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Introducing Steeda 2010 Mustang Front Splitter

The all new Steeda front splitter for the 2010 Mustang GT offers a distinctive and bold accent to the front of your new Mustang while dramatically improving vehicle front end aerodynamics. Our new front splitter retains some of the key functionality and flow that is incorporated into our 2005-2009 front fascia. Not only is Steeda’s front splitter for 2010 a great aesthetics addition to your new Mustang, but it will help to improve high speed vehicle dynamics. These enhancements in handling and styling will separate your Mustang from all other 2010 Mustangs on the road today!

The 2010 Steeda front splitter is designed to redirect airflow to the side of the vehicle instead of letting it flow underneath the vehicle, and effectively limit the air flow that would flow and get trapped underneath the vehicle, virtually eliminating high speed front end lift. The splitter places more aerodynamic force at speed on the front tires and provides improved cooling flow of air into the lower grille opening for improved cooling airflow into the radiator. It establishes a cleaner overall aerodynamic appearance and gives your high speed performance and stability a dramatic improvement.

Steeda’s front splitter is designed to be an easy direct bolt on to the lower front bumper of 2010 Mustang GT models.


Steeda Speed Matters

2010 Mustang Steeda Tri-Ax Now Available

Over the years we have earned a reputation for designing, engineering, and building a performance line of shifters that provides for sure – crisp shifts, precise actions, and a certain “feeling” in your hand that makes you realize that you are in complete control of your powertrain. By incorporating over 20 years of race-proven technology, and using state-of-the-art materials and costly machining techniques, the Steeda Tri-Ax® shifter has earned it’s reputation for being the shifter of choice by those that are in the know.

Often imitated but never truly duplicated, the Tri-Ax® is the original and best line of short throw shifters available for your vehicle. Endurance tested to perform perfectly for over one million shifts, The Tri-Ax® is one cog-swapper that will never let you down and is right on the cutting edge of shifting technology. Designed, engineered, and made in the USA – there is no better shifter available – Period!

Even the United States Government has recognized the unique superiority of the Tri-Ax® by granting a U.S. Utility Patent on our design. The Steeda Tri-Ax® is your guarantee of short throws, precise action, and extreme engineering designed to prevent damage to your transmission under daily driving or adverse hard usage on the street, track, or strip. With many exclusive features like two-position handle height, and calibrated internal spring tensions, you have all the mechanical help available to ensure that you never miss a gear.

Do not make the mistake of buying a lesser grade shifter from other manufacturers – then realizing that you should have had purchased a Tri-Ax®. With more Tri-Ax® shifters in the market than any other performance brand when did you ever hear anyone complain about a Tri-Ax® shifter ?

Today’s Tri-Ax® shifter is an evolutionary product that contains many great features/benefits including – depending upon it’s specific application:

  • A 100% Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Pivot ball and lever constructed from 1-piece billet steel with a design that affords greater stiffness front-to-back than competing round shafts
  • Factory steel mounting rail replaced with a substantial billet aluminum bar for more positive positioning
  • Upgraded rear mounting bushings are supplied to further reduce deflection under hard shifting
  • Offset-preload coil springs that find the right gear every time so you won’t miss a shift
  • Multi position adjustable heights
  • Fewer moving parts to wear or break down
  • Extreme heavy duty construction – no welds, stampings, or castings to break
  • Grade 8 and stainless steel hardware
  • Nickel plated pivot shaft that won’t rust or stain
  • No complicated, unnecessary adjustments unlike competitive designs
  • Compact tower design that is easier to install
  • Exclusive BootGuard to prevent damage to factory rubber inner boot
  • A more comfortable hand position than any other short throw shifter
  • Smooth, confident, precise shifting technology

Put a Tri-Ax in your car and you will immediately “feel” the difference.

Steeda Tri-Ax® Shifters
Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA

Swaybars – The Steeda Difference

It is no secret that if you want to take your vehicle’s handling to a higher level of performance, you have to upgrade key components of your vehicle’s suspension system.

