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Steeda F-150 160F/71C Thermostat (2011-2023)

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Upgrade to a lower thermostat so that your engine starts cooling sooner. This Steeda 160-degreeF thermostat is a great way to upgrade your F-150.

Cooler temperature. The factory thermostat is a hot 190-degreeF. This thermostat opens to start circulating coolant at 160-degreeF, helping to control temperature quicker. A cooler thermostat can help you run more compression, richer air/fuel ratio, and more ignition advance when paired with other cooling upgrades.

Product Benefits:
  • 160-degreeF / 71-degreeC
  • Aftermarket replacement
  • 2.394" flange
  • 1.575" height from flange
  • Includes jiggle pin

Model Engine/Years
Escape 2.5L Hybrid (2020)
Explorer 3.0L Turbo V6 (2020)
F-150 2.7L Turbo V6 (2015-2021), 3.3L V6 (2018-2020), 3.5L Turbo V6 (2011-2020), 3.7L V6 (2011-2014), 5.0L V8 (2011-2022)
Fusion 2.0L Hybrid L4 (2013-2020), 2.7L Turbo V6 (2017-2019)
Mustang 3.7L V6 (2011-2017), 5.0L V8 (2011-2022), 5.2L V8 (2015-2021)

warningWARNING: California Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm;

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