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Steeda Racing Updates

Check in on a few of the “weekend warriors” that rely on Steeda performance parts when they hit the track or the dragstrip. Further examples why racing is so important to everyone at Steeda……It is the proving ground where we test the latest performance products for you – our customer. Steeda‘s products are designed and engineered to be the very best possible, to offer uncompromising performance, and to exceed your every expectation.

Tom Ellis & Steeda Score BIG !

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis driving his Steeda prepared Mustang finds himself in the inevitable position of is currently leading the points in the Southeast Division of the SCCA for the National Title of the American Sedan class. This season has been an especially good one for Tom and his Steeda pony – having set another new track record, this time at the famed at Daytona International Raceway.

In his last race at the Double National at Roebling Road, Tom continued his torrid winning pace this season by capturing the pole position not once, but twice for each of the races that weekend, and then he went on to win each race far out performing all other competitors.

In his next race at Carolina Motorsports Park, Tom is hoping for yet another win to lock up the his series championship for the 2008 season as a prelude to hopefully clinch the National SCCA Championship in the Topeka, Kansas series.

Tom’s #51 Steeda Mustang continues to be the car to beat as it always seems to outshine the competition with it’s superior handling and performance.

We congratulate Tom Elliis, on his outstanding success in his Steeda Mustang.

Burnett Racing Continues to Dominate

Robin Burnett

At the NASA Mid-Ohio Series (July 12-13, 2008) the Burnett Racing Team and their Steeda Mustangs continued their winning ways at a rain soaked NASA event. Even extreme weather would not prevent young hot shoe Rusty Ferguson from taking the American Iron Extreme (AIXextreme ) win on Saturday with Elliot Fisher in 2nd, in another Burnett Racing Steeda Mustang. Two drivers, and a 1 -2 podium finish for Steeda. This is an especially great achievement when you consider that the Steeda cars were American Iron class vehicles racing other cars that were competing against American Iron Extreme class. Even with more horsepower provided to the other vehicles by nature of their class specifications, the other cars could not beat the Burnett / Steeda Racing Team!

On Sunday, with clear blue skies over the challenging Mid-Ohio track, team leader Robin Burnett in his race was able to capture the pole position and then turn back all other competitors as he went on to drive away with another American Iron win in his #21 Steeda Mustang.

Congratulations to the Burnett / Steeda Racing Team as they continue to outperform and tear up the competition again this season!

Jim Breese Launches an Attack

Jim Breese

So far this drag racing season Jim Breese has taken his Steeda pony to the finals 3 out of 4 races this year. Currently positioned second in the overall point competition and hard charging for that #1 position in points, Jim has re-dialed in his car for the NMRA mid-season rule change that provided him a 100 pound weight disadvantage compared to non-modular engine powered cars, and is more than ready to defend his honor at the next NMRA event is in two weeks in Atco, New Jersey.

Jim is a fierce competitor in the NMRA drag racing circuit with his Steeda equipped Mustang and will be going all out to win. With his strong winning desire combined with his keen sense and lightning quick reflexes, look for Jim to be a definite threat to all other competitors for the remainder of the season at the dragstrip.

Steeda – More Wins, More Records, and More Championships with production based Mustangs than all competitors combined. More than Roush, Shelby, and Saleen combined!

Steeda Leading The Pack in 2008!

The 2008 Racing Season has gotten off to a quick start this year with Steeda Autosports equipped vehicles once again leading the way at the race tracks and on the dragstrip by chalking up more victories and keeping the competition at bay!  For 20 years, vehicles with Steeda Autosports parts have won more races, set more records, and won more championships than all other manufacturers combined.

At the challenging National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Pot O’ Gold event at the Road Atlanta race course March 14th – 16th, we spanked most other competitors by chalking up another series of victories and pole positions.  Despite adverse weather that included tornados, hail, and persistent rain and very windy conditions, Mustangs equipped with Steeda Autosport’s parts were on the winning track once again!

Robin Burnett’s Steeda Q Mustang grabbed a class pole position on Sunday and enroute to two individual American Iron (AI) class victories, he successfully beat most other non-class vehicles including 8 of the 9 FR500S that were running in the Mustang Challenge class (with non-class spec rain tires).  Robin’s Steeda Q- Series Mustang was turning the rain on the asphalt into steam as he aggressively drove his Q to those two victories.  He once again showed how a Steeda prepared Mustang can really perform by beating most competitors under some of the most extreme and adverse conditions ever encountered at a race track!  Robin continues to showcase his outstanding driving skills in every race he participates in and it is readily apparent why most other competitors fear his Steeda Q Mustang….because he wins !

