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Steeda Mustang Rear Sway Bar (79-04)

Steeda Mustang Rear Sway Bar (79-04)
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Manufacturer:  Steeda Autosports

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Have you broken your factory rear sway bar? Have you broken a competitors replacement rear sway bar? Maybe you have even broken one of our older sway bars from 8 to 10 years ago?

As strong as we made our rear sway bar in the past, once in a while someone would find a way to break even our upgraded bar. Well, not anymore!

After over a decade of refinement, this is now the strongest, most bullet proof rear sway bar in the market. This sway bar is a full steel solid 1" bar! We believe it is the last rear sway bar you will ever have to buy!

The stock sway bar's ends and many aftermarket replacements as well are smashed flat from the same piece of round tubing that makes up the rest of the bar. This process significantly reduces the structural integrity of the material, hence why the factory sway bar breaks in this area and most aftermarket sway bars as well.

Knowing this, Steeda has put massive, thick billet steel ends welded onto the ends of the bar. No smashing of the ends. Billet steel ends are far stronger than the resulting smashed ends and welding them to the bar makes for a far stronger point of connection. This eliminates the inherent weakness of the factory and many aftermarket designs. We are so confident in this current design that we put a lifetime warranty behind it. If you find a way to break this current bar design, we will give you another one!

Steeda's rear sway bar is 5 to 45% stiffer than your factory rear sway bar depending on your O.E. sway bar diameter. This sway bar kit includes the sway bar and new grade 10.9 mounting hardware.

Our sway bars have machined steel billet sway bar ends, whereas others on the market have coined ends. What does this mean? Our sway bar ends are machined out of billet steel round stock, in-house, on our multi-axis CNC lathes and go through hundreds of computer simulations to ensure the ultimate in strength and performance - this provides greater resistance to bending stresses, and has three major advantages:

  • These parts are less prone to cracking/fatigue failure on the ends themselves.
  • It also reduces unwanted deflection in the sway bar end. Excess deflection creates unwanted geometry changes, which physically changes your sway bar stiffness to a non-ideal rate.
  • With less unwanted deflection, our bars will 'wear out’ slower - any spring will eventually become softer over time as it is cycled through its life, our bars will maintain their designed rate for longer with less unwanted deflection.

Our bar rates are developed and optimized through advanced vehicle dynamic simulation and through extensive real-world testing. We engineered these bars to control the vehicles' roll stiffness properly while still allowing you to run softer springs. This optimizes your overall grip and balance of the vehicle while still allowing you to maintain exceptional ride quality.

Note: Replacement warranty applies only to this current bar design. Does not fit 99-04 IRS Cobra

Product Benefits

  • 1" solid sway bar
  • The LAST Rear Sway Bar You Will Buy - Backed By Lifetime Warranty!
  • Race and Street proven design!
  • Improved Body Roll Control
  • Improved Control During Cornering

It's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to Steeda sway bars, learn more on our blog:

Time to Install
About 1 Hour
Level of Difficulty
Tech Recommended
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979

5.0L V8 Bullitt Mach 1 GT V6 2.3L

Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

A definite must have upgrade!! As soon as I upgraded to this sway bar combined with Steeda's adjustable upper & lower control arms with poly urethan bushings to firm up the ride I felt like I was riding on rails and didn't feel the car getting away from on tight bends. When I ordered over the phone I was asked about what color I wanted too. Liked having that option. Upgrading my front suspension next with only Steeda parts/accessories.

Great rear sway bar, much stiffer than stock and an easy install!! great quality in welding and powdercoating.

Great appearence, quality welds and a nice look when installed. After installation adds extra comfort in the corners when going over bumps and add this with the front sway bar as I did when lowering my car and you have a very good suspension setup for good handling, and a firmer yet comfortable ride!