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Ford Racing Mustang Supercharger - Polished - Stock TB (03-04 Cobra)

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Manufacturer:  Ford Racing

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Get the same ultra-efficient Whipple twin-screw supercharger that's utilized on the new 550HP Ford GT. With the industry's largest, most efficient, latest designed twin-screw superchargers, the Whipple can produce incredible power levels with the stock 4.6L Cobra engine as well as highly modified engines. Run 8-15psi of boost on pump gas and have the ability to produce nearly 25psi for racing applications.

This is a direct bolt-on replacement with dramatically lower temps and power consumption (hp) than the factory Eaton roots-type supercharger. The Whipple Supercharger has passed the OEM standards to be factory equipment on the Ford GT and will provide you with unsurpassed reliability and durability. With the latest rotor, bearing and case design, Whipple is simply the best available option.

It's a simple fact that the Whipple-Lysholm supercharger has gone through more endurance testing and has passed the strenuous standards of Ford as well as Eaton. Whipple's Cobra kit not only offers a better supercharger, but also offers far more engineering to help produce more power per pound of boost than any other supercharger. The Whipple supercharger inlet is nearly 35% larger, which offers a much lower possibility for starving the compressor for air at high power levels. The Whipple discharge plate offers far more plenum area as well as a much greater radius to help distribute the air evenly over the entire intercooler core. Whipple's air bypass system also actually functions properly. This allows for lower discharge temps and less parasitic losses during operation.

Product Features

  • Largest displacement screw compressor available.
  • Direct bolt on replacement. CAD designed air inlet for maximum air flow.
  • Available for stock throttle body or larger mouth mono blade (Accufab, Billetflow).
  • More power, cooler charge temp, less power consumption/parasitic loss than stock Eaton.
  • Up to 95% efficiency.
  • Over 80hp gain at 13psi.
  • Best $$ value bolt on.
  • More power than headers, cam, throttle body, MAF meter, chip and filter COMBINED.
  • No "boost drop off" (stock Eaton is 13 psi @ 4000 and only 10.5 psi @ 6000).
  • No "boost lag" as with centrifugals and turbos. Boost range 8 - 25 psi.
  • No need for separate oil reservoir system or “catch can”.
  • Billet oversized bypass valve for decreased operating temps.
  • Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in pan required.
  • Factory fit and finish.
  • Kit includes supercharger, supercharger inlet, adapter plate, pulley, pulley plate, drive belt and hardware kit
  • Kits include Ford Racing Pro-Cal tool with custom calibration with improved throttle response. Calibrations are 50 state emissions legal.
  • Simple bolt on increase at the rear wheels of 85 horsepower and 50 ft./lbs. of torque
  • Designed by Ford Racing and Whipple engineers
  • Installation of this kit will void your new vehicle engine warranty
Time to Install
About 12 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tech Required
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2004 2003



Product Reviews

When I first drove my 2003 Mustang Cobra I couldn't imagine ever needing more horsepower. But after having it for a few years I had the itch to get a little more power under the hood. After installing the Ford Racing/ Whipple Supercharger I thought I had a whole new car.
This adds so much more power it is insane. And it does it while lowering your intake charge temperatures. I ordered one for an aftermarket throttle body and definitely recommend that option. The stock throttle body is too restrictive to get maximum performance from the Whipple, and you can't add an aftermarket throttle body to a Whipple made for a stock throttle body. The increase in performance you get with an aftermarket throttle body (I recommend the Accufab throttle body available from Steeda) is well worth the price.

If you are on the fence deciding whether or not this product is for you - hesitate no more. It is such a great upgrade for your 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra you will kick yourself for waiting so long.