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Steeda Autosport at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Every November, the Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off the season of major auto shows and is considered by many to be one of the top four premier auto shows held in North America. Once again this year, Steeda Autosports has a vehicle on display at this prestigious event – a Steeda Q450 Enforcer that is a showpiece for some of our latest products that we are bringing to market. Located in the Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) display at the show, this unique Q450 Enforcer is referred to as our “Carbon Edition” as it is the debut vehicle for a new line of Mustang Carbon Fiber parts that elevate the Mustang to an entirely different level of appearance and performance.

The Team at Galpin Ford/Galpin Auto Sports knows a thing or two about automobiles as they have been customizing them since the 1960s – and it is no surprise that in their display this year they selected a very special Mustang – our own Steeda Q450 Enforcer that is equipped with our newest product offering – authentic carbon fiber accessories by Raceskinz® which are available directly from Steeda Autosports. These are actual carbon fiber parts made to the highest standards in the industry – not some cheap imitation parts that will discolor or fail early into their life cycle – these are the real deal – Made in the USA. Raceskinz® brings the “Heat to the Street” as they continue to drop fresh designs and ideas on the new Mustang culture with their unique “SwagTech” design philosophy, which combines aggressive design concepts and high performance! The Raceskinz® product line is manufactured using the highest quality materials and advanced composite tooling processes. You simply cannot find a better line of carbon accessories for your Mustang than what we are presenting here.

This 2013 Q450 Enforcer includes the following exclusive carbon fiber product offerings:

  • Hood Heat Extractors
  • Front splitter with side spoilers
  • Mirror Covers
  • Side Rockers
  • Front upper and lower grill
  • Rear Lower Facia

Suffice to say, the Q450 Enforcer with these authentic Carbon Fiber elements tells everyone looking at it, that indeed there is something very special about this Mustang. The carbon fiber accents add not only accent, but a true racer quality level of carbon fiber parts. Quality – Beauty – Functionality: The Raceskinz® line of carbon fiber parts available directly from Steeda Autosports.

In addition to what you can see on the outside, rest assured that under it’s beautiful skin there is a bevy of performance enhancements that you have come to expect from Steeda Autosports.

The Steeda Q450 Enforcer was designed for hardcore, power-hungry performance enthusiasts who want the most Mustang muscle for their money, period. It starts with the 5.0-liter aluminum block V8 that’s a modern interpretation of the legendary Ford power plant. With a bevy of Steeda performance upgrades, this naturally-aspirated beast will churn out plenty of pure pony power to humble the competition. Power means nothing without control, so the Q450 precision-engineered suspension and chassis modifications keep the driver in command and deliver the level of performance that make it an unbeatable combination delivering pure driving excitement.

So if you are in the Los Angeles area, make sure that you stop in and check out the Galpin Auto Sport display located in the Los Angeles Convention Center’s Kentia Hall and see the Steeda Q450 Enforcer Carbon Edition.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Renews ISO Certification – Customers Benefit

Most people do not realize it, but every time they purchase a Steeda manufactured part, they are purchasing performance parts that have been designed, engineered, and manufactured under strict certification standards – ISO 9001:2008. Today in the aftermarket, Steeda Autosports stands alone as being the only Ford performance based aftermarket manufacturer that is committed to the ultimate quality in everything we do – and by being ISO Certified, you are GUARANTEED that our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured to the highest quality standard today.

Steeda Manufacturing

Some may not fully understand what ISO 9001:2008 Certification is and what it involves – but there is a definite reason why we stand alone in the Ford aftermarket business as the only manufacturer fully committed to providing our customers a truly quality product that they can fully trust. Achieving ISO Certification requires an unsurpassed quality level, an inordinate amount of time and financial commitment, as well as a dedication by EVERYONE at Steeda to perform at the highest quality level possible in everything they do.

BEWARE – Some companies will say that they are “ISO Compliant” – but in reality, there simply is no such thing and they are trying to confuse and defraud you. Whenever a company promotes themselves as being ISO Compliant, they are merely saying that they “believe” they meet the standards of ISO and are attempting to defraud you into thinking that they ISO Certified. Bottom Line: You are either ISO Certified or you are not….and Steeda Autosport is !!! The formal ISO Certification Process involves not only internal standards and auditing practices, but also involves a 3rd party organization who ongoing formally reviews your ISO Quality System and Guidelines and they independently CERTIFY that you meet the strict set of standards, insuring the highest level of quality and operational standards for the consumer.

