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One of the Fasted Naturally Aspirated Stangs Anywhere

David Stauder and Josh Klugger are men on a mission – the mission is to build one of the fastest naturally aspirated 3-Valve Mustangs – one that would easily break into the 11 second and even tap into the elusive 10 second range down the quarter mile.

Obviously, whenever you are building a serious go-fast drag car, every little speed trick matters.  When time is measured in hundredths of a second and speed is measured in hundredths of a mile per hour, everything must be dialed in perfectly or your speed dreams can be shattered.  In a naturally aspirated engine it is especially true that the airflow in and out of the engine needs to be the very best it can be, or you will just not achieve maximum engine performance.  Any restriction, turbulence, or even a strange nuance can adversely affect your engine’s peak performance and have a negative effect on your vehicle’s performance down the quarter.

David and Hurricane Performance, did an outstanding job building this go-fast pony.  They hand selected components and took absolutely no shortcuts in their quest for maximum performance.  When it came time for the induction system, they evaluated almost every Cold Air Intake available in the market today.  Running back-to-back dyno tests it became obvious that there was one Cold Air Intake that simply outperformed all others.  That Cold Air Intake was none other than the Steeda High Velocity Cold Air Intake.

Their choice does not surprise us because each and every cold air intake application we offer (1996 – current model years) is the result of exhaustive testing and engineering done under strict ISO 9001-2008 guidelines to ensure the highest level of performance, quality, drivability, and durability.  Most people do not realize is that while fundamentality most Cold Air Intakes may all look somewhat alike, in practicality there are HUGE DIFFERENCES in their actual on-car performance capabilities at different engine speeds. Rest assured that all Steeda Cold Air Intakes are extensively engineered with the latest computer simulation systems, and then exhaustively tested in real world high performance conditions on the dyno, street, racetrack, and dragstrip to be the best you can buy for your Ford performance vehicle.

David now has his sights on a brand new 2011 Mustang with the new 5.0L engine (having sold his current car recently to Josh at Hurricane Performance).  It is a very safe bet that his new car will also have a Steeda Cold Air Intake!

Recently Josh Klugger while piloting this naturally aspirated 2006 GT, won the Pro Sixteen Class at the Steeda sponsored Pony Wars held at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

A while back we released a detailed story of what goes into every Steeda Cold Air Intake.  In the interest of keeping everyone informed, following is a summary of the release entitled: “The Steeda Difference – Facts you should know before you buy a Cold Air intake”:

An increase in total airflow is a must for performance gains. After all, your engine is in simplest terms – an air pump fueled by gasoline. Key to performance is the fact that you need a low restrictive air filter that allows for the free flow of air but at the same time it must protect your engine from harmful contaminates. At Steeda, our proprietary air filter element walks the fine line between performance and protection to consistently deliver the increased volume of air your performance engine needs under all power conditions – from idle to full power, and yet maintains full protection, ensuring that only a clean air charge enters your engine. The Steeda Lifetime Filter can easily be cleaned and re-oiled, making maintenance a snap even for the novice.

This is perhaps one of the MAJOR differences in Cold Air Intakes as it is most often overlooked by other manufacturers – it is what separates Steeda from all other systems you can buy. With an increased airflow thru the inlet tube, any bend, restriction, rough surface, or change in the inlet tube diameter will create a change in air flow turbulence. No matter where this turbulence change occurs, it will affect the flow of incoming air that crosses your mass air meter and will send incorrect sensor signals to your engines engine control module – resulting in an incorrect air/fuel mixture being delivered into your engine. Oftentimes, an inept engineer or a shortcut in design will be made that will not take this into account by only focusing on airflow. At Steeda, using proprietary measuring and flow testing techniques, we evaluate the impact on turbulence throughout the entire inlet tube to ensure that the airflow into your engine is as smooth as possible thereby avoiding any potential wrongful mass air readings and undue flow restrictions.

