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Steeda Mustang MT-82 Transmission Mount Bushing Insert (2011-2019)

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Part Number: 555 4037
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Steeda's MT-82 Transmission Mount Bushing Insert for 2011-2019 S550 Ford Mustang is a must for any weekend road racer. Our polyurethane manual Transmission Mount Bushing helps reduces transmission movement, so it helps keep the shifter aligned with the Getrag 6 speed transmission, and reduces any chance of missed shifts. It is easily able to be removed and reinstalled on track days; minimal NVH increase.

Please Note: Does not fit GT500.

Purchase your Steeda MT-82 Transmission Mount Bushing Insert for your 2011-2019 Mustang at Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • Improves shifting performance
  • Simple and quick installation
  • No permanent modification necessary

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions:
Install Video:

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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2019 Bullitt
Great buy and excellent choice for manual transmission..great fit and straight foward install.. perfect shifts
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Verified Buyer   from Texas on 7/29/2019
Little to no NVH
I was very concerned about nvh but I did the 1 1\4 hole with a hole saw and I have little to no nvh and I am happy with the bushing ,took about of 20 minutes with a hoist
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Verified Buyer   from Bloomfield on 1/2/2019
Installed on my 2011 mustang gt brembo 3.73. Before shifts where very notchy and hard to put into gear sometimes. After install the shifts are very smooth with no issues. The only downside is increase in NVH but ill take that over missed shifts.
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Verified Buyer   from on 12/2/2017
I should have done it much, much sooner!
Installed this on my 11' GT after hearing all the hype about this new bushing and let me tell you.......I should have done it much, much sooner! I take my car to the drag strip (a lot mind you) and I'd occasionally miss 3rd gear, but not anymore! :D Easy install and works great. If you miss 3rd gear occasionally and are looking for some help, get this. It will make your shifting much smoother and you'll be more confident when shifting. Great product!
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from Florida on 11/30/2016
I can definitely say I love these additions!
After being at the track with it yesterday, I can definitely say I love these additions! The car took 4 sessions of beatings on the road course. Very consistent, no missed shifts. 100% satisfied customer. Thanks Steeda!
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from Louisiana on 11/10/2016
. The gears now seem to be 'where they should be' if that makes any sense.
I installed this bushing yesterday and here is the results. My 2013 Mustang GT (which I baby most of the time) was getting an occasional lockout at 6500k+ RPMs from 2nd to 3rd. It also just felt weird in turns and at other times in every gear just about. Did a few tests at high RPM from 1st to 3rd and shifted smoothly into every gear. The gears now seem to be 'where they should be' if that makes any sense. The entire car feels like it should have from the factory shifting wise. The downside: Tons of NVH now. My entire car resonated above 2k+ RPMs. My only mods are axle back mild exhaust, and 1.5" lowered/front back just for sound and looks. No performance mods at all until this one, if you want to call it that. I took the bushing back out and modified the center portion in an attempt to lower the NVH but still have the crisp shifts. IT WORKED!! I waited for it to dry a little and took it for a short drive. Didn't notice any NVH this time but shifts still felt great :)
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from California on 10/5/2016
confidence and precision in shifting
I installed the trans mount bushing, the install was problem free. The trans mount bushing instills confidence and precision in shifting. I didn't notice any increase in NVH, was pleased with the buy, especially because of low cost. Regret not getting it sooner but ignorance is bliss :-)
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from Illinois on 9/9/2016
Too much vibration
2013 V6 Mustang - Too much vibration. You V6 guys all recognize the annoying vibration while decelerating between 3000 and 2000 RPM. The dual mass flywheel is the problem according to the dealer. For my car noticeable vibration occurs at 2300 RPM. Installed the bushing. Easy install, BTW. Immediately noticed improved ability to find 3rd gear ( I already have the Barton rear support for the shifter). But the V6 vibration problem was multiplied maybe 5 fold. New vibration points at 1800 RPM and 2300 emerged at constant speeds in any gear not just while decelerating. Very annoying and pretty much spoils the feel of the car while just driving around town. The bushing might be a good idea for track days but for all round use in the V6 it's not the best. Because the V8's do not have this vibration issue I imagine those setups can tolerate the increased stiffness this bushing provides.
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from Colorado on 7/19/2016
