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Steeda’s All New 2015 S550 Mustang Bumpsteer Kit

If you have substantially lowered your vehicle, chances are you have introduced bumpsteer. What is bumpsteer? Bumpsteer relates to changes in toe caused by suspension movement.

Every car has bumpsteer, however when you lower the vehicle you increase the amount of bumpsteer that occurs – if this becomes excessive you will begin to notice some unwanted vehicle driving characteristics.

Excessive bumpsteer is undesirable because it means the suspension is steering the car instead of the driver. If your car is lowered and has tracking issues and less predictable steering behavior, you need a bumpsteer kit!

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your steering when you lower your vehicle, so at Steeda we’ve designed bumpsteer kits that will allow you to correct your suspension’s geometry and can do so without requiring you to drill or modify your vehicle spindle. In addition, our bumpsteer kit makes a great service replacement for your worn out, high mileage outer tie rods even if you do not have excessive bumpsteer issues.

Check out our installation video featuring our newly designed 2015 S550 kit:

If you want to refresh your outer tie rods and improve your steering, you can purchase our 2015 Bumpsteer Kit here:

Don’t have a 2015 Mustang? No problem, check out our 05-14 Mustang Bumpsteer install video instead!

You can purchase our 05-14 Mustang Bumpsteer Kit here:

As always, all of Steeda’s products are manufactured right here in the USA, so you know you’re getting the best quality materials and superior engineering!

Feel free to contact any member of Steeda’s sales team if you have any questions!

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Wheel Hop Solution: Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System (GT, V6, EcoBoost)

We’ve been extremely busy with product development over here at Steeda – our main focus has been a turn-key wheel hop/IRS subframe solution for the S550 and we hit the nail on the head with our IRS Subframe Bushing Support System!

Made from CNC machined, 6061 aluminum, our bushing support system gives the rear end a much more solid feel with no increase in NVH at all. The Steeda IRS subframe bushings eliminate rear subframe movement notorious in the 2015 Mustang GT, EcoBoost, and V6. A stiffened subframe allows the car to increase traction to the rear wheels and helps eliminate wheel hop.

Our Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support System (Part #: 555-4437) is very easy to install with basic hand tools and does not require any permanent modifications to the car.

Steeda Kit Pros:
– Helps reduce wheel hop by eliminating subframe movement, therefore giving you much better rear suspension compliance
– No permanent modifications are necessary
– Easy, 30 minute installation, can be done on jack stands in the garage
– Our kit doesn’t increase NVH at all
– Can be removed or installed in less than 30 minutes
– Completely eliminates over ½” of travel in the factory IRS subframe
– Doesn’t require a rear end alignment
– Lifetime warranty
– Track-tested at the drag strip and the road course – we are not just straight line people

Competitors’ Kit Cons:
– They make you replace the factory bushings completely with urethane or solid aluminum
– A complete removal of the IRS subframe is required; this not only takes several hours, but it’s not the easiest job for a ‘do it yourselfer’
– Other kits will increase NVH if using solid aluminum bushings or very hard urethane
– Takes hours for installation
– Although other kits may reduce wheel hop, an increase in NVH is not desirable
– You will need to re-align your car if you replace the bushings that locate the rear subframe
– No bushings carry a lifetime warranty, they will fail eventually

We’ve attached some product photos for reference – also, this kit is readily available! Steeda’s IRS Subframe Bushing Support system greatly reduces wheel hop while virtually eliminating all IRS subframe movement. When these pieces are used in conjunction with our other Steeda rear suspension components, wheel hop and subframe movement is eliminated – stay tuned as these additional rear suspension pieces will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Again, this is not a permanent modification! It can be put back to stock in under an hour as it’s very easy to install.

Before and After comparison:


Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System

Why IRS subframe movement must be eliminated…

As you can see in the video, when completely stock, the entire rear IRS subframe assembly moves around under acceleration, braking and even more so when bangin’ gears. This is a major problem because every single rear suspension piece is connected to this subframe. So as it’s moving and vibrating, so is the rear sway bar, toe links, integral links, camber arm and lower control arm. They are all moving around violently as well so it makes it very hard for your suspension to ‘work’ and keep the tires planted on the pavement for traction. The assembly is basically fighting the car and not allowing for the suspension to work the way it was designed. This causes unwanted changes in camber and toe which will lead to unpredictable traction and control, resulting in handling issues. Steeda’s simple kit eliminates this. PERIOD.

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Steeda’s 2011-2015 MT-82 Transmission Mount Bushing Insert!

Steeda’s MT-82 Transmission Mount Bushing Insert is a must for any weekend road racer. Our Transmission Mount Bushing helps reduce transmission movement, assisting in keeping the shifter aligned with the transmission, all while reducing any chance of missed shifts. Also, it is easily able to be removed and reinstalled on track days!

