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The 2015 Steeda Q-Series Mustang – Pure American Muscle

2015 Steeda Q-Series Mustang The all-new line-up of Steeda Q-Series performance Mustangs are ready and eager to take on any challenge. With a full complement of strategic engine, chassis, suspension, and body modifications, these exclusive performance-bred vehicles elevate the iconic Mustang to a completely new level of power, precision and driving exhilaration. The new Steeda Q-Series delivers unequalled refinement. With standard naturally aspirated power of 480 horsepower, our optional power packages will amp up the power level and excitement to 650hp and even 775hp for the ultimate pony car war domination.

Realizing that power means nothing without stability and control, we’ve incorporated our proprietary precision-engineered Steeda G/Trac suspension and chassis modifications to keep the driver in command and deliver a level of performance that makes for an unbeatable combination on the street, racetrack, or dragstrip – all without sacrificing noise, vibration, or harshness.

On the exterior, we have elevated the Mustang to new heights by incorporating over 20 key component upgrades that form an integrated and cohesive performance package including:

  • A new wind tunnel-tested aerodynamically enhanced front fascia with an integrated lower chin splitter
  • Rear enhanced decklid spoiler
  • Powertrain induction and tuning upgrades
  • Performance free-flowing exhaust system
  • Substantial key front and rear suspension enhancements/upgrades, and much more…

The fitment of lightweight staggered 20” wheels and Nitto High Performance tires round out the package and not only add an aggressive look, but they also reduce un-sprung weight, further enhancing performance and providing far superior levels of car-to-road adhesion.

The Steeda Q-Series line of performance Mustangs offers something for everyone – the result of over 28+ years of uninterrupted Mustang performance engineering by Steeda Autosports. They are individually crafted with performance parts built in the USA under strict ISO 9001-2008 Certified Standards and are available with a wide variety of special performance options to suit your specific needs.

Our Commitment
From the value loaded Q450 Enforcer to the ultimate Q650 StreetFighter – the Steeda Q-Series has the power and performance levels to meet or exceed your expectations. At Steeda Autosports, we are not only committed to providing exhilarating levels of performance, but for peace of mind, all 2015 Steeda Q-Series Mustangs are covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty – your assurance of quality performance engineering by the leader in Mustang performance: Steeda Autosports. Our Steeda-manufactured performance parts are made under strict ISO 9001:2008 certified standards and are rigorously tested on the street, track, and dragstrip to provide you the complete satisfaction and confidence in owning the finest engineered and crafted performance Mustang available anywhere.

For More Information
Visit for complete information about our comprehensive line of Steeda performance vehicles including our Q-Series Mustangs, Steeda Focus ST, Steeda Fusion, and our newest offering, the Steeda F150 series. For Steeda Authorized Dealer and vehicle purchase information, please contact or call 954-633-5240. Your personalized Performance Vehicle Concierge will work with you and answer all of your questions to provide personalized service that will make your buying experience a memorable one.

Steeda – Speed Matters

2015 Steeda Mustang Product Development Updates

The launch of the all-new 2015 Mustang is underway and you can be assured that at Steeda Autosports, we are not resting on our laurels – our engineering team is already working diligently on a full complement of performance enhancements for the 2015 Mustang. Our race drivers/engineers have already been at the track with our cars testing and subjecting our performance parts to the most grueling “real track” conditions possible – proving that our performance parts indeed deliver the Steeda promise of superlative performance enhancements, rock-solid durability, and the best value for your money. press-release-1-1 Once virtual modeling and testing is completed, physical prototypes were created in-house and these parts are then installed on our 2015 Steeda Mustangs. Then, it is time for our comprehensive “real world” testing to commence – on the street, drag strip, and most importantly, at the race track, a step that others often shortcut. We never take shortcuts as we consistently always go the extreme to test and validate our products so you will never be disappointed. We track tested our Steeda S550 at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) for NVH levels and handling characteristics compared to the outgoing S197 model – we were surprisingly impressed with the performance of the 2015 Mustang, to say the least. We purposely embark on a costly and lengthy developmental testing program with the intent of gaining tremendous knowledge about the new Mustang S550 platform – information that could only have been obtained by rigorous and dynamic testing at the track by our seasoned race/development team of drivers. There is an old saying in the auto circles: “Racing will either prove the theory or destroy it” – rest assured, every part we Steeda creates will be subjected to the most rigorous race testing possible. press-release-3-1 For the 2015 Mustang platform, we are developing comprehensive suspension system enhancements, chassis stiffening components and engine upgrade components (cold air intakes and tunes) that will further enhance the overall vehicle’s performance without compromising the vehicle dynamics – performance gains are what we specialize in and you will be very pleased. Steeda – Speed Matters

Steeda Supports the 2014 Annual Patriot Day Car Cruise to the Keys

September 11, 2001 was the date of one of the most terrible tragedies ever to occur on American soil. For the 10th straight year, the Stangs of South Florida, an automotive enthusiast club and internet forum made up of over 1,000 local members who all drive and share the passion for the Ford Mustang, reunited to pay tribute to those who lost their lives that sad day, and also to commemorate our many wounded warriors. The Patriot Day Car Cruise was proudly sponsored by Steeda Autosports and is an annual fundraiser event that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project.