For those that desire a bit more information about ISO Certifications, please take a few minutes and read the following detailed summary we have created that provides some insight into the strict nature of the certification process and the true benefits that every customer of Steeda Autosports receives:

What is ISO 9001?

Quality is something every company strives for and is often times, the highest quality level is very difficult to achieve and maintain. Complications concerning operating efficiency and product quality present themselves everyday in business, and oftentimes many companies take the easiest or less costly path – overlooking quality and customers best interest in the process. How can a company increase the quality of its products and services they provide? The answer is ISO 9001. As standards go, ISO 9001 is one of the most widely recognized in the world and is a quality management standard that presents guidelines intended to increase customer satisfaction and business efficiency. The goal of ISO 9001 is to embed a quality management system within an organization, ensuring a level of quality processes and products, and increase productivity.

How does ISO 9001 work?

ISO 9001 is set up as a collection of guidelines that help a company establish, maintain, and improve an integrated quality management system.
One important aspect of ISO 9001 is its process-oriented approach. Instead of looking at a company’s departments and individual processes, ISO 9001 requires that a company look at “the big picture” and how do these processes interact, integrate, and the level of quality that is inherent in their production. Once this process-oriented approach is implemented, various audits are done as a check of the effectiveness of their quality management system.

An independent certification body comes into an organization and evaluates it in terms of the ISO 9001 guidelines. If an organization meets the requirements of the standard, it becomes CERTIFIED in ISO 9001 and carries a seal of quality that is recognized throughout the world.

Why is ISO 9001 important?

The importance of ISO 9001 is directly related to the importance of quality. With ISO 9001, an organization can quickly identify the root of any quality issues or problems, and therefore expeditiously find an appropriate solution. This is where a consumer benefits because ISO has the customer as it’s primary focus and ensures that quality is always the key driving factor.

Correcting Issues at Their Root Cause

When problem solving, it is important to find the cause of problem in order to develop a solution. Sometimes, the most obvious cause is not the right one. This is why ISO 9001 stresses the importance of finding the root cause(s) of a problem very quickly in the process. There may be multiple, subtle reasons why a process isn’t working correctly, and finding the actual causes will lead a company one step closer to a solution and implementation of corrective actions ensuring the utmost of quality. The goal of finding root causes is to improve the way problems are managed. Becoming adept in recognizing the root causes of a problem will lead to a reduced impact, a containment of error, and the prevention of recurrence. Identifying and correcting root causes will also lead to the reduction of unnecessary efforts which in turn will lower the cost of maintaining quality. As more and more corrective actions are taken, processes will become more stable, and continual quality improvement will face less interruptions.

SteedaAn ISO Certified Manufacturer of Quality Ford Performance Parts

2013 GT500 Breaks Into The 9’s Using Steeda Parts

Putting power to the pavement in today’s high horsepower vehicles is often a daunting task for most speed enthusiasts – especially at the dragstrip and at the stoplight when every bit of traction counts and the harder you launch the faster the time. With the 2013 Shelby GT500, the 662 stock horses are no exception to this rule even with the complex traction assistance program (e.g. launch control) that Ford developed for this muscular pony. Even with the most complex electronics in the world helping you, you still need the appropriate suspension hardware that works in complete collaboration with the vehicles powertrain software, so that you can achieve the hardest launch and get that super low ET everyone wants. Recently, the team at Evolution Performance came to Steeda Autosports with the need to acquire the appropriate suspension so as to maximize the traction of a 2013 GT500 – in the quest of being the first to get a 2013 GT500 into the 9-second zone at the dragstrip.

2013 Mustang GT500

Suffice to say, these are the challenges that every mega horsepower vehicle faces and these are also the challenges that the “Speed Gurus” at Steeda Autosports conquer every day. The solution that we recommended Evolution Performance, Inc. use included the following Steeda components all specifically engineered to work together to lay the power to the pavement when the task calls for it:

  • Steeda racing lower control arms (555-4417)
  • Steeda Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets (555-8119).
  • Steeda Competition upper 3rd link (555-4113)
  • Steeda Heavy Duty Upper Chassis Mount (555-4027)
  • Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar (555-2551)
  • Steeda Heavy Duty Panhard Bar Brace (555-2555)
  • Steeda Hardcore Anti-Roll Bar (555-8131)
  • Steeda GT500 Sport Springs (555-8217) on all four corners

5.0 Mustang CoverThe end result – a 2013 GT500 that was the very first GT500 to crack into the nine-second zone with a 9.95/142 mph on the stock supercharger! The team at Evolution decided they wanted more and with further mods to the engine have gone as quick as 9.65/149 mph. Keep in mind this was done in the summer heat, high humidity, and a car that weighed in at a hefty 3,854 lbs.