One key component in a vehicle’s suspension system that is often overlooked by most enthusiasts is the vehicle’s sway bars.

At Steeda Autosports, we take the development and refinement of a vehicle’s suspension system very seriously and have spent countless engineering and development hours to bring to market the very best sway bars available today. ‘Track Tested and Street Smart’, our sway bars are equally at home on your street driven vehicle or on the racetrack, they simply have no equal in the industry today.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Steeda Autosports in the USA under strict ISO 9001-2000 standards, they withstand the rigors of high performance racing and yet exhibit excellent NVH characteristics, so you get the performance and handling benefits you want without degrading ride quality.

What is a sway bar and how does it work?

A sway bar is a suspension component that connects opposite (left/right) wheels together through short lever arms that are in turn linked by a main steel bar component called the torsion spring. A sway bar works by increasing the suspension’s roll stiffness — the resistance of the vehicle to roll in a turn its resistance to roll in turns, that is independent of the vertical movement of the vehicle by it’s springs.

A sway bar is made from a specially constructed and bent U-shaped piece of steel that connects to the vehicle’s body at two key mounting points, and then is also connected to the appropriate left and right hand portions of the lower suspension member. If the left and right wheels move together, the bar just rotates about it’s mounting points and does not bend. If the wheels move relative to each other, the bar is subjected to torsion and is forced to twist. It is this twisting motion that the bar resists through its stiffness and acts to reduce the amount of lean by the vehicle. Many factors affect how a sway bar performs including:

  • The specific metal selected for the bar (type and composition of steel, it’s thickness, etc).
  • The inverse of the length of the lever arms (i.e., the shorter the lever arm, the stiffer the bar)
  • The geometry of the mounting points
  • The sway bar’s mounting and isolation points

Aggressive street and racing sway bars provide for individual adjustment of the lever arms, allowing the stiffness of the sway bar assembly to be modified by adjustments that increase or reduce the length of the lever arms. This adjustment permits the roll stiffness to be tuned for different race or competition situations without replacing the entire bar. The stiffer the bar, the more force required to move the left and right wheels relative to each other. The end result is that this increases the amount of force required to make the body roll.

Not all swaybars are made the same

Not all sway bars available in the market today are the same – as a matter of fact there are some aftermarket sway bars that can dramatically cause a negative affect on your vehicle’s handling or not deliver the desired outcome you want. Most sway bars available today are made from a solid round bar whose ends are smashed flat and drilled for mounting holes. The drastic change to the cold formed material creates many small microscopic stress fractures. Experienced metallurgists will tell you that whenever you do that, you effectively destroy the structural integrity of the material thereby creating a potentially weak spot or a potential future point of failure.

The Steeda solution

Steeda Autosport’s Sway Bars are designed and made in the USA in our facility under our very strict ISO 9001-2000 quality control process using the very best available materials. We do not take ANY shortcuts or compromise on anything. Our design and manufacturing processes are superior to any other product commercially available today because we employ a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures consistent quality. Our sway bar ends are precision machined out of an exceptionally strong proprietary material and then is mated with a weld joint that structurally bonds the two parts together it actually is stronger then the solid bar itself.

As you can see for yourself, making the swaybar is much more complicated than most people think, but critical to the overall success of the part and how it performs when installed in your vehicle. Ensuring that the swaybar has the proper load and torsion capabilities is critical in ensuring that the end result provides the very best chassis dynamics – an integrated harmonic part of the overall vehicle performance. This is where Steeda also has a major competitive advantage because we extensively perform CAD analysis that is supplemented by rigorous on-track testing to ensure the highest level of performance you can expect.

The final word

When Ford performance enthusiasts discuss chassis dynamics, it will not take long for the name Steeda Autosports to come into the conversation – and with very good reason. Dario Orlando, a racer who got his start manufacturing components exclusively for Ford Mustangs, founded the company over twenty years ago on the premise of engineering and manufacturing the very best products possible for the discerning Ford performance enthusiasts.

