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Mustang Boss 302R Intake Manifold (11-14)

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Manufacturer:  Ford Genuine Parts

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Get the same manifold from the Boss 302R race program for your 5.0L GT Mustang.

Made from lightweight composite materials. This short runner intake is designed to optimize flow at high RPM's for high RPM horsepower, with minimal change in low end and mid range torque compared to stock.

Requires custom calibration after installation. Also requires additional parts available from your local Ford parts dealer for installation:

  • Ford Service Part # : CR3Z-9G297-A, Hose (1 pc.)
  • Ford Service Part # : CR3Z-9G290-B, Bracket (1 pc.)
  • Ford Service Part # : CR3Z-9J280-A, Fuel Lines (1 pc.)
  • Ford Service Part # : W506974-S437, Screw M6x16mm (1 pc.)
  • Ford Service Part # : CR3Z-9B659-B, Air Inlet Tube (1 pc.)

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight Composite Construction
  • Compatible with Steeda Cold Air Intake
  • High RPM Horsepower with minimal change in low and mid range torque
Time to Install
About 3 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2014 2013 2012 2011

GT Boss

Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

You sold a Boss 302 power pack to Bergeron Performance in Houma La. for my car. I would like to thank your Tune guys, man they were right on with the tune. My car ran well before, but now it is a rocket!! We ended up with 46.9 HP, and 31.2 TQ more at the rear wheels, also long tube headers and H pipe to get that. Thanks again, Pat

Um this was the best upgrade yet! Really helps with top end power gains and looks amazing under the hood :)

This intake manifold adds so much more potential to this coyote 5.0 v-8. The car has a entire new powercurve and just screams from 4000k -7000k RPMS...This mod along with the steeda cold air and tune are so complementing to each other. Easy install and worth every penny!

Installs in about one hour and looks great. You will lose a little low end torque especially if you are used to the Steeda CAI and tune already on the car. The payoff is the high rpm horsepower you pick up after 5,000rpm. Im now shifting at 7,300rpm and the intake is VERY noticeable. The tune is really good too. A worthy mod especially for the money.

2011 5.0 Automatic
Magnaflow muffler delete's
9600 mile's
This is a follow up on the first review I wrote on the intake. When I wrote the first one I was running on the CAI tune because I couldn't load the 302 tune. I have solved that problem.
First let me say thank's to Gus for writing 4 or 5 tune's for this car untill we got it right. Being an automatic the tune is different then the standard . I really enjoyed working with him.
First the intake was the easiest I have ever done. I have been a mechanic for over 40 year's and have done intake's from the flathead to the hemi's.
The preformance improvement of this intake is hard to describe. I don't have a dyno so have to go by seat of the pant's in rating it. It will smoke the tire's for as long as you want to hold the pedel down. The mid band and low band performance is vastly improved and the top band will scare you.
I did not notice any torque loss which surprised me. I also didn't notice any gas mileage loss but havn't really drove it enough to tell yet.
I did my test run's on asphalt and it will kick the rear out quite a lot doing a WOT run's. On concrete it is undriveable as on the 3th to 4th upshift it get's compleatly sideway's and I believe if I keep my foot in it it would do a compleat 360. Not brave enough to try it myself. The car rev's to 7500 allmost instantly before it shift's,there is no lag to it anywhere in the power band that I noticed.
Every day driveability seem's to be as good as stock if not a little better.The intake and tune seemed to cure a lot of the little quirk's of the stock car as it come's from the factory. There used to be a 2 second lag when I floored it[ in stock trim ] before the car would downshift any where from 55 to 85 MPH. That is now gone.
Next I will have to word on some traction so I can go WOT on concrete.

2011 Mustang 5.0 Automatic,315 rear gear'sHear are some first impression's as I am running on the CAI tune and not the boss 302 tune.
The install was the most trouble free I have ever done. I have been a mechanic for over 40 year's and have done allmost all of them.The hardest part was the electrical holder's in the rear of the intake. You can't see them very good even when you pull the intake forward and mine were very hard to disconnect.
The Steeda CAI fit's with a little repositioning but the air tube bearly fit's by the upper clamp.
As far as the way the car preform's it is a lot smoother. The power band has moved up in the rpm range but there is no noticeable loss of power at any speed.
I have the Magnaflow muffler delete's on the car and it run's quieter but sound's much better. It took a lot of the drone out ,and is a lot more enjoyable to drive.
The acceleration has improved quit a bit. I expect better when I get the right tune on it.The car is much more responseive though out the power band,from idle to WOT. The taller intake seem's to have made a great difference in the airflow and seem's to be better matched to the engine then the stock one.
I will post an update when I can get the right tune on it. For now I couldn't be more pleased and would recommend it to anyone.