Steeda Performance Vehicles Announces the Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition

2022 Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition

Steeda Performance Vehicles announces the immediate availability of the Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition. Engineered to excel with undeniable authority that will certainly exceed your sportiest on and off-road expectations. All built with the Steeda pedigree that for over 34 uninterrupted years has delivered the ultimate of Ford based performance vehicles. Assertive styling, sporting heritage, and the promise of pure exhilaration are all trademarks of what Steeda delivers.

POMPANO BEACH, FL - Steeda Autosports, the world's largest aftermarket manufacturer of Ford performance equipment proudly announces the immediate availability of the Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition - Engineered to excel with strategic modifications that dramatically increase performance and capabilities, the Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition delivers incredible performance with ease.

“We approached the Raptor in exactly the same manner in which we do all of our performance vehicle products — take an already great vehicle and make it better by modifying it as needed for enhanced performance and driving abilities” said Bob Adams, President of Steeda Performance Vehicles. "The Raptor is really great out of the box, but our engineers have the expertise and experience to make it even better. We always take a 'clean sheet' approach in everything we do with a focus on performance enhancements, increased reliability/durability, and a more overall satisfying driving experience."

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When our Steeda engineers were young they played with toy trucks in the sandbox. Today, they still play with trucks in the sand. Big, lifted, fender-flared, fire-breathing trucks. Playing in the sands of Moab or the red rocks of Sedona ... or anywhere else the pavement ends. Our engineers come off as pretty polished; with their calculators and CAD programs; nuanced musings about pinion angles and thermal properties. But don't let that fool you - they're all about making more horsepower, fording deeper streams and climbing steeper hills. We like to think of them as testosterone junkies with pocket protectors. You see, they figured out the secret a long time ago. Real monster trucks don't crush wrecked cars in an arena; real monster trucks are driven - hard - through the dunes, the canyons the bogs, the wilderness ... wherever the paved road ends and the adventures begin.

Gen 3 Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition

So, whether your idea of a relaxing day off is pulling out stumps … or charging over them, there's a Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition with your name on it ... and it's built to the highest quality standards. That's why we can stand behind it with a 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty.

Standard equipment for the Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition includes the Whipple EcoBoost upgrade including their Mega Cooler intercooler which increases the 3.5L EcoBoost engine to outputs of 540 hp and 670 lb-ft of torque. A bevy of Addictive Desert Design high strength steel bumpers with Rigid Industries' ultra-high power LED off-road lighting along with select additional equipment round out the Steeda F-150 Raptor package to be a comprehensive and cohesive performance and appearance upgrade.

Optional features include and are not limited to additional off-road lighting packages, 2.5” Billet Aluminum Leveling kit, 20” Black Rhino Overland wheels -or- Tru-Beadlock six-lug wheels by Ultra Wheels with 35” or massive 37" Nitto high performance off-road tires.

You can check out the Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition at and visit for our full line of performance parts and accessories for Ford Vehicles.

  • From the Factory:
  • 3.5L High Performance EcoBoost
  • 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

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About 2022 Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition

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Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022
Steeda F-150 Raptor Edition 2022

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