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Since 1999, APR Performance has been a market leader in producing and manufacturing high quality aerodynamic performance products for the aftermarket automobile industry. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, combined with real-world track testing, help to ensure products meet stringent performance specifications. Proprietary manufacturing processes utilizing pre-preg. carbon fiber composites help to produce products that are durable, lightweight, and of the highest quality.
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APR Performance's Mustang Widebody Aerodynamic Kit is specially designed for 07-09 GT500 and GT500KR Mustangs and gives your ride an upgraded aggressive look while simultaneously enhancing the smooth and subtle lines.
Keep your GT350 planted on the track with canards for your GT350. Applying canards allows you to tune the handling at the front of your Shelby GT350. The increased downforce increases stability and traction to improve hard cornering and driving at high speeds.
Add strength and support to your front splitter with splitter support rods from APR Performance. This 10mm kit is adjustable from 6 1/8" to 8 3/4" to allow you to perfect your handling. If you have a front splitter or are planning on installing a front splitter, pick up a set to add the support and adjustability that is needed.
Support your front splitter and add adjustability with APR Performance splitter support rods. Adjustable from 8.25" to 10.75" these will allow you to fine tune your handling and get your Mustang handling how you need it. Keep your car planted and your splitter secure with APR Performance support rods.
Dress up your Mustang with this carbon fiber license plate panel and give second place something nice to look at. A stunning addition to any S550, the carbon fiber license surround really helps your mustang to stand out and give it a custom look.
Cut down lap times and keep your GT350 planted with a front splitter from APR Performance. Generate more downforce to help with cornering and driving at high speeds. Fine tune your handling with adjustable support rods.
The APR Performance front splitter for non performance package Mustangs will provide greater downforce and improve handling. The carbon fiber reinforced splitter covers the entire bottom of the front bumper to give smoother airflow. Comes with stainless steel support rods to reinforce and support the front splitter and provide adjustability.
Keep your Mustang planted at the track with the APR Performance front splitter for non performance package Mustang's. The APR front splitter is carbon fiber reinforced and provides a fully functional undertray for the front bumper. This provides smoother airflow underneath the car and better downforce.