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John Urist

Steeda’s John Urist Sets New Class Record

The 2014 Nitto NMRA Spring Break Shootout in Bradenton Florida this past weekend was the official kickoff of the 2014 drag racing series, and it was obvious that the NMRA racers most certainly did their homework during the off season and the competition was tighter than ever at this most challenging race series where there were some exciting passes and incredible competition down at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

John Urist

In the Street Outlaw class, Steeda and Nitto Tire sponsored driver John Urist led the field with his red 1993 Fox body Mustang by putting down a stellar 7.042 at 200 miles per hour and then went on to better that number with the quickest pass in class history – a 7.032 en route to the final round where he blasted his nearest competitor with a 7.10 run to once again take top honors. With a total of 8 National Championships under his belt already, John is once again off to a great start in the highly competitive NMRA Street Outlaw series. The entire Steeda Team congratulates John and his team for a job well done and we wish him continued success!

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Steeda Q650R at Sebring International Raceway

The Racetrack – Steeda’s “Outdoor” Engineering Room

At Steeda Autosports, we take racing very seriously because we use it as an active “test bed” for our ongoing engineering and product development. Our thought is that if our products can stand up to the extreme abuse and punishment that the race track can provide, it surely will stand up to the rigors of street driving without fail. While racing sometimes is characterized as a sport for the wealthy or a marketing tool to promote a company, at Steeda Autosports, racing is where we test and re-test our products, parts, and our theories – as racing will either prove that the theory is correct, or it will destroy it altogether.

Let us explain…..

We actively race in a race series that promotes product development and engineering while many other companies either do not race at all, or they choose to race in a race series that restricts engineering and product development and requires, in many cases, stock OEM suspension level componentry. On the surface, one would think that all race series are equal with regards to what you can run and what you can modify. In actuality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many race series have part/component rules that are so restrictive that they effectively put a “hard stop” to any ongoing product design/engineering development, severely hindering any product advancement for consumer performance parts.

Steeda Q650R at Sebring International Raceway

Steeda Q650R at Sebring International Raceway

At Steeda, we take a far different approach to racing…..a far more serious approach…..and it is a far more rewarding choice for you – our customer. We prefer to race in a variety of race series that allows for more vehicle suspension development and with less overall restrictions – that way we can actively use the racing as an active test bed for ongoing product development and product advancement. We prefer to call the track our “outdoor engineering room” where we continually test performance parts and accessories ensuring that they deliver the level of performance that they are designed to provide, and also we want to ensure that they have the durability to stand up to whatever our customers demand.

An example of the racing we do occurred this past weekend when our President and CEO Dario Orlando took the Steeda #20 car to Sebring International Raceways for the Sports Car Club of America’s South Atlantic Road Racing Championships event. With our #20 car in full race prep form and equipped with both production and developmental Steeda parts, Dario put in many hard test laps in preparation for qualification. When qualification was complete, Dario and our #20 car was on an all too familiar position – on the class pole position ahead of all other class competitors effectively showcasing that the Steeda suspension system was perfectly dialed in once again.

This year you will see much more of Team Steeda at the race track and the drag strip. In addition to the many racers that rely on our performance parts, the top management Team at Steeda Dario Orlando and Glen Vitale will both be campaigning the red #20 car at various SCCA events – both timed, lap, and endurance races as we embark on the design, engineering and development of new suspension components for the all new S550 Mustang platform. Our goal is to have a comprehensive array of enhanced suspension components for the 2015 Mustang available by the time the first cars are being sold. These parts will be for the street, track and drag strip enthusiast and will all have the legendary Steeda engineering, performance, and durability – just another example as to how we put the customer first in everything we do.

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Jim Edwards

Steeda Captures the 2012 NASA – SE Championship

Webster Dictionary:
‘champion’ noun \cham-pē-an\: a winner of first prize or first place in competition; also one who shows marked superiority.

Steeda Dictionary:
‘champion’ proper noun; Jim Edwards – a racer that won the 2012 NASA – SE Region Championship driving a Steeda Certified Shelby GT and finished every race this season on the podium…..

