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Steeda Focus Fall Nationals at Moroso!

The Fall Nationals at Moroso Motor Sports Park roared in with some hot cars and cool temps. The Steeda team has been on the import seen with their ZX3 show cars and number 22 road racecar for over two years now. The hard work is finally starting to show, Focus enthusiasts where out in force trading information and showing off. These events are a great place to show the import world that the Ford Focus has arrived and is here to stay.

Steeda’s #22 race Focus was a real crowd pleaser. With its performance upgrade ranging from adjustable cams to a full on long tube race header this Focus can really run at the track.

The Red Show Focus dazzled with bling and power adders like a supercharger, shorty header, cold air intake and many others. The interior is done in leather carbon fiber and billet is the bomb.

The big hit of the day other than the drag racing and Steeda’s Foci was the bikini contest. The girls had a blast and fans of every kind of car really hadfun offering rides but we all know “girls love Fords”.

Steeda at The Hurricane Nationals!

The Hurricane Nationals stormed into Moroso Motorsports Park, August 10 and 11th bringing a fury of tire ripping sport compact cars and hot imports. Steeda Autosports was there in force with their yellow road race Focus, red “show” Focus along with several customer Focus’.

The Hurricane Nationals is the largest sport compact and import show of the year in Florida. This enormous car show and drag race competition was a great success for Steeda and the Ford Focus. The racing was very quick and intense this year, competitors in the Pro class were running in the 8-second range and the Quick class competitors were running in the 9-second range. Our red “show” Focus was prepped to race in the super stock bracket class. We only ran one run that day but we a sure to get much better performance. The only modifications to the red focus other than the Nitrous Express kit is a Steeda short-style intake, JBA shorty header, and a Steeda cat-back exhaust kit. In between testing and the Hurricane Nationals more tuning was done on the Focus. With more tuning and track time we should see some great performance gains.

Under the Steeda tent was our #22 SCCA club racing Focus. This full race Focus with a custom roll cage, custom fuel cell and carbon fiber hood, was a huge draw for all race fans of different brand loyalty. Customer Robert Quinn and Oliver Pacheco brought their Focus’ to the show and displayed them at our booth. Oliver Pacheco owns a 2000 ZX3 with a wide body kit, custom hood and much more. Robert Quinn owns a serialized Steeda Focus with custom leather, stereo system and roll bar. Stay tuned to our site for a complete review of these cars. Another point of interest was our red “show” Focus with it’s newly installed Nitrous Express kit, custom leather seats and carbon fiber dash as well as the Nitto drag radials. Overall the Hurricane Nationals was a great success. The drag racing was great, the car show was big and Steeda Autosports with the help of its customers made the presence of the Ford Focus known.

2002 Steeda Focus Day!

Steeda Autosports supports the Ford Focus enthusiast, and Steeda’s First annual “Focus Day” marks the start of another Steeda tradition. Over thirty-five custom Foci converged on the Steeda Pompano Beach headquarters for a day of Dyno runs, demos and more than just a little showing off.

The event started early with the first arrivals showing up at eight thirty in the morning to make sure that they made it to the Dyno before the south Florida sun turned up the heat. With the first Dyno pull at nine o’clock the HP numbers really started to climb. Most of the Foci pulled around a 115 to one 130 horsepower. James Evans quickly put it into a new class when he pulled a 195 horsepower average and a 199 peak with 195 foot pounds of torque with his turbo-charged ZX3, the most horsepower made all day. Dave won the best over-all in class and was awarded a Steeda Tri/Ax F Shifter for his efforts.

As the day warmed up Steeda’s engineering assistant Scott Boda, gave several demos on how to install a wide variety of performance parts. The first install was a strut tower brace and everyone watching was amazed at how easy it was as he bolted it on in under fifteen minutes. Then a small break and Scott was off again. With little more than his trusty screwdriver he proceeded to pull out a stock air intake and put in Steeda’s custom cold air intake. One guy said “damn, if I had known it was that easy I would have done it months ago” referring to the cold air intake installation. Dan Carlson Steeda’s lead engineer stepped out to assist Scott with the install of the Tri-Ax/F. Dan explained the advantages of the Tri-Ax/F over other short thow shifters while Scott installed it on a customers ZX3.

With over thirty-five custom Foci here at the Steeda compound there was eye candy galore. From specialized front grills to complete interior mods, the Focus is really becoming a fully personalized vehicle. Fred Albuquerqy was way out in front with his JBL sponsored Focus ZX3. The sound system was still under construction but with three pairs of mids and highs up front and four twelves in the back he is off to a great start. The Sony Play Station II and three in car monitors really put him over the top.

The people’s choice for hottest Focus was Art Littman’s super styled Steeda Focus. Art has been a big supporter of Steeda Autosports ever since he bought his 2001 serialized Focus. Art has gone about personalizing it with some hot vinyl graphics and performance parts. This Focus has it all from horsepower to style. The award for farthest traveled went to Donovan Martio, he drove up to Gainsville to run an errand and then back here just to make the show!

Scott closed out the day with our Nitrous Express Steeda Focus demo. Running on the Dyno in the extreme heat of south Florida, our Focus made 119.5 horsepower and 123.4 ftlb baseline. We put in a 75 shot of nitrous and that number jumped to 181.4 and an awesome 219.7 foot pounds of torque. We had hoped to get 15 more hp out of it but Nitrous Express said we needed to put in non-platinum plugs and re-gap the plugs to 35 thousandths to get the last 15 horsepower. We are sure that we will once we give this a try. Scott Boda says even with a only 60 horse gain “it’s the most bang for your buck and just awesome power at the flip of a switch!”

Steeda Autosports would like to thank all the Focus enthusiasts that attended our event. We encourage any input on how we can make next years event even better!

Thank you from all of us at Steeda Autosports

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