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Steeda Tri-Ax Mustang Short Throw Shifter - 05-10

Steeda Tri-Ax Mustang Short Throw Shifter - 05-10
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Mustang Short Throw Shifer
555-7305 - Mustang Short Throw Shifer - $274.95
Steeda Billet Pro Street Shifter Handle & Knobs
Comfort Pro Billet Shifter Knob
Billet Pistol Grip Shifter Knob
Our Price: $274.95
Market Price: $302.45
You Save: $27.50
  Installation Info
Time to Install
About 1 1/2 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tech Recommended
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Install Instructions
Instructions are in PDF format. Get the free Adobe PDF Reader, here.
  Product Description
The Steeda Tri-Ax shifter has always led the way in performance. With this latest revision the evolotion of this shifter continues, and is the best version yet!

The factory steel mounting rail is replaced with a substantial billet beam for more positive location; and upgraded rear mounting bushings are supplied to further reduce deflection under hard shifting. The shifter base, handle, and beam are all CNC machined by Steeda from 6061 aluminum.

For the ultimate in accuracy and precision, the internal shift lever mechanism now pivots off a high quality spherical bearing that has been throughly tested to insure it withstands our standard of 1.5 million+ shifts without failure. Our 2 position handle height, a Steeda exclusive allows you to taylor the shifter for the best combination of throw length and comfortable reach.

Check out the great reviews for our shifter and place an order for the best shifter on the market today.

U.S. Utility Patent 7,464,621

Product Benefits
  • Superior, patented Steeda technology!
  • Prevent damage to the transmission and linkage under hard usage
  • Never miss 3rd gear!
  • No complicated, unnecessary adjustments unlike competitive designs
  • Proper shorter throw engineered to make shifting easy, unlike other extremely short shifters that end up increasing shift effort making shifting more difficult and uncomfortable
  • No rubber used on main shifter shaft to wear out and cover up NVH
  • 3 lbs lighter than other (so-called) competing brands (Weight is the enemy of performance.)
  • Real Stop bolts, not cheap metal plates with insufficient adjustment range to be effective
  • Natural shifting feel, not awkward to shift like other brands
  • No nylon bushing used in pivot to wear out like competitors. Tri-Ax was tested to 1.5 million shifts with no measureable wear!
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  Product Fitment
 This product fits the following vehicles
  • 2010 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2009 Mustang Bullitt Manual
  • 2009 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2008 Mustang Bullitt Manual
  • 2008 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2007 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2006 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2005 Mustang GT Manual
  Product Reviews
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Reviewed by csulb
08/29/2012 - 06:37:42 PM
The Hard Way

Okay, so I know the instructions said to remove the drive shaft - that it is not recommended to try it with the drive shaft in place - BUT - I had a bit more time available that particular Saturday...

Once the transmission link was removed, the factory shifter came out easily.

1. First I installed the arm piece separately.
2. Then shifter body can be worked in from inside the car.
3. Then I bolted in the rear two bolts holding the insulated (red bushings) bar.
4. Connecting the arm to the shifter body was tricky. You have to be good at using "feel" rather than "sight" to do it this way, but it worked!
5. I used a feeler gauge 0.025" per instructions to set my stop for 3rd gear and 2nd/4th stops.

My almost impossible "under-load" 3rd gear is much more manageable.

It feels nice and tight - like a new car!
Reviewed by Menace
07/29/2011 - 05:03:45 PM

Hello, I have a 2006 Mustang GT. I have owned my Tri-ax for about 4 years and can honestly say I am satisfied with my product. The difference between stock and the Tri-ax are literally night and day. One thing to mention after having it for so long it starts to feel "stock" as in the shorter throw becomes more natural and right feeling and you almost want it to be even shorter. This is to be expected with any product you own. Superchargers will start feeling "not enough" etc, just a natural cause of our being.

I did compare this with other brands on the market at the time (MGW was not made then) and I still am confident in my decision. It's sturdy, and seems built to last. For any 05-10 in the market for a shifter, I wouldn't pass this one up.

Reviewed by froman6
07/14/2011 - 04:38:55 PM
Tri x

I've been putting these in all of my Mustangs and believe they are the best shifters on the market!
Reviewed by stang281
04/25/2012 - 01:09:56 PM
Best Shifter for the S197!

I purchased this shifter in 2006 and have had it on my 2006 Mustang GT since then. It is still running great and I still love it! It really shortened the throw, improved the feeling (it's not mushy like the stock shifter was), and also really helps having that spring-assist for shifts to third. It's just a well-built part and it's all made in the USA to boot! Can't beat it!
Reviewed by 08Bullittman
02/04/2014 - 03:22:17 PM
Best shifter ever!

I have had the Tri-Ax shifter in all my stangs and have never had any issues what so ever. I did the install with the front jacked up and the drive shaft not removed and whole install didn't take but maybe 3-3 1/2 hours. If you have the ability to do it on a lift I would recomend it. All in all, great shifter for the money.