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G-Loc Mustang GT PP/Bullitt/Mach-1 6-Piston Front Brake Pads (2015-2023)

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G-Loc Brakes delivers the highest level of braking products for your 2015-2023 Mustang GT Performance Package. Developed by racers for racers and performance enthusiasts, you can be confident they are designing brakes that offer the same characteristics you want and need on the track.

Brake pads that perform. By equipping your S550 with G-Loc brake pads, your Mustang will excellent stopping power, better modulation and release, and improved control when entering corners. The excellent bite, torque, and fade resistance makes these brake pads a fantastic upgrade for street performance or track performance. Learn more about the compounds below to select the best option for your Mustang.

Rotor friendly compounds. Save some dough with these brake pads. While other performance brake pads can devour your rotors quickly, these pads are formulated to provide up to 4x longer rotor and pad life than competitor performance brake pads. The brake dust is also non-corrosive, meaning your paint and the finish on your wheels will thank you.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Great initial bite, torque, and fade resistance
  • Up to 4x longer rotor and pad life than competitors
  • Better release and modulation
  • Non-corrosive dust
  • Front fitment
  • Alternate part numbers: FR3Z2001C, FR3Z2001H, FR3Z2001N, GR3Z2001B

G-Loc Brake Compounds:

GS-1: The GS-1 compound is for high performance on the street. The compound provides great release and modulation while still being very rotor friendly. With the low dusting and low noise of this compound, you get lower maintenance and a more pleasant driving experience. Linear torque makes these pads very streetable without ABS intervention. Operating Range: Ambient-800°F.Recommended Uses: All street cars, towing or fleet vehicle. NOT recommended for ANY track use.

R6: Engineered specifically for Autocross applications, the R6 compound has high-torque with reliable and consistent performance over a wide operating temperature range. The advanced compound offers high initial bite, high coefficient of friction at lower temperatures, and progressive modulation and release characteristics. Widely used on the street, but more noise may be present on the street. Street use is not recommended due to the increased dust and noise levels. Not recommended for road racing/closed circuit use. Operating Range: 0°F-1000°F+. Recommended Uses: Autocross.

R8: The first in the G-Loc racing compounds, this high torque brake compound has good bite, great modulation, and great release. Low rotor wear and extremely high fade resistance makes these the perfect option for track day use. Can be driven safely to and from the track. Not recommended for daily use on the street due to higher levels of dust and noise. This is a popular compound with open wheel race cars, Formula SAE team cars, shifter karts, birt bikes, atv's, and mountain bikes. Operating Range: 74°F-1250°F+. Recommended Uses: Track day.

R10: Taking a step up from the R8 compound, the R10 compound has stronger initial bite, and higher coefficient of friction. Leading the industry with rotor friendliness, you get low rotor wear, smooth release, and great modulation. Not recommended for the daily street due to high dust and noise levels.Operating Range: 118°F-1475°F+. Recommended Uses: Track day.

R12: Increasing the braking performance over the R10, the R12 delivers higher bite, stronger consistent torque, fade resistance, excellent release, and modulation. Slightly more rotor aggressive than the R10 compound, but lower wear compared to the competition. Not recommended for daily street use due to high dust and noise levels. Operating Range: 173°F-1860°F+. Recommended Uses: Track day.

R14: Engineered for endurance racing vehicles that are lighter with lower horsepower. This compound provides solid initial bite and slightly less modulation than the R10 and R12. High fade resistance and rotor wear similar to the R12. High dust and noise levels and not recommended for the street. Operating Range: 210°F-1400°F+. Recommended Uses: Endurance racing.

R16: Extremely aggressive initial bite with linear torque and very high fade resistance. Good control for the track with excellent modulation and release. Not recommended for daily use on the street because of high dust and noise levels and high heat required to work properly. Operating Range: 255°F-2000°F+. Recommended Uses: Track use.

R18: The top of the R-Series compounds, this pad is based on the same modulation, release, and other principles that the R-Series compounds feature. Even higher initial and overall bite with increased torque control. This pad features the most linear torque curve G-Loc has produced. Highest coefficient of friction and thermal characteristics out of any pad in the braking industry Not recommended for daily street use due to noise, dust, and high heat requirements. Operating Range: 610°F-2100°F+. Recommended Uses: Grassroots and professional track use.

warningWARNING: California Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm;

Installation Difficulty:
Tools Required:
Basic Hand Tools
Estimated Install Time:
(approx.) 45 Minutes
Vehicle Fitment:
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Vehicle Trim:
Vehicle Trim:
Vehicle Trim:
Mach 1
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