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Bushwacker F-150 Extend-A-Fender Black Fender Flares (2021)

$21.00 (4%)
Bushwacker 20964-02 Extend-A-Fender fender flares for the 2021 F-150 give your truck a wider look and protect it from debris.
Part Number: 645 20964 02
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Extend-A-Fender fender flares from Bushwacker give your 2021 F-150 a wider look and dominating presence on the road. The smooth look of the fenders stands out from the popular rivet style flares that everyone does. 

Easy to Install. Bushwacker fender flares are easy to install and fit securely to your truck. No drilling is required for installation, so you can remove them and return your truck to stock if you get tired of the look. 

Unique Appearance. The Extend-A-Fender flares have a smooth finish without rivets, giving them a more factory-like appearance. The flares give your truck a couple more inches of width for a more impressive look. 

Better Protection. Extending the fender of your F-Series helps protect your truck's paint from rock chips and debris. When upgrading to aftermarket wheels with a different offset, the flares cover the wheels and tires as some states require. 

Note:Due to this item's large size, there will be a shipping charge applied to the order.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Duraflex 2000 ABS construction
  • UV-resistant
  • Smooth and factory-like appearance
  • Increases width
  • Better protection from debris
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everyone Brian from Steeda. Adding some flare to our F-150 with these Bushwacker Fender Flares. Designed for 2021 and later Ford F-150s. These Bushwacker Fender Flares add a couple of things to your F-150. Form and Function. Lets start with the function standpoint of these. We know that so many of you out there have already put wider wheels and much larger tires on your truck and they frequently take it off road. Regardless of the conditions. If it's on road or off road something that I'm sure you have noticed is stone chips up the side of your pretty F-150. The reality is even though we are truck people, we still want it to look nice! With these fender flares, your now extending the width of that fender and catching more of that debris as it comes up off of and now again the wider wheels and tires, specially when you got sticky Grapplers on it like our F-150. These things catch everything. That's a good, bad problem to have. Great when your off road, not so great when your on road. So the Fender Flares are a great way and a great addition to the truck to help prevent these chips from happening. Keep the paint and body looking nice as well as a rugged look and this brings us now to our form standpoint of these things. They look awesome! They widen the truck, they give it a much better stance and they offset the wider wheels perfectly. Again it's a great addition to the truck! With any modification your going to make to your F-150, it's going to go beyond form and function. The Bushwacker Fender Flares fall into this because they're also very tough. They're constructed of Duraflex AVS and what this is it's kind of a rubberized plastic. This means they're very flexible, they're UV protectant and if you want to you can go for the monochromatic look and paint them. So again special prep is required but the reality is if you want to go for that monochromatic look you can. If you want to go for the rugged off road look like what we're done with our F-150 you can. Ultimately it comes down to your choice. The reality is these things are tough. So even if your off road, something kicks up and hits them it's going to flex, it's going to absorb and it's going to react and bounce back to its original shape. This is really important again for those of you driving the truck on the street, things getting thrown up at it but more importantly for those of you taking the truck off road. Furthermore, Bushwacker backs these with a limited lifetime warranty. So if you run into any issues you can reach out to them directly. They're located in Buford, Georgia. So just up the road from us which obviously makes it convenient but the point to this is, they're USA based. Installation is very straight forward, you can defiantly do this job at home. No drilling is required so if you need to take the fender flares off the truck for some reason there's no addition holes put into the body. The clips and all the necessary hardware are provided for installation. So there you have it, some form and function that's an easy addition to your F-150. Again alot of function here which is really important to all of you. We know how much pride you take in your truck and utilizing it and enjoying it and speaking of that defiantly post below. Tell us some of the places you have taken your truck offroad some of the trails you've hit and which Fender Flares you've decided on. These happen to be the Extend-A-Fender which is a little bit bigger then the normal fender flare. They do offer both versions for the 20 and 21 later trucks. Also water other modifications have you made? Defiantly comment below and let us know how your utilizing your F-150 again we love reading this stuff because it gives us an idea of what our customers are doing with there trucks. Also defiantly check us out on Social Media to see the latest and greatest things we are doing with our F-150 and other Ford vehicles. Most importantly to learn more about these and the other products we offer for your F-150 visit Thankyou so much for watching. Steeda, Speed Matters!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Bushwacker

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Utility knife, philips head screwdriver, standard wrench set, ratchet, standard socket set, metric socket set, grease pencil

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2021
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