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Steeda loves cars. It's obvious. The parts are top notch and have been well thought over. When I think Steeda, I think "balance" and "sensibility." Everyone gets so bent out of shape about paper numbers like "40% reduced shifter travel" or the likes of other products but that's not the point. The FEEL of Steeda products makes the brand. And the feel and quality is incredible.

Thank you Gus for the follow-up phone call today to see how the install went on some parts I ordered! Totally unexpected, but much appreciated! I was a Steeda fan before but now I'm a Steeda FANATIC!

Thanks again!

I have had steeda lower and upper double adjustable and solid components under the back of my grabber blue shelby since the week that I have owned the car! I have had 1.36 sixty ft times with the 6 speed and since the swap to the auto transmission I have had as low as 1.28 sixty ft times.i was fortunate to win the pony wars 5 two days after Carroll shelby passed away and I can say that the whole weekend I was grinding to try and win that was a big deal to me to be the first to win a race in a shelby gt 500 after his passing and I was praying to Carroll to help me along the way. During testing the Friday night before the actual race I made a pulley swap and made a couple 8.90 passes at over 150 mph and knowing that the track would not allow that mph I only had one tune to back up to and it was a safe tune and the car ran flawless all day at 9.50 to 9.60s I made my passes early and let the car sit all day until eliminations! I was lucky in the order and made it to the finals to watch a very quick vette break in the nix wondering if I was going to make another high 8 second pass . We took the single and the win ! After winning I received certificates from steeda and Matt at steeda serviced all the joints in my shelby and I bought anouther set of lowers for one of my other Shelby's .i can say that the service and how prompt steeda was to deliver was Great! Thanks guys for putting on the Pony Wars and I'll see you this spring . My car to date still is as it was in 2012 still hooking and wouldn't change a single piece of my suspension and to add when the tracks are slick I've learned to foot break my car to 1.32 sixty ft times on drag radials and to date it's never had a slick on it since back when it was a stick car !!!! Thanks Again !!! Randy Thomas

My 2013 Focus ST was doing the infamous 1-2 shift bang. The dealer installed new parts according to the TSB. That helped a little bit. I then bought the Steeda lower engine mount. It's like a new car. No banging. I used the racing bushings (it also comes with a set of softer bushings). The NVH is noticeable but not objectionable. Steeda rules!

Steeda is the place to go for Ford performance parts! The Steeda rear engine mount for my Fusion is awesome, it really makes shifting a lot tighter!

I own a 2012 Ford Fiesta and I bought the Steeda rear shock tower brace, the rear torsion bar, and the front strut tower brace. Before these improvements my car had the tendency to squat on acceleration, and during hard cornering the car would roll, lean, and dive into every turn. After installing the Steeda body braces, my Fiesta corners DEAD flat! No more squatting, rolling or diving! The Steeda braces keep all wheels flat on the pavement, and I swear that my car is FASTER now, and seems to have more power! I was skeptical of Steeda's claims at first, now I'm a believer! I could not believe the difference that Steeda's braces made. I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams that something as simple as Steeda's shock tower braces would make my car faster. The most accurate way to describe the way my Fiesta handles, and drives is to compare it to a giant Go-Kart. Anyone that has ever driven a Go-Kart knows how quick and precise the steering, and handling is. I can actually feel the "G" forces when I take a curve fast, or enter a highway clover leaf curve at high speed. Experimenting with the cars handling, I entered a 360 degree curve at a highway interchange with a posted speed of 45mph at 60mph, and accelerated the car all the way through the curve, exiting at about 70mph without ANY tire squealing, or loss of tire traction. My fiesta handles like an Indy car now! YEEHAW! AMAZING! Thank you Steeda for such a well designed, effective product.

I have a 07 focus and have your cold air kit and short throw shifter installed. I love the looks of the cold air kit and the shifter is well built and shifts super smooth. Thanks for making a great American made product.

In my opinion, if you own a Mustang, Steeda is the best place for aftermarket parts. I have a 94 Mustang GT that I began to modify. I have purchased Subframe connectors, Steeda Sport Springs, Caster/camber adjusters, X2 Ball joints and there strut tower brace. The difference in handling and looks is night and day, and the best part is it still rides great. Great customer service, prices, and fast shipping.

I ordered a part and made a mistake on the order. MY FAULT!
However Sreeda handled the situation and got the right part on its way the same day. THANK YOU STEEDA!

I recently had to do a warranty claim on some parts that went bad on me., and Brown Bros. Ford all came together, covered me for all the broken parts and got me back on the road again. Hoping to do well this autocross season. Thanks everyone!

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