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) was formed to deliver high quality motorsports events to enthusiasts at major racing venues throughout the nation. NASA has created programs that allow owners of both racecars and high-performance street-driven vehicles to enjoy the full performance capabilities of their cars at key racetracks and venues across the U.S.A. For the 2012 Season, the Champion in the SE Region is non-other than Jim Edwards – a 65 year old retired Army Captain and Vietnam Veteran that drove his Steeda Certified Mustang to a total of 13 events – always finishing on the podium – and winning the overall Championship. Not too bad for a street-legal, 3400-plus pound car with air conditioning, stereo, power leather seats and all the amenities one would find in any other high-end Mustang.

Jim Edwards

Jim who is enthusiastic about performance vehicles and racing comments: “I began my racing career with a desire to participate actively in road racing…wanting to be really competitive…. it is just my nature. While I began with a really good platform in the shape of the Shelby GT, I knew that in order to consistently win and be a champion, I would have to seriously take it up a notch or two to have an edge against the competition”.

Jim stated that the first thing he did was to initiate a dialogue with the Steeda Team, seeking advice on how to make the S197 platform perform to its maximum potential. With Glen Vitale and Gus Irizarry providing guidance, the Shelby GT began a transformation into a hardcore 2007 Steeda Certified Q350 that would be not only suited for the track, but also could serve as a daily driver without the annoying ride or abusive NVH that so many other modified vehicles have.

Improvements made to his stock car include, but are not limited to Steeda competition springs, Steeda sway bars, adjustable panhard bar, bumpsteer kit, adjustable lower control arms, one-piece aluminum driveshaft, racing clutch and as many Steeda billet brackets and attachment points as possible. Jim added; “ I even consulted with Steeda on the perfect tire and wheel alignment needed to maximize road grip on the various tracks that I be competing on. They insisted that the tire I should be using should be the Nitto NT01, because these tires were of the highest quality and offered the best grip and track compliance that they have ever tested. There is no doubt in my mind that the Steeda Team provided me the winning combination of performance parts and insight that turned the Shelby GT into a champion, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Dario Orlando, President Steeda Autosports added: “The entire Team at Steeda Autosports salutes Jim Edwards for his outstanding accomplishments this past season…his record is remarkable ! In addition, I want to thank him for trusting us with the performance modifications and insight we provided him.”

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Steeda Wins CMC Race Series, Again!

Chris Ferraro had a remarkable season in his Steeda Autosports equipped Mustang GT this season. Competing in the 2012 Camaro-Mustang Challenge Racing Series (CMC), Chris had a remarkable PERFECT season leading up to the finals. He qualified on the pole in every race… finished in first place in every race he competed in…holds the track records at every track he raced on this season and he won the CMC National Championship – and he did it with his Steeda Autosports equipped 2005 Mustang GT.

The National Auto Sport Association Camaro-Mustang Challenge (CMC) is a highly competitive race series that brings together some of the best production based cars and drivers in head-to-head competition on various race courses in America. For the second year in a row, Steeda Autosports equipped cars have finished in the top two positions – a remarkable feet that none of our competitors have been able to match – ever! Reversing last year’s order of finishing, this year, Chris Ferraro finished on the top of the podium and Anders Sjoblom finished a very close second place, making Steeda the only aftermarket manufacture to ever accomplish a back-to-back top two podium wins at the championship runoffs in the CMC Race Series.

The CMC Finals held at the Mid-Ohio racecourse were not without some excitement as the entire season was on the line with its championship bragging rights. On Thursday’s qualifying race Chris finished first place once again with the fastest time. On Friday’s qualifying session, in anticipation of bad weather that he thought was approaching, Chris swapped out his tires to a rain set-up at the last minute, which unfortunately caused him to get to the grid late – causing him to start a half lap back on the rest of the field. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t fall during the race so Chris had to chase down the field on his wet tire set up in totally dry conditions. He did end up catching and passing the back of the pack, which was just enough points to keep him on the second row (4th place) for the Championship race. Starting from the 4th position in the Championship race, he made it to 1st place by the very first corner and held the lead until the checkered flag fell at the end of the race. On the way to his National Championship he set yet another fastest lap time and also set a new track record.

Chris has been especially supportive of the Steeda ‘s products in the past and this year is no exception. In speaking about just one of his many Steeda parts he commented: “ The Steeda Tri-Ax shifter is the best in the market – I NEVER missed a shift the entire race season – another testament to the superiority of the Steeda performance parts…..and this is the same shifter that anyone can buy for their Mustang today from Steeda directly.”