So if you have a high horsepower GT500 or other Mustang that you need to get under control for a hard launch at the stop light or at the dragstrip, look no further than Steeda Autosports for all of your performance needs. We have the perfect solution for maximizing performance with components that are specifically tuned to work together in complete harmony with each other – so if you want maximum power to the pavement, DO NOT pick and choose components at random from various manufacturers, pick an ISO9001-2008 engineered and manufactured suspension system that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and leave others in your dust.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Attends The Legacy of Liberty Air Show

On October 27th and 28th Steeda Autosports was proud to be invited to the Legacy of Liberty 2012 Air Show at the Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia. We would like to thank Mr. Steve Barnes, SSgt Kyle Baldwin, and especially SSgt Chris Casoria for inviting us out to participate in this awesome event. This event held annually at the base included a special performance by the United States Air Force Thunderbirds flying the mighty F-16 Fighting Falcon as well as a bevy of other state of the art and historic military aircraft.

Air Show

For the show, the speed demons at Steeda Autosports were specially invited to participate – and we naturally brought a few of our own special rides that evokes their own type of excitement. For this awesome show, we brought out an assortment of our own combat equipment – specifically, an assortment of our own high performance Steeda Mustangs that complimented very nicely the high performance jets that the Air Force had on display….granted our rides did not have anywhere near the over 30,000 pounds of thrust that each F-16 has, but nevertheless, they were leaders in performance in each of their own classes.

Air Show

We would like to thank all the wonderful people who came by to see our cars, ask us questions, and share their stories. With an attendance upward of 70,000 people over the weekend there was no shortage of fans of speed and performance both in the air and on the ground. With two beautiful days of fun, it was a great time to see old friends and meet new ones in a joint celebration of America’s Military Forces.

SteedaAn American Company Supporting the American Military

Steeda Vehicle Program Takes Off In High Gear

The Steeda Serialized Vehicle Program – the most comprehensive new-vehicle program of any aftermarket manufacture, provides the new vehicle customer with an array of turn-key ready performance orientated vehicles that fit any performance need and budget. These vehicles all carry a unique Steeda serialization number – guaranteeing their owner that the vehicle they selected is indeed part of the Steeda family of limited edition build of vehicles manufactured only by the Number 1 Ford aftermarket remanufacturer.Each are built up to the highest standards in the industry today, deliver an enhanced driving experience, and provide the level of performance that the niche performance customer requires.

Included in every vehicle we serialize, is the same performance bred DNA that has become the hallmark of Steeda Autosport for the past 25 years – where Speed Matters. Every Steeda vehicle is ready to take on any challenge with their full complement of strategic performance modifications that elevate their handling to a completely different level. From the exclusive Steeda G/Trac Suspension Systems with fully adjustable damping abilities to the specially-tuned components that provide an exhilarating driving experience with outstanding driving dynamics, a Steeda serialized vehicle can be custom built to your own specifications and provide you with the enhanced level of performance and excitement you demand.

Click Here, to download the Q Series Mustang Hero Card.

Steeda vehicles include the following:

Q600 StreetFighter

Conceived as the ultimate performance Mustang destined to reign supreme in the Pony Wars, the StreetFighter can be comfortably driven daily, but has all the necessary equipment to be a weekend warrior on the racetrack or drag-strip. The Steeda StreetFighter is a total package that represents the ultimate evolution of expertise over 25-years Mustang performance engineering by Steeda Autosports. It is available with the most extensive suspension upgrades we have ever included on a production vehicle.

Q450 Enforcer

The Steeda Q450 was designed for hardcore, power-hungry performance enthusiasts who want the most Mustang muscle for their money, period. It starts with the 5.0-liter aluminum block V8 that’s a modern interpretation of the legendary Ford power plant. With a bevy of Steeda performance upgrades, this naturally-aspirated beast will churn out plenty of pure pony power to humble the competition.

