Another BIG thank you to the guys at Steeda Autosports for the CAI and the custom tune. Damn...what a difference!!!
My 2013 Focus ST was doing the infamous 1-2 shift bang. The dealer installed new parts according to the TSB. That helped a little bit. I then bought the Steeda lower engine mount. It's like a new car. No banging. I used the racing bushings (it also comes with a set of softer bushings). The NVH is noticeable but not objectionable. Steeda rules!
I have a 07 focus and have your cold air kit and short throw shifter installed. I love the looks of the cold air kit and the shifter is well built and shifts super smooth. Thanks for making a great American made product.
Thank you Gus for the follow-up phone call today to see how the install went on some parts I ordered! Totally unexpected, but much appreciated! I was a Steeda fan before but now I'm a Steeda FANATIC!

Thanks again!
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