Dario Orlando, Steeda’s President adds: “I am especially proud of the efforts this season of both Chris Ferraro and Anders Sjoblom in the CMC racing series – each of them have performed exceptionally well over the past two seasons and each should be commended for their outstanding efforts, persistence, and individual driving skills. To have two fierce competitors like Chris and Anders consistently outperforming all other rivals with their Steeda Mustangs is exceptional. Congratulations to them and all of the other race drivers and Mustang enthusiasts that rely on Steeda for their performance parts, it is proof that Steeda’s “Made in America” parts are unmatched in the industry today.”

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Steeda Captures 2012 SCCA American Sedan Championship

The SCCA American Sedan Race Series is comprised of 302 and 305 CID V8 powered Mustangs, Camaros, and Firebirds and is sometimes referred to as the Super Bowl of production based vehicle racing because of the intense competition, the grass roots nature of the series and the ensuing championship run-offs. This year, the Steeda sponsored and equipped 1985 Mustang owned and driven by Ed Hosni of Galloway Ohio captured the 2012 SCCA National Championship.

Ed Hosni is the perfect example of a grass roots racer – he competes in the series just to have fun and loves the competition the series provides. Ed operates on a very limited budget, rebuilds his own engine and transmission as necessary, and even sleeps in his race trailer to save precious money. Nevertheless, he takes racing very seriously and he is fully aware that in order to win the National Championship, you have to have a competitive race car and also be able to attack the race course with complete confidence in your car. In preparing his 1985 Fox bodied Mustang for the race series, Ed worked with our own Frank Stoddard from our Sales Team and chose the following regular production parts for his competition Mustang – parts that we sell everyday to our retail customers:

  • Steeda 5-Link Suspension System
  • Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
  • Steeda Billet Caster/Camber Plates
  • Steeda Light Weight Front Sway-Bar
  • Steeda Bump Toe Kit
  • Steeda Billet Rack Bushings
  • Steeda Clutch Quadrant and Firewall Adjuster

With his car properly set up for the race series, Ed was able to competitively compete this season, and thru persistence, hard work, determination, and intense skill, Ed was able to make it to the American Sedan National Championship that was being at the Road America racecourse in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin.

The final championship race at Road America is best described by Ed in his own words that follow:
“The start of the race was OK. Everyone in front of me pulled away a bit as I have substantially less HP then everyone else at the front of the field. On the very first lap going into Turn 5, a car spun in the middle of the track under braking and I had to go into the grass on the inside to miss the incident – this off course maneuver resulted in my getting passed by three more competitors, but luckily, I managed not to hit anything. After the incident, with my car handling so well with it’s Steeda suspension set-up, I was able to pass 2 of the 3 cars back before the end of the first lap! In the ensuing laps, I continued my passing of other cars, essentially carving up the turns and out handling everyone else as my Steeda suspension was performing at it was designed to do.

On lap 8 the full course caution came out, and without a race radio and no support crew I had no idea I was actually in second place until the pace car came out – wow was I surprised! On lap 11 the green flag dropped and the race leader got a good start and pulled me down the straight, but I caught him quickly in the brake zone. With the tight turns, I knew I had a shot at the win, all I had to do was continue to out handle him and fill his mirrors the next few laps until I had the perfect moment to pass. There was no doubt that he was clearly blocking with multiple moves at almost every corner and while I was picking my spot, the third place car had managed to catch up to me.

As we entered the last corner, I over slowed a bit to make sure I got the best run I could coming off the corner. As we got to the hill I purposely went inside and the leader then threw yet another block, I countered with a maneuvered to crossed over to the outside almost hitting him. When I crested the hill, I saw the starter holding the checkered flag. I seriously didn’t know it was the last lap of the race – I must have missed the white flag as I was so close in the draft the previous lap. As we approached the finish line, I was in first place with the second place car just a tenth of a second behind me. Wow !”

Dario Orlando, President of Steeda Autosports had the following to say about Ed’s amazing victory: “Steeda Autosports salutes Ed Hosni, the 2012 SCCA American Sedan National Champion and his 1985 Fox bodied Steeda equipped Mustang and all of the other racers and enthusiasts that rely on Steeda performance parts for their racing and also for their street cars. This is a really significant win in a race series that essentially uses production based vehicles – as it exemplifies the growing grass roots motorsports racing program in the United States.”

