the S550 cars. These S197 cars still have the solid rear axle in them. So Jamie, can you explain what happens when you lower a vehicle but you keep your factory non-adjustable Panhard bar as you lower a car with a panhard bar, it's going to allow the rear end to shift under the car in one direction or the other, and you're going to add offset to the rear axle. So when you lower the car, it's a really good idea to replace your fixed length Panhard bar with an adjustable for an adjustable shock for your S197 we usually recommend a Koni Yellow Sport. They're rebound only adjustable, but they're extremely durable. They're a great choice for people that are going to be using their car track events, autocross, drag racing. They just work really well. Now we keep saying S197, that's referring to 2005 to 2014 Mustangs. So when it comes to shocks and struts, it's kind of split up between 05 to 10 and the slightly older S197 body style and the newer 11 to 14. Regardless whether you have a V6, GT, 500, 08 Bullitt, anything like that. We have the shocks and struts to cover your application, whether it is that 05 to 10 or 11 to 14, same goes with Camber plates. If you have any questions regarding shocks, struts, springs, anything suspension on your S197 Mustang, please comment below. We want to hear from you. We're happy to answer any questions that you guys have hit that like and subscribe button the notification bell. And don't forget the most important thing speed matters.
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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Just replaced the shocks and struts on my daughter's 2012 V-6 with 95k miles. What a difference it made! Rides and handles much nicer, almost as good as my son's 2017 Mustang. No regrets. One thing to note however, this kit requires the Steeda bushing kit to install. Factory bushings won't work.
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Decent Pro-Action dampers
I recently lowered my '14 Mustang, and bought Steeda HD strut mounts along with these Pro-Action struts and shocks. Straight forward install, high quality dampers. These stiffen up the ride a bunch compared to stock. If you upgrade and your suspension these dampers are the way to go.
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Stiff is good
Like others have said, these shocks are stiff. They are a big improvement over the factory ones. The car feels more planted on the freeway. No regrets.
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Barry J.
Just put these on my 2014 V6 Mustang. What a difference! After 90,000 miles, the stock struts and shocks were done. The Steeda parts were a huge upgrade. Seriously stiffened the ride, and she handles so much better. Thanks to Steeda for quality parts made in America by Americans.
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Verified Buyer  
Worth every dollar!
These shocks and struts provide a fantastic ride and yet give great control of body roll. To me they're perfect. I am totally happy I picked these. Some say they're too soft, that's nonsense. If you're using them on a daily driver. For a pure track car yes you'll want to go stiffer, but you'll go with coil overs anyway at that point. If you use your car as a daily driver, these areas good as it gets!
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Adding the Pro-action shocks and struts made a night and day difference!
Had Steeda sport springs, HD mounts, ph bar with stock shocks/struts. The ride got really annoying over time. Adding the Pro-action shocks and struts made a night and day difference! The ride and handling around turns are greatly improved and feel great.
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Awesome buy!
This should be everyone's first suspension mod, just saying. :)
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Very competitve in price. As far as performance these pro actions have no competition. Hands down the best ride quality of a setup that costs hundreds more. No need to worry about adjusting just install and go! My ride quality is excellent and the handling is suprising in to turns!
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The ride quality from these are awesome! Its like the best of both worlds. I dont have the time to be playing with adjustments but if I did this is what it would feel like! Sweet ride and nice in the corners!!
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