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Steeda's Focus 1 Rear Sway Bar for the 2012-2018 Ford Focus dramatically reduces chassis understeer and improves vehicle handling. This high quality sway bar is constructed from super strong, and lightweight alloy spring steel.
Part Number: 555 1075
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Steeda's Focus 1" Rear Sway Bar for the 2012-2018 Ford Focus dramatically reduces chassis understeer and improves vehicle handling. This high quality sway bar is constructed from super strong, and lightweight alloy spring steel. The laser cut steel ends offer a superior strength over traditional stamped ends that create a weak point in your sway bar.

This Steeda sway bar kit includes replacement polyurethane bushings and bushing brackets.

Purchase your Steeda Focus Rear Sway Bar for your 2012-2018 Ford Focus hatchback or sedan from Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • 100% stiffer than stock sway bar
  • 20% lighter than stock sway bar
  • Reduces understeer
  • Improve vehicle handling

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Transmission Type: Automatic, Manual
Fits Model Year: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Focus Model: All

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Worked wonders for the car's handling. There was always a lot of body-roll and understeer and it was downright scary at anything over 7/10 pace. This one install changed the behavior completely and is 100% worth it for every Focus. Should have come like this from the factory. The car is more neutral now and the limit is significantly raised in the turns.
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from Los Angeles on 1/22/2021
Just buy it! You won’t regret it!
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from St Louis on 12/18/2020
Buy this bar!
I put this bar on my 14 Focus S and it's a great piece of equipment. Took the lean out of the rear of the car and just feels safer to drive. Now I have to get the front bar, and have a econo speedster that corners flat and rides great.
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Verified Buyer   from Olean on 9/18/2020
sway bar
I replaced both front and rear sway bars and it's like driving a completely different vehicle. Handling went from a 2 outta 10 to a 10 out of 10. I have Raceland suspension as well and the suspension helps but the sway bars are a much better buy. Rear was easy to install. The front I had someone help me. The front is easier on a lift.
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Verified Buyer   from Central Florida on 6/7/2020
Great sway bar
Great sway bar, easy to install and a vast improvement on handling.
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Verified Buyer   from New Orleans on 5/13/2020
Make this your 1st upgrade
Bang for the buck on this away bar cannot be beat. If you have a focus, this should be your first upgrade. It is relatively easy to install and the difference in handling is IMMEDIATELY noticeable. The rear of the car just follows the turn, you'll be pushed into the seat bolster quickly if you jerk the wheel. With some better performance tires I'm sure it will make an even bigger difference. I have oem 17 tires and wheels on my 15 Focus and the handling improvement with this sway bar is amazing. I had this bar on my 12 Focus as well and just can't say enough good things about it.
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Verified Buyer   from on 7/3/2019
Perfect Balance
I installed this a couple of days ago. This sway bar seems to really balance the car out perfectly. It didn't have much understeer from the factory but this gets rid of it. I can definitely notice that the car turns in much better, but I don't think it's as dramatic as other reviews said. It's a nice subtle adjustment that balances the handling of the car. The instructions were simple and easy to follow, but I wish Steeda would take the time to add the factory torque specs for the bolts and the socket sizes you need so you don't have to spend time researching it yourself.
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Verified Buyer   from on 12/31/2018
Tremendous improvement
The improvement in handling around corners is tremendous especially for the relatively low price and easy install. However the 45 minute estimated install time was being abit generous, took that much just to get the stubborn stock bolts off the car.
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from Georgia on 6/11/2016
Worth the money
I drive a 2013 Focus SE, and while I did like the stock handling for a little while it kind of left me wanting more. After a lot of research and a little help from the FocusFanatics community, it was clear this sway bar was going to be my first upgrade since it was receiving so much praise. So after driving about 4,000 miles with this bar on, I'm pretty confident I can communicate what you're going to get out of this thing, but to be honest you would have to feel it for yourself, it's worth the money. The steering feels tighter with the bar, noticeably tighter, and slightly heavier, and it feels fantastic, it just feels a lot more compliant and you will have a better feel for where you want the car to go. Handling through corners is vastly improved, much more stable, and loads more fun. You get so much more car for the money with this thing, it is a must-buy for every Focus owner that enjoys driving.
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from Florida on 5/4/2016
Night and day difference!
I was pretty sure that it would be a noticeable difference, and I expected it to be, but holy cow, it's such a night and day difference! The back end is so stiff that it makes my steering ratio feel tighter than it did before.
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from Georgia on 2/20/2016
Great product