Q350 Sport

When it comes to performance, the Steeda Q350 has been engineered to deliver the kind of gut-wrenching power you expect from Steeda Autosports in an affordable V6 Mustang package. The naturally aspirated 3.7L V6 features a variety of proprietary Steeda powertrain and when combined with the many standard suspension modifications, they make the Q350 a total package that delivers on the Steeda promise that Speed Matters! Overall, the Steeda Q350 has a distinctive design from front to back and delivers performance engineering that will help you blow the doors off the competition.

Steeda Focus Sport

With European heritage and a global design, every Ford Focus offers addictive driving dynamics, but the Steeda Focus Sport delivers an exhilarating experience that will satisfy even the most demanding performance junkies. On the street or on the track this unique package has the increased performance, improved handling, aggressive looks and competitive feel to make a true automotive enthusiast want to climb behind the wheel and stay there.

Click Here, to download the Focus Sport Hero Card.

Steeda Fiesta Sport

The Steeda Fiesta Sport comes standard with handling and performance upgrades to excite the most uncompromising compact car enthusiasts.. With it’s standard and available optional equipment, the Steeda Fiesta Sport is a great-looking affordable high-performance sport compact that delivers plenty of driving thrills and pays off on the Steeda promise that “Speed Matters”!

Click Here, to download the Fiesta Sport Hero Card.

In addition to the above vehicles, we also specially modify Mustang GT500 and Mustang Boss 302 models – each which deliver enhanced performance and driving dynamics. In the future, looks for even more vehicle under this program.

For additional information about the turn-key ready Steeda Serialized Vehicle program, please visit, you may also email: with specific questions, or call Rob Lefrancois at 954-629-1233.

SteedaSpeed Matters

An Independence Day Message From Dario Orlando

With the 236th anniversary of our great nation’s independence occurring on Wednesday, I think it is indeed very important that we take pause and reflect upon the brave and selfless men and women in our armed services that protect our freedom each and every day. These brave individuals serve our country with the greatest of honor – so that we can all enjoy the peace and well being that makes the United States of America the free country it is today. For their countless sacrifices that they make every day, the entire Team at Steeda Autosports and their families are forever grateful.

Not to be overlooked, the economic backbone of the United States independence has suffered greatly recently and is still under attack. Far too much manufacturing has been outsourced offshore – effectively taking your hard earned dollars out of this economy and making times exceptionally difficult for the American worker and threatening the economic well being and sanctity of our homeland.

At Steeda, we firmly believe in the capabilities and fortitude of the American worker and that is why we have resisted the trend of outsourcing our design, engineering and production resources – instead, we have put full faith in the American worker and the American economy in everything we do. That is why we chose to expand our operations in this country and invest in America. We have and will continue to increase our American operations and will always bring to market the finest American Made performance parts and accessories for your Ford vehicles. While most if not all of our competitors have yielded to corporate greed and outsourced most if not all of their production overseas, we remain steadfastly committed to the United States of America with the belief that our customers want American made products for their American vehicles.

So while you enjoy this holiday with your family, please give thanks and remember to treasure the freedom we all are blessed with thanks to our current and past servicemen and servicewomen.

SteedaAn American Company Supporting The American Work Force

From all of us at Steeda, have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July,

Steeda is Still in Florida!

The big news coming from Steeda Autosports has been the complete move of the manufacturing department to Valdosta, Georgia. The reason for the move is simple; with our expansion into Valdosta in 2009 we relocated much of our manufacturing team and equipment to our brand new 100,000 square foot facility. Now after a few years of getting acclimated in our Georgia location it only makes sense to move the entire manufacturing business under that one roof. This also makes it easier for Scott Boda, our plant manager, to monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process making sure it adheres to the strict quality that Steeda parts are known for.

But, in all this excitement about our growth to this new region, we wanted to assure you we have not left our South Florida location in Pompano Beach. This company was started in 1988 in Pompano Beach, Florida, and we will always have a location here.

We still have our nationally recognized service department for all your Mustang high performance needs. We also have a full sales staff and walk in showroom with all the high quality Steeda parts for your Ford vehicle. So whether you need a full suspension install, custom dyno tuning, or just a simple alignment or oil change, come see us at Steeda Autosports in Pompano Beach, Florida.

If anyone tells you we are not in Pompano anymore, show them this message. If you are in South Florida, stop by our showroom today!

Steeda Performance Vehicle Program at Full Speed !!