Airbox Turbulence

Many manufactures concentrate on placing the inlet tube/air filter into the fender area of the car in an effort to avoid the heated air in the engine compartment thinking that is the principal issue at hand. While their intentions may be good, it is a practice that is shortsighted at best. At Steeda, we extensively evaluated ALL potential alternatives when we design our cold air intakes and their placement in a vehicle. Using the latest digital thermo sensors combined with our digital airflow and turbulence monitors, we have determined that placing the inlet in the fender area does not result in an overall improvement in engine performance – instead it actually robs you of your engines full horsepower potential. Placement of the inlet in the fender most often always causes additional bends and restrictions – extremely harmful to effective airflow. So harmful in fact that the purported benefit for placing the inlet tube inside the fender is wiped out by increased restrictions and turbulence. We design our intake and stainless steel heat shield to capture the coolest intake charge possible without compromises or penalties so that you get the maximum amount of power. Additionally, we employ our unique Cool Tube Technology to minimize potentially absorbed heat gain from the engine.

Air Filter
At Steeda we use only the best air filter media element available today. We have tested all brands and makes and have engineered a media element that is simply without equal. Sure, ours may cost slightly more, but when you cut through all of the hype – there is no better media element available – PERIOD.

The Steeda air filter element is a special state-of-the-art synthetic nano-fiber material specially constructed so that it that traps the smallest contamination particles that ordinary air filters simply cannot capture. Our filters are so good, that they capture particles that are smaller than 0.5 microns – far better than other competitive filters. There is a reason why Ford Motor Company chose Steeda air filters over all other filters for their Shelby GT program. Our filters are constructed using the finest materials available in the market today and with maximum airflow and maximum protection, you are guaranteed that the Steeda air-element is the best you can buy – PERIOD. All Steeda air filters are are 100% washable and reusable and come with a standard lifetime warranty – your guarantee of quality.

Steeda Cold Air IntakesThe BEST available anywhere!

Steeda Sponsors 2010 NMRA Real Street Class

Steeda Autosports has entered into an agreement with NMRA to sponsor for the 2010 Racing Season the Real Street Drag Racing Class. NMRA, is the #1 all-Ford motorsport drag racing series in the country features seven events around the U.S. and is the #1 all-Ford motorsport drag racing event. The NMRA has the most racers, fans and sponsors as well as the largest all-cash contingency program in Ford racing with over $3,500,000 awarded annually.

This Real Street drag racing class is predominantly for small block single power adder 1979 and newer Ford Fox chassis bodied and Ford powered vehicles. Real Street entries are limited to 302, 4.6L 2-valve and 3-valve Modular engine types. Vehicles racing in this series are allowed superchargers or nitrous for power adders as well as a variety of suspension and other performance upgrades (To check out specific class rules log on to for specific information).

The official name of the class will be the Steeda Real Street presented by 5.0 Mustang Magazine.

Every NMRA event is featured in 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, Mustang Monthly, Modified Mustang & Fords and Race Pages, the NMRA’s own in-house publication. All NMRA events are aired on national television on Inside Drag Racing, and on the web on

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Q650R: First Race – First Victory!

The Steeda Q650R – The ultimate performance Mustang bred for the race track had it’s first race this past weekend in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) South Atlantic Road Race of Champions at the Palm Beach International Raceway.    This 2.034 mile world-class road course was the perfect stage for the ultimate performance Mustang to have its debut and the Q650R lived up to the challenge!  Personally driven by Steeda President and Founder Dario Orlando, the Q650R qualified first in class and had the competition looking at it’s rear bumper the entre race as it took First Place in its initial outing.

“The Steeda Q650R outperformed the competition with ease with its breathtaking performance,” said Dario Orlando, President of Steeda Autosports.  “From the 4.6L Vortech supercharged engine to it’s Nitto NT01 high performance tires, this race car develops all of the massive power needed to win races and the Nitto tires work perfectly in harmony with our suspension systems to plant that power to the ground with confidence.  No doubt, this is the ultimate performance Mustang.”

It should be noted that this race marked the first “official” race victory for the famed Steeda Watt’s Link Suspension System.  Developed and track tested under extreme close course testing conditions, the Steeda Watt’s Link Suspension System performed perfectly under the punishing Palm Beach International’s road course and delivered superior road holding capabilities with confidence.

Built undercover by the renown “Steeda Skunk Works Team” that is directed by the master mechanic/mastermind Steve Chichisola at Steeda Autosports, the Q650R serves as a rolling test bed for continuing refinement and development of our track tested and race proven performance parts and accessories – just another example of how Steeda Autosports continually pushes the envelope of Mustang performance for it’s performance craving customers.  And pushing the envelope was exactly what we did as the weekend’s race effort was not without drama.

