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Steeda 14" Mustang Front Brake Upgrade Kit (05-14)

Steeda 14" Mustang Front Brake Upgrade Kit (05-14)
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Manufacturer:  Steeda Autosports

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Steeda offer the ultimate front brake upgrade for your 2005+ Mustang. Tested and proven in competition and on the street.

Steeda 14" Mustang Front Brake Upgrade Kit for 2005-2014 Mustang's feature 14 inch 2 piece rotors with floating aluminum hats, large 4 piston calipers with Steeda logo, DOT legal stainless steel brake lines, mounting brackets, hardware, and brake pads.

Unlike our competitor's kits, Steeda went the extra mile and designed this Steeda 14" Mustang Front Brake Upgrade Kit for 2005-2014 Mustang's with the proper piston sizes for compatibility with the sensitive S197 Mustang Anti-Lock brake system. This is an important safety factor under severe braking on the street and in competition. Improper sizing can lead to ABS malfunction and increased stopping distances! Don't settle for a brake kit that wasn't designed with the specific performance and safety needs of your S197 Mustang in mind. This is the right kit for you! Requires 18x9 inch or larger wheels for clearance.

Note: These larger brakes require proper sized wheels to give you clearance. Steeda offers a full line of wheels that clear these and other large brake kits.

Product Benefits

  • Complete bolt on brake upgrade
  • Only kit that preserves the proper operation of the factory ABS system, an important safety factor!
  • Far more affordable than the competition's equivalent 4-piston, 2-piece rotor kits!

Purchase your Steeda 14" Mustang Front Brake Upgrade Kit for your 2005-2014 Mustang at Steeda Autosports today!

Time to Install
About 3 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tech Recommended
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005

Bullitt GT V6 GT500 Boss

Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

One of my favorite mods for the S197 - excellent braking power.

First off these look awesome and thats not even the purpose of them! They stop my ride even better then they look. The stopping power of my car now is much much improved and i love it. I was able to install it myself in my driveway, the installation was pretty fast and straight forward.

I was running my car at a Miller Motorsports Park track day with stock factory brakes. It was a cool morning - even a little rain. Then the day dried up and began to get warm. After about three laps there was lots shaking and shimming. My instructor said I'd better have my brakes looked at. So the quest for bigger brakes began. I looked at several of the other options - Steeda's 14" front brake upgrade looked like a great way to go. Bedding in the brakes - I could already tell a HUGE difference in braking power. Our club was back out on the track last Monday. Wow! These brakes just kept on working - never any fading - no front end shaking - just smooth, powerful braking power. I freaked out my instructor because I could brake so late. He calmed down after realizing how good the brakes really were and had me brake even later - telling me the corner markers he uses when racing. Love 'em!

Our club attended Lapping Days back in May 2013 and had a great time! However, as the day warmed up, I was good for only about 3 laps at which point my factory brakes really started to shake and shimmy. After some Steeda suspension upgrades, I finally got the Steeda 14" front brake kit. Bedding them in, I could already tell a HUGE difference in stopping power. We just went to another Lapping Days event and I got more an more aggressive as I began trusting the new tires, suspension on brakes which translated into higher speeds and heavier braking before a turn. These brakes performed perfectly! No fading or overheating. A must if you track your car. Highly recommend them!!