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Remembering a Legend – Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby, a former chicken farmer who roared out of the hills of East Texas to become a champion race car driver and the father of the muscle car, building some of the fastest and sleekest sports cars ever to hit the highway, died May 10 at age 89.

Carroll Shelby was nearly 30 years old before he entered his first car race – a quarter-mile drag meet in 1952. The hot rod he drove to the finish line that day was powered by a Ford V8 and cemented into history his long term relationship with Ford Motor Company. Later, Carroll Shelby was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1957, when he won 19 consecutive road races, and was twice was named the magazine’s driver of the year. In 1959, he became the second American-born driver to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race driving for the Aston Martin Racing Team (along with his British teammate, Roy Salvadori).

When a persistent heart condition forced him to retire from racing in 1960, Mr. Shelby turned his efforts towards the automotive aftermarket. Determined to make the fastest sports car on the road, Carroll mated a Ford 289 V-8 engine in the chassis of a little-known British AC Roadster and dubbed his new car the Shelby Cobra and created a legend. In addition to this highly successful effort, Carroll created many other performance vehicles including the GT500s and collaborated with Ford on the original Ford GT40 and later the Ford GT supercar programs.

The entire team at Steeda Autosports mourns the passing of Carroll Shelby and sincerely appreciates the many collaborative efforts that he has done for the Ford performance enthusiast over the years.

One of The World’s Fastest 5.0 Mustangs Uses Steeda Parts

For IMMEDIATE Release – May 7, 2012

When Chris Cruz, just like many of us, had a “need” to have the fastest 2011 5.0L Mustang in the world. We all know that to accomplish this task it takes some major horsepower, a wide array of performance parts, and some excellent workmanship to make it all happen. Enlisting the assistance of Evolution Performance, they developed a 1,002 RWHP / 1,070 RWTQ performance behemoth that would most certainly provide the huge amount of raw power needed to propel the ‘Stang into the 8 second range with a run of 8.99 at 153 MPH!

Suffice to say, having over 1,000 RWHP presents quite a few issues when you pull the trigger and release ALL of that intense power at one time to blast down the quarter mile. When it came to sourcing the very best suspension parts to harness that power – Evolution Performance chose suspension components from Steeda Autosports – parts that are renown for their durability both on the street and on the track. For this extreme duty application, the following regular Steeda production parts were chosen by Evolution Performance as they knew they would stand up to the extreme torture that they would be subjected to:

In additional to harnessing all of the power – we all know that weight is the enemy of Mustang performance – and to save precious pounds from the front-end, Evolution Performance installed our Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support (P/N 555 5080) which is made for light 4130 Chrome moly steel material. This quality manufactured tubular part is 50% of the weight of the stock steel unit and yet is still strong enough for you to run your front swaybar when not at the drag strip! In fact, this item is the perfect item for the road course/autocross car to reduce front-end weight and improve weight distribution.

Note that these are not some special “racer only” parts or parts that were specially “one-off” fabricated parts – they are the regular production quality parts that we designed, manufactured, and sell daily to Mustang owners over the world. Proof that the quality that we instill into EVERY part we provide!

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Performance Vehicle Program

Strategically engineered modifications, aggressive road-gripping suspensions, addictive driving dynamics, menacing good looks, gut-wrenching power, and precision powertrain tuning for optimum performance are the essential ingredients for pure hardcore driving excitement.   This is the no-holds-barred guiding philosophy that drives the passionate Steeda Autosports Team and it shows in every performance vehicle we design and build.

We know that today’s demanding drivers accept no limits when it comes to performance. The entire Steeda performance vehicle line-up offers the ultimate evolution of performance engineering for the rabid community of enthusiasts who demand matchless muscle, uncompromised handling capabilities, and a handcrafted level of quality from master trained engineers and certified technicians.

The comprehensive portfolio of vehicles offered through this program provides a wide selection for different driver needs and desires.  The following performance icons will be available exclusively from select Steeda Authorized and Certified Ford dealers nationwide:

2013 Steeda Q Series Mustangs

2013 Steeda Q600 StreetFighter - The Ultimate

The Steeda StreetFighter is a modern legend ready and eager to take on any challenge.   A complement of strategic performance modifications elevate the iconic Mustang to a completely different level.  The exclusive Steeda G-Trac Suspension System with its fully adjustable damping and specially-tuned components provides an exhilarating driving experience with outstanding driving dynamics. Conceived as the ultimate performance Mustang destined to reign supreme in the Pony Wars, the StreetFighter can be comfortably driven daily, but has all the necessary equipment to be a weekend warrior on the racetrack or drag-strip.