If you want the ultimate in suspension upgrades for the street, track, or strip – look no further than Steeda Autosports. We are the Number One in Ford performance parts and vehicles and have won more races and set more track records than all of our competitors combined!

SteedaWhere Speed Matters!

Steeda 2010 Mustang On-Track Testing

Rest assured that Steeda Autosports is hard at work developing and refining the 2010 Mustang to be the best Steeda Q-Series Mustang ever. Attendees at the recent 2009 Camp Steeda, held at the Sebring International Raceway in Florida, saw it for themselves that weekend as we had two 2010 Mustangs in “regular street clothing” testing a variety of new components that will be standard on our 2010 Steeda Q-Series. Covertly disguised to resemble regular 2010 Mustangs, these developmental mules were there on a mission to test under severe track conditions exactly how our parts will perform once we formally release the 2010 Q-Series. It is all part of our ISO 9001-2000 developmental process that uses advanced computer simulation and on-track testing to provide you the acceleration, braking, confidence, and all around performance you have come to expect from us.

Unlike most other tuners in the aftermarket that just re-badge parts they buy from others and then sell them as their “own”, at Steeda Autosports we take everything very seriously. Not only do we design, engineer, and manufacturer our own parts, but we test them in the most brutal way we can find – on the race track. And the development of the 2010 Steeda Q Mustang is no different, as we have done for over 20 years, we are continuing our engineering refinement to make the 2010 Steeda Q the best ever to pound the pavement, blast down the quarter mile, or win at the racetrack.

For those that were not lucky enough to make it to Sebring and see our testing in person, we had the video cameras running and captured some screens from the track. (Keep in mind when you watch this video, that the vehicle is in “regular street clothing” and does not have our proprietary new body kit or spoilers). You can see this video on SteedaTV.

Our work is progressing on our 2010 Q-Series, and to date, it is exceeded the original expectations we had. Currently, we offer more parts for the 2010 Mustang than any other company – and we are developing more. Look for a formal announcement about the 2010 Steeda Q-Series in the near future….it will be worth the wait.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Offers The Most 2010 Parts of Any Manufacturer

The team at Steeda Autosports has been working feverishly making sure that when the 2010 Mustang hit the streets this spring, that we had the most complete selection of the highest quality performance products available anywhere.

Today, with over 90 exclusive Steeda parts and with an additional 40+ parts from other manufacturing partners that pass the strict Steeda quality tests, we have more parts available for sale for the 2010 Mustang than anyone else. More parts that have been designed, engineered, and manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2000 standards here in the United States of America. And most importantly, more parts that are engineered and tuned to work in harmony together – a factor that is commonly overlooked when people buy their products from others. From suspension parts, cooling kits, brake upgrades, exhaust systems, to wheels and tires, we have what you want for the 2010 Mustang!

Most of our so called competitors (their names will really surprise you!) all practice what we term is a “dirty little secret” in the industry today by simply re-badging products from other company’s offerings, and then playing a shell game by pretending that what they are selling is actually their own product that they engineered and built. They do not have their own in-house design/engineering/manufacturing capabilities that Steeda has and they do not do the level of extensive testing that we do. The inherent problem with this practice is that when you assemble random off the shelf parts from other manufacturers, you simply are not guaranteed to get the best performing products that will work properly with each other so that your vehicle’s performance is maximized. Remember when you last watched that road race on TV when the pit crew was making minor adjustments so as to squeeze out the best performance out of the car? Or why do some cars always seem to perform better at the track than others? Tuning is the answer – whether it is the tuning of your springs, tuning your lower control arm bushings, or even the tuning of the stiffness of your stay bar, at Steeda, we ensure that when you buy parts from us, that what you receive will work perfectly with each other. Around the shop, we call it the Steeda’s Racer’s Advantage. That is why we can make the claim that with production based Mustangs, Steeda equipped vehicles have won more races, set more records, and won more championships that Shelby, Roush, and Saleen COMBINED!

