New Steeda Mustang Upgraded Front Knuckle and Hub Kit (2015-2023)

Steeda Mustang Upgraded Hub Kit

Steeda Unveils High-Performance Upgrade: The 555-6045 Mustang Upgraded Front Knuckle and Hub Kit (2015-2023) for Track Enthusiasts

Steeda, the leader in high-performance aftermarket parts for Mustangs, proudly announces the release of the 555-6045 Mustang Upgraded Front Knuckle and Hub Kit, tailored for 2015 to 2023 Mustang models. This advanced kit, standard on Mustang Mach 1s, provides an exceptional upgrade opportunity for S550 Mustangs seeking superior performance on the track.

Designed specifically for hardcore track enthusiasts, whether engaging in weekend warrior competitions, time attacks, or rigorous road racing, the 555-6045 Mustang Upgraded Front Hub Kit offers unparalleled advantages for enhanced durability, superior load-bearing capacity, and improved handling characteristics. The heavier-duty, pre-loaded wheel bearing assembly mitigates side loading issues, preventing wheel speed sensor malfunctions that trigger traction control, commonly experienced with larger wheel and tire combinations.

The S550 Mustang has historically been susceptible to front wheel bearing issues. The upgraded wheel bearing assembly in this kit is a significant enhancement compared to standard GT or MagneRide-equipped cars. The larger, sturdier bearing can handle increased loads and higher temperatures, crucial for cars utilizing larger tire-wheel packages that exert greater stress on the hub.

Apart from addressing wheel bearing concerns, these knuckles feature improved geometry and bump steer, which is particularly beneficial for lowered vehicles. The kit is engineered to accommodate Mach 1 handling pack ride heights, offering an ideal solution for base GT models equipped with suspension modifications that lower the vehicle by up to 5/8 of an inch. When going lower than 5/8 of an inch, we would recommend picking up a Steeda Front Roll Center & Bump Steer Correction Kit (Part Number: 555-4915).

Extensively tested at Sebring, the kit has proven its durability and reliability, with no signs of wear even after extensive track use. Installation is comprehensive, including all necessary components for both knuckle and hub assembly upgrades.