9/11 Patriot Run

9/11 Patriot Run

This year, even threatening weather could not hold back the diehard Mustang enthusiasts as the event had its largest crowd ever commemorating September 11th and supporting our wounded warriors.

The day started under the threat of bad weather, but that didn’t stop anybody as there was a procession of over 150 cars led by a special Miami-Dade Police car and also one of very our special prototype Steeda F150 trucks. The sight of all of these vehicles together in procession, all commemorating 9/11 was indeed captivating and also memorizing. The procession departed Tropical Park in Miami, and traveled to its destination at Robbie’s Marina in the Keys.

Cars Are Rolling In!

In addition to the procession, there was also a car show where special awards were given to the top vehicles on display and an ensuing commemorative party where many toasts and salutes were made to those who lost their lives that sad day and also to our many wounded warriors and first responders.

This Hood is Quite Patriotic!

This Hood is Quite Patriotic!

Everyone at Steeda Autosports proudly supports the Patriot Day Car Cruise and we hold in the highest esteem all of those who lost their life that day as well as all of our wounded warriors and first responders.

Steeda – Speed Matters

Steeda Supports the 4th Annual “Get Your Heart Racing” Event

This past weekend Ford sponsored the 4th annual Henry Ford Hospital “Get Your Heart Racing” charity event and Steeda Autosports was there to proudly support what has become one of the largest charity racing events to date. The annual event attracts racing and auto enthusiasts from all over the midwest and consistently raises record contributions to benefit the Henry Ford Hospital locally. Over the past 3 years “Get Your Heart Racing” has raised more than $ 1.8 million and the total will continue to grow once the final donations are tallied.

"Get Your Heart Racing' Mustang 5.0

“Get Your Heart Racing’ Mustang 5.0

The event began with a Pit Party Reception on Friday evening in downtown Detroit’s famous Eastern Market area. On display at the reception was the fabulous Borg Warner Indianapolis 500 Trophy (valued at over $ 3.5 million) along with an equally impressive assortment of historic and notable race and pace cars. Also included in the display were the Steeda sponsored American Iron series race cars belonging to Ford’s own Robin Burnett and Anders Sjoblom. Another iconic vehicle on display was the Indianapolis 500 Lola race car driven by Detroit native Robbie Buhl, and the historic Indianapolis Ford Mustang Pace cars from 1965, 1979, and 1994.

Borg Warner Indianapolis 500 Trophy

Borg Warner Indianapolis 500 Trophy

1965 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

1965 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

1979 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

1979 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

1994 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

1994 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

This year Ford took the opportunity to feature the newest addition to the Mustang corral – the very special 2015 Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition which will be auctioned at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas. This unique 50 Year Limited Edition Ford Mustang carries the coveted badge # 1,964 referencing the first production year of Mustang, and it is # 50 of the special Limited Edition series. This sought after Mustang will be auctioned with all proceeds going to the “Get Your Heart Racing” charity. The auction is expected to attract and generate an elite group of competitive bidders and enthusiasts all vying to own a piece of Mustang history.

Steeda / Rehagen Racing Cars

Steeda / Rehagen Racing Cars

“Ford Test Track”

“Ford Test Track”

Attendees were treated to the facilities of the awesome Ford Motor Company’s Dearborn Development Center – also known for the “Ford Test Track.” To keep the adrenaline flowing, attendees were invited to sample the heart-pounding excitement of some fast laps as passengers with Ford’s professional / celebrity drivers, or for those with a personal need for speed a few laps behind the wheel to test their skills. Ford and Steeda both provided an assortment of cars and trucks for enthusiasts to tackle some of the handling and off-road segments of the test track, and experience the excitement of a day at the track.

Steeda / Rehagen Racing

Steeda / Rehagen Racing

The Steeda / Rehagen Racing team drivers of Robin Burnett and Anders Sjoblom put on their racing suits and helmets to provide heart-pounding rides in their Steeda sponsored race cars for any adrenaline seekers willing to endure the high G forces generated by a fully prepared Steeda full race Mustang. Judging from the grins the long wait was worth every minute!