The Steeda StreetFighter is a total package that represents the ultimate evolution of expertise over 25-years Mustang performance engineering by Steeda Autosports.  It is available with the most extensive suspension upgrades we have ever included on a production vehicle – including our Watt’s Link Suspension system. There is simply no other serialized Mustang available today that offers the aggressive styling and performance attitude of this ultimate competitor.

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2013 Steeda Q450 – Enforcer - The Iconic 5.0 Reborn

The Steeda Q450 was designed for hardcore, power-hungry performance enthusiasts who want the most Mustang muscle for their money, period.   It starts with the 5.0-liter aluminum block V8 that’s a modern interpretation of the legendary Ford power plant.  With a bevy of Steeda performance upgrades, this naturally-aspirated beast will churn out plenty of pure pony power to humble the competition.  Power means nothing without control, so the Q450 precision-engineered suspension and chassis modifications keep the driver in command and deliver the level of performance that make it an unbeatable combination delivering pure driving excitement.

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Steeda Q350 Sport - Pure Adrenaline

When it comes to performance, the Steeda Q350 has been engineered to deliver the kind of gut-wrenching power you expect from Steeda Autosports in an affordable V6 Mustang package. The naturally aspirated 3.7L V6 features a variety of proprietary Steeda powertrain components and when combined with the many standard suspension modifications, they make the Q350 a total package that delivers on the Steeda promise that Speed Matters!  Overall, the Steeda Q350 has a distinctive design from front to back and delivers performance engineering that will help you blow the doors off the competition.

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2012 Steeda Fusion Sport - A Stealth Road Warrior

The 2012 Steeda Fusion Sport is conceived for the enthusiast who wants an all-American four-door alternative to European performance sedans. The Steeda Autosports transformation of the 2012 Ford Fusion platform is nothing short of dramatic. The Steeda Fusion Sport incorporates strategic modifications and precision tuning that turn it into a true high performance sedan with an aggressive look that will turn heads even when standing still. This domestic road warrior is ready to challenge the imports with the kind of increased power, assertive handling, and taut suspension that serious drivers have come to expect from a Steeda Autosports creation.

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2012 Steeda Focus Sport - Highly Addictive

With European heritage and a global design, every Ford Focus offers addictive driving dynamics, but the Steeda Focus Sport delivers an exhilarating experience that will satisfy even the most demanding performance junkies. On the street or on the track, the Steeda Focus Sport is a unique package with increased performance, improved handling, aggressive looks and competitive feel to make a true automotive enthusiast want to climb behind the wheel and stay there.

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2012 Steeda Fiesta Sport - Fun to drive

The Steeda Fiesta Sport comes standard with handling and performance upgrades to excite the most uncompromising compact car enthusiasts.  Specially tuned for the kind of road-gripping handling that small car fanatics demand, we have equipped this vehicle with a variety of specially tuned performance enhancements that deliver an even sportier ride to enhance your driving  qaffordable high-performance sport compact that delivers plenty of driving thrills and pays off on the Steeda promise that “Speed Matters”!

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And Much More…

In addition to the above stable of performance vehicles, we also will be announcing and subsequently producing a series of specially modified, limited edition vehicles that will include:

  • Raceskinz Limited Edition Mustang – a bespoke limited edition that provides all the performance elements you expect from Steeda with all of the unique luxury and cosmetic enhancements that Raceskinz is famous for
  • Steeda Certified GT500 – Elevates the GT500 to an entirely different level of world-class handling and performance- Steeda Certified Boss 302 – Include extensive suspension and powertrain enhancements that transform the Boss 302 into a terror on the asphalt
  • Steeda Police Pursuit – Specially modified vehicles for Law Enforcement and Homeland Security operations – available in stealth and marked versions.  Sales restricted to Police/Government use only.

For more detailed information and specific pricing you may check out our new vehicle section by, clicking here.  For dealer and purchase information, please contact Rob Lefrancois, Steeda Performance Vehicles Global Manager of Serialized Vehicles at or call him directly at 954-629-1233.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Proudly Made in The U.S.A.

Steeda is proud to be featured in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s “Make it in America” campaign. (Click here to see the feature)

We would also like to thank WORZ 104.3 FM radio and Frank Patterson for having Dario Orlando on the air to talk about Steeda’s commitment to America and our support of the American worker.