Even though the car did qualify first in class, the car did suffer from a rear differential bearing failure. It is this type of severe punishment under adverse race conditions that we undertake to test our products unlike any other aftermarket manufacturer. Rest assured our Steve and our engineers are addressing the problem and once the cause of the problem is identified, it will be corrected and then incorporated into the performance parts and vehicles we produce so that you NEVER encounter a problem with your performance Mustang from Steeda Autosports.

Other key components performed perfectly as expected.  The Hawk brake pads never had a hint of brake fade as they were more than adequate at controlling the Q650R’s massive horsepower when needed.  The Tremec transmission controlled by the Steeda Tri-Ax shifter performed perfectly under the grueling pressure this winding road course presented by never missing a shift under extreme conditions.  All in all – it was more than just another victory for Steeda – it is an ongoing learning experience where our customers will benefit directly thru the quality of performance parts we develop and sell.

Speed Matters

Racer Spotlight – Tom Ellis

Regular readers of our Steeda News releases have heard about the many on-track racing accomplishments of Tom Ellis. For the last five years, Tom has been one of our hottest drivers piloting his #51 Steeda Q in the SCCA American Sedan Series. Now it is time to get up close and personal with Tom with our very first Video Enthusiast Spotlight. Learn how Tom got started in racing. What Tom and Dario Orlando have in common, and what Tom really thinks about his Steeda Mustang…

Up close and personal, this Video Enthusiast Spotlight is one definitely worth your time to watch. You can find it by clicking:

Steeda – Speed Matters

Tom Ellis – 2009 SCCA American Sedan SE Division Champion

While it feels like the 2009 SCCA American Sedan racing season has really just begun, Tom Ellis has been hard at it this season winning 7 out of 8 races to clinch the SCCA American Sedan South East Division Championship title for the 2009 racing season! With the blistering pace Tom has maintained this season, he set yet another unbelievable record at the Daytona International Raceway when he shattered his previous record time with a new record time of 2:07.6 – no doubt this #51 Steeda Autosports prepared and maintained Q-Series Mustang is perfectly matched to Tom’s finely honed driving skills.

It is a perfect match of a high performance Steeda Mustang being controlled by a highly experienced driver and the end result is unstoppable victories and another championship. Keep in mind that Tom is a “weekend warrior”, not a professional driver, but his thirst for success, dedication to the sport, and his tenacity for the best results is the perfect formula for success.

The only time Tom did not finish in the top podium position was when he finished a very close 2nd place, when after leading the race, a $1 rocker arm stud broke robbing him of the ultimate power he needed. Suffice to say, that problem has been corrected and he has continued his winning championship ways. It just underscores why the Steeda Autosports Team continually track tests and races every weekend as we continually evolve our performance parts and accessories to be the very best possible. The race track is our proving ground where we test the latest performance products for you – our customer. Steeda‘s products are designed and engineered to be the very best possible, to offer uncompromising performance, and to exceed your every expectation.

While he has secured yet another championship, Tom Ellis will still be racing aggressively for the remainder of the season in high hopes of securing additional 1st place finishes as well as the overall national Championship in SCCA American Sedan. This weekend you will be able to see Tom up close and personal at the 2009 Camp Steeda at the famed Sebring International Raceway. Make sure you stop by and congratulate Tom and check out his championship Steeda Mustang in person.

Everyone at Steeda Autosports sincerely congratulates Tom Ellis for his commitment to the sport of racing and his continued championship ways!

Remember: Talk is cheap – only winning and breaking records count! If you want the most innovative and the best quality race proven parts you have only one choice – Steeda!

SteedaSpeed Matters

Robin Burnett – Steeda 2008 American Iron Champion

Robin Burnett never dreamed that a date he was on in 1996 at Waterford Hills Raceway in suburban Detroit would would change his life. He ended up marrying that very special woman who shared his passion for racing and, with her support, eventually would become a National Racing Champion in a Steeda Mustang. Often called a “Cowboy” for driving antics, Robin understands it takes both an aggressive and a technical approach to be successful in racing.

