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Hi just want to thank you guys for all the great you do. My 2011 mustang is
filled with all your parts from your cold air intake to your panhard bar and
I have to say. Everything fits works so great with the car I just did your
lowering springs this weekend and surprisingly awesome. Car feels like its
on rails no noise no horror stories it is what you guys say it is. So just
want to thank you guys again for taking the time to do it right. And for
making a great American product

I recently bought one of your stainless steel door sills from andys auto for my 1998 mustang gt and I absolutely love them. They make a big difference in the look of my car. Great quality and price.

I brought my 2008 GT500 by the Pompano Beach location for an SCT tuner and a custom tune for parts already installed, and the guys dropped what they were doing and jumped right on it. They provided an optimum tune for my vehicle, which made the most of the upgrades, and got a whopping 523 RWHP on a 95 degree August day in Florida, that is over 600 FWHP! You can only imagine what the power will be in cooler air. It drives like a different car. Can't thank them enough for the great service, and going the extra mile. I posted a video of the dyno work at the STEEDA shop on you tube, you can see the pro's at work for yourself. I found the STEEDA parts and tuning profile that are installed to be of superior quality and workmanship, and ideally suited to my application. Thanks STEEDA crew!!

I had recently purchased a 2006 Steeda Street Wing Spoiler from your website and had received the thank you card. I just wanted to say I deeply appreciate the card. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you took the time to have it hand written and include your business card. I have posted a picture complimenting your card on my Facebook and will Highly recommend service with you to my friends/family and will definitely do business with you again.

I recently sent in a Steeda Tri-ax t-56 shifter for repairs. I was shocked and pleased with your excellent customer service. I cant remember the last time I received such customer care. In a day and age were everything is made in China and customer service comes from somebody in Indonesia, It is refreshing to know there is a company left that still "gets it". I will proudly display Steeda parts on my car and recommend your fine American parts with my hot rod community.

I'm real particular when it comes to getting the stance right on my Mustang. After I installed my FRPP handling pack on My Mustang it sat 1.5" lower but I still knew that final look and stance on my car was incomplete. I looked at many wheels, even talked to a couple technical reps at different wheel companies. In the end a lot of aftermarket wheels didn't have the right offset or the aftermarket wheels wouldn't clear a larger brake caliper when i decide to upgrade to a big brake kit. Then I came across the Steeda S197 Mustangs with their staggered width 20" Spyders. They had a unique look, to me they looked almost like a modern throwback to a vintage Ford racing wheel. The wheel design not only takes in consideration for big brake calipers but the super wide wheels are designed with the right offset to properly fit and tuck the wheels in the Mustang wheel wells properly! 315/35ZR20s fit on the 11" wide rear wheels and inside the wheel wells with perfectly!!! The staggered width 20" Steeda Spyder wheels not only make my Mustang look menacing, but they help glue my Mustang to the asphalt! I can't say enough about these wheels.

I knew that I would need an adjustable panhard bar to properly center my rear end, so I went on the Steeda site and started looking through the suspension parts. One thing that I like a lot about Steeda is how they explain what each part does, how it impacts and improves your car. I also decided to pick up a Steeda panhard bar brace, billet lower control arms, and shorter upper control arm. The factory control arm bushings were on their last leg so I bought new billet LCAs from Steeda - almost too nice looking to put on the car! The shorter upper control arm was designed to work specifically with the 1.5" drop on my Mustang to correct the pinion angle. The other thing I noticed is the fit, and finish of the parts. The quality is second to none. When I took my car to the alignment shop they checked pinion angle against the correct specs I found on Steeda's site and the pinion angle was dead on. I noticed right away how the control arms planted the rear end on hard launches and that wheel hop was eliminated! The Steeda parts really made a big difference in improving handling performance on my Mustang. I couldn't be happier and will always look to Steeda for my aftermarket needs first. Special shout out to Frank Stoddard for the awesome customer service!

I purchased the CAI and Tuner package for my 2012 Mustang GT, and I have been very happy with everything. I have had tunes from other companies, and I feel the Steeda tune is much better. Firm decisive shifts, much better throttle response, and I can definitely feel the power. Many more mods to be added in the future and already have my Steeda wish list made.

Customer service has been great and very responsive. I will have to take a trip down to Valdosta and pay them a visit in person for some suspension work.

I have to say Matt Levine, is a great sales associate. I have dealt with him over the phone and in person. He has been real professional and helpful in assisting me with all my parts that I order. THANKS for all your help!! Matt.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted for my 2011 GT/CS when contacting Steeda.
Matt L helped me out and brought sanity to my requirements.
He gave me alot of support and input on what I should have and what I should not.
The shipment was smooth and quick and Matt followed up that everything was to my liking.
Matt also planted a couple of new ideas in my head, and I will surely be a returning customer.
Outstanding products, but also totally outstanding service.

I have a 2012 mustang gt with 434 hp to the wheels I love my car but the suspension left a lot to be desired. I had tons of wheel hop, so I ordered a set of billet lower control arms and an adjustable 3rd link along with a set of ultalite springs. I can honestly say it's like having a totally different car, I can now drive the car like I stole it. No more wheel hop and the springs are awesome. I was skeptical at first, but you guys engineer some great parts. Thank you!