2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Exterior

Kevin Cassar
July 17, 2020

2021 Steeda Mustang Mach-E

From time to time, Ford will shock the performance landscape with something so new it can take a while for the enthusiast community to warm up to it. This statement is exactly what Ford did when it comes to the 2021 Mustang Mach-E; it is nothing the Mustang community was ever expecting or had seen before. The idea of having an all-electric pony with four doors was unexpected. Just as Ford shocked the world in 1964 with the Mustang, this had done the same thing.

The Mach-E resembles everything that a visual represents a Mustang; a long hood, broad, aggressive stance, wide rear haunches, short rear deck, and the famous fastback profile. These are all just in a new formula that shows another side of what the Mustang stable can become. We are very excited about what this new electric pony formula can offer enthusiasts in a practical way of efficiency, capability, and performance. Speaking of production, we are especially excited about the upcoming GT model that provides a mid-three second time to sixty miles per hour.

Signature Mustang Styling

Aside from the performance, we think this electric SUV will be an excellent edition to modify in terms of front splitters, spoilers, ground effects, and styling to give it the race-inspired Mustang treatment we all know and love! Team Steeda is very excited to see what we can develop to enhance the Mach-E's aesthetics and appearance, just as we have done from the Fox Body to the S550 Mustang. Stay tuned for all the latest Mustang Mach-E exterior modifications to come from Steeda right here!

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Image Credit: Ford Motor Company, Ford Performance

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