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Steeda NASA Racing Update

Every weekend across the United States, individuals are taking their Steeda equipped vehicles out to the dragstrip, race track, or participate in local club or organization sponsored autocross events. The primary reason that they do this is for the love of the drive, the competitive spirit – and not to be overlooked – just having some plain fun driving everyone’s favorite muscle car – the Ford Mustang.

Two such individuals are Jim Edwards and James Ray, who recently campaigned a 2007 Steeda Certified Shelby GT Mustang – nicknamed “Thor” in the NASA (National Auto Sport Association) race series at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Jim, James, and “Thor” participate in the NASA Southeast Region and just last weekend competed in the one-day NASA-SE event at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was blistering hot with ambient air temperatures over 100 and track temperatures in the near-140 degree range, the conditions took major tolls on cars and drivers alike. Thor had his work cut out for him in this heat, however, with team drivers James Ray and Jim Edwards at the wheel, Thor pulled down a 1.27 time to eclipse anyone seeking to take away the coveted first place trophy!

Charlotte Motor Speedway’s venue for NASA track events includes NASCAR turns two, three and four and the very tight, flat and slick 8-turn infield roadcourse. Charlotte is a very fast venue for roadcourse racing due to the utilization of the 3, high-banked NASCAR turns so combined with the infield course, this track presents challenges related to vehicle set-up, tire pressures and race strategies. Nonetheless, with 9 races under Thor’s proverbial belt this year, he stands first in points with 3 firsts, 5 seconds and only 1 third. And hasn’t been off the podium all year long so far! Not bad for some weekend fun !

Two other great competitors that are in the NASA race series Great Lakes Division are the “Steeda North” duo of Robin Burnett and Anders Sjoblom. Both Robin and Anders have been campaigning their Steeda equipped cars and have been raising hell with their competitors for many years – and this year is no exception as they compete in the American Iron (AI) and Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC) series.

Over weekend of June 30th at the famed Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, both Robin and Anders were there having more fun than one should legally have. While this particular race weekend was not kind to them as they had hoped, they still managed to have some serious fun at the track. With full fields in each class the Steeda teammates knew they had their work cut out for them. Robins race on Saturday was cut short by a back marker on the first lap when contact in the first corner bent a tie rod. Anders race was better with a solid drive that saw him battle the entire race and earn a 4th place finish.

Sundays qualifying was one of the closest fields either class has ever seen, with the top 7 cars within a single second away from each other. Robin had a better day, after repairs from Saturday, where he had a great race with 2 other competitors in Mustangs. The battle lasted long enough to let the front 3 get away leaving Robin with a satisfying 4th place finish. Anders continued his up hill battle on Sunday, as the lone S197 Mustang in his class, managing his class rules mandated skinny tires to a 2nd place finish.

A good start and battles between his competitors left Anders to run the race with little if any challenge. The skill level, preparation level and rules packages in American Iron (AI) and Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC) has created a unbelievably competitive field of cars. With the National Championships just a few months away the Steeda teammates are looking forward to the challenge and are confident that they will continue to represent the Steeda brand as best as they can do. With the season at it’s mid-point, Anders is leading in series points in the Camaro Mustang Challenge Series and Robin is running a close second in the American Iron Race Series.

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Steeda Racing Update – Detroit Grand Prix

The Motor City saw the return of the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix as the Pirelli World Challenge Mustangs raced a doubleheader weekend June 2-3. With over 100,000 fans in attendance at the 2.1 mile street course, the #19 Steeda Autosports Boss 302S Mustang of driver Jason von Kluge maneuvered the track’s tight turns and changing road surfaces to finish 4th in the GTS class – ahead of all the other Mustangs in Sunday’s race.

Jason von Kluge

Everyone at Steeda Autosports wants to thank Jason for his great racing at the Grand Prix – showing once again that winning drivers choose Steeda performance products for their Ford vehicles more than any other brand.

Jason von Kluge has earned the respect of fans and competitors alike as he’s worked his way to the podium with a third place finish in the 2012 season opener and two top-five finishes. In his fourth year as a professional driver, he captured the 2010 Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Championship in which he drove his Steeda sponsored Mustang FR500S to glory including five race wins.

