Keeping Two Historic Cobra Rs Together

1993 and 1995 steeda mustang cobra r

There are some cars that are so surrounded in legend that they become almost impossible to imagine actually owning. With many of these, the cars are seen as unobtanium in a sense, especially when they were limited production vehicles when they were new on the market. For enthusiasts and fans of these cars, getting to even see one is an awesome experience, much less being given the chance to own them yourself. When you have seen these cars as they were created, beaten on, and then pushed even further to make them the ultimate in performance, there is a sense of nostalgia that comes from even talking about them.

One such car is the Ford Mustang Cobra R. The absolute most track-ready Mustang for over a decade, the Cobra R was developed for SCCA use and was developed closely with Steeda’s Dario Orlando who helped with building the car to handle the track better than any other. This included upgrading the brakes, the sway bars, control arms, and more. These were the first stripped-down Mustangs that were available to purchase, losing every unnecessary piece and feature to save weight and improve driver experience. But the question arises: what happens to these cars after their racing heyday and they have become collector's items?

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ford mustang cobra r 1993

Steeda's '93 Cobra R Finds A New Home

The answer in this case, thankfully, is that people who truly love these cars find them again. One such collector and Steeda enthusiast had the rare opportunity to not only see these cars before but now to own these impressive pieces of history. Longtime Ford enthusiast and collector, a lucky owner (who requested to stay anonymous) had wanted to get some of the more impressive and higher mileage Cobra R cars as opposed to the showroom condition because he wanted a car with actual history on the track. While many of these cars remained showpieces in order to bring in more money from collectors in the future, this owner found the 1993 Steeda Mustang Cobra R on eBay and reached out to the owner. With too many “wrapper” cars on the market, a driver’s car that has actually been driven like this particular Cobra R is worth much more with its history.

1993 Cobra R | Gallery

1995 ford mustang cobra r

The '95 Cobra R's Case For Ownership

However, this one Cobra R was not enough, and upon realizing what he could possibly buy for his growing collection of cars and completing the Cobra R trifecta even further, which already included a 1995 model and the 2000 model, he was compelled to pick up a second Cobra R on this purchase. With the 1993 Cobra R, this owner had now bought one of each Cobra R, but once realizing what car the person selling the car also had in his possession he felt compelled to make another purchase - the 1995 Steeda-modified Mustang Cobra R driven to victory around multiple race tracks. With both of these Cobra Rs holding as parts of major racing history for both enthusiasts and Ford itself, keeping these two cars together was the best idea, especially when both had been developed and raced by the same people.

1995 Cobra R | Gallery

1993 ford mustang cobra r

Buying Two Legendary Cobra Rs

“I’m a Mustang person” says the owner who still has the 1988 Mustang GT that he purchased brand new. The new owner of these two pieces of history alongside his wife, have been collecting cars for years and their collection now spans 25 cars, most of which are Ford vehicles. The owner had been looking for a 1993 Cobra R for years to complete his set of the three generations of Cobra R. “The seller, had it on eBay for a brief period of time, and that is how I first started the conversations with him” which ultimately led to the sale. These cars had been driven by Dario Orlando and others including Dan Perkins who helped develop these cars together. “I said to my self, these really should stay together, so I asked him, so.... ‘how much for both?’"

1993 ford mustang cobra r

Being able to own major parts of Ford’s history is a treat, but being able to own the actually vehicles they used to develop higher performance cars than ever before through one of the most recognizable performance companies. A longtime fan of Steeda, the new owner said he absolutely had to have these cars for his collection to enjoy them. Keeping these cars together just felt like the right way to buy these icons, and separating them felt wrong. With such an influential vehicle that was used for developing these cars, these two particular cars hold a place in both the history of Mustang enthusiasts and in racing history as a whole.

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