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Steeda Mustang Shifter Base Bushing (11-14)

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Manufacturer:  Steeda Autosports

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Milled from aerospace grade aluminum for lightweight and high-strength. Completely replaces the flimsy, low durometer OE shifter base bushing assembly. Comes with two different durometer custom made polyurethane bushings to chose from; one low durometer for no increase in shifter NVH, and a high durometer for minimum compliance. Easy to install and does not require any permanent modifications to the vehicle.

Product Benefits

  • Aerospace grade aluiminum
  • Comes with two different durometer bushings to choose from
  • Easy to install
Time to Install
About 30 Minutes
Level of Difficulty
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2014 2013 2012 2011

GT V6 Boss


Product Reviews

This shift bushing provides a great improvement upon the stock shifter of the MT82 manual trans cars. I am using the black (stiffer) bushing, and have noticed no increased NVH. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve how their car drives. It will minimize the nibble between 1-2 and help make sure you hit 3rd perfectly when going WOT in 2nd. Don't think about it, add this product to your cart and buy it!

I have a 2011 Mustang and installed mine tonight. I had some difficulty getting the bracket onto the rubber insert, due to its close proximity to the driveshaft. My wife sat in the driver's seat and pulled up or down on the shifter handle, which helped me a lot. I am an aerospace product Engineer, and could tell this was quality material and great design. I used the black/stiff insert, partly because it comes with a split which made installation easier. My test drive was a real "wow". Before the change, I often missed the 2-3 shift under hard acceleration. Flawless tonight. I am glad I did this upgrade.

I installed this in combination with the Steeda Tranny Bushing. I used the black bushing and real don't notice any noise or vibration in the shifter. I did notice the tranny bushing caused some vibration at the floor by my feet. In all nothing that will be annoying. The sifter now goes into gear without a fight or binding. I am now able to feel the long throw of the factory shifter. I will definitely be installing a Triax shifter in the weeks to come.

Wow , now my shifter feels like a shifter and not a wet noodle .. Before my shifter was kind of guess a gear , meaning you never know if you hit the gear change ..Now it feels great .. No added cabin noise or vibration that I could tell ... I was going to change the shifter to a high dollar aftermarket shifter but now I see no need to spend that money ..

Money well spent, Installed it in 15 min with common sense and a ratchet, long extenion is a must. Really brings positivity to your shifts, no more "Am I in gear?" Shifts are smoother, tighter, and come with a reassuring "Snick" as it slides into gear. It's not a replacement for a custom shifter, but it's the best first step before you can afford to drop $300. again Money well spent and I will continue to shop Steeda for my Pony car.

This bracket is great, no need to replace the stock shifter to correct the terrible mt-82 sloppiness. This bracket has helped tremendously, took about 45 minutes to install with the driveshaft still on the car with the car on jack stands. I recommend this product to everyone and the black insert didnt produce much more nvh that I have noticed yet

Selectable durometer bushing and an easy install. Awesome product!

As soon as you hold this product in your hand, you can tell it's quality! Fitment and install were easy!

I had a performance shop upgrade my entire suspension for my 2011 Mustang GT...along with the suspension components, they highly recommended that the Steeda Mustang Shifter Base Bushing was a must. I agreed and am so glad I had them install it (went with the black bushing). Nothing bu nice, clean shifts compared to the stock part. Now I know why it was so highly recommended!!!

I had trouble shifting my car at high rpm. It seemed like it didn't want to go. I had this bracket installed and now it drives like a champ. Initially it was a little too tight. After about 4 months, it feels perfect. I actually like the stock shifter. It is quiet and doesn't transmit much noise. I did a fluid change with this mod and my car is a joy to shift. Great Product! it was my first mod and I recommend it as a great start to any project.