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I'm a relative neophyte to the performance sports car market. I purchased a GT500 and, despite my original inclinations about not doing and performance mods, I quickly became afflicted with the upgrade bug. The patience, care and attention I've received from the folks at Steeda in helping me from the start has been incredible! I was a bit intimidated and overwhelmed before working with them. The products are rock solid and the speed shop doing my installs love Steeda too. Looking forward to my next upgrade!

Amazing customer service! Hands down the best purchasing experience I've had in years - their sales team is very knowledgeable and really want to help customize your setup for your specific needs.

Also, kudos on the new website!

Thanks for all the great parts and service! Could not have done it without you guys!

Another BIG thank you to the guys at Steeda Autosports for the CAI and the custom tune. Damn...what a difference!!!

Steeda Autosports and Steeda UK, thanks for all the great parts and setup advice you guys supplied for the Mustang racing at the Brighton Speed Trials where the car thrashed most of a large field of supercars!


I was recently at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah at an HPDE event called Lapping Days. My 2006 Mustang GT now has over 166,000 miles and I "schooled" a 2007 Mustang GT with 8,400 miles. After the second session of passing him like he was a beginner (we were both driving in the Intermediate or BLUE group) he came over and asked what my setup was. He was running a Ford Racing suspension, under drive pulleys and a local tune. When I said "Steeda", he said, "Oh theirs, that explains it. So are you like one of their Q350's?"

By the end of the day the only cars passing me were the two GT-Rs and an M3 with racing tires and noticeable negative camber - I was running within 10 seconds of the GT-R's. I was keeping pace with the two Vette's, Boss 302 and an S2000 and I was coming up on the tails of several Porsches, Subarus a Mini GP and Mustangs. Not bad on a compromise street/track tire - more street - Nitto Invo's.

My Steeda Chrome Ultra-Lite wheels looked totally clean compared with everyone elses brake-dust covered wheels. One guy asked me if I had some kind of special coating on them.

Your Ultimate Sway-bar kit is awesome along with your upper and lower control arms and panhard bar. I've got the D-Spec's tuned in perfectly. The Steeda CAI and tune, Steeda Under-Drive Pulleys and one-piece aluminum drive shaft and Steeda 14" brake upgrade helped me turn some decent lap times (1:54.04 on West Track).

Can't wait to get out there again - this time on a set of racing tires and your Competition Springs (and a few more mods as well...)

Thank you Steeda! You guys know what you are doing...

A Very Satisfied Customer

My wife and I own/share a 2006 Mustang GT converitble that we bought new. It's not an everyday car as we have several vehicles. I have been wanting to lower it for qute a while. Got the Steeda sport springs, heavy duty upper strut mounts, adjustable panhard and pro action springs/struts.
My salesman (I think it might have been Matt) was very knowledgable and personable. Parts arrived in a timely fashion.
I didn't do the work but the person who did found everything in the kit to be of high quality and easy to install.
Best part, it looks and rides just right! Plus, it handles better!
Glad I chose Steeda and should our Mustang get more mods, Steeda will be my choice.

Steeda loves cars. It's obvious. The parts are top notch and have been well thought over. When I think Steeda, I think "balance" and "sensibility." Everyone gets so bent out of shape about paper numbers like "40% reduced shifter travel" or the likes of other products but that's not the point. The FEEL of Steeda products makes the brand. And the feel and quality is incredible.

Thank you Gus for the follow-up phone call today to see how the install went on some parts I ordered! Totally unexpected, but much appreciated! I was a Steeda fan before but now I'm a Steeda FANATIC!

Thanks again!

I have had steeda lower and upper double adjustable and solid components under the back of my grabber blue shelby since the week that I have owned the car! I have had 1.36 sixty ft times with the 6 speed and since the swap to the auto transmission I have had as low as 1.28 sixty ft times.i was fortunate to win the pony wars 5 two days after Carroll shelby passed away and I can say that the whole weekend I was grinding to try and win that was a big deal to me to be the first to win a race in a shelby gt 500 after his passing and I was praying to Carroll to help me along the way. During testing the Friday night before the actual race I made a pulley swap and made a couple 8.90 passes at over 150 mph and knowing that the track would not allow that mph I only had one tune to back up to and it was a safe tune and the car ran flawless all day at 9.50 to 9.60s I made my passes early and let the car sit all day until eliminations! I was lucky in the order and made it to the finals to watch a very quick vette break in the nix wondering if I was going to make another high 8 second pass . We took the single and the win ! After winning I received certificates from steeda and Matt at steeda serviced all the joints in my shelby and I bought anouther set of lowers for one of my other Shelby's .i can say that the service and how prompt steeda was to deliver was Great! Thanks guys for putting on the Pony Wars and I'll see you this spring . My car to date still is as it was in 2012 still hooking and wouldn't change a single piece of my suspension and to add when the tracks are slick I've learned to foot break my car to 1.32 sixty ft times on drag radials and to date it's never had a slick on it since back when it was a stick car !!!! Thanks Again !!! Randy Thomas