At Steeda we pride ourselves in making the best products manufactured in America by American workers.  With our state of the art facility in Valdosta, Georgia and our company headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, we proudly help support our local and national economies. There has never been a better or more important time to buy American made products than right now.

At Steeda we are proud to produce all Steeda brand parts right here in the USA.

Steeda Offers a Full Line of Boss 302 Performance Products

The new Ford Mustang Boss 302 is viewed by many as the best overall Mustang Ford has ever produced. As good as it is in original form Steeda has found ways to improve it and take it to the next level.

Starting  with the suspension, the Steeda Boss springs are designed to slightly lower the vehicle in the front and lower the rear approximately 3/4”. With the front height remaining largely unchanged, the front roll center geometry remains optimal.  However, by substantially increasing spring rates, body roll is reduced as is nose diving during heavy braking. Thanks to our years of experience with Mustangs, we are able to do this and still maintain near stock ride quality characteristics.

2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca

We have also designed several levels of suspension packages that include our awesome Boss springs, adjustable front and rear swaybars , adjustable upper strut mounts and more to achieve the maximum handling potential of the Boss 302 Mustang.With the new Boss 302 Mustang comes the new Boss 302 engine. We took our years of experience building performance proven cold air induction kits and designed a kit tailor made for this heavy breathing new engine. Starting with a high flow filter we added our “race tested” velocity stack” entry, this is located within a stainless steel heat shield with a rubber gasket to seal it against the hood. We also retain the factory cold air feed duct from the front bumper. We then added a 101mm MAF housing which is coupled to a new high flow inlet tube with our Cool-Tube technology.  All of this adds up to 30 plus horsepower when combined with the required custom tune that compensates for the increased airflow.

So if you are looking to get the most out of your Boss 302 Mustang, look no further than Steeda Autosports!

Holiday Message Steeda Founder, Dario Orlando

On behalf of the entire team at Steeda Autosports, I want to wish all of our customers, friends, and industry partners the very best during this Holiday Season.  As we reflect upon the past year, everyone at Steeda Autosports fully realizes just how fortunate we are to have such loyal and dedicated customers that support our passion for performance – for that, we are all extremely grateful.

As we embark into 2012, it is very important to remember to enjoy the simple things in life that matter most, and to maintain a lifestyle that keeps a strong family focus in everything you do, because it is these things in life that really matter most.  And let’s not forget about our dedicated service men and women in our armed forces during this Holiday Season – it is because of their sacrifices that we all can enjoy a safe and free holiday celebration once again this year.

From myself and the entire Steeda Autosports Team – have a very happy holiday and prosperous New Year and we look forward to supporting your performance needs in 2012 and beyond.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Launches Online LIVE Chat Assistance

At Steeda Autosports we do far more than just engineer, manufacture, and sell performance parts and accessories for Ford vehicles.  Customer service is a key ingredient in everything we do both before, during, and after the sale.   We have a staff of highly trained and knowledgeable sales / technical professionals that are committed to assisting you with your performance needs.  In response to popular demand, we have launched a new internet-based LIVE CHAT function that provides our customers with yet another method to correspond with us.

No matter what your preference for communication is, whether it is by telephone, by email, in person, or by chatting – we are committed to offer you the highest flexibility in customer support to meet and exceed your expectations.  So when you are shopping for that performance part or accessories, there are now four different communication channels available to suite your needs.

SteedaSpeed Matters

MM&FF at the Test Track with a 5.0

Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords recently traveled to Gainsville Raceway where they did an on-track evaluation of the basic Steeda suspension upgrades to a 2011 5.0L Mustang GT.  In a no-holes barred evaluation, MM&FF Associate Editor Marc Christ reveals the benefits that a modest suspension upgrade of shocks, springs, struts and swaybars can make to your Mustang.

By first testing the pony to gain it’s baseline performance figures on the track and on the skidpad, they then did a trackside swap of some basic Steeda suspension upgrade components, and then immediately went back on the track and skidpad with the same driver under the same identical weather conditions for an honest re-evaluation – for the results, you just have to see the video!

Suffice to say, the video does an outstand job of showcasing the before and after performance of the Mustang, revealing the degree of lean, it’s trackside manners, as well as it’s skidpad performance before and after the swap.   In addition, they also show just how easy it is to perform the suspension upgrades with relatively simple mechanic tools.

