Amazing customer service! Hands down the best purchasing experience I've had in years - their sales team is very knowledgeable and really want to help customize your setup for your specific needs.

Also, kudos on the new website!
I recently purchased a CAI for my 2016 For Focus SE w/Sport Package. The install was easy. Not long after I went on a 500 mile road trip. On the trip I averaged +70 mph and I got 38 mpg, :D. In city driving I have more punch and I like the growl under the hood. Great job Steeda.
I recently had to do a warranty claim on some parts that went bad on me., and Brown Bros. Ford all came together, covered me for all the broken parts and got me back on the road again. Hoping to do well this autocross season. Thanks everyone!
I ordered a part and made a mistake on the order. MY FAULT!
However Sreeda handled the situation and got the right part on its way the same day. THANK YOU STEEDA!
Everything runs perfect so much smoother and do not have that issue I had with the other companies tune. Good thing they refunded my money for their tuning.

Thanks again man I love the new tune.
All your parts are superior quality bad ass pieces of air craft grade jewelry I can't say enough about the fit finish and instructions behind all your inventory.
Steeda continues to blow my mind. They are state of art everything! They've taken my 2013 Ford Focus ST which was already great... and they made it a BEAST! I could never have done this without Steeda! Just when you think they can't get better... THEY DO!

They will have my business for life! You guys rock!!!
I continue to be impressed by Steeda.

My requests for tune revisions are completed in 24 hours and more importantly, the tunes themselves are the gold standard.

I picked Steeda for it's reputation and I now know that reputation is well deserved.

I hope you take it for the complement it is when I tell you the throttle response and modulation is BMW-like. I have tried other tunes and without fail come back to Steeda because the throttle is perfect.
Steeda loves cars. It's obvious. The parts are top notch and have been well thought over. When I think Steeda, I think "balance" and "sensibility." Everyone gets so bent out of shape about paper numbers like "40% reduced shifter travel" or the likes of other products but that's not the point. The FEEL of Steeda products makes the brand. And the feel and quality is incredible.
Thanks for all the great parts and service! Could not have done it without you guys!
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