Steeda / Rehagen Racing

Steeda / Rehagen Racing

None of these wonderful activities would have been possible without the significant support of Ford Motor Company’s Dearborn Development Center. As expected, the event also brought out Ford’s top management team to help keep the donations and energy flowing.

Events like this take careful planning and support, and a special thanks is in order for John Felice, Ford Motor Company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America, and Raj Nair, Ford Motor Company Group Vice President of Global Product Development who generously donated their personal and professional effort to insure the success of such a worthwhile charity. In addition, we would like to recognize Lynn and Paul Alandt (Honorary Chairpersons for Get Your Heart Racing) and Roger Penske and Andra Rush, the most recent additions to the Honorary Committee, whose time and presence made this event so successful. Ford Motor Company, Steeda Autosports, along with many other key automotive suppliers are committed to finding a cure for heart disease.

Steeda – Speed Matters

The Best Supercharger for Your Mustang is…

At Steeda Autosports, our DNA mandates that we are constantly testing and pushing the levels of vehicle performance above and beyond the norm – all in the quest of ensuring that our customers have the option of purchasing the best performance products available anywhere. When it comes to superchargers, we have done a tremendous amount of testing on the dyno, on the street, at the drag strip and at the race track – and we can unequivocally state that there is only one type of supercharger that we have found that offers the sustained power and efficiency in an integrated package.

There are essentially two types of superchargers in the market today, a Roots type and a Centrifugal type – and there are major reasons why you should only consider one over all others. These reasons all are based on our real world performance evaluations, not marketing hype or driven by profits – rather these are our own observations after thousands upon thousands of miles of rigorous testing. Let us explain…

Steeda's Q650 Vortech Supercharged Mustang 5.0L GT Equipped With Steeda's Cold Air Intake

Steeda’s Q650 Vortech Supercharged Mustang 5.0L GT Equipped With Steeda’s Cold Air Intake

Roots Type Superchargers

Many auto manufacturers opt for the Roots type supercharger for a variety of reasons, the most prevalent reason being lower Tier 1 cost. It should be noted that this type of supercharger is not actually a compressor – rather it is just an air mover. Specifically, air moves on the housing sides within the rotors voids. By virtue of moving air into the cylinder heads at a higher rate than the engine consumes it, pressure is built. But sustained efficiency and power are lacking for a variety of reasons, namely:

Heat Soak Effect – This is a major issue with the Roots design that is sold today and it simply cannot be avoided with this type of design. Whenever you operate a Roots type supercharger, it is probable that almost half of the input power is consumed to make heat rather than power – essentially creating a parasitic power drain on the engine. We have equipped our own race cars with the best Roots system money can buy, only to discover that after just a few laps the engine becomes heat soaked and power levels dramatically decrease. Even with extensive intercoolers, you simply cannot overcome this devastating issue – we have tried to no avail. Advocates of the Roots systems will usually showcase dyno runs on cool engines, preferring not to show a real world effect that driving on the street or racing would have as the engine warms up and loses its performance gains.

Weight – We all know that weight is the enemy of performance, a typical Roots supercharger easily outweighs a Centrifugal type and in addition, it requires a more substantial cooling system – adding yet even more weight to the supercharger package – and this weight is at the worst possible location, by being principally on top of the engine raising your vehicle’s center of gravity.

Efficiency – Adiabatic efficiency (the real measure of a supercharger’s efficiency) is where the Roots type fails miserably with efficiency ratios typically in the low 50% or below range. This causes excessive heat build-up and parasitic drag on your engine. Centrifugal type superchargers operate typically in the mid to upper 70% range. The major cause of this inefficiency is based on the inherent design of the Roots system where you have reversion occurring as the rotors open up and pressure is normalized in the manifold.

Boost curve – Advocates of Roots systems point out that they make their power at low RPMs. While this is true, this feature is actually much less helpful than it appears. Realizing that excessive boost cannot be utilized at these low speeds due to traction limitations and also on most engines the ignition timing must be significantly retarded to avoid destructive detonation. Additionally, low engine speed is not where power is made… rather it is the higher RPM band where you want your boost and subsequent power and this is where the centrifugal supercharger really shines.

Removal of Tuned Intake Runners – Installation of a Roots type supercharger requires removal of the tuned intake runners – resulting in a loss of those free benefits – whereas a Centrifugal Supercharger leverages the tuned intake runner benefit to the max.