The many race victories, records, and championships he has won all started with a Ford Fiesta with over 109,000 miles on the odometer when campaigned and won the 1987 local SCCA Improved Touring C class at Waterford Hills. From that very first championship, Robin was hooked on speed and the thrill of victory and has never stopped or looked back since. Ultimately when the Fiesta became a bit tired, he upped the ante, changed classes and upgraded to the Mustang platform and has consistently turned to Steeda Autosports for all his performance parts and accessories.

The very first Mustang he raced was a 1989 blue Mustang GT that was previously his daily driver, but also became his race car competing in the SCCA American Sedan Series. Over the years Robin has consistently adopted new stallions to his stable including a ’94 Cobra, ’99 Cobra, and his current ride, a 2005 Mustang GT – all fully equipped with Steeda performance parts – a requirement he says is mandatory to ensure his winning ways.

Robin’s accomplishments are many, ranging from Regional SCCA Champion in 1992 and 1993 to his current string of three (3) consecutive Regional Championships from 2005 thru 2007. In 2008, Robin became the NASA National Champion racing his red Steeda Q-Series Mustang against a host of many other hotly prepared vehicles. As a mater of fact, ever since Robin started running in the NASA National Championships, he has never failed to make the podium and consistently waves the Steeda championship banner!

The S197 pony he is racing today has a bevy of performance parts from Steeda Autosports and an ideal engine from Ford Racing Performance Parts. A inventory of the parts he has on the car includes our competition race wing, aerodynamic front facia, full coil over suspension, hardcore engine mounts, control arms, stay bars, and a custom Steeda brake package that provides maximum cooling. The list of Steeda parts goes on and on, just rest assured he is a rolling test bed for Steeda at every race he goes to. Also included for that special “go power” is the famed Ford Racing Performance Parts Boss 302 Stroker motor – a potent mandatory requirement if you want to be competitive in the NASA American Iron Class he regularly competes in. It should be noted that all of these parts are readily available for sale to anyone – they are not custom “one-of” parts, but rather “off the shelf parts” that you too can purchase by visiting

Robin’s daily driver today is a 2007 Mustang GT that also has a serious shot of Steeda improvements including a full Steeda suspension package and a few other performance tricks from Steeda. It seams like he just cannot limit his need for performance just to the race track!

This summer, in an effort to take the “Championship to the People”, Robin Burnett and his Steeda Mustang will be touring many other various tracks in the Eastern part of the United States to showcase his driving skills and his winning Steeda Q Mustang. In April he was at Virginia International Raceway where, in his first race of the season he chalked up another podium finish by qualifying and finishing first – a habit he has grown accustomed to !

Later, you will also be able to see him and his red Steeda Q as on this special tour at:

  • Sebring (June)
  • Mid-Ohio (August)
  • Road Atlanta (August)
  • Watkins Glen (October)

Everyone at Steeda Autosports is exceptionally proud that the 2008 NASA American Iron National Champion – Robin Burnett is racing again this season with his Steeda Autosport equipped Mustang. Proudly defending his championship and the Mustang badge of honor, Robin is a true champion!

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Racing Update

John Urist Clinches the NMRA 2008 National Championship

In the last race of the 2008 NMRA Drag Racing season in Bowling Green, John Urist driving his Steeda sponsored pony proved that he has the winning combination with Steeda as he claimed yet another victory, a new class record, and another season championship in the wild NMRA Super Street Outlaw class.

In the quarter final round, John spanked the competition by breaking into the 7.30 barrier with a 7.361 @ 191.48. Proving that his ride is not just a one shot wonder, in the finals as the green light came alive, John blasted out of hole with a .039 reaction time and raced to a 7.521 @ 185 mph in the finals – clinching the hotly contested 2008 NMRA Super Street Outlaw Championship.

Congratulations John on setting a new class record and for winning your 3rd consecutive and 4th overall National Championship this season!

Chris Parsi 2008 True Street Track Champion

Chris Parsi shows he has what it takes, by earning the 2008 True Street Track Championship for Gainesville Raceway with a come from behind victory. Piloting what is his daily driver – a Steeda equipped V6 pony, Chris was able to show tremendous consistency that his Steeda can deliver by posting a final ET within .001 seconds of his dialed in time of 15.491 in the final round. Proof that even a V6 powered Steeda can deliver excitement and class victories!

