I recently sent in a Steeda Tri-ax t-56 shifter for repairs. I was shocked and pleased with your excellent customer service. I cant remember the last time I received such customer care. In a day and age were everything is made in China and customer service comes from somebody in Indonesia, It is refreshing to know there is a company left that still "gets it". I will proudly display Steeda parts on my car and recommend your fine American parts with my hot rod community.
I ordered a part and made a mistake on the order. MY FAULT!
However Sreeda handled the situation and got the right part on its way the same day. THANK YOU STEEDA!
I would like to compliment you on your courteous and helpful staff that helped with the most tedious and difficult problem I had with my 2002 Mustang GT suspension. I have owned several Mustang`s over the years and always favored Steeda products due to their higher quality parts. Currently, I have installed the tri-ax shifter, timing adjuster, and the sport springs in my GT. I noticed the front end was making a horrible grinding sound and found out that the front springs had broke. With the assistance of Mr. Sal Indorato and Mr. Matt Neal who assisted me with securing 2 new springs for my car and it is back on the road again. Sal and Matt are both gentlemen and were extremely helpful through the whole process and should be commended for their expertise. I know when I get my next Mustang I will only buy and recommend Steeda products.
I have a 2012 mustang gt with 434 hp to the wheels I love my car but the suspension left a lot to be desired. I had tons of wheel hop, so I ordered a set of billet lower control arms and an adjustable 3rd link along with a set of ultalite springs. I can honestly say it's like having a totally different car, I can now drive the car like I stole it. No more wheel hop and the springs are awesome. I was skeptical at first, but you guys engineer some great parts. Thank you!
I had recently purchased a 2006 Steeda Street Wing Spoiler from your website and had received the thank you card. I just wanted to say I deeply appreciate the card. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you took the time to have it hand written and include your business card. I have posted a picture complimenting your card on my Facebook and will Highly recommend service with you to my friends/family and will definitely do business with you again.
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