Steeda Releases A Mustang Differential Cooler Kit!

Steeda Mustand Differential Cooler Kit Press Release

Steeda's Mustang Differential Cooler Kit Helps Prevent Over Temperature Conditions at the Track!

Pompano Beach, FL - Steeda Autosports is excited to announce the release of the Steeda Mustang Differential Cooler Kit (part number 555-3725), a highly anticipated performance upgrade for 2015+ Ford Mustangs, including S550 and S650 models. Designed to tackle the challenges of high differential temperatures during demanding track use, this innovative kit ensures consistent performance and reliability for Mustang enthusiasts.

Enhance Your Mustang's Track Performance!

The Steeda Mustang Differential Cooler Kit is a game-changer for track enthusiasts who push their vehicles to the limit. High differential temperatures can lead to de-powering issues, hindering performance when it's needed most. Steeda’s new cooler kit addresses this problem by effectively managing heat, thus maintaining optimal differential function, and preventing power loss during intense driving sessions. Lowering the differential temperatures also helps prevent failures in the bearings, ring and pinion gear set, and the differential due to high fluid temperatures.

This kit will keep the rear end fluid temperatures below the factory warning threshold, preventing the car from de-powering during track use. Our testing has shown reductions in fluid temperatures of up to 75 degrees after an hour and a half of track use even in central Florida summer heat.

Everything mounts under the car in the same location as cars equipped with a factory diff cooler package. This eliminates extra noise and smells from the passenger compartment of your car that come with some differential coolers that mount in other locations. This is something to consider if this is your daily driver or weekend cruiser. Simple installation includes premade hoses that keeps you from dealing with aggravation of assembling braided hoses. An easy to install pump bracket that attaches using factory mounting points. This kit will prevent the frustration of losing expensive track time through engine depowering caused by excessive fluid temperatures. Stay on track instead of in the pits cooling your car.

Included in the kit:

  • Steeda pump mounting brackets. Mounts pump in the same location as factory equipped cars.
  • Tilton differential fluid pump, this is industry standard pump for race grade gear oil cooler systems.
  • 30-amp relay and harness, this has enough capacity to handle the 10-15 amp requirements of the pump. Includes relay, harness, connectors, switch, and fuse holder.
  • -10AN stainless steel braid hose along with high quality hose ends and fittings allows for better fluid flow at lower temperatures.
  • OE cooler core mounts in the stock location.
  • All necessary hardware, fittings and hoses needed for a complete installation.

Key Features of the Steeda Mustang Differential Cooler Kit Include:

  • Lowers differential fluid temperatures - prevents differential over temp conditions (power and speed reduction as a result of high diff temps).
  • Helps prevent fluid temperature related failures (bearings, ring and pinion gear set, differential).
  • Our kit uses factory mounting locations, no drilling or permanent modifications to your car (it is all removable).
  • Uses a factory Ford cooler core, the same unit that is installed on Mach1, Gt350 and Dark Horse models.
  • Premade cooler lines eliminate the need to assemble hoses and fittings at home.
  • Adds extra fluid capacity to the existing system. In most cases up to 1 and half quarts more fluid.

For more information about the Steeda Mustang Differential Cooler Kit and other performance-enhancing products from Steeda, visit or contact our customer service team at

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