You can watch the Mustangs blazing the 14-turn track of Detroit Grand Prix when the races air on NBC Sports, July 7 at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

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One of The World’s Fastest 5.0 Mustangs Uses Steeda Parts

For IMMEDIATE Release – May 7, 2012

When Chris Cruz, just like many of us, had a “need” to have the fastest 2011 5.0L Mustang in the world. We all know that to accomplish this task it takes some major horsepower, a wide array of performance parts, and some excellent workmanship to make it all happen. Enlisting the assistance of Evolution Performance, they developed a 1,002 RWHP / 1,070 RWTQ performance behemoth that would most certainly provide the huge amount of raw power needed to propel the ‘Stang into the 8 second range with a run of 8.99 at 153 MPH!

Suffice to say, having over 1,000 RWHP presents quite a few issues when you pull the trigger and release ALL of that intense power at one time to blast down the quarter mile. When it came to sourcing the very best suspension parts to harness that power – Evolution Performance chose suspension components from Steeda Autosports – parts that are renown for their durability both on the street and on the track. For this extreme duty application, the following regular Steeda production parts were chosen by Evolution Performance as they knew they would stand up to the extreme torture that they would be subjected to:

In additional to harnessing all of the power – we all know that weight is the enemy of Mustang performance – and to save precious pounds from the front-end, Evolution Performance installed our Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support (P/N 555 5080) which is made for light 4130 Chrome moly steel material. This quality manufactured tubular part is 50% of the weight of the stock steel unit and yet is still strong enough for you to run your front swaybar when not at the drag strip! In fact, this item is the perfect item for the road course/autocross car to reduce front-end weight and improve weight distribution.

Note that these are not some special “racer only” parts or parts that were specially “one-off” fabricated parts – they are the regular production quality parts that we designed, manufactured, and sell daily to Mustang owners over the world. Proof that the quality that we instill into EVERY part we provide!

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Steeda Racing Update

John Urist (NMRA)

John has started off 2012 in dominating fashion in his Steeda and Nitto sponsored Mustang. Having won the first two events of the year he looks to be on his way to another SSO championship. The 7 time world champ started off in Bradenton, FL at the NMRA Spring Break shootout where he qualified 2nd and advanced to the final never running slower than a 7.09, a 7.16 in the final was enough to hold off runner up Andrew DeMarco and give John his first win of 2012. The series then went to Atlanta, GA for the NMRA All-Star Nationals. John qualified number one with a 7.09 and once again ran all the way to the final where a red light by Kenjo Kelly handed him the victory.

Robin Burnett & Anders (Erik) Sjoblom (NASA)

The Steeda road racing duo of Robin Burnett & Anders (Erik) Sjoblom had a tremendous start to the 2012 NASA Great Lakes season. On April 14-15 The Mid Ohio Sportscar Course was home to the season opening double header that offered a mixture of wet and dry racing.

Saturday was a typical rainy spring day in Ohio that saw Robin and Erik take wins in the “American Iron” (AI) and “Camaro Mustang Challenge” (CMC) classes respectively. The lap times were slow but the rain racing was hot as just staying on track was difficult.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day giving everyone a chance to get back onto the dry line for more close racing. Robin missed Sunday’s qualifying session with a faulty ground wire that caused him to start the race last in class. Robin had a great start and at the end of lap 2 had the lead and never looked back making it 2 for 2 on the weekend. Erik was not as lucky on Sunday even though he was able to jump to the lead, from his 3rd starting position, and lead a handful of laps. He ultimately finished 3rd after losing 2nd with just 2 laps to go.

Jim Edwards (NASA)

The Steeda-prepped Mustang known as Thor competed in NASA Time Trials at Roebling Road April 14-15.  Roebling would be the 5th and 6th race for Time Trials for the year and we anticipated serious competition and we had it.  Thor had taken home two 1st places at Carolina Motorsports Park and a 2nd and 3rd at Road Atlanta in March so “he” was itching for a fight.

With a 1:23:325 time, Thor took 2nd places in both the Saturday and Sunday races and this was despite a pesky clutch that eventually gave way on Sunday afternoon.  However, the morning times were sufficient to hang onto 2nd place in both events.  Carolina Motorsports Park awaits the arrival of the Mighty Thor next month.


