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SCT X3 Mustang Tuner w/ Lifetime Steeda Certified Tunes

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Manufacturer  SCT Tuning

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The Xcalibrator 3 flash tuner by SCT comes pre-programmed but also functions as a custom tuner allowing up to 10 custom tunes for vehicles not supported by its pre-programmed files or for custom applications.

The Xcalibrator 3 features a much larger backlight display making it easier to display and read. This makes the built in data logging and real time vehicle monitoring capabality more convenient.

Unlike the previous Xcalibrator, this device features an analog input port to support any 0 to 5 volt device such as a wideband 02 sensor, EGT sensor, or 2/3 bar map sensors (not included).

The Xcalibrator 3 like its predecessor also has adjustable end user parameters and diagnostic capability allowing you to read and clear DTC trouble codes. The best part is you get all these extra features for the same price as previous Xcalibrator models!

Note: For custom tuning applications please provide the vehicles 4 digit processor code with your order.

Note: Purchase of this item enrolls you in the Lifetime Tunes Program. To read more about the Lifetime Tunes Program, Click Here.

Warning: This part has been designed and is intended for off-road application only. Installation of this part on a vehicle that is driven on public roads may violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations.

Product Benefits

  • Huge backlit screen!
  • Analog input for popular 0-5 volt gauges!
  • Holds up to 10 custom tunes with end user adjustable parameters!
  • Proven SCT tuning capability
  • Improved horsepower and torque!
“I wanted to follow up and let you know I took my car in for some custom tuning and the tune that you guys sent along with the tuner was quote "Perfect"! Something that rarely or never happens with a out of the box tune. Bottom line, you guys saved me $500 in custom dyno tuning and that rocks! I am definitely a believer in Steeda and will be signing your praises.”

K. Gauthier - Washington

Time to Install
About 15 Minutes
Level of Difficulty
Tools Needed
No Tools
Model Year(s)
2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996

Bullitt Cobra Cobra R Mach 1 GT V6 GT500 Boss

Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

The lifetime tunes are great and you can call the Steeda guys whenever you'd like as they're always willing to lend a helping hand. The X3 is a great tuner and you can save a little money over the new X4 if you'd like.

Guys it does essentially the exact same thing as the new X4, except it doesn't have a full color screen nor wifi. If you want to save a few bucks over the X4, this tuner is your best bet. Thanks Steeda.

This device is a pleasure to use. Everyone should pick one up so you can customize your car's computer and allow for more upgrades!

This should be everyone's first mod - instant hp and easy to use!

Super happy with the product offerings from Steeda and will most definitely be back to purchase additional mods in the future.

If this is one of your first mods, you will definitely be needing it in the future if you plan on upgrading other components of your car (gears, emissions/exhaust, forced induction, throttle body, etc.). Shipping was super quick!

How good is a Steeda Tune? I have a little over 160,000 miles on my normally aspirated ’06 Mustang GT with LT headers, Steeda Underdrive Pulleys and 3.55:1 gears. Getting comfortable after a few laps on my new Steeda suspension and Nitto tires, I began not only keeping up with but catching up with a few of my club members newer and higher rated horsepower cars – a 2014 Mustang GT and a 2012 Mustang BOSS 302. I can turn with the Shelby’s – just don’t have the supercharger power to keep up on the straights…And off-the-line - I pulled alongside a more powerful Dodge 5.7 HEMI Magnum. Didn’t think he was going to take off – so he got the jump on me. I caught him and began to overtake. Next light I was ready – won off the line and continued to pull away. An Audi S4 early one morning got the jump on me. Again! The driver didn’t look like he was the type to race, but he was in an “S” series Audi. I was behind but stayed with him. The next light I spun my tires. The third light I took him. The driver had that look like he thought he should be able to take any ’05-’09 Mustang GT – he didn’t know I had a Steeda Tune. Remember, I have 160,000+ miles. Still waiting to pull alongside a Camaro…

Got this for my 2011 5.0 along with the cammed idle tune, and everything runs flawlessly. Customer service was amazing and they got this to me promptly. I'm very impressed with my tunes and with Steeda. I've gotten my short-throw from them, tuner, and next I'll be getting a cai from them. I love Steeda!

I have to say a huge thanks to steeda for sending me multiple tunes as i kept purchasing and installing items from here. These tunes are very good and the customer service is EXCELLENT. I wouldnt use any other tuner for my car.

Very simple to use when following the instructions. On 05-10 Mustang GTs it provides a very real and very noticeable increase in power when coupled with a cold air intake- gains of 20-30 wheel horsepower can be expected. Throttle response will also be dramatically improved.
Will make a very noticeable difference on automatic transmission equipped vehicles also- firmer, higher shift points and much more positive shift engagement.

This product is somewhat limited in what it can and can't change parameter wise when compared to full on tuning software suites, but for your average weekend racer, it's just what the doctor ordered.