This upgrade is an easy install and provides huge benefits! Just watch our video for a step by step installation:

Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few customer reviews:

“Bought this on an impulse and am definitely glad that I did. Wasn’t really experiencing inconsistent shifting very often, but I can definitely tell an improvement in shifting post-install.”

“Install was straightforward (even moreso thanks to the video) and shifting has definitely improved. Shifts feel more direct! Shipping was fast too, thanks Steeda.”

So if you want to reduce any chance of missed shifts and take advantage of an overall better alignment between your shifter and transmission, then don’t hesitate to upgrade!

As always, our Steeda sales team is here to answer any questions you may have!

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Steeda’s New 2015 Mustang Extreme G-Trac Brace!

We’re happy to announce the release of our Steeda Extreme G-Trac Brace for the 2015 Mustang! Also known as a k-member brace, this product is a direct bolt-on addition to your S550 Mustang and provides greatly improves front chassis bracing.

Our Extreme G-Trac Brace mounts close to the control arm mounts, and helps strengthen the connection between the control arm mounts, and the rear of the sub frame. This makes the load path more direct, and gives much more effective stiffening, so the suspension geometry doesn’t change during high cornering/chassis loads. This brace is manufactured from super strong chrome moly, alloy steel tube, making it over twice as strong as any mild steel offering.

Take a closer look at the Extreme G-Trac Brace below (installed on one of our test cars)!

Steeda Extreme G-Trac Brace 2015 MustangAlso watch our installation video for a step-by-step guide so you can install the Extreme G-Trac Brace at home!

You can purchase the 2015 Mustang Extreme G-Trac Brace here!

As always, our Steeda sales team is available to answer any of your questions.

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SCCA Homestead Majors: Steeda Equipped Racers Place in Winners Circle

Homestead-Miami Speedway hosted the Palm Tree Winter Majors this past weekend which officially marked the start of a two-part Florida tour that begins the SCCA U.S. Majors 2015 season. This is the first time a Majors event has been held at this speedway and the Sunshine state lived up to its expectations by providing clear and dry weather, ideal for racing.

Despite the difficult 2.3 mile track, lap records fell in almost all of the seven race classes. This just gives you a glimpse of some of the amazing talent that competed at this event. With stiff competition, it was an obstacle for drivers to get out ahead, but Thomas Ellis, a Steeda equipped driver, prevailed and earned his way to the podium!

Boss 302S Steeda Mustang

Thomas Ellis, driving his Boss 302S Steeda Mustang, came in second place in the T1 class this past Saturday! Ellis placed on the podium yet again on Sunday with a third place win in an even more rigorous 20 Lap race.

Check out Thomas’ Steeda equipped Mustang below!

Boss 302S Steeda Mustang Boss 302S Steeda Mustang Boss 302S Steeda Mustang

Tom Ellis was also in attendance and took two first place finishes in American Sedan in his Steeda Mustang!


SCCA Homestead Majors

The Palm Tree Winter Majors was a total success and a Steeda sponsored Mustang in the winners circle for both Saturday and Sunday’s races was just icing on the cake!

These wins solidify Steeda’s top rankings in S197, New Edge, SN95 and Fox Body suspension for the past three consecutive decades, leaving competitors in the dust! The 2015 Majors tour has definitely started out on the right foot and we can’t wait to follow the rest of the season to see what happens next! Can you?

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Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Feature: 2014 Steeda Q650 Ford Mustang GT

Do you crave increased horsepower, refined steering response and control with gripping tires and suspension, and an overall impressive feel and neutral balance on your Mustang? Let us satisfy your craving with our lineup of Steeda Q-series Ford Mustangs. 2014 Steeda Q650 Ford Mustang GT We’ve equipped our 2014 Steeda Q650 Mustang GT with a Vortech V-3 supercharger system, Steeda cold air intake, Steeda axle-back exhaust for amplified power and sound – just to name a few. We added extra control for all that power by shortening braking distances with a 14-inch four-piston brake kit in front and a 13-inch kit for the rear. Paired with asphalt gripping 275/40/20 Nitto NT-05 tires and Steeda ST-R 20×9.5 wheels up front and Nitto 315/35/20 NT-05s with Steeda ST-R 20×11 wheels in the rear, this gives our Q650 Mustang the power, control, and style it needs. 2014 Steeda Q650 Ford Mustang GT The modifications don’t stop there, we’ve added all of the components for a desired suspension that lowers the Q650 for a smoother ride and flat handling in the corners. We achieved visual bang on this 14’ Mustang with a Ford Racing front splitter, a Steeda rear wing, a Steeda Sidewinder stripe, and a blackout treatment for the hood. The interior follows suite for an upgraded feel with a Tri-Ax shifter and billet shift knob, Steeda badging, and Steeda embroidered floor mats. 2014 Steeda Q650 Ford Mustang GT Our 2014 Steeda Q650 Ford Mustang balances aggressive power, enhanced control, and sleek style in a harmonious package that turns heads and leaves competitors to fall by the wayside. Want to know what it’s like behind the wheel of this 14’ Mustang? Evan Smith recounts his adrenaline enticing trip to Mustang Week in South Carolina in this 14’ Mustang in his “2014 Ford Mustang Steeda Q650 – Street Smart, Track Deadly” article on Raving over the magnified power and smooth drive with the classic yet mean style this Pony offers is just where he starts. He elaborates on different specs that you have to read to believe. Click here for a direct link to Smith’s article:

2014 Steeda Q650 Ford Mustang GT

As always, Steeda’s sales team is available to answer any questions you may have.

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New Product Release: Steeda Focus ST Ram Air Intake Scoop (13-14)

We’ve been busy here at Steeda Autosports developing new parts for your 2013 to 2014 Focus ST! Steeda’s Ram Air Intake Scoop allows your intake to receive the most direct and non-turbulent air straight from the front of the car. The more direct induction of air creates lower air inlet temperatures, resulting in horsepower and torque increase.

Unlike our competitors’ products, the Steeda Ram Air Intake Scoop is far superior in that it allows for a more natural “velocity effect,” in which air flows from a large opening to a smaller entrance in the intake – resulting in direct, free flowing, and cooler air. This part is also made right here in the USA!

Check out our detailed installation video for a more in-depth look, especially if you’re planning on installing this part yourself:

Here’s a link directly to the product: – Steeda, Speed Matters

Q450 Steeda Mustang Conversion Parts Available At Summit Racing

The aggressive 460 horsepower Q450 Enforcer Steeda Mustang with 442 lbs.-ft of torque and 1.03G of lateral grip can now be yours using the specified Steeda parts offered by Summit Racing.

2014 Steeda Mustang

2014 Steeda Mustang

Designed for power-hungry enthusiasts, the Q450 doesn’t disappoint, this beast gives you the most muscle for your money and then some. Control and power is a dynamic duo essential for leaving competition by the wayside, so the huge horsepower gains are balanced out with precision-engineered suspension and chassis.

So why not convert your 2013-2014 5.0L Mustang into the powerful Q450 Steeda Mustang?
Summit Racing carries the following parts from the Steeda Q450 build:

You can check them out on their website here!
All other conversion parts that aren’t carried by Summit Racing can be found here!

Our Steeda sales team is always standing by to answer any of your questions!

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Steeda Equipped Mustangs Dominate the 2014 SEMA Show

The annual SEMA Show is in full swing in Las Vegas this week, and Steeda Autosports is proudly there showcasing our 2015 Mustang performance parts. Making fast cars faster is ingrained in our DNA and at the show, more 2015 Mustangs are equipped with our parts than any other brand at the show – a testament to the quality engineering and speed of testing and manufacturing that Steeda provides to our customers. With dedicated in-house design, engineering, testing, manufacturing and distribution departments, we can bring the highest quality performance products to market quicker than anyone else in the market today!

Following is just a sampling of the 2015 Mustangs that are equipped with Steeda parts at the SEMA Show:

Steeda Autosports: Proudly displayed in the Nitto Tire booth, this stunning head-snapping 2015 Steeda Q-Series Mustang sits low and mean with an aggressive stance that is ready for the street, track, or dragstrip. Leveraging our racing heritage, this Steeda Mustang has a menacing look courtesy of its special exterior paint treatment, and a bevy of our new 2015 S550 equipment including:

  • Steeda Sport Springs
  • Steeda Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bars
  • Steeda Strut Tower Brace
  • Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter
  • Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake
  • Steeda Performance Exhaust System
  • Steeda Slotted Brake Rotors
  • Steeda Aerodynamic Rear Wing
  • HRE Classic Series 303 wheels
  • Nitto INVO High Performance Tires

2015 Steeda S550

2015 Steeda S550

2015 Steeda S550

2015 Steeda S550

Galpin Auto Sports:
With a beautiful black and gold accent theme, this Mustang has some serious performance modifications that required the use of our exclusive Steeda G/Trac suspension components to harness the power and deliver it to the pavement with precise driver control and the upmost in reliability.

2015 Galpin S550

2015 Galpin S550

2015 Galpin S550

2015 Galpin S550

Classic Design Concepts:
Project Outlaw by Classic Design Concepts (CDC) is a visual performance package that emphasizes the traditional Mustang muscle car attitude and underscores the need for its ISO 9001:2008 Certified Steeda suspension equipment to maintain control and deliver robust performance whenever it’s driver demands it.