“Races are sometimes won or lost by the smallest amount of tuning adjustments. When you equip your vehicle with Steeda performanced tested parts you take the guesswork out of the equation.” said Dario Orlando, founder and the creative visionary at Steeda Autosports. “We do exhaustive studies and countless laps on the test track to make sure everything we sell will work perfectly together. The next time you consider buying performance parts and accessories, dig deep and do some investigative research. Make sure that the parts you buy indeed are the absolute best they can possibly be, that they are made under strict ISO 9001-2000 guidelines and that they will work flawlessly together.”

Rest assured that we are not done yet – we are still creating many new and exciting products for the 2010 Mustang, including a revolutionary Cold Air Intake system and even a stunning aerodynamic body kit that will be a key ingredient our new and exciting line of Steeda Q-Series Mustangs. Designed with the intent of combining purposeful function and kinetic design into the best possible integrated performance package, the 2010 Steeda Q-Series is definitely worth the wait!

You can see the entire line of 2010 Mustang parts at: Look for more information about the exciting 2010 Steeda Q-Series of Performance Mustangs as well as more exciting and unique parts at now and in the future.

Steeda – Where Speed Matters

A Cure for the Supercharged Mustang ‘Fever’

A very common issue associated with supercharged Mustangs is the effective elimination of heat in the incoming air charge. When incoming air is compressed in the supercharger, heat is generated – and that heat robs you of power when you need it most, when your right foot demands it!

While most superchargers employ a heat exchanger to assist in cooling the incoming air charge, oftentimes those cooling systems are designed for regular street use or the occasional flog on the street. To address these shortcomings, the team at Steeda Autosports has the solution that addresses this critical need – The Steeda High Efficiency Heat Exchanger. Designed for whatever you can throw at it, this cooling system is simply the ultimate solution to maintain the coolest temperature of your induction air.

Steeda’s in house engineering team developed an ultra high efficient heat exchanger that is the perfect upgrade for the supercharged Shelby GT500, Magnacharger, Whipple, or Roush supercharged Mustang GT.

With dimensions measuring 6″ tall, 26″ wide, and 4″ deep, our heat exchanger dwarf’s the factory Shelby GT500 unit and provides a 166% cooling capacity increase in Shelby GT500 applications. This results in substantially reduced air inlet temperatures. Reduced inlet temperatures mean more power with greatly reduced chances for detonation under boost under all driving conditions!

Don’t be deceived by “double pass core” claims to superiority over our 2-core single pass design. Surface area is king when it comes to cooling capacity, and no other heat exchanger on the market gives you the functional surface area ours does. Double pass core designs also force you to relocate hoses due to the inlet and outlet having to be on the same side. Our design does not require this modification for easier installation.

Steeda’s high efficiency heat exchanger comes with all mounting hardware for installation on Shelby GT500 applications. Requires minor modifications for use on Magnacharger, Whipple, and Roush supercharged applications. Consult with our Sales Professionals for specific information about your application and start getting all the power you can!

SteedaWhere Speed Matters

Introducing Steeda’s Charge Motion Delete Plugs

Are you bummed that you bought a 2009 or 2010 Mustang and found out that with the change in the intake manifold that you cannot use Steeda’s Charge Motion Plates to increase your airflow and deliver greater horsepower? This is because starting with the 2009 model year Mustangs, Ford Motor Company changed the intake manifold so that it is a single unit that includes the charge motion plate butterflies molded into the housing. Leave it to the speed techs at Steeda to engineer an inexpensive and highly effective fix that eliminates the butterflies and provides your intake air a clear shot into the combustion chamber – the Steeda’s 2009 Charge Motion Delete Plugs.

