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Bilstein HD Series Mustang Rear Shock - 94-98

Bilstein HD Series Mustang Rear Shock - 94-98
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Mustang Shock
395-BE5-6418-HO - Mustang Shock - $109.95
Our Price: $109.95
Market Price: $120.95
You Save: $11.00
  Installation Info
Time to Install
About 4 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tech Recommended
Tools Needed
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  Product Description
We went "Cherry Pickin'" through the whole Bilstein line, and have the following in stock for your Mustang - so you can step up to Bilstein Today!

Front: 395-V36-4138-HI: 87-04 “Heavy Duty”
Fits any 87-04 Mustang, as well as 79-86 'stangs when upgraded with 87 or newer V8 spindles. With their “Heavy Duty” valving, (same valving as a stock 03-04 Cobra), they work best with Steeda Sport Spring sets, any of the factory V8 springs including Bullitt or Mach 1, or any other spring in the 550-650 pound range. Not suggested with ANY of the available coil over springs on the market, or our 750-850 or 850-1050 pound Comp Springs.

Rear: 395-BE5-2959-HO: 99-04 “Heavy Duty”
For IRS cars 99-04, featuring “Heavy Duty” valving (similar to 03-04 Cobra factory shocks). A great upgrade for 99-01 Cobra and 03-04 Cobra (coupe and Convertible) owners when running our 99-01 Cobra Sport Springs (540-600 Front Rate/ 500-600 Rear Rate) or the factory springs.

395-BE5-6418-HO: 94-04 “Heavy Duty”
For Solid Axle Cars, this shock has the “Heavy Duty” valving works best with a 200-300 pound spring. Perfect damping for any of our Sport or Comp/Sport Spring sets, or factory Bullitt or Mach 1 springs. For racers in classes which allow upgraded dampers but not springs these, when matched to the V36-4138-HI Front Struts (above) are a good set up. Works with the factory GT or Cobra (non IRS) springs, but WILL NOT be sufficient for the 325 or 350 pound springs used with our 5 Link Suspension.

395-B46-2148-HI: 79-93 “Heavy Duty”
Same specs as the BE5-6418-HO, for 79-93 cars.
  Product Fitment
 This product fits the following vehicles
  • 1998 Mustang Cobra Manual
  • 1998 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1998 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1998 Mustang V6 Automatic
  • 1998 Mustang V6 Manual
  • 1997 Mustang Cobra Manual
  • 1997 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1997 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1997 Mustang V6 Automatic
  • 1997 Mustang V6 Manual
  • 1996 Mustang Cobra Manual
  • 1996 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1996 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1996 Mustang V6 Automatic
  • 1996 Mustang V6 Manual
  • 1995 Mustang Cobra Manual
  • 1995 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1995 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1995 Mustang V6 Automatic
  • 1995 Mustang V6 Manual
  • 1994 Mustang Cobra Manual
  • 1994 Mustang GT Automatic
  • 1994 Mustang GT Manual
  • 1994 Mustang V6 Automatic
  • 1994 Mustang V6 Manual
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