Centrifugal Superchargers

Serious performance aficionados and racers know the real benefits that centrifugal superchargers provide. When you want serious supercharger power, power that is available before your engine gets heat soaked, and power that is available when you need it – then the only alternative is a centrifugal supercharger. As part of our real world testing, we have tried all of the most popular superchargers under essentially all conditions. At the extreme level, when we equipped our #20 race car with a Vortech supercharger and ran some of the most grueling laps possible at Sebring, Daytona, and Palm Beach Raceway, we obtained absolutely superb results… far better and much more consistent results than when we had a Roots type installed on it. On our street cars we have put untold thousands of miles testing under virtually all conditions – hot, cold, wet, dry, stop light to stop light, and on the drag strip and autocross track… all with the same truly exceptional results. Vortech supercharger systems are a great value. Dollar for dollar, Vortech systems deliver more horsepower than virtually any other method of upgrade. Also, driven normally, gas mileage often increases rather than decreases.

With power that does not fade, superior efficiency, and full 50 state emission compliance, the Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger earns the Steeda Seal of Approval as being our preferred supercharger of choice.

Steeda’s Q650 Vortech Supercharged Mustang 5.0L GT

Steeda’s Q650 Vortech Supercharged Mustang 5.0L GT

Attention ALL S550 – 2015 Mustang Owners

For those power hungry early adopters of the S550 2015 Mustang GT that want enhanced power from their 5.0L engine, rest assured that Steeda Autosports is actively working with Vortech Engineering on the development and distribution of a supercharger solution. We are expecting great things from this complete package and look forward to an announcement shortly on this performance package.

Additionally, you can count on Steeda Autosports for ALL of your performance needs for this new Mustang model – from supercharger kits, suspension enhancements, and wheel/tire fitments to many more items, we are your “One Stop Shop” that will be specializing in S550 2015 Mustang performance parts.

SteedaSpeed Matters

4th of July Message from Steeda Autosports

Oftentimes we may forget the real meaning of the 4th of July Holiday, hence it is very important that at this time we focus on the American spirit and the people that defend it, because it is what separates us from the rest of the world. As President Ronald Reagan once stated: “…putting people first has always been America’s secret weapon. It’s the way we’ve kept the spirit of our revolution alive—a spirit that drives us to dream and dare, and take great risks for a greater good. It’s the spirit of Fulton, the Wright brothers and Lindbergh, and of all our astronauts. It’s the spirit of Joe Louis, Babe Ruth, and a million others who may have been born poor, but who would not be denied their day in the Sun”.


Special thanks should be provided this and every day to the defenders of our liberty – the men and women of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and other public servants, as they make great sacrifices to ensure that our freedom and liberties are protected from compromise and are never taken away from us. We are all indebted to them for their countless sacrifices and endless dedication they provide.

There is so much to celebrate this holiday weekend – so together let’s reflect, be thankful, and enjoy some quality relaxing time with our loved ones and most importantly – have some fun!

Steeda supports and employs American workers and Veterans.

All the Best,
From The Entire Steeda Staff

SteedaSpeed Matters®/Power to The People®

Memorial Day Message From Steeda President, Dario Orlando

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is much more than a welcome break from work, a time for outdoor barbecues or a day at the beach – it is the time for us to take stock of the present, reflect on the past, and renew our commitment to the future of our great country.

Today, as in the past, there are problems in this country that must be solved and challenges that must be met – nevertheless, it is the time for all Americans to come together and pay tribute to all of our Service Men and Women who have fought and died in defense of our country and for our freedom. It is a day to for all to take time and reflect on the service and sacrifice of these heroes, and to honor those American families for whom Memorial Day is another day of longing for their loved ones.

On behalf of everyone at Steeda Autosports, we proudly salute all of our fallen heroes and sincerely thank them and their families for the freedom we all enjoy today. Additionally, we honor those brave Americans that today serve in our Armed Forces as they make continued sacrifices as they protect the American freedom and liberty that we so preciously enjoy and cherish.

God Bless the USA
Dario Orlando, President Steeda Autosports, Inc

SteedaAn American Company Saluting our Armed Forces

Steeda Salutes Mustang’s 50th Anniversary

Congratulations to the Ford Motor Company on its 50 years of outstanding success of building the one and only real American pony car – the Ford Mustang. The memories and excitement that Ford Motor Company has provided us with the Mustang over the years are what true automotive dreams are made of.