Boss 302 Performance Parts and Cars

It is no secret that the 2012 and 2013 Boss 302 Mustangs are outstanding performance machines from Ford Motor Company. Bred for the street and track, they are really great Mustangs that exhibit terrific driving manners and consistently reward their owner at every twist and turn they encounter.  Once the car was announced, it did not take long for the Steeda Team of Performance Engineers to thoroughly review the Boss 302’s driving dynamics, hardware, and powertrain and develop a comprehensive array of performance parts and accessories for the Boss 302 that take the Boss 302 to even greater levels of performance.  Not wanting to turn our back on owners of 2011 – 2012 5.0L powered Mustang GTs, we also kept a keen eye on a program of providing them with Steeda Boss 302 performance parts that can be retro-fitted to their cars so they also can benefit from the Boss Program we have.

Today, we offer the most comprehensive line of performance parts and accessories made under strict ISO 9001-2008 Certified Standards that are available anywhere.  Following is a summary of the specific parts that both Boss 302 and non-Boss owners can purchase to enhance their ride:

Contact our Performance Advisors on 954-960-0774 for additional information on how we can enhance Boss 302 and Mustang GT performance with our Boss 302 performance parts.

Racer Profile: Heins Motorsports Race-Ready 2012 Boss 302RS

Revealed at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, this custom 2012 Mustang Boss 302RS is a purpose built race car that has been built from the ground up to be a fierce competitor in SCCA and NASA classes.  Every component and system has been designed or selected with a distinct aim, then assembled and installed with meticulous craftsmanship.  Finally, each individual element has been tuned with painstaking precision so that they all work seamlessly together — creating an aggressive racing machine that is much more than the sum of its parts.

This 2012 Mustang Boss 302 has been thoroughly modified to reduce weight, improve aerodynamics, and minimize lift at high speeds by use of a Steeda Autosports Q-Series functional Front Fascia, Hood, Rear Spoiler and Fascia.

The chassis has been thoughtfully designed and constructed to keep the wheels and tires in constant contact with the track surface whether accelerating down a straightaway or negotiating a chicane.  And this is where some serious hardware was added to provide a distinct racers advantage.  Modifications include a Steeda billet sway bar mount kit, Steeda race-only lower control arms, Steeda bumpsteer kit, Steeda Tokico D-Spec adjustable front and rear shocks, Steeda competition springs and a Steeda Watt’s Link rear suspension keep the driver in complete control in even the most challenging situations and also allow for fine-tuning to meet the unique demands of specific tracks or surface conditions.  The Nitto NT01 275/35 x 18” front tires and massive 315/30 x 18” rear tires are mounted to 18” forged alloy competition wheels and provide a firm grip to the road surface.

At the heart of this beast is an all-new Boss 302 4V V8 engine, the legendary Ford powerplant that is back and better than ever.  Based on the new 5.0L Mustang engine, this muscular small block V8 has been thoroughly redesigned and refined by Ford powertrain engineers to take advantage of 21st century technology. With careful tuning plus the addition of a Steeda Boss 302 cold air intake with our cool-tube technology, headers and race exhaust, power output approaches the magical 600 bhp mark!

The concept for this one-of-a-kind track-ready Pony was born from a passion for all-out performance.  It was designed based on years of real racing experience with an unyielding fervor for perfection.  As a result, the Mustang Boss 302RS from Heins Motorsports is ready to meet the demands of tracks around the country with the track tested and race proven performance parts from Steeda Autosports.

Look for a more detailed review of this car in future Steeda emails as well by major Mustang publications as we showcase the Steeda performance difference.  In addition, you can visit for detailed build photos of this car and see for yourself the various Steeda components that make this an ultimate Boss 302 for the track.

Enthusiast Profile: Customer Victor Klassen’s 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca

Recently we had another Boss 302 arrive at our shop who’s owner wanted more performance and even greater handling than what the stock Boss 302 Laguna Seca provided.  Much like we can do for any Mustang, we worked closely with the owner/driver and developed a modification plan for his specific needs.  In this instance, we performed the following modifications for owner Victor Klassen. The end result is a Boss 302 Laguna Seca that as Dario Orlando commented: “Completely transforms the car to an even greater level of overall performance and trackability”.

Modifications to his Boss 302 Laguna Seca included:

From race car, to track car, to street performance machine – Steeda Autosports has the Boss 302 performance upgrades you need for your Boss 302 or Mustang GT.

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