Really happy
Really happy with what this has done for the ease of high rev shifts from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th. The reason that I did not give it a five star rating is the vibration that this added to my ride. The vibration isn't crazy, but noticeable over the stock. There is a little bit more noise, but I kind of like it and this is coming from someone that is very noise sensitive (cannot stand rattles or squeaks). I would definitely recommend this to someone that plans on taking their car to the track, but for a daily driver only, not sure if I would do it. As far as installation is concerned, I don't do things to my car by myself, so took the part to my local dealership and they put it in for $60. Any mod that is under $100, is ok in my book.
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from California on 6/13/2016
Have not missed a shift since
Mine would miss shifts going into 3rd or 5th under spirited driving. I added the Steeda transmission insert and have not missed a shift since. At about 5k miles changed the fluid to RP Syncromax and it made a very noticeable improvement in the smoothness.
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from Utah on 6/8/2016
I haven't missed a shift
I had a few issues missing 3rd gear during spirited driving but since spending $30 on the Steeda transmission bushing I haven't missed a shift. It will get a little notchy if I am sloppy with my shifts (i.e., don't push the clutch in all the way).
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from Ohio on 4/28/2016
The throws are shorter, and much more crisp
Installed the steeda trans bushing, shifter bushing, and short shifter this morning. For about $200, you can't beat it. I don't notice any additional V/H at all. I do notice that the throws are shorter, and much more crisp. There's a tiny bit of wiggle in it, but it's very firm if your slamming through the gears. I do hear the motor and transmission more in the cabin now due to the tranny bushing, but I don't care at all. Mustang noises are welcome. Lol.
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from California on 4/15/2016
The car feels so much more planted to the road
This is the first time I've ever done anything suspension wise to my car, David @ Steeda helped out greatly with all my questions as well as getting me setup with an install at their Pompano location with a tour of some badass shop cars and their facility. Everyone @ Steeda - David, Patrick, Matt were great and made sure I was happy with everything. I can't recommend their shop enough to anyone in the area and Matt did an awesome job with everything on the install, even tack welded my Gibson exhaust and turned their clamps a bit to help out. I won't have a chance to do pics this weekend of my spot on the beach as that will give a good before/after comparison when I put them together. The car feels so much more planted to the road, even just turning out of their parking lot I could tell everything felt more connected and precise to what I was telling the car to do. It basically now goes where I want it instead of reacting to what I'm asking it to do if that makes any sense at all? I had some open highway and did a little bit of careful back and forth in my lane and I felt completely planted and not bouncing around back and forth in my seat. Almost found myself doing slalom in between some construction barrels but given how my morning went I decided against it. The springs give the car the look I wanted and make the Vossen wheels look that much better. Nice tighter rebound than stock PP springs and reduces the overall bouncy ness on some of those highway stretches where it feels like you're hitting hydraulics for a half a mile. Also any bridges or overpasses with rough spots where you enter/leave them were solid. The MT-82 bushing insert is noticeable and I had much easier downshifts for highway passes on the way home, feels like a much more solid shift that I had to get a bit used to in a good way. I didn't do any hard launches or try to break the rear end loose at all since I was just getting used to it, will report back later on that. I can't really report on some of the individual IRS components since they all went in at the same time, but I am noticing a slight (and I mean slight) gear wine from the rear with the Black bushings. It's only really noticeable if you try to make it happen and barely push the gas at cruising speed. Nothing I'm worried about and after 4 hours of driving it home windows down and up for a few sprinkles it does not bother at me all. It's not all the time either or in any specific gear so no biggie as far as I'm concerned.
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from Florida on 3/27/2016
Before the bushing I would miss 1 in 4 shifts to third
I put the Steeda bushing in about 2 1/2 weeks ago now. It's not a hard job but overall it would be easier to take the three bolts that hold the mount to the tranny out and install the bushing on the bench. So in the last 2 1/2 weeks I have driven about a 1000 miles and I can confirm that there is no addtional vibration in either the floor of the car or shifter. I hear a little more tranny gear noise but it is so slight I may be imagining it. Before the bushing I would miss 1 in 4 shifts to third with spirited driving. Since then I haven't missed any and I have been doing a lot of 0-60 runs to improve my launch now that I have confidence I can make the shift to 3rd (i have the PP and the car won't reach 60 in second without hitting the rev limiter because of the steeper gears and requires a shift to 3rd).
