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Steeda Mustang Rear Upper Control Arm - Poly Bushings (05-10)

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Manufacturer:  Steeda Autosports

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Steeda's competition upper 3rd link for S197 Mustangs is the ultimate piece for the performance Mustang enthusiast. This competition upper 3rd link, like the original street version allows you to adjust your pinion angle and eliminate the torque deflection associated with the factory piece. Our competition upper 3rd link will control axle windup, eliminate wheel hop under acceleration, and allows for proper articulation without deflection for improved handling and corner stability.

Kit: 555-4107
Includes a competition proven chrome moly alloy rod end and our heavy duty chassis mount made from stout 1/4" thick steel which brings your 555-4105 3rd link to 555-4106 specs.

Kit: 555-4108
Retains our 3 piece bushing package along with our heavy duty chassis mount to bring your 555-4105 3rd link to 555-4109 specs.

This part is a double adjustable design allowing you to make adjustments on the car directly eliminating the need to remove it from the vehicle for adjustment.

Available in 2 versions, our full competition part number 555-4106 includes a competition proven chrome moly alloy rod end to eliminate all wheel hop and axle windup. It also allows for proper articulation with no deflection for excellent handling and cornering stability. This version with a solid rod end will increase NVH in street use and is recommended for competition use only.

The dual purpose street/competition version part number 555-4109 uses our exclusive 3 piece bushing package on the axle end and is recommended for dual purpose street/competition use. Steeda's 3 piece bushing package uses soft outer bushings with a hard center bushing on the axle end. This proven combination helps control axle wind up, wheel hop under acceleration, and allows for proper articulation with minimal deflection for improved handling and cornering stability. Our 3 piece bushing package will not increase NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) keeping the factory's quiet, smooth operation unlike competitors pieces.

Both competition upgrades include a new heavy duty chassis mount made from stout 1/4" thick steel for twice the thickness of the original factory piece. It also gives you 2 mounting locations for increased adjustment to provide even better traction and handling.

Already own an original 555-4105 Steeda upper 3rd link and want to take it to the next level? Purchase our competition upgrade kits separately.

Note to 2011 Mustang owners: Ford changed the design of the upper 3rd link on 2011 models. 2011 owners must use either 555-4106 or 555-4109 full kits. Steeda's original 555-4105 upper 3rd link will not fit 2011 models.

Product Benefits

  • Adjustable pinion angle for optimum traction
  • Better handling with more stable cornering
  • Chrome moly rod end and HD mount make this a bullet proof design
  • Complete engineered package
  • Much more cost effective and higher quality than other brands
  • Competition tested & proven

Learn the differences in Steeda brand control arms, read our blog post for more info:

Time to Install
About 2 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tech Recommended
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005

Bullitt GT V6 GT500

Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

The Steeda bracket is a monster! It and the adjustable upper third are an awesome combo. The bracket went in way easier then I thought. All this added strength and barely any increase in nvh. this customer couldnt be happier!

This was the one of the final stages of my suspension upgrade and worth every bit.