At the recently concluded NHRA Division II Finals in Atlanta, Chris was killing the tree with blistering .001 and .002 reaction times. Winning his first round, he broke out on the second round by a mere 0.02 – resulting in a disappointing second place finish. The Steeda faithful can rest assured that while Chris may have lost this race, he still is the Gainesville Champion and will be ready to defend that honor next season.

Congratulations Chris !

Robin Burnett: NASA American Iron National Champion

At the NASA’s National Championship Series at the fabulous Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, The Burnett Racing Team’s Steeda Mustangs once again showed the competition that Steeda is the force to beat in the NASA American Iron class.

Both Friday and Saturday qualifying races were rain soaked from what was left of Hurricane Ike, but Steeda had its own hurricane in central Ohio, young 17-year-old driver Rusty Ferguson. Rusty took both poles in the rainy conditions by showing both his skill and the prowess of his Burnett Racing Steeda Mustang.

Conditions for Sundays big race were beautiful with cool temperatures and sunny blue skies – perfect for the Steeda Q-Series of Mustangs to show what they are made of. After the green flag was dropped, in short order, Robin Burnett in his red Steeda #21 captured the lead and Chris DeSalvo in his pony fought through the field to take a position immediately behind Robin. The race would continue around the and when it was over, the Steeda Mustangs finished in the top two podium positions with Robin Burnett in first and Chris DeSalvo finishing a close second. With this victory, Robin won his 3rd consecutive Nationals podium and his first National Championship in American Iron.

Congratulations to Robin Burnett and the entire Burnett Racing Team !

James Ray, Taylor Ray, and Jim Edwards: The Race for NASA Southeast Champions

The cards are stacked for a potential 1-2-3 finish for Steeda Mustangs in the NASA Southeast race series. All season long James Ray, his son Taylor, and Jim Edwards have been carrying the Steeda banner to various tracks in pursuit of a 1-2-3 Regional series championship. Recently at NASCAR’s historic Rockingham Speedway (aka: “THE ROCK”) with a road course that featured stints on both the high banked oval as well as the infield road course, the track was exceptionally challenging but proved to be no match for the Steeda prepared cars that were there to defend the Steeda honor.

And defend they did. With one more event for the season in the NASA Southeast competition, (Road Atlanta, December 6-7) James has already clinched the Championship this season. With his two recent wins at the ROCK, James’ 2007 Steeda Q-400+ proved to be too much for the competition in the highly competitive TTS Class Championship. His is the only Mustang in a class of 18 cars which include a variety of Corvette Z06′s, Panoz Racers, BMWs, and fully stripped-out turbocharged Rice Rockets!

Not to be overshadowed, Taylor Ray and Jim Edwards found themselves in the envious position of being in a very tight challenge of making it possible for a 1-2-3 Steeda podium for the season. Taylor, in his 2001 Steeda GT is all but a TTC podium finish for the season, but which position? We’ll have to wait until Road Atlanta to find out.

Jim Edwards in his ’03 Steeda Cobra is making-up ground in a hurry in TTA.
Jim got a late start on the season, but with a good finish at Road Atlanta, could see a podium finish for the 2008 season as well.

To quote James Ray: “We are having a ball driving Steeda Mustangs and leaving the competition behind us!”.

Congratulations to James Ray, Taylor Ray, and Jim Edwards !

John Urist Joins Team Steeda

Three time NMRA National Champion and World Street Challenge Champion John Urist has joined the Steeda Autosports racing stable. Racing in the wild NMRA Super Street Outlaw class, John is now flying the Steeda colors on his 1993 Mustang LX Coupe. Powered with a 420 CID Windsor engine with over 35 PSI of hard charging forced induction, John’s Mustang puts out an estimated 2000 horsepower…..enough gallop power to propel his pony down the quarter mile in 7.40 seconds at over 193 miles per hour.

“With the outstanding relationship I have with NITTO Tires, it was only natural that I should align myself with the world leader in Ford performance – Steeda Autosports”, commented John. “They are the largest manufacturer of Ford performance equipment in the World and really know what performance is about, it is in their DNA”.

Currently in first place in the Super Street Outlaw class, John is looking for his new relationship with Steeda Autosports to propel him to his 3rd consecutive and 4th overall National Championship this season.