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from Florida on 3/14/2016
There is absolutely no noticeable change in NVH
I installed mine last Saturday. There is absolutely no noticeable change in NVH. I also haven't missed a shift from second to third since the install. I am extremely satisfied with the insert.
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from Florida on 2/9/2016
The improvement was phenomenal
I installed this bushing today with the Steeda shifter base bushing and used the black bushing. I only got to drive it around the block from idle to 30 mph. There is some vibration down at my feet but not enough to be annoying. The improvement was phenomenal. Shifting up and down isn't a struggle like it used to be, The shifter just falls into gear. Now I can feel how much throw is in the stock shifter so guess which Steeda part I will be buying next.
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from Texas on 1/24/2016
Very pleased with it
Have had the Steeda Trans, Bushing in my 2015 Mustang for a few weeks now, and I really think is a GREAT MOD, for the price of it..... I'm very pleased with it in my Mustang...... Wish I had put one in my 2014 GT Mustang.... I also really like the lower-end Steeda mods on my 2015 GT Mustang also...... Thanks Steeda....... Great Products......... The car salesman has even driven the car and likes it very much, and is also a car buff.......
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from California on 1/10/2016
Really firms up the shifts
I installed the Steeda trans bushing last night. Slight increase in NVH but really firms up the shifts. Great mod for the money!
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from Michigan on 1/3/2016
Best 30 dollars I have ever spent on a mod.
Best 30 dollars I have ever spent on a mod. Makes shifting smoother, drille am1/4 inch hole in the middle like some techs suggest in order to assist canceling out any NVH. Can't say what it would of felt like without it, but there is no added NVH and it's a must do mod for any owner of. 15 Mustang.
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from Georgia on 11/27/2015
Wow slides perfect into every gear
My review of the Steeda Insert , I ordered my insert on Thursday received it Saturday quick shipping +1, Install was easy like others said hardest part is jacking up the car, At first I was worried about a increase in NVH but i noticed NONE. +1 Now for the shifting, Wow slides perfect into every gear, I use to have a nibble going into 3 when cold but that was gone , It almost feels like the transmission was sagging before which was making gears rough to find and the insert aligned it correctly to make every gear perfect
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from Georgia on 10/15/2015
Very noticeable improvement right away
I put the BG Syncroshift 2 in the same time I installed the steeda mount insert, very noticeable improvement right away. Much smoother. These two mods, combined with my Boomba weighted knob made and night and day difference for under $200.
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from South Carolina on 9/17/2015
Much better!!
I waited awhile to review this product to get a good feel for the product. As everybody else has already said, this little product does make a huge improvement on shifts. They feel more solid and without all the clumsiness as previously experienced. I also have the Ford Racing shifter and shifter bracket, this bushing has also improved the action when going into reverse. Minor NVH at slow speeds but other than that I don't even hear or feel anything in addition. Great product and easy install.
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from Arizona on 8/11/2015
Wow is way better
I finally put in my Steeda Transmission Bushing in and wow is way better.
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from Florida on 6/2/2015
I 100% recommend this to anyone
Alright guys, drove the car this morning and wanted to let you know how it felt, as well as address NVH. I already have the FRPP shifter with 2 post bracket, which I feel is pretty hard to improve on. People say this shifter which is the same as the Barton is loud, I don't think it's loud but yes you do get a small amount of trans noise. With all that said, WOW. This bushing just adds that little extra touch to really tighten it up. It's so crisp, and I found that gears are just that much easier to find. Now let's talk about any added NVH, umm I notice nothing new. If I didn't know it was in there, I'd have just thought wow my trans feels better. I 100% recommend this to anyone. It's easy to install and for the price based on what it does for the car, it's a no brainer.
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from Louisiana on 5/27/2015
All can say is: Wow!
Installed Steeda's MT82 Trans Mount. All can say is: Wow! Made big difference in the shifts, very positive & much more solid shifts $29 I've spent on a mod! It was very easy to install & worked as advertised, I'm impressed.
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from Texas on 5/21/2015
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