James Ray successfully had his Steeda Q-Series Mustang really dialed in and was ready for battle when he successfully raced to two podium finishes for Steeda Autosports and Nitto Tires in the hotly contested Time Trial S (TTS) class on Saturday and then again on Sunday. What is really remarkable is that James’ accomplishments was that he was able to set his outstanding lap times with his Steeda Q-Mustang equipped street Nitto NT01 tires that was BETTER THAN ALL of the qualifying times of the fully race prepared FR500S that were in the special MillerCup class on special series-spec BFGoodrich race tires.… unbelievable achievement especially when you consider that James’ Steeda Q Mustang is his DAILY DRIVER and his car included such things as a backseat, air conditioning, radio, and all of the other luxuries that make his mount a Monday thru Friday daily commuter ride that is also very capable for weekend race events. How many other production Mustang brands can make that claim? Nobody else but Steeda !

At the NMRA season opener at the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradington, Florida, Steeda Autosports equipped cars once again were a dominant force to be reckoned with.  To highlight some of our accomplishments at the event lets focus on just a few of the many racers that were supporting Steeda:

Chris Parisi who was piloting his Steeda Autosports equipped Mustang and captured two 1st place wins by taking down his True Street ET category on Saturday and then completely dominating the B3 Class on Sunday.  Not bad for the first NMRA race event of the 2008 season….one Steeda equipped Mustang, two different race classes and two 1st place wins!

Not to be left at the starting line, our own Scott Boda (Steeda Autosports Director of Manufacturing) fired up his 1990 Mustang and successfully defended his and our honor by finishing 1st overall in his highly competitive 9 second class and also 3rd overall out of 61 cars in the True Street class. Scott runs a 410 cubic inch Windsor motor with a Nitrous Express nitrous system and relies on Steeda Hardcore suspension to get the most out of his DOT tire’s which is a must for True Street class competition. Even fighting some gremlins over the weekend with the car or as he likes to call it, Bradenton Blues, he was still able pull off a victory and prove that this weekend warrior is truly a Steeda Hardcore Street Car.

In the 5.0 Magazine Real Street class, the Steeda sponsored ride of Jim Breese was out and flying this year in hopes of capturing the title. He qualified number 2 with an impressive ET of 9.745 seconds. After battling through several rounds he meet the defending class champ in the finals. Barely being out done Jim got runner up at the stripe by only .0337 of second. He was impressed with the cars performance out of the gate this year and thinks it will be a tight race this season once again.

In the first year of Steeda Autosports backing the Open Comp class the turnout was Great. With over 25 cars in the field for the race on Sunday alone the action and racing was close. The Open Comp class depends on ultra fast reaction times and consistent 60fts and ET’s. This is a perfect fit for Steeda as these things only happen when you have the right parts to plant your tires and make your car hook! Look for more of these cars to be sporting some new Steeda hardware as the season continues and the competition gets even more fierce.

These are just a few of the many victories, records, and championships that Steeda equipped vehicles win every weekend that there is a race. From to stop light to starting line – Steeda equipped vehicles perform unlike any other.

Remember: Talk is cheap – only winning and breaking records count! If you want the most innovative and the best quality race proven parts you have only one choice – Steeda!

Steeda Autosports is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Global Manufacturer of Ford performance products and the largest manufacturer of high performance components for Ford vehicles in the World.

Steeda Autosports an Exclusive Sponsor of NMRA in 2008

Steeda Autosports is proud to announce that we have entered into a 3-year exclusive major sponsorship agreement with the NMRA Ford Nationals, the #1 all-Ford Motorsport Show in the United States.

As part of the agreement, Steeda Autosports will be the NMRA’s Open Comp class sponsor as well as the presenting sponsor of the 7th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA Spring Ford Nationals event in Bradenton, Florida, on March 6-9, 2008.

The Steeda Open Comp class is the most participated NMRA class because of its “open” rules that allow a huge variety of Mustangs & Fords to compete against each other in a fun, competitive format (log on to to check out Steeda Open Comp rules & regulations).