2014 Steeda Mustang

2014 Steeda Q Series Mustang

Steeda Autosports is proud to be an official sponsor of the Mustang 50th Anniversary Event at Charlotte and we salute Ford Motor Company’s Design, Engineering, Production, and Sales and Marketing Teams for their ongoing commitment to Americas favorite pony car. The commitments that Ford Motor Company has provided over the past 50 years are a reflection of the dedication and resolve that they have at making the Mustang a perennial favorite American pony car – one that is perfect for cruising the open road, racing on a track, or blasting down the ¼ mile, the Mustang is a true one of a kind!

Additionally we want to also thank all of the Mustang owners and Mustang enthusiasts that have purchased and supported the Mustang brand and made it what it is today. It is because of these Mustang loyalists that Steeda Autosports exists today and for that we are indeed forever grateful.

Happy Birthday Mustang from your friends at Steeda Autosports!

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Suspensions Deliver the “Need for Speed”

Recently DreamWorks Pictures’ hit movie “Need for Speed” had it’s debut in theaters world-wide and the overriding star of the movie is a specially constructed and modified 2014 Mustang GT500 wide-body coupe. The movie is filled with action packed stunts and fast-paced driving as the starring Mustang holds its own against a variety of supercars from around the world. Steeda Autosports was actively involved with the preparation of the movie, supplying all of the various upgraded suspension components that turned the stock Mustang into an asphalt-carving performance machine.

Need For Speed Mustang

When you need a car to hold up to the rigors of abuse and harsh performance driving that is demanded by a thrilling action packed Hollywood movie, you can count on Steeda Autosports to provide the level of performance and reliability that can take the most severe punishment possible… on the street, track, and even in a Hollywood movie! The Steeda components on the “Need for Speed” Mustang are identical to the parts we manufacture and sell today – and you can get them at

Steeda suspension parts used on the Need for Speed Mustang included:

  • Steeda Coil Over Assembly
  • Steeda Panhard Bar
  • Steeda Upper Control Arm
  • Steeda Upper Control Arm Mount
  • Steeda Billet Aluminum Control Arms
  • Steeda Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Assemblies
  • Steeda Control Arm Relocation Brackets
  • Steeda Rear Axle Relocation Brackets

For the lovers of speed, Need for Speed is loaded with both crashes and car chases. Best summarized as a high-octane epic, this exciting and often funny movie more than delivers enough intense car chase entertainment to keep gearheads estatic. With its car chases, crashes, wild jumps and gas-guzzling sense of adventure, the film is a throwback to car classics such as Bullitt and Vanishing Point. But it’s all delivered in a very smooth and very modern style

It is a story that chronicles a near-impossible cross-country journey – one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption. Based on the most successful racing video game franchise ever with over 140 million copies sold, “Need for Speed” captures the freedom and excitement of the game in a real-world setting, while bringing to life the passion for the road that has made our love of cars so timeless.

Need For Speed Mustang

So make some time, and make sure you go to the theater and watch Need for Speed – it is a thrilling movie that definitely delivers Mustang excitement. And if your Mustang has that “need for speed” – visit for all your performance part needs.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Developing 2015 Mustang Parts

Steeda Autosports – the largest independent manufacturer of performance parts for Ford vehicles is actively involved in the ongoing development of performance parts and accessories for the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. For this all-new platform, we are developing comprehensive suspension system enhancements, chassis stiffening components, and engine upgrade components (tunes and cold air intakes) that will further enhance the overall vehicle ‘s performance without compromising the vehicle dynamics. All of our development work is being done under strict ISO 9001:2008 Globally Certified Processes – ensuring that purchasers of our parts get the highest quality level possible with the maximum amount of performance gain.

2015 Mustang Parts

Our plan is to have a complete array of parts available when the 2015 Mustang is available for initial sale – so that way those lucky individuals that get the first cars will not have to wait for a 2015 Mustang Cold Air Intake or a 2015 Mustang Performance Tune. If your desire is for handling enhancements, no need to worry because we will have your back covered with a complete array of 2015 Mustang Suspension upgrades including 2015 Mustang Lowering Springs, 2015 Mustang Chassis Stiffening components, 2015 Mustang Bumpsteer Kits, and much more. For those that are more inclined to track or drag race their car, rest assured that we will have the most complete product offerings to beef up the 2015 Mustang independent rear suspension (IRS) so that no matter how much power your 5.0 makes, nothing will break.

For 2015 Mustang wheels we are working on a complete line of fitments that will allow you to run wider Nitto tires for improved traction and grip. Want a 2015 Mustang exhaust kit with reduced back pressure and enhanced sound, we will have that too! From 2015 Mustang Brakes, 2015 Mustang Shifters, to 2015 Mustang Power Packs, you can count on Steeda to be YOUR source for all 2015 Mustang Performance Parts.