2015 CDC S550

2015 CDC S550

Forgiato Wheels:
Brilliantly finished in attention-grabbing Ultra Gloss Silver paint, and powered by the Ford 2.3L EcoBoost engine, this 2.3L performance Mustang needed the Steeda Performance Sport Springs and our Steeda Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars to keep it under control as it carves up the asphalt.

2015 Forgiato S550

2015 Forgiato S550

The Hellion Eliminator by John Urist:
This Competition Orange 2015 Mustang GT is set to do battle with a twin 62mm turbo upgrade that includes Turbosmart wastegates and blow-off valves. Harnessing it’s power upgrade, it is equipped with our Steeda Gunmetal ST-R 20×9.5 and 20×11 wheels and Nitto NT05 Performance Tires as well as our Steeda G/Trac Performance Sport Springs and our Steeda Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars, and is sure to be a performance leader both on the track and on the street.

Hellion 2015 S550

Hellion 2015 S550

Vortech Superchargers:
 This 5.0 Mustang GT discretely hides a massive amount of fully streetable power under the hood – proving that all boost is not created equal. It’s centrifugal supercharger is capable of supporting up to 775hp with greater efficiency and reduced parasitic losses for power that will not become heat soaked. Taming all of that power are the exclusive Steeda G/Trac suspension components we have made for the 2015 Mustang including our Steeda Sport Springs and fully adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars that are sure to put the power to the pavement.

2015 Vortech S550

2015 Vortech S550

When it comes to enhancing the performance of the all-new 2015 Mustang, you can count on Steeda Autosports to be able to satisfy all of your performance and appearance part needs. With the best engineering, highest quality, widest selection, and lowest pricing/best value in the market today, we are the only source you can consistently count on for all of your performance upgrades.

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The 2015 Steeda Q-Series Mustang – Pure American Muscle

2015 Steeda Q-Series Mustang The all-new line-up of Steeda Q-Series performance Mustangs are ready and eager to take on any challenge. With a full complement of strategic engine, chassis, suspension, and body modifications, these exclusive performance-bred vehicles elevate the iconic Mustang to a completely new level of power, precision and driving exhilaration. The new Steeda Q-Series delivers unequalled refinement. With standard naturally aspirated power of 480 horsepower, our optional power packages will amp up the power level and excitement to 650hp and even 775hp for the ultimate pony car war domination.

Realizing that power means nothing without stability and control, we’ve incorporated our proprietary precision-engineered Steeda G/Trac suspension and chassis modifications to keep the driver in command and deliver a level of performance that makes for an unbeatable combination on the street, racetrack, or dragstrip – all without sacrificing noise, vibration, or harshness.

On the exterior, we have elevated the Mustang to new heights by incorporating over 20 key component upgrades that form an integrated and cohesive performance package including:

  • A new wind tunnel-tested aerodynamically enhanced front fascia with an integrated lower chin splitter
  • Rear enhanced decklid spoiler
  • Powertrain induction and tuning upgrades
  • Performance free-flowing exhaust system
  • Substantial key front and rear suspension enhancements/upgrades, and much more…

The fitment of lightweight staggered 20” wheels and Nitto High Performance tires round out the package and not only add an aggressive look, but they also reduce un-sprung weight, further enhancing performance and providing far superior levels of car-to-road adhesion.

The Steeda Q-Series line of performance Mustangs offers something for everyone – the result of over 28+ years of uninterrupted Mustang performance engineering by Steeda Autosports. They are individually crafted with performance parts built in the USA under strict ISO 9001-2008 Certified Standards and are available with a wide variety of special performance options to suit your specific needs.

Our Commitment
From the value loaded Q450 Enforcer to the ultimate Q650 StreetFighter – the Steeda Q-Series has the power and performance levels to meet or exceed your expectations. At Steeda Autosports, we are not only committed to providing exhilarating levels of performance, but for peace of mind, all 2015 Steeda Q-Series Mustangs are covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty – your assurance of quality performance engineering by the leader in Mustang performance: Steeda Autosports. Our Steeda-manufactured performance parts are made under strict ISO 9001:2008 certified standards and are rigorously tested on the street, track, and dragstrip to provide you the complete satisfaction and confidence in owning the finest engineered and crafted performance Mustang available anywhere.

For More Information
Visit for complete information about our comprehensive line of Steeda performance vehicles including our Q-Series Mustangs, Steeda Focus ST, Steeda Fusion, and our newest offering, the Steeda F150 series. For Steeda Authorized Dealer and vehicle purchase information, please contact or call 954-633-5240. Your personalized Performance Vehicle Concierge will work with you and answer all of your questions to provide personalized service that will make your buying experience a memorable one.

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