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Heatshield Products Mustang BOSS 302 Intake Manifold Heat Shield

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I-M Shield significantly reduces the amount of heat transfer from the top of the engine to the intake manifold, helping to reduce air-intake temperatures and increase horsepower. Lower air-intake manifold temperatures create a denser air/fuel mixture, creating more power. Heavy-duty adhesive will stick to any clean, semi-smooth surface.

Simply degrease the surface, wipe with pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, let it dry, then firmly press the I-M Shield onto the underside of the intake manifold. Use the provided edging tape to finish the installation of this intake manifold heat shield. I-M Shield is pre-cut for the 2012-2013 BOSS 302 intake manifold (M-9424-M50BR) . Think of I-M Shield as an intercooler for your Mustang BOSS 302 intake manifold, reducing the temperature of the air/fuel inlet charge for higher density and more power.1

Features include:
* Withstand 1,100 degrees F radiant continuous, 2000 F intermittent
* Adhesive good for 300 degrees F
* Lower intake temperatures
* Increases up to 12 RWHP

warningWARNING: California Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm;

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