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Energy Suspension Mustang Off-Set A-Arm Bushings (94-04)

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Manufacturer:  Energy Suspension

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With new complete front control arms becoming much harder to find at reasonable prices, why not upgrade your bushings instead?

Service them and restore your car today to better than new condition with our polyurethane bushings A-arm bushings.

Your vehicle is not getting any younger and even if you have low miles your control arm bushings still deteriorate over time.

Does your steering wheel shake under braking even though your brake rotors are not warped? Does your steering response seem sloppy or not as good as it used to be? Is your vehicle more than 10 years old regardless of mileage? If you answered yes to any of these questions you probably need to replace your bushings!

Compared to standard bushings, our Steeda exclusive offset A-arm bushings will offset your front control arms forward to improve weight distribution and add caster to the vehicle.

Increased caster improves steering response and on center feel. Your straight line high speed tracking will improve while the reduced bushing deflection also further improves steering response and eliminates deflection from loads imposed from cornering and braking forces.

Our polyurethane construction also makes these bushings far more durable than original rubber bushings.

Pick up a set today and restore your front control arms to better than new condition.

Product Benefits

  • Moves the front control arms forward for better weight distribution and increased caster
  • Durable polyurethane eliminates deflection
  • Quicker steering response
  • Improved overall handling
  • Straighter tracking and better high speed stability
  • Improved stability during hard braking
  • Holds alignment better during hard cornering
  • Outlasts rubber bushings
  • Better ride quality than standard polyurethane or "Delrin" bushings
Time to Install
About 5 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Tech Recommended
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994

Bullitt Cobra Cobra R Mach 1 GT V6

Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

I instantly noticed the smoothness and tightness of my wheel grip with this small upgrade. Removing the stock pieces are labor intensive the rewards of a great and reliable uerathan upgrade gives you the peace of mind and security in knowing that these won't fail like the stock rubber parts in hard turns but still provide you with the smoothness for the joy of everyday driving. I noticed the difference instantly and strongly recommend this upgrade along with the x-2 ball joints and the bumpsteer kit while your A-arms are already off the car anyway.

I had these along with a bunch of other suspension components I did as a package on my 96 Cobra. These are a bit labor intensive to install but are well worth it! These bushings come with new bushing shells so you have to take the factory shells out which is the hardest part. After that its no big deal and they fit perfectly.

I went with these cause I didnt want the harshness and vibration of solid Delrin bushings like others offered. My car was smooth and tight with these with much better steering response and control. Impact harshness didnt change enough for me to notice and I am sensitive to that. 5 starts for yet another great Steeda product!

A great idea as well as a great product! If your are looking for that extra edge on better handling and a good secret way to do it this is for you! Ober all great design and the quality of the materials used is great! A must have for anyone who wants better hanling extra cater as we all do I mean this is a no brainer add on part; especially for a better ride, better handling and a longer lasting suspension then stock!