APEX Mustang EC-7 Satin Black Wheel - 18x11 ET52 (2005-2022)

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The EC-7 was designed for long-term durability without sacrificing performance or fitment. They've been engineered to handle the extreme abuse that newer and heavier cars put on wheels during street and track use.

Part Number: 990 EC71811ET52-5114-705-SMBK
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The EC-7 was designed for long-term durability without sacrificing performance or fitment. They've been engineered to handle the extreme abuse that newer and heavier cars put on wheels during street and track use. Boasting a wide range of model-specific fitments and increased brake clearance, the EC-7 is a perfect compliment to the ARC-8 in the lineup of APEX wheels.

The EC-7 wheels are manufactured using the Flow-Forming process, which has also been called "Roll Forging" or "Spin Forging." This process reduces rotational mass and produces a barrel with similar strength to that of a fully forged wheel. All 5x114.3 wheels feature a 70.5mm center bore, accepts OEM and aftermarket TPMS sensors, and work with the original Mustang center caps. Factory lugs and locks fit, but extended hardware is required if spacers are used. All wheels include APEX center caps.

This proven and popular race wheel is now available in three Ford Mustang specific fitments - this significantly reduces weight in the barrel, which has the greatest impact on rotational mass and performance.

Product Benefits

  • Weight: 21.5 lbs.
  • Mustang specific center bore - no centering rings required
  • Greatly reduces bends and damage from small impacts
  • Clears most big brake kits
  • Offset: 52mm
  • Lipless Design

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Steeda approaches every project knowing that, Weight is the Enemy of Performance. So what happens when we add a lightweight set of wheels and tires to our S550 Mustang? Let's find out! Like so many of you we started out with a Performance Pack One or PP1 Mustang GT and then gave it the Steeda Q500 treatment. The whole point here is that this car has been, while being a 2018 a car that we've continued to build over the years and progressed with you in mind. We want to build something that you can use and do and now here we are rolling right into these wheels that are lighter weight. We chose the Apex EC7 Wheels in an 18 by 11 size with a 52 offset and this is important because we're running a rear wheel size at all four corners. Now this particular car we take out to a bunch of track days and Autocross Events as well as to well Cars and Coffee. Like you, we want to enjoy this car on the street as well as the track but the reality is whether you're driving on the street, driving on a track, drag racing or autocrossing a nice lightweight set of wheels will improve the performance of the vehicle. How do they do this? Less rotating mass. This rotating mass in a normal wheel like the factory 19-inch wheels which were 64 pounds with the Pirellis. 64 pounds versus 52. It's 12 pounds of rotating mass that we've taken off the car. Now you've probably done some things to take weight out of the car itself. So why is rotating mass so important? Rotating mass is important because it carries energy and inertia. This means that it's harder to get it accelerating. It also means that once the car is moving, it's harder to slow it down. So what does this really translate to what did that 12 pounds really end up doing on the dyno? Let's go and find out! First up, the factory wheel and tire combo. Now we're using the 15 to 17 19 inch wheels equipped with the 275 40 19 Pirelli P Zeros. The 18 plus models came with Michelin Pilot Sports but in all reality we don't think there's going to be that much of a difference but for this sake we're using the early generation, Pirelli's. Now for comparison, let's see how the Apex EC7s and 18x11 do. As noted a little bit earlier running NT01 Tires on these wheels in a 315 width. Despite them being a little bit wider, let's see how they do. The results are in from running both of these wheels on our Dynojet and here we are, starting with the 19-inch stock wheels car made 475 horsepower and change to the rear tires. So what did it do on the EC7 Wheels it made 481 horsepower and change. It's about a six horsepower gain from just changing the wheels and tires. Now some of you can say well that doesn't sound like very much but the reality is this was gains or these were gains made at redline and approaching redline, at peak horsepower. One of the very first things we said earlier in the video was, that weight means it's going to carry energy, it's going to take away energy and it's going to require more energy. This means that ultimately the car revved up faster and accelerated faster with the lighter weight wheels. It made power longer as well as making more overall power so there's definitely a performance gain there. Stock wheels and tires didn't do so bad but for how sticky these tires are and how wide they are, we are way impressed with the additional power from simply changing out the tires and wheels to a lighter weight set.
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Apex Race Parts

Installation Information:

Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
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