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2022 Ford Mustang Paint Colors

Samuel Weber
October 15, 2021

2022 Mustang Colors

The Mustang has always been about standing out, even since it was new in 1965. With a market that had never prepared for a seriously fun and usable vehicle like it, the Mustang has proved itself time and time again in its abilities to get the country and the whole world’s attention. It has done this so well that it has become the quintessential American sports car in movies, television, and other media while also showing that it is capable of everything it is shown doing on the track and strip.

With the S550 generation Mustang, Ford has knocked the color options out of the park. Now as the S550 enters what is most likely one of its final years of this generation, they know that they had to make the car go out with a bang in both specs and appearance. The S550 for the past six years has offered beautiful color options such as Competition Orange, Guard, Kona Blue, Dark Highland Green, Lead Foot Gray, and Need For Green. While the Mustang has always offered bright colors for their buyers, the S550’s broad color palette expanded the availability of all the colors internationally.

Heading into MY2022, Ford decided to revamp the color options for the S550, adding new options for America’s favorite sports car. With new paint options for the GT500, as well as the entirely new Mach 1 trim level to replace the GT PP2, Bullitt, and GT350, Ford made a point of the 2022 Mustang being one of the most colorful mass-production vehicles in the entire country. To do this, it meant replacing some of the previously established paint options for more modern replacements. With so many color options available for the car and staying similar to the MY2021 cars, it gets difficult to understand the entire palette so we have listed and explained the colors as available.

Roll-Over Mustang Colors New Mustang Colors Mustang Mach 1 Colors Mustang GT500 Colors 2022 Mustang Trim

race red mustang

Roll-Over Mustang Colors

For 2022, Ford has kept some of the colors from the past few years available. Fan favorites like Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, Race Red, Shadow Black, Fighter Jet Gray (previously a Mach 1 only option) and Oxford White are slated to return for the 2022 Mustang. These colors were the ones that were most popular with sales and are sure to still sell well this year. This new generation does of course lose some options, such as , Twister Orange, Grabber Yellow, Velocity Blue, Antimatter Blue. Magnetic, Dark Highland Green, Absolute Black, and a few others. While those colors may have had curb appeal, they were for the most part not successful for sales.

2022 Mustang Atlas Blue

New Mustang Colors

To keep the color lineup interesting, Ford kept the bright and colorful options available to buyers. With some new paint colors being model-specific, many new S550 Mustangs will be able to specialize more within each spec and trim. The color sheet has grown to 13 options, with many new ones for either the model or Ford in general. The new colors include the return of Grabber Blue, Atlas Blue (previously found on the Super Duty), Eruption Green, Mischievous Purple, Brittany Blue (which has not been seen since 1967), Dark Matter Gray, and Cyber Orange (from the Mach-E and Bronco). Taking from other color palletes, this makes the 2022 Mustang more colorful than it has been in a long time.

gray mustang mach 1

Mustang Mach 1 Colors

On the Mach 1 which replaced the Bullitt, Performance Pack 2, and GT350 has the most limited paint option palette of the lineup, using Grabber Yellow, Velocity Blue, Race Red, Shadow Black, Iconic Silver, Twister Orange, and the model-specific Fighter Jet Gray. All Mach 1 models come with accent decals in black and either red, white, or orange paired based on the paint option. With the combination of paint colors, decals, and the model-specific wheels, the Mach 1 stands out with some dramatic differences from the standard Mustang.

blue mustang gt500

Mustang GT500 Colors

On the GT500 which is now the sole Shelby model from the factory and features the widest color option selection. The GT500 can be had in nearly every paint option, including the new Oil Slick color which should offer a throwback to the old Cobra mustangs from th 1990s-2004. These paint options will also make the GT500 one of the most colorful Shelby models ever developed.

2022 Mustang Paint Color Chart

2022 Mustang Colors

2022 Mustang Trim Levels

The 2022 Mustang will feature the same three different motor options as can be found in the 2021 model. With this, however, there are updates to two trim levels, in particular, to be addressed. This means the base engine is the EcoBoost with the optional High-Performance package. This 2.3-liter motor can be paired with a new trim package called Stealth which includes black five-spoke wheels, gloss black mirror caps, and additional black accents. The package also includes a few more unique features such as the wing from the Performance Package 1 on the Mustang GT and Euro-spec clear taillights to help it stand out more. While the majority of the other trims remain unchanged, Ford has also revamped the California Special trim on the GT to include its own optional Performance Package which throws in the rear spoiler from the GT Performance Package, new unique striping, and wheels and a grille similar to the ones found originally on the S550 Bullitt Mustang for added style.

Image Credit: Ford Motor Company, Ford Media

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