Glen Vitale, Steeda’s Vice President of Operations adds, “John Urist is an outstanding competitor in NMRA drag racing and we are looking forward to this relationship to reap huge rewards as we work with John on future projects here at Steeda. It is only inevitable that this relationship will further accelerate our development of Steeda’s hardcore drag racing parts as well as further refinement of turbocharger and drag racing suspension systems.”

The very first race John participated in after joining forces with Steeda Autosports just happened to be the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing (July 17-20, 2008) in Joliet, Illinois. Nothing like starting in a big way – John finished 1st – outrunning everyone in the Super Street Outlaw class and adding yet another victory to the long list of Steeda’s accomplishments.

Congratulations John, and welcome to the Steeda Team!

Steeda – Where Speed Matters

Steeda Racing Updates

Check in on a few of the “weekend warriors” that rely on Steeda performance parts when they hit the track or the dragstrip. Further examples why racing is so important to everyone at Steeda……It is the proving ground where we test the latest performance products for you – our customer. Steeda‘s products are designed and engineered to be the very best possible, to offer uncompromising performance, and to exceed your every expectation.

Tom Ellis & Steeda Score BIG !

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis driving his Steeda prepared Mustang finds himself in the inevitable position of is currently leading the points in the Southeast Division of the SCCA for the National Title of the American Sedan class. This season has been an especially good one for Tom and his Steeda pony – having set another new track record, this time at the famed at Daytona International Raceway.

In his last race at the Double National at Roebling Road, Tom continued his torrid winning pace this season by capturing the pole position not once, but twice for each of the races that weekend, and then he went on to win each race far out performing all other competitors.

In his next race at Carolina Motorsports Park, Tom is hoping for yet another win to lock up the his series championship for the 2008 season as a prelude to hopefully clinch the National SCCA Championship in the Topeka, Kansas series.

Tom’s #51 Steeda Mustang continues to be the car to beat as it always seems to outshine the competition with it’s superior handling and performance.

We congratulate Tom Elliis, on his outstanding success in his Steeda Mustang.

Burnett Racing Continues to Dominate

Robin Burnett

At the NASA Mid-Ohio Series (July 12-13, 2008) the Burnett Racing Team and their Steeda Mustangs continued their winning ways at a rain soaked NASA event. Even extreme weather would not prevent young hot shoe Rusty Ferguson from taking the American Iron Extreme (AIXextreme ) win on Saturday with Elliot Fisher in 2nd, in another Burnett Racing Steeda Mustang. Two drivers, and a 1 -2 podium finish for Steeda. This is an especially great achievement when you consider that the Steeda cars were American Iron class vehicles racing other cars that were competing against American Iron Extreme class. Even with more horsepower provided to the other vehicles by nature of their class specifications, the other cars could not beat the Burnett / Steeda Racing Team!

On Sunday, with clear blue skies over the challenging Mid-Ohio track, team leader Robin Burnett in his race was able to capture the pole position and then turn back all other competitors as he went on to drive away with another American Iron win in his #21 Steeda Mustang.

Congratulations to the Burnett / Steeda Racing Team as they continue to outperform and tear up the competition again this season!

Jim Breese Launches an Attack

Jim Breese

So far this drag racing season Jim Breese has taken his Steeda pony to the finals 3 out of 4 races this year. Currently positioned second in the overall point competition and hard charging for that #1 position in points, Jim has re-dialed in his car for the NMRA mid-season rule change that provided him a 100 pound weight disadvantage compared to non-modular engine powered cars, and is more than ready to defend his honor at the next NMRA event is in two weeks in Atco, New Jersey.

Jim is a fierce competitor in the NMRA drag racing circuit with his Steeda equipped Mustang and will be going all out to win. With his strong winning desire combined with his keen sense and lightning quick reflexes, look for Jim to be a definite threat to all other competitors for the remainder of the season at the dragstrip.

Steeda – More Wins, More Records, and More Championships with production based Mustangs than all competitors combined. More than Roush, Shelby, and Saleen combined!

Steeda Leading The Pack in 2008!

The 2008 Racing Season has gotten off to a quick start this year with Steeda Autosports equipped vehicles once again leading the way at the race tracks and on the dragstrip by chalking up more victories and keeping the competition at bay!  For 20 years, vehicles with Steeda Autosports parts have won more races, set more records, and won more championships than all other manufacturers combined.