Machined from solid billet aluminum, these plugs are a great upgrade for your 2009-2010 Mustang. Easy to install with just basic tools, these allow you to remove the butterfly valves that restrict airflow and seal the housing with plugs from the kit that when completed will reduce turbulence and improve airflow in the intake path for more horsepower and torque!

Because our charge motion delete plugs are so effective at finding that “hidden horsepower” in your engine, you will be required to reflash your engine control module with either our Steeda’s Xcalibrator2, Steeda Predator tuner, or go all the way with our unique Adaptive Performance Calibration! Once tuned, our charge motion plate delete kit will not sacrifice any low end torque and will provide midrange and upper rpm horsepower and torque increases. Peak increases of 10 horsepower or more have been seen on naturally aspirated applications, and larger gains possible on supercharged engines. When combined with our industry leading Cold Air Intake, your performance gains are even more substantial. These are the same modifications we make on our famed Q350 Mustang series to deliver that asphalt rippin’ power to the pavement!

Sometimes the simplest and most inexpensive parts can provide you with the performance edge that you really need. Install our Charge Motion Delete Plugs today and maximize your power curve today!

Learn more about Steeda’s Charge Motion Delete Plugs by, Clicking Here.

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Steeda – Your Source for Ford Racing Performance Parts

Ford RacingIn addition to our line of performance parts and accessories, Steeda Autosports is very proud to offer to the Ford performance enthusiast the complete line of Ford Racing Performance Parts and accessories. From brake kits, cylinder heads, driveshaft assemblies, to complete engines, our combined comprehensive product offerings provide the performance enthusiast a “one stop shop” to go to for a complete line of performance parts and accessories for your Ford vehicle.

Every part that is in the Ford Racing catalog can be purchased from us at very competitive pricing – plus– you have free access to our telephone performance advisors who can offer you professional assistance that can clear the confusion and ensure you get the right part for your vehicle and that it performs the way you intended it to. So there is no need to go anywhere else for your performance needs when Steeda has it all!

Check out the complete line of Ford Racing Performance partsin Ford Racing’s Catalog or on our website at Then, make sure you call the Steeda Sales & Support Advisors on 954-960-0774 who can review with you your performance needs and make sure you get your car performing just right.

Steeda Autosports and Ford RacingPartners in Performance

Superior Handling – Steeda’s S197 Coilover System

Steeda Coil OversIf you want the best suspension system on the market today for your 2005 – 2009 Mustang, there is no doubt that you will have to include the Steeda Coilover System in your list of required improvements. Engineered to be far superior to any other adjustable or coil over suspension system available anywhere, our billet Coilover System for the S197 Mustang is the best designed, best engineered, and best manufactured system available anywhere!

While some competitive systems provide partial or no adjustment, our front coil over system is designed to use our exclusive proprietary upper strut mount kit that eliminates the weak factory upper spring perch which is prone to “popping” with increased spring rates and it provides +/- 1 degree of camber adjustment that is not available with the stock factory mount. The rear system also features ride height adjusters and accepts our coil over style spring. Included with every system we sell are our proprietary Tokico D-spec struts and shock absorbers that provide infinite simultaneous adjustment of compression and rebound.

Designed and manufactured by us under rigorous manufacturing processes that are certified by ISO/TS16949, QS-9000 & ISO 9001, our system features anodized parts for long lasting protection against oxidation and roller bearings to make adjustments a snap. Fully adjustable with a wide range of spring rates, the Steeda S197 Coilover System is THE SYSTEM used by leading and record setting racers both on the track and on the street.