Additionally – starting with the 2008 season the NMRA Ford Nationals and Steeda will sponsor a special, all-new car show awards exclusive to Steeda vehicle owners during the huge Auto Show & Shine portion of each event.  All Steeda vehicle owners will be competing for the following awards at each NMRA event:

  • Steeda – Best of Show
  • Steeda – Best Paint
  • Steeda – Best Interior
  • Steeda - Best Engineered
  • Steeda – Long Haul
  • Steeda – Car Show Director’s Choice

Race, show, or just check it out…the NMRA welcomes all Steeda customers and vehicle owners.  To see the complete NMRA’s 2008 event schedule just log on to

Steeda – Dedicated to the Performance Enthusiast!

Steeda Autosports 2007 Racing Recap

As the 2007 Racing Season draws to a close, it goes without saying that this year has been another highly successful season for those that ride with Steeda Autosports.  Once again, Steeda equipped vehicles have set more track records, won more races, and won more championships than all of our competitors (Shelby, Roush, and Saleen) combined!   The road racing courses and drag strips continue to be the ultimate proving grounds for our products and vehicles with one specific purpose in mind:  To design, engineer, manufacturer, and distribute the BEST performance products possible for the Ford performance enthusiast.

To highlight just one of our many race victories that exemplify our success this season, we are going to highlight a race series that occurred during the weekend of November 17th and 18th at the South Atlantic Road Race of Champions at the Moroso Motorsports Park in Palm Beach County Florida – the “super bowl” of competition where all of the class leaders and top competitors race against each other:

On Saturday, the Steeda Team took their Steeda prepared Focus to the two hour enduro championship.  Qualifying 1st in class and an amazing 3rd overall the stoutly prepared Steeda Focus piloted by Dario Orlando and Glen Vitale beat all class competitors and even out ran Porsche 911s and BMWs on it’s way to another 1st place class finish.  On Sunday the winning steak continued when Dario Orlando, running in 2nd place with three laps to go, out-braked and out-handled the 1st place car into a turn and easily captured the lead and captured yet another 1st place class victory for the Steeda Team.

Not to be outdone, Tom Ellis raced to another amazing set of victory’s in American Sedan when his Steeda prepared SN95 Mustang not only set a new class track record of 1:39.446 around the challenging Moroso road course, but also captured two 1st place podium finishes: one on Saturday and another on Sunday.Congratulations Tom on a highly successful year!

One weekend, one track, two cars, and four 1st place victories and a new track record – just another example of the Steeda winning advantage that is yours every time you have Steeda on your side!

Steeda – Where Speed Matters!

Steeda Mustangs Win More Championships!

The Burnett Racing Team scored yet another championship for Steeda Autosports!

The ace of the track – Robin Burnet – had another dream season in 2007 in his Steeda prepared Mustang. For the third year in a row, his beautiful red Steeda Mustang won the NASA Ohio-Indy American Iron Regional Championship leaving everyone in his dust.

In the 10 race hotly contested series, Robin showed everyone that he has the right car and the right equipment to win – and win BIG!  With 6 wins, 4 second place finishes and 5 pole positions in the series, there was little doubt that his Steeda Mustang was the only one to beat this season.  When the final checkered flag dropped, Robin placed his Steeda Mustang on the podium at “NASA Nationals” championship held at the legendary Mid-Ohio sports car course and ended all speculation about who was going to win the series.

What about the others? One thing for certain, they were not driving a Steeda Mustang!

Join us in congratulating Robin, his fantastic crew members, and the great team at Steeda Autosports for clinching another championship and proving that when you drive with Steeda – you are driving with a winner!

Tom Ellis is a natural born winner – especially when he is driving his Steeda prepared Mustang on the racetrack,  In SCCA American Sedan Racing this season, Tom Ellis COMPLETELY DOMINATED his class this season – having the hottest shoe in the highly competitive Southeast Region.

For the third consecutive year, Tom has piloted his Steeda Mustang to the American Sedan South East Region National Championship winning an unbelievable 6 out of 7 races, and finishing a very close second in one race.

In addition to winning almost every race he entered, Tom and his Steeda prepared Mustang set two new American Sedan track records – one at the famed Daytona International Speedway and the second at the very challenging Road Atlanta race course.

It just goes to show you that when you drive a Steeda Mustang, on the race track or on the street you had better have a good set of rear view mirrors because that is where the competition will be!

At the Track or the Strip – Steeda Prepared Mustangs Perform!