At the challenging National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Pot O’ Gold event at the Road Atlanta race course March 14th – 16th, we spanked most other competitors by chalking up another series of victories and pole positions.  Despite adverse weather that included tornados, hail, and persistent rain and very windy conditions, Mustangs equipped with Steeda Autosport’s parts were on the winning track once again!

Robin Burnett’s Steeda Q Mustang grabbed a class pole position on Sunday and enroute to two individual American Iron (AI) class victories, he successfully beat most other non-class vehicles including 8 of the 9 FR500S that were running in the Mustang Challenge class (with non-class spec rain tires).  Robin’s Steeda Q- Series Mustang was turning the rain on the asphalt into steam as he aggressively drove his Q to those two victories.  He once again showed how a Steeda prepared Mustang can really perform by beating most competitors under some of the most extreme and adverse conditions ever encountered at a race track!  Robin continues to showcase his outstanding driving skills in every race he participates in and it is readily apparent why most other competitors fear his Steeda Q Mustang….because he wins !

James Ray successfully had his Steeda Q-Series Mustang really dialed in and was ready for battle when he successfully raced to two podium finishes for Steeda Autosports and Nitto Tires in the hotly contested Time Trial S (TTS) class on Saturday and then again on Sunday. What is really remarkable is that James’ accomplishments was that he was able to set his outstanding lap times with his Steeda Q-Mustang equipped street Nitto NT01 tires that was BETTER THAN ALL of the qualifying times of the fully race prepared FR500S that were in the special MillerCup class on special series-spec BFGoodrich race tires.… unbelievable achievement especially when you consider that James’ Steeda Q Mustang is his DAILY DRIVER and his car included such things as a backseat, air conditioning, radio, and all of the other luxuries that make his mount a Monday thru Friday daily commuter ride that is also very capable for weekend race events. How many other production Mustang brands can make that claim? Nobody else but Steeda !

At the NMRA season opener at the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradington, Florida, Steeda Autosports equipped cars once again were a dominant force to be reckoned with.  To highlight some of our accomplishments at the event lets focus on just a few of the many racers that were supporting Steeda:

Chris Parisi who was piloting his Steeda Autosports equipped Mustang and captured two 1st place wins by taking down his True Street ET category on Saturday and then completely dominating the B3 Class on Sunday.  Not bad for the first NMRA race event of the 2008 season….one Steeda equipped Mustang, two different race classes and two 1st place wins!

Not to be left at the starting line, our own Scott Boda (Steeda Autosports Director of Manufacturing) fired up his 1990 Mustang and successfully defended his and our honor by finishing 1st overall in his highly competitive 9 second class and also 3rd overall out of 61 cars in the True Street class. Scott runs a 410 cubic inch Windsor motor with a Nitrous Express nitrous system and relies on Steeda Hardcore suspension to get the most out of his DOT tire’s which is a must for True Street class competition. Even fighting some gremlins over the weekend with the car or as he likes to call it, Bradenton Blues, he was still able pull off a victory and prove that this weekend warrior is truly a Steeda Hardcore Street Car.

In the 5.0 Magazine Real Street class, the Steeda sponsored ride of Jim Breese was out and flying this year in hopes of capturing the title. He qualified number 2 with an impressive ET of 9.745 seconds. After battling through several rounds he meet the defending class champ in the finals. Barely being out done Jim got runner up at the stripe by only .0337 of second. He was impressed with the cars performance out of the gate this year and thinks it will be a tight race this season once again.

In the first year of Steeda Autosports backing the Open Comp class the turnout was Great. With over 25 cars in the field for the race on Sunday alone the action and racing was close. The Open Comp class depends on ultra fast reaction times and consistent 60fts and ET’s. This is a perfect fit for Steeda as these things only happen when you have the right parts to plant your tires and make your car hook! Look for more of these cars to be sporting some new Steeda hardware as the season continues and the competition gets even more fierce.

These are just a few of the many victories, records, and championships that Steeda equipped vehicles win every weekend that there is a race. From to stop light to starting line – Steeda equipped vehicles perform unlike any other.

Remember: Talk is cheap – only winning and breaking records count! If you want the most innovative and the best quality race proven parts you have only one choice – Steeda!

Steeda Autosports is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Global Manufacturer of Ford performance products and the largest manufacturer of high performance components for Ford vehicles in the World.