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Steeda Tri-Ax Mustang Short Throw Shifter for Tremec TR-3650

Steeda Tri-Ax Mustang Short Throw Shifter for Tremec TR-3650
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Mustang Short Throw Shifter
555-7363 - Steeda Tri-Ax Mustang Short Throw Shifter - $189.95
Billet Shifter Knobs
Kirban Black Cue Ball Shifter Knob
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Ford Leather Shift Knob
Our Price: $189.95
Market Price: $208.95
You Save: $19.00
  Installation Info
Time to Install
About 1 1/2 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Install Instructions
Instructions are in PDF format. Get the free Adobe PDF Reader, here.
  Product Description
Not all Mustang shifters are created equal. Learn more about what makes Steeda stand out from the crowd:
Like the rest of the Tri-Ax line the new shifter has been specifically engineered for the new transmission, yet retains all the great features of the current line-up of Tri-Ax shifters.

The Tri-Ax starts with precision CNC machined billet aluminum body. The body's heavy-duty construction features no welds, stampings or castings for ultimate durability and precision engineering to fit right.

Inside, the pivot shaft has been specially designed to have the correct pivot ratio and short shift-throw for theTR-3650. The nickel-plated shaft won't rust or stain, and has been machined to exacting tolerances for smooth, precise operation. Offset pre-load springs make sure you find third gear every time and adjustable positive stops prevent damage to the transmission. Up top, the Tri-Ax features an exclusive boot guard to prevent damage to the factory inner boot, two-position adjustable handle height and a new forged Tri-Ax shift handle. The forged aluminum handle is strongest and lightest handle available on the market. Its unique three-axis bend places the shift knob closer to the driver for fast, precise and comfortable shifts.

Product Benefits
  • Ultimate durability and precision engineering
  • Won't rust or stain
  • Fast, precise, comfortable shifts
  • No complicated, unnecessary adjustments unlike competitive designs
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  Product Fitment
 This product fits the following vehicles
  • 2004 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2004 Mustang Mach 1 Manual
  • 2003 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2003 Mustang Mach 1 Manual
  • 2002 Mustang Bullitt Manual
  • 2002 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2001 Mustang Cobra Manual
  • 2001 Mustang GT Manual
  Product Reviews
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Reviewed by jason
10/01/2011 - 07:57:00 PM
03 mach1

I recently purchased and installed this tri ax shifter. I am truly impressed. easy install, great quality, I love it............
Reviewed by MachRMan
07/31/2011 - 01:12:02 PM
The Best shifter Made!

Hands down the best shifter on the market for your 3650. Adjustable handle, adjustable stops to save your shift forks during hard shifting...Never miss 3rd again!!!! easy install!
Reviewed by future9er24
07/20/2011 - 03:10:26 PM
01 bullitt

Put one of these on my 2001 Bullitt and it changed the whole driving experience. Positive shifts, and the confidence to engage them make this product more than worthwhile. The throw was shortened so much that even after adding a logner hurst lever for style, its STILL shorter than the stock throw. 100% worth it. I would buy this as a first mod on any manual trans mustang
Reviewed by SVTCobraR315
07/20/2011 - 02:29:40 PM
never miss a shift

This is my favorite mod on my 2004 GT. since i use it all the time i see it being the most "bang for buck". easy install too! wouldn't buy any other short shifter!
Reviewed by bulloch27
07/14/2011 - 10:09:18 AM
Tri-Ax 3650

Very well built as typical for Steeda products with flawless instructions. This is one of the best shifters I've ever used and it practically puts itself into 3rd gear under WOT.
Reviewed by cargun
07/13/2011 - 11:24:06 PM
SteedaTri Ax

Hands down, this is one of the best shifters I have used for my 3650. The shift is comfortable, fast, and it makes finding third so much easier. And it was even easy to install! Other shifters just do not have these benefits. With some, you have to reach too low for the handle, requiring more force to shift. With others, you have to reach too high for the handle, making shifting awkward and uncomfortable. In either case, you have to reach too far, and you end up missing third most of the time. Not so with the Steeda Tri Ax, however. I never miss third with this incredible shifter! The Steeda Tri Ax is the best shifter for the 3650.