NMRA drag racing has been a hotly contested series this season, and Steeda Autosports prepared Mustangs have been right out in front.   The S197 Mustang campaigned by Sutton High Performance has been a complete terror on the dragstrip in the Renegade class, setting records for both the quickest elapsed time with a 8.59 and the top speed with a 160.19 – now that is really movin’ the metal down the dragstrip!

Randy Mohrbach – Sutton High Performance

Randy Mohrbach of Sutton High Performance ( credits their record setting success to their Steeda Autosports drag racing performance equipment they use.

Recently they started using the Steeda drag shocks and struts and have notice a dramatic improvement in their 60’ times — currently they are rocketing in the sub 1.30 second range – all due in part to the Steeda Autosports set-up they are using ! Congratulations to the entire team at Sutton High Performance for both their commitment to the sport and to Steeda Autosports performance equipment.

Tom Himes

Driving his Steeda equipped Mustang, Tom Himes has been dominating the SCCA Southwest Divisional races this season, winning 5 out of 6 races and finishing second only once!  Having already qualified for the SCCA National runoffs, Tom is certain to be a major competitor for the SCCA National Championship in his Steeda equipped American Sedan 1989 Mustang.

Tom’s relationship with Steeda Autosports has been a long and fruitful one. He credits Steeda’s fanatical focus on customer service as the key. “It’s always a pleasure to call and deal with the Steeda Team. Never afraid to get into the technical aspects of the parts or their application, they’re definitely not just order takers. They make Steeda more than just a company you buy parts from!”

Tom’s Mustang has a vast array of Steeda performance parts including (but not limited to) our famous 5-Link rear suspension, sway bars, strut tower brace, and our famous Tri-Axe shifter.

Should you find yourself trackside in the Southwest, keep an eye out for Tom and his #57 Fox Body Steeda Mustang…… more than likely, he will be leading the pack ! Congratulations Tom for a great series of victories for Steeda!

Jim Breese

Driving his Steeda Autosport equipped Mustang, Jim Breese made a nice move in the right direction this past weekend at the NMRA/NMCA Superbowl of Drag Racing in Chicago, Il.  His car performed great and was improving with each pass down the dragstrip as he dials his car in for certain future victories.  With a disappointing NMRA imposed incremental weigh disadvantage of 50 pounds, Jim was able to dial in the right combinations that allowed him to fight his way to the finals.

Starting the weekend off with a 10.22 @ 129.99.  By the end of qualifying he had ran a 9.99 @ 134 to qualify #2 out of ten cars.  Rounds one and two were wins with another 9.99 and a 9.98.  Round three was a bye moving him into the finals against a nitrous equipped 5.0.  The final started great as Jim led at the start with a great reaction time of.048 and thru 1,000′ mark he was dominating the race.  Somehow, even though he ran a 9.91 at 136mph, his competitor found just a bit more at the very end to nip him at the line by 5 one-thousands of a second.   With just a bit more dialing in and practice, Jim is certain to be winners circle in the near future.

Winning is not easy, it takes time, patience, skill, determination, and the right performance parts to achieve the perfect combination that leads to success.  That is why Jim choose Steeda and that is why he is destined to be a winner.

Steeda Autosports – The right formula for success!

Steeda Announces Discount to All NMRA Event Attendees!

Save your ticket stubs ladies and gentlemen — Steeda Autosports, THE HEADQUARTERS FOR FORD PERFORMANCE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES has a really special offer for everyone here today — place an order for any of their Steeda manufactured parts and send in your ticket stub from any 2007 NMRA event and receive a special 10% discount!

You heard me correctly, Steeda Autosports and NMRA have a special deal for all attendees at any NMRA event this season. By placing an order and sending in your ticket stub, you will receive 10% off the price of their already value laden parts and accessories. From any of their Drag Paks, Power Paks, or even their world-renowned suspension upgrades – all Steeda manufactured parts are eligible for a special 10% discount!

Why would Steeda do something like this – simple: Since 1988, no one has worked closer with Ford to push the envelope of real-world, race proven Mustang performance than Steeda. Want proof ? Steeda equipped Mustangs have won more production races and championships, and set more track records, than ALL of their competitors combined. More than Shelby, Roush, and Saleen combined. Steeda has even patented more Mustang performance parts than all the competition combined. Alright – it all sounds good but what does it mean ? Steeda is not a Jack of all trades, they are Ford performance only….they live it, race it, breath it, and the results of Steeda equipped cars PROVE it!