This is a must do mod for any ford focus owner. i would recommend doing it first even. why the car didnt come like this from the factory i dont know. The car is far more planted in turns. It's smother and just feels more natural. You simply feel like you have more control. highly recommend to anyone wanting a cheap effective mod for their car.
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from California on 11/30/2015
Great upgrade
Solid upgrade from stock and simple install. Definitely helped eliminate a lot of body roll when cornering, without adding any harshness to the ride. If you would like a simple upgrade to help, this would be a good choice. Install is simple for the most part, but doing on your back in the driveway can be a small struggle as you need some clearence to drop the bar and the links can 'spin' as you go to remove them, so you will need to hold them from the other side to prevent that. On a lift in a garage with power tools and its in and out.
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from Florida on 9/13/2015
Much better after break-in
I want to update the review I wrote below. After putting about a thousand miles on this new sway bar, I must say that the feel has much improved. Now the front and back seem to have equal grip and there is no longer any kind of wobble from the rear. In fact, the other day when I took a sharp 270 degree freeway off-ramp at 50 mph, the car rolled just a little and all four tires began slipping equally. The front and back are now completely balanced. Now all I need is wider tires!
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from Florida on 6/27/2015
Definitely worth the cost
When I bought my 2013 Ford Focus, two things consistently bothered me. 1), the stock tires had very little grip and 2) while the front end of the car would bite into corners really well, the rear end of the car felt loose and wobbly around high speed corners. I swapped the stock GT all-seasons for Max Performance Summer rubber and this improved the grip issue significantly, but it exacerbated the problem of the wobbly rear end. In one particular instance when I was in an emergency situation I drove down a freeway interchange ramp in the shape of a gentle sweeping curve and was surprised to find that the back end felt like it would let go at any second. I bought the Steeda rear swaybar based on the reviews in this list that claim this all but eliminates the issue (now it's like driving on a rail) and while I agree that it's a significant improvement, it didn't completely fix the issue in my case. After installing the swaybar, I took the car for a blast up and down the local mountain road. I felt much more assurance and felt better pushing the car around corners at 50 mph than I had previously felt driving around them at 40 mph, but the back end still hopped around at the limit, although not as much as before. I received the same results taking that same ramp at 80 mph; a lot more stable, but the rear end still felt like it would be the first thing to come unglued.
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from Florida on 3/24/2015
Great product
This product is great. Easy to install and the quality is top notch. A noticeable difference right away.
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from Florida on 11/15/2014
Neutral balance
The sway bar is tuned perfectly to reduce factory understeer to a neutral balance. It does this without creating a lift-throttle oversteer situation, nor any other negative side-effects. The price was right, shipping was quick, and the components and finish are of very high quality. Well done Steeda!
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from California on 10/3/2014
Works great
Was very easy to install. Works great, would definatly recommend buying this sway bar.
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from Georgia on 5/24/2014
Big improvement over stock unit
While the stock setup was excellent(class leading) the back end did hop around a bit still. Now after installing this it's pretty much like driving on a rail. Body roll was minimal before but now seems virtually non existent. This unit greatly improves handling and ride quality. Very highly recommenced.
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from Florida on 2/7/2014
Exceeded my expectations
The other reviews have it dead on. Handling is even better now. Worth every penny!
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from California on 1/29/2014
What an improvement!
This swaybar really improved the handling of my month old Focus. I agree with the other reviewers, it keeps the rear firmly planted and really improves the feel of the car through the corners. Install was easy, took me about 30 minutes. I like how the instructions tell you up front what size sockets and wrenches you will need. The only thing the instructions left out was the fact that I had to remove one of the end links to swap swaybars (takes a 15mm wrench). I would recommend this swaybar to any 2012 Focus owner.
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from Florida on 12/30/2013
Everything it should be...
Reasonably priced, perfect fit. Seems to add the right amount of rear roll stiffness to eliminate most of the understeer of the factory setup, and without making it tail-happy or twitchy. Installation time of 45 minutes? Maybe in 5 years or so (when the fasteners start rusting up), but on my 1-week-old car it took all of 20 minutes.
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from Georgia on 10/22/2013
Great Product!!!
I picked the sway bar up about three weeks ago and it is absolutely awesome, it keeps the back end of the car planted on the ground and will not kick out at all. And the install was a breeze took less then 30 minutes to put on the car.
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from Florida on 7/3/2013
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