Now – just imagine what could be done to the car’s performance level if you added a few more of our suspension components (lower trailing arms, bumpsteer kit, Watt’s Link, etc)….the results would be even more dramatic.   Remember – on the track, every fraction of a second on a lap can make the difference between just finishing the race, or finishing in first place.  At Steeda, we are meticulous at getting every ounce of performance that can be obtained from a ride without sacrificing ride quality, your Ford warranty, or raping your pocketbook.  Remember – more races have been won, more records have been set, and more racing championships have been decided with Steeda Autosports performance parts than any other brand on the market today.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Get Your Heart Racing

On October 15, 2011, the Henry Ford Hospital’s Get Your Heart Racing charity event took place on the grounds of the super-secret Ford Motor Company Dearborn Proving Grounds. The event raised over $750,000 to benefit the Henry Ford Hospital.   Both racing legend Parnelli Jones and three-time X Games Gold Medalist and two-time Formula Drift champion Tanner Foust got their heart racing when they drove the 690 HP Steeda StreetFighter on the Ford handling course at speed.

Both Tanner Foust and Parnelli Jones were equally impressed with the outstanding handling of the StreetFighter and they were especially impressed with it’s nimble steering feedback as well as the exceptional manner in which it was able to handle the twisty turn and elevation changes that the course challenges drivers with.

In addition to the Steeda StreetFighter, event attendees were also treated to rides in a slew of Boss 302 Mustangs as well as some F150 Raptors on a challenging off-road course. When you add in a wet skid-pad area as well as a drag strip, the afternoon event was an experience that was indeed exceptional.  A grand finale featured Parnelli Jones driving a Boss 302 with Ford Marketing Executive John Felice and Tanner Foust doing a serious burnout in a Ford Racing supercharged 5.0L Mustang.

During the evening that was hosted by Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally, a one-of-a kind Boss 302 Laguna Seca designed by Ford Designer Melvin Betancourt with one-of-a-kind Parnelli Jones graphics was auctioned off for $300,000, and an original Camilo Pardo oil painting that was signed by Parnelli Jones sold for $10,000.  In total – over $750,000 was raised for the Henry Ford Hospital ensuring that inaugural event will become a reoccurring event next year!

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Wins the 2011 CMC2 National Championship

The Camaro-Mustang Challenge Racing 2 Series (CMC2) is the forum where newer model V-8 powered Mustangs and Camaros come together and race in a highly competitive series.  With the race cars so evenly matched, the racing is as close, exciting, and challenging as it gets.  For the 2011 season, the CMC2 National Champion is Anders Sjoblom – and he won the national championship driving a completely Street Legal Steeda Mustang!

Anders Sjoblom is your typical motorsports enthusiast, he loves fast cars, likes to push the envelope in everything he does, and racing his Steeda Mustang allows him to have the competitive experiences that makes all his hard work worth while.  While many race teams are BIG $$$ operations that are heavily financed and have huge support behind them, Anders takes a better approach to his racing efforts and uses a completely street legal Steeda Mustang as his car of choice to dominate on the race track.  Being an automotive enthusiast with a strong desire to have fun and to test his driving skills on the racetrack, Anders used his analytical insight to rely on Steeda Autosports for his performance parts and modifications – and the Steeda Q Series was his Mustang of choice.

When you look at his record this season, you have to be impressed with his many successes.  With a total of 17 races, Anders was able to finish on the podium a total of 16 times – with a record 8 1st place finishes, 4 2nd place finishes – a truly impressive accomplishment on it’s own, and when you take into consideration that this is his second consecutive National Championship, it is even more amazing!

To underscore the street-ability nature of his race car, following his championship clinching victory at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Anders Steeda Mustang was loaded onto a transport trailer with another race car for the several hundred mile journey back to his home.   After only a few miles on the road, the transport trailer encountered a structural problem that required them to unload one of the cars so as to enable them to safely limp the trailer back home.   Needless to say, Anders off-loaded his Steeda Mustang and then proceeded to drive it like he was out for a leisurely Sunday cruise.   Imagine the looks he received from the many onlookers when they saw a street-legal, championship winning, yellow Steeda Mustang with a full roll-cage and race graphics driving on the interstate!

Anders Sjoblom’s fantastic accomplishments underscore the overall success that Steeda Autosports has realized since our inception.   In our 23 years of uninterrupted operation and racing, Steeda equipped cars have won more races, more championships, and set more records than ALL of our competitors combined.  More than Roush, Shelby, and Saleen combined.

SteedaSpeed Matters