Classic Design Concepts S550 Mustang Carbon Fiber Convertible Lightbar (2015-2021)

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The convertible Mustang has been a very popular vehicle for many decades, its popularity has continued onto the new S550 platform for 2015+.

Part Number: 067 1511-7005-01
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The convertible Mustang has been a very popular vehicle for many decades, its popularity has continued onto the new S550 platform for 2015. In most cases, the front of the S550 Mustang tends to make more of an impression than the side profile because a convertible lacks definition when the top is down. Enhance the flat side profile of your convertible 2015+ Ford S550 Mustang GT, EcoBoost, or V6 with a Classic Design Concepts S550 Mustang Carbon Fiber Convertible Lightbar and give your car a sportier look that is sure to catch a whole lot of attention!

Classic Design Concepts S550 Mustang Carbon Fiber Convertible Lightbar for the Ford Mustang GT, EcoBoost, and V6 is made with high quality true carbon fiber material. This lightbar for your convertible S550 will add great definition to the side profile of your new Mustang while also stiffening your convertibles chassis. The factory convertible top seamlessly fits over the lightbar and does not interfere with it's functionality. High mounted LED 3rd brake light provides increased visibility and turns off once the top is up. Comes with all necessary brackets and mounting hardware.

Product Benefits
  • Extra brake light for safety
  • Great race-ready style
  • Designed to stiffen your convertible chassis
  • High-quality carbon fiber material

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, featuring the Classic Design Concepts Light Bar for the Mustang S550 convertible model years 2015 and later. When it comes to the Mustang it has always been an eye catcher and anytime you remove the top from something like a Mustang well it gets a lot of attention and one of the things about the long sleek look of the S550 in particular is well the convertible kind of needs something to break up that long flat back three quarters of the car and the Classic Design Concepts Lightbar is a perfect blend of adding some structural rigidity and some fashion to the car. Let's talk a little bit more about the fashion. The model that we have behind us is a Carbon Fiber model and yes Classic Design Concepts does in fact use genuine carbon around the outside of this. Through the inside of it is actually a steel tubular core but more on that in just a moment. They also offer standard black version like you see in Rod's car and this is similar to the black foam that you find on the dash panel. So it has a very much an OEM feel, so if you want a little bit more style to it you can go with the Carbon Fiber version, a little more subtlety go with the classic black version. One of the other benefits of the Lightbar is it increases chassis rigidity in the convertible. It does this because of that tubular steel piece that goes all the way through from one end to the other and mounts to the very outsides of the interior cabin. This is really important because again anytime you can keep the car stiffer it's going to make for a better driving experience more enjoyable experience so it's not just form it's also function as far as this is concerned. Aside from the color and material options, you also have the choice of with a brake light as this car has or no brake light for an ultra clean look. Now most of us prefer the additional brake light because when the top is down anytime you have added illumination letting somebody know that you're stopping or slowing down is of benefit, especially here in South Florida. Really anywhere around the world where you're enjoying your car always better to have a little extra safety. The other cool feature about the additional brake light is that when the top is up that brake light is no longer active. So you don't have an odd reflection along your roof liner. It goes off when the tops up and is only active or only goes on when the top is down, pretty cool stuff. Another great thing about Classic Design Concepts is they probably manufacture all of their pieces 100 percent in the USA and of course you know that Steeda well we stand behind that as well. If you like the look of this light bar or considering it, definitely comment below. If you've already installed it and want to post some helpful tips, definitely also post below again we know that our viewers really enjoy seeing these comments and speaking of installation if you're considering this piece definitely recommend reading the instructions a few times ahead of time because it is complex and fairly slow moving. It's also important to have a second set of hands when you're ultimately installing the Lightbar itself. Another thing to note is the interior trim panels two of them in particular need to be trimmed so if you're worried about this going forward maybe you're planning to trade the car in in a few years when the next model comes out, visit your local Ford dealership and pick up a couple of extra OEM panels. We definitely recommend professional installation because some holes do need to be drilled into the structure of the car to obviously properly mount the bracket and the Lightbar and if you choose the version with the brake light keep in mind they also have to splice into the factory wiring harness. Again professional installation, highly recommend for this piece. Although this improves chassis rigidity please keep in mind it is not to be used as a roll bar. It's not approved for most of your local track day events. So definitely reach out to them first if you're looking to do that reach out to us and we can help you get set up with the proper equipment for that. All right as far as the Lightbar is concerned this thing is absolutely stunning looking in this car as you see in Julio's car and as you see in Rod's car. Just absolutely breaks up that rear three quarters of the car and is another aesthetic to the Mustang that well it doesn't need much help but this is one of those things just really sets it off, perfectly. If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts, especially convertible owners that may be considering the Classic Design Concepts Lightbar. Also Ring that Bell so that you receive notifications of upcoming videos as we release them and we really appreciate you guys watching these. To learn more about this and many of the other parts that we offer for the S550 Mustang and other Ford vehicles, visit us at If you want to see the latest and greatest things that we're putting our Mustangs through and installing on them as well as other Ford vehicles be sure to follow us on Social Media. Thank you so much for watching Steeda, Speed Matters!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Classic Design Concepts

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
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