The Steeda Serialized Vehicle Program has had a tremendous launch over the past 60 days as our sales team is actively enrolling key-selected dealers for defined market selling rights in this exclusive performance vehicle program. With the intention of satisfying the wants, needs, and desires of the niche vehicle performance enthusiast, the Steeda Serialized Program provides the Ford enthusiast with a wide array of product offerings that include the Ford Mustang, Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta – with each vehicle custom modified to suite individual performance needs.

Naturally, as the orders come in, the vehicles need to be assembled and the Steeda assembly operations are also expanding to meet demand. Currently production is being accomplished at our newest state-of-the-art Valdosta, Georgia operations facility and also at our Headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida. As demand continues to grow, we anticipate volumetric growth in each of these locations with the potential for even a third manufacturing facility to come on line to meet demand both nationally and internationally. All of our vehicles undergo a comprehensive validation and certification before they are released for sale – just another way we ensure that the Steeda vehicle you get is the best it can be.

Below for your browsing are just a few pictures of some of the recent vehicles built at our Valdosta facility – all brand new Steeda vehicles that will soon be mated with their new very proud owners.

For information about Steeda Serialized Vehicles please contact our Global Manager of Performance Vehicles – Rob LeFrancois at: 954-629-1233 or email him at:

Look for a Steeda Certified Ford Dealer in your area soon !

SteedaSpeed Matters

Remembering a Legend – Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby, a former chicken farmer who roared out of the hills of East Texas to become a champion race car driver and the father of the muscle car, building some of the fastest and sleekest sports cars ever to hit the highway, died May 10 at age 89.

Carroll Shelby was nearly 30 years old before he entered his first car race – a quarter-mile drag meet in 1952. The hot rod he drove to the finish line that day was powered by a Ford V8 and cemented into history his long term relationship with Ford Motor Company. Later, Carroll Shelby was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1957, when he won 19 consecutive road races, and was twice was named the magazine’s driver of the year. In 1959, he became the second American-born driver to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race driving for the Aston Martin Racing Team (along with his British teammate, Roy Salvadori).

When a persistent heart condition forced him to retire from racing in 1960, Mr. Shelby turned his efforts towards the automotive aftermarket. Determined to make the fastest sports car on the road, Carroll mated a Ford 289 V-8 engine in the chassis of a little-known British AC Roadster and dubbed his new car the Shelby Cobra and created a legend. In addition to this highly successful effort, Carroll created many other performance vehicles including the GT500s and collaborated with Ford on the original Ford GT40 and later the Ford GT supercar programs.

The entire team at Steeda Autosports mourns the passing of Carroll Shelby and sincerely appreciates the many collaborative efforts that he has done for the Ford performance enthusiast over the years.

One of The World’s Fastest 5.0 Mustangs Uses Steeda Parts

For IMMEDIATE Release – May 7, 2012

When Chris Cruz, just like many of us, had a “need” to have the fastest 2011 5.0L Mustang in the world. We all know that to accomplish this task it takes some major horsepower, a wide array of performance parts, and some excellent workmanship to make it all happen. Enlisting the assistance of Evolution Performance, they developed a 1,002 RWHP / 1,070 RWTQ performance behemoth that would most certainly provide the huge amount of raw power needed to propel the ‘Stang into the 8 second range with a run of 8.99 at 153 MPH!

Suffice to say, having over 1,000 RWHP presents quite a few issues when you pull the trigger and release ALL of that intense power at one time to blast down the quarter mile. When it came to sourcing the very best suspension parts to harness that power – Evolution Performance chose suspension components from Steeda Autosports – parts that are renown for their durability both on the street and on the track. For this extreme duty application, the following regular Steeda production parts were chosen by Evolution Performance as they knew they would stand up to the extreme torture that they would be subjected to:

In additional to harnessing all of the power – we all know that weight is the enemy of Mustang performance – and to save precious pounds from the front-end, Evolution Performance installed our Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support (P/N 555 5080) which is made for light 4130 Chrome moly steel material. This quality manufactured tubular part is 50% of the weight of the stock steel unit and yet is still strong enough for you to run your front swaybar when not at the drag strip! In fact, this item is the perfect item for the road course/autocross car to reduce front-end weight and improve weight distribution.

Note that these are not some special “racer only” parts or parts that were specially “one-off” fabricated parts – they are the regular production quality parts that we designed, manufactured, and sell daily to Mustang owners over the world. Proof that the quality that we instill into EVERY part we provide!

SteedaSpeed Matters