A few of the key features that separate our system from the others include

  • The inclusion of a polyurethane insulator between the strut and the caster/camber plate provides for a firm – “non-bone jarring” ride quality under all conditions.
  • Roller Bearings are used for smooth and precise steering.
  • Our threaded adjuster uses a true Acme thread for higher load capacity and less chance of thread jamming/galling. Most coil-over kits from other competitors use regular screw threads and these are prone to damage from galling and dirt intrusion when trying to adjust them.
  • An integral part of this system is our ultra modular design for the caster-camber that is CNC machined for consistent, easy camber adjustment. Unlike cheap camber bolts, these plates allow for a much larger range of adjustment and remain consistent under load. While camber bolts tend to “walk” under loads changing your alignment settings and producing inconsistent handling and tire wear, our plates will hold their alignment settings under any load or condition and will allow you to add positive camber to reduce tire wear or negative camber for racing.
  • Our plates are made from nickel plated steel, not 6061 aluminum like the cheap copy cats that are not strong enough for a true coilover setup.
  • Highest range of adjustment of any system available.

Don’t settle for anything less, buy the best today! Steeda’s Coilover System is your sure way to dramatically improve the handling performance of your 2005 – 2009 Mustang.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Nitto Performance Tires – Life in The Fast Lane

At Steeda Autosports extensive testing on the racetrack and off is a matter of life as we strive to continually bring to market the best performance parts and accessories for the Ford performance enthusiast. Tires are no exception as we exhaustively test tires from virtually all manufacturers in the quest of providing the BEST tire available at any price. Our recommendation – only Nitto Tires !

No other performance tire line-up in the market today offers the performance capabilities that Nitto Tire delivers. Highest quality, outstanding performance, and cutting edge design make Nitto Tire THE leader in the performance tire market today and is the only tire manufacturer officially recommended and fully endorsed by Steeda Autosports.

Dario Orlando, President of Steeda Autosports states: “There is a substantial difference in performance tires today, much more than the average consumer would ever think there is. You cannot buy a tire based on the brand name your father bought – instead you need the proper tire design, compound, and tire pressure that will maximize your performance driving experience. I personally have tested Nitto Tires against all competitors and have found them to be the BEST tire available anywhere. I insist that they are standard equipment on all of our serialized performance vehicles as well on my personal vehicles I drive daily.”

Nitto Tire’s commitment is best exemplified by their Mission Statement which is a reflection of their history in the automotive industry and a look into the future direction of the needs of performance car enthusiasts: “Nitto Tire is fueled by the passion of enthusiasts. We fuse technology and innovation with creativity and art – Our tires celebrate personal expression and enhance the driving experience.”

They are no stranger to the performance arena as their venture of innovation and performance back in the mid 1990s. Included in their rich history was the development of what performance enthusiast’s needed in a high performance tire – the NT555, a combination of ultra high performance, aggressive design, and a long tread life. A longtime favorite of the Ford Mustang performance market, the NT555 continues to provide drivers with superior traction and reliable handling.

Building off the success of the NT555, Nitto has now released the all-new NT05. A street tire with competition worthy performance, the NT05 is the resulting product of extensive technological development and research. Beginning with proprietary computer aided design software, Nitto’s engineers were able to create a tread pattern with a large contact patch and yet still retain wet weather performance.

While development of Nitto’s NT05 continued on some of the world’s most punishing racetracks. Compound testing was performed at the famed Nurburgring in Germany, hundreds of road courses in the United States, and ultimately at Nitto’s own test track. Thousands of street miles were driven and evaluated to illustrate Nitto’s commitment to delivering higher quality products. In addition, Nitto’s patent-pending manufacturing processes in the United States and overseas produce tires with greater uniformity and balance compared to tires produced through conventional processes.

Nitto Tire develops performance tires for all uses, including racing, off-road and street applications. Using the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in the United States and overseas, Nitto provides innovative and high-quality performance tires for the most demanding automotive enthusiasts.

Feel free to call the Steeda Autosports performance hotline at 954-960-0774 and talk to one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives about ordering your set of Nitto Tires.

For more information about Nitto or its products, visit the company’s web site or contact the company directly. Nitto and Fueled by Enthusiasts are registered trademarks or trademarks of Nitto Tire U.S.A., Inc., located at 6021 Katella Ave., Ste 250, Cypress, CA 90630.

Steeda and NittoPartners in Performance