Check out the vast array of Steeda performance offerings at today for the best values in performance supplies and equipment!

Steeda Dominates NASA American Iron at Grattan Raceway Park!

Once again, Steeda Autosports prepared Mustangs had an outstanding weekend during the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Ohio-Indy American Iron Race at the extremely challenging Grattan Raceway Park on June 9th and 10th.

Robin Burnett (Burnett Racing) in his 2005 Steeda Mustang won two races during the weekend, winning the Saturday and Sunday feature events leaving the competition in his dust !   In addition, Robin set a new track record in his qualifying session for the Sunday race by guiding his Steeda Mustang at such a blistering pace that the only competition he had was himself and his teammate’s Steeda Mustangs!

Not to be overlooked or overshadowed, his Burnett Racing teammate & new Steeda hot shoe Aaron Bambach finished an impressive 2nd in both feature events providing a 1-2 podium for Steeda Autosports on Saturday.

Sunday everything even got better when there was a 1-2-3 podium when Rob Brent joined his teammates when he drove his Burnett Racing Steeda Mustang to a 3rd place finish in his first race at the challenging Grattan racetrack.

Once again, Steeda Autosports prepared Mustangs have proven that they are the leaders in production based Mustang races and that they leave the competition where they belong – in their review mirrors!  As a matter of fact, Steeda has won more production based races and set more records than all of our competitors combined. More than Shelby, Roush, and Saleen COMBINED !

Steeda Autosports – Where Speed Matters!

Steeda and Tom Ellis Score BIG at Daytona!

The Daytona International Raceway’s 2.95 mile road course was once again the setting for National Sports Car Club of America American Sedan racing on May 6th.  And once again, Tom Ellis driving his Steeda prepared and equipped Mustang captured another 1st place win!

Even with an additional 100 pound weight penalty imposed by SCCA (due to the previous class domination the Tom Ellis driven and Steeda prepared Mustang has done in previous races), the cars perfect balance and road gripping manners that the Steeda 5-Link 2 rear suspension system provided was more than enough to ensure a dominating victory.

After qualify in the pole position, Tom Ellis never looked back as he completely dominated the race from start to finish!   On his way to the checkered flag, even with the SCCA imposed added weight disadvantage, Tom set a new track record.   With a blistering time of 2:09.230 he even lapped the 2nd place competitor before the checkered flag was finally his!

Once again, automobile performance enthusiasts see why racing is so important to everyone at Steeda Autosports.   It is the proving ground where we test the latest performance products for you – our customer.  Steeda ‘s products are designed and engineered to be the very best possible, to offer uncompromising performance, and to exceed our your every expectation.

We congratulate Tom Elliis, on another outstanding success in his Steeda Mustang.

Another Steeda Autosports Lap Record and Win at Mid-Ohio!

The Burnett Racing Team came loaded for bear at the Ohio/Indy NASA season opener at Mid-Ohio on April 21 2007. With a total of four Steeda Autosports prepared Mustangs entered in two highly competitive classes, there were high hopes in the Steeda camp for yet another victory.   With the race track as the ultimate proving ground for performance parts, the Steeda Mustangs once again proved their superiority by dominating the series and setting a new record!

Two time Ohio/Indy regional champion Robin Burnett was 2nd on Saturday and 1st  on Sunday AND he also set a new Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course American Iron (AI) lap record with a blistering time of 1:36.458 in his 2005 Steeda Autosports prepared Mustang.

Steeda’s new hot shoe and last years CMC (Camaro Mustang Challenge) “Nationals” poll  sitter Aaron Bambach had a great weekend with his new Steeda mount. In his first weekend in the SteedaMustang, Aaron drove his new ride to a 3rd and 2nd place finish, behind team leader and race winner Robin Burnett.

Rookie Bruce Byerly took the Burnett Racing Steeda CMC Mustang to a very respectable pair of 2nd place finishes in his debut at Mid-Ohio.

Other notable Steeda American Iron Series pilots Greg Walker and Jeff Feit were 5th & 6th respectively on Saturday and move up one position each on Sunday to 4th & 5th place in the AI class.

Let there be no doubt – when it comes to production based racing, Steeda Autosports’ commitment to outperform the competition is real and our results prove it.  On the track, dragstrip, or on the street – Steeda is #1 !

FACT:  Steeda equipped Mustangs have won more production car based races and championships, and set more track records, than all of our competitors combined! And remember:  Speed Matters!