How Long Do Steeda Parts Last?

2002 gt engine bay

There are many who say that a car is like a marriage. If you take care of it, maintain it, and treat it right then it will last forever easily. It is why some cars from the early 1900s are still running. The amount of love and care that these vehicles need to meet milestones. With years of use, oftentimes people either stop attempting to keep vehicles running properly, but those who genuinely care about their cars will do it without fail. In many cases, these enthusiasts are the ones who go only for the best in parts.

As accurate as this is for vehicles, the same can be said about the aftermarket support used in them too. Factory parts may last hundreds of thousands of miles at times, but not without extensive service generally. Aftermarket parts can break when not maintained, too, as many people find out when abusing their vehicles, whether that means racing responsibly on the race track or simply driving recklessly in public. At Steeda, however, we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality and longevity of our parts, such as in the incredible case of Mr. King and his 2002 Mustang GT.

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stock 2002 mustang gt rear end

King's 200,000 Mile 2002 Ford Mustang GT

Back in 2002, Mr. King purchased his new Mustang GT, fitted with 17-inch premium wheels, a five-speed manual transmission, and not much else. At a total cost of just over $24,000, this Mustang GT left the lot that day and had no way of knowing that the owner would care enough about the car to keep it running as long as possible. King came to Steeda to begin upgrading his new Mustang GT with the intention of upgrading the performance without hindering reliability. Going to Steeda, King knew our history of performance and reliability with the Mustang in racing, as well as hearing about our reputation from others in the Mustang community.

interior 2002 mustang

“I’ve been a fan of the Mustang for years,” says King. The Mustang at the time had no competition from other American brands, and as a result was able to flourish in both the street scene and the aftermarket, as we’ve shown. With their incredible-sounding V8 engine, smooth gearbox, and aggressive looks, it is no surprise King picked up this Mustang. On most of the body, the paint still looks good as well with only the hood showing signs of wear from the sun. The proof is in the paint of how well maintained this car has been which we knew would be the case with this underdrive pulley as well.

steeda limited lifetime warranty

Steeda's Mustang Underdrive Pulley

Here at Steeda, we make a point to stand behind our products entirely and their durability through non-abusive use such as legal racing, street use, and more. As such, when the time comes, we honor our limited lifetime warranty on our parts so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. While many cars don’t stay around with their owners for as long as this one has, some owners choose to keep their cars as long as possible. This one is an example of just that; where the owner has done everything to care for the car and in return, the car has taken care of the owner.

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This Mustang was fitted with one of our Steeda Underdrive Pulleys, designed specifically to improve the performance of these cars by reducing parasitic accessory drag on the engine. As a result, more horsepower is freed to be used in the car, as well as improved fuel economy. This is a very common upgrade to make on these cars, and when we first developed them no other brand had devoted that much time to their underdrive setups. With OE-sourced materials and improved rubber materials, these underdrive pulleys were designed to withstand abuse while driving and the incredibly high temperatures generated by the engine.

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