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Everything runs perfect so much smoother and do not have that issue I had with the other companies tune. Good thing they refunded my money for their tuning.

Thanks again man I love the new tune.

I would like to compliment you on your courteous and helpful staff that helped with the most tedious and difficult problem I had with my 2002 Mustang GT suspension. I have owned several Mustang`s over the years and always favored Steeda products due to their higher quality parts. Currently, I have installed the tri-ax shifter, timing adjuster, and the sport springs in my GT. I noticed the front end was making a horrible grinding sound and found out that the front springs had broke. With the assistance of Mr. Sal Indorato and Mr. Matt Neal who assisted me with securing 2 new springs for my car and it is back on the road again. Sal and Matt are both gentlemen and were extremely helpful through the whole process and should be commended for their expertise. I know when I get my next Mustang I will only buy and recommend Steeda products.

The steeda double hook quadrant, cable and firewall adjuster kit is by far the best i've ever used. I could not be happier. I went from a sluggish mushy pedal to a smooth easy pedal. My stang has came back to life. Thanx guys.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Steeda intake and tune for my 2011 Mustang GT. I had the car on a dyno (Dynojet chassis dyno) last Friday and I am truly impressed by the numbers.

The car made 401 hp and 377 ft-lbs of torque.

Thanks for a great product and I’ll be sure to look to Steeda for future performance parts.


Rarely do I feel the need to publicly discuss my dealings with a company. I believe in the privacy of the business transaction but this was a dealing that I felt begged and benefited other members of the community.

My first experience with Steeda products, TJ and Brandon was concerning lowering springs. These two gentlemen answered question after question after question each time in a lightning fast manner that was detailed, informative and incredibly professional and kind. I felt as if they felt I was doing them a favor by asking questions their response was so considerate. Now I understand that their are several companies that have exceptional customer service. With no disrespect intended you must understand that they are customer representatives for a company that sells a myriad of products by a myriad number of manufacturers. They will seek to help you in the best manner they can, but they have no stake in any brand. If you receive a brand x part and you don't like it they'll happily send you a part y. With TJ and Brandon they represent a product not a distributor. If they look bad Steeda looks bad. If the product fails to impress they look bad, Steeda looks bad. You must consider the risk and difficulty of the tasks that they perform for the Mustang enthusiast.

Based upon their guidance solely I too the leap and get a set of Steeda springs. I don't have the tools to install the springs myself so I had to have it done for me. I was impressed with the appearance of the product. Clean and neat with no appearance whatsoever of a corner being be cut.

All I know is I dropped off one type of Mustang and picked up an entirely different one. The appearance of the car was radically different. Gone was the monster truck appearance of the wheel wells. In their stead was a sleek, aggressive, balanced look. Appearances can be deceiving though so I immediately took the Mustang to it's limits. No breaking nose dive. No lifting with full acceleration. Cornering like on rails. No loss of control and no body roll. I was simply amazed. For the price of these springs I believe them to be the most cost effective manner by which to make such a dramatic appearance, and performance appearance. I simply doubt there is a more cost effective product on the market that marries performance with appearance for an incredibly small cost. Outside of a tuner unit, I believe this is the second best purchase for a Mustang.

After my first experience with Steeda I immediately began snooping around their web site for interior improvements. Outside of the supercharger, I am very satisfied. Inside, well that is lacking outside of the Streetfighter. Needless to say Steeda had everything I could imagine and more. I quickly selected a group of parts that I'd like to purchase. I discussed them with TJ and Brandon who filled in the blanks for me and went above and beyond to complete the sale to my satisfaction. The parts shipped fast and ludicrously well packed. Truthfully I kep the packaging for anything that I may ship in the future.

I have worked with aluminum for over twenty years. I have seen poor, passable and good products. The parts I received from Steeda were in a class by themselves. Now you might say well they're CNC'ed of course they're good This is not the case. Use of anything less than Prime billet, anything but a superior computer program and you will end up with excrement. The shifter bezel for example is made of aluminum that has been so well milled that each mill mark is sequential and equivalent to every other. The wall thickness of the part is also impressive. This is no tin part. It is made of an impressive wall thickness piece of prime billet. The same can be said of the e-brake cover, the cup holder, the list goes on and on. Each part to a level beyond what I would expect.

The interior of my car now simply "pops" . Again the "Steeda effect" was in evidence. A functional interior, functional parts now became distinct expressions of the individual. Each part sought to personalize and differentiate each owner's mustang. Again the dollar investment pales in comparison to the value.

In closing I have never believed in having any logo, brand or however on my person or any of my possessions. I feel it is enough to own the product. If I am advertising it or acting as a de facto billboard, I feel that I should be compensated in some capacity. Right or wrong this is my opinion and one that I have held for over 25 years of Mustang cars and enthusiasm. When Brandon asked if I wanted the parts without logo I said no. I wanted the Steeda logo on my interior parts. I am proud to own a Steeda part. I believe it represents a company whose products I am proud to own, a quality that I am proud to display and to represent a company that has gentlemen such as TJ and Brandon aboard.

These may have been my first Steeda purchases but they surely will not be my last.

Hi just want to thank you guys for all the great you do. My 2011 mustang is
filled with all your parts from your cold air intake to your panhard bar and
I have to say. Everything fits works so great with the car I just did your
lowering springs this weekend and surprisingly awesome. Car feels like its
on rails no noise no horror stories it is what you guys say it is. So just
want to thank you guys again for taking the time to do it right. And for
making a great American product

I recently bought one of your stainless steel door sills from andys auto for my 1998 mustang gt and I absolutely love them. They make a big difference in the look of my car. Great quality and price.

I brought my 2008 GT500 by the Pompano Beach location for an SCT tuner and a custom tune for parts already installed, and the guys dropped what they were doing and jumped right on it. They provided an optimum tune for my vehicle, which made the most of the upgrades, and got a whopping 523 RWHP on a 95 degree August day in Florida, that is over 600 FWHP! You can only imagine what the power will be in cooler air. It drives like a different car. Can't thank them enough for the great service, and going the extra mile. I posted a video of the dyno work at the STEEDA shop on you tube, you can see the pro's at work for yourself. I found the STEEDA parts and tuning profile that are installed to be of superior quality and workmanship, and ideally suited to my application. Thanks STEEDA crew!!

I had recently purchased a 2006 Steeda Street Wing Spoiler from your website and had received the thank you card. I just wanted to say I deeply appreciate the card. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you took the time to have it hand written and include your business card. I have posted a picture complimenting your card on my Facebook and will Highly recommend service with you to my friends/family and will definitely do business with you again.

I recently sent in a Steeda Tri-ax t-56 shifter for repairs. I was shocked and pleased with your excellent customer service. I cant remember the last time I received such customer care. In a day and age were everything is made in China and customer service comes from somebody in Indonesia, It is refreshing to know there is a company left that still "gets it". I will proudly display Steeda parts on my car and recommend your fine American parts with my hot rod community.

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