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Steeda Mustang Idler Pulley Kit - 96-04

Steeda Mustang Idler Pulley Kit - 96-04
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Mustang Idler Pulley Kit
555-3344 - Mustang Idler Pulley Kit - $125.95
Our Price: $125.95
Market Price: $138.55
You Save: $12.60
  Installation Info
Time to Install
About 30 Minutes
Level of Difficulty
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
  Product Description
Made from billet 6061 aluminum these idler pulleys will really dress up the front of your engine. Bearing is OEM spec and features a double sealed design, something the competitors don't offer.

Note: Does not fit 4.6L Bullit or 4.6L Cobra Mustangs

Product Benefits
  • Dress up the front of your engine
  • 100% made in the USA by Steeda
  • Exceeds OEM Quality
  Product Fitment
 This product fits the following vehicles
  • 2004 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 2004 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2003 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 2003 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2002 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 2002 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2001 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 2001 Mustang GT Manual
  • 2000 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 2000 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1999 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1999 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1998 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1998 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1997 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1997 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1996 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1996 Mustang GT Manual
  Product Reviews
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Reviewed by WilliamRandlett
01/23/2013 - 06:04:37 AM
Looks great, but 2000 only needs one

My 2000 GT only has a place for one of the pulleys in the kit, which is the idler pulley at the top of the engine. The Steeda pulleys do not fit the tensioner arm, which is the only other pulley that is "flat" (not grooved). I don't know how you can tell whether the Steeda pulley will fit your tensioner arm in advance, other than removing the idler pulley and checking to see if it also fits the tensioner arm before ordering. Otherwise maybe make sure you have a friend that needs a pulley, too.

The bearing on the new pulley showed much more resistance than the original pulley with 150,000 miles on it. The original pulleys seemed almost frictionless! I anticipate the bearing in the Steeda pulley that I installed will free up over time, though, because it is supposed to be the same as OEM.

The kit comes without any instructions, just 2 pulleys, so if you have never even removed your belt you may want to learn about that first. I needed a bench vice to help remove the pulley from the tensioner arm (the one that didn't fit). Otherwise the replacement of the idler pulley was very simple.