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Steeda’s Focus ST Shifter Bracket Review

Finding a quality and reliable short throw shifter can be difficult and frustrating, especially when all of these “trial and error” shifters are causing damage to your ride. Well, consider your search over, has done an extensive review on the quality and installation of Steeda’s Focus ST shifter bracket.

If you’re wanting to throw shorter, but are uncertain about quality, reliability and overall function, then Steeda’s short throw shifters and shifter brackets are the way to go for your Ford Focus, Mustang, Fusion or Fiesta. Need a second opinion? Head on over to’s blog post and read for yourself.

Link to blog post:

Steeda Short Throw Shifter Bracket

You can visibly see the difference between the stock shifter and the Steeda Focus ST shifter as outlined in the image above. With Steeda’s Focus ST short throw shifter bracket you’re certain to get your money’s worth with easier, shorter throws, premium quality materials and American-made craftsmanship.

Check out the links below to go to your vehicle’s specific short-throw shifters/brackets!

Steeda Focus ST Short Throw Shifter (13-14)

Steeda Focus Short Throw Shifter (12-14)

Steeda Focus ST Short Throw Shifter Bracket (13-14)

Steeda Mustang Short Throw Shifters

Steeda Fiesta Short Throw Shifter (11-14)

Steeda Fusion Short Throw Shifter Bracket (06-09)

As always, Steeda’s sales team is available to answer any of your questions and guide you in equipping your car with the best shifting experience possible!

Steeda – Speed Matters

New Product Release: Steeda Focus ST Ram Air Intake Scoop (13-14)

We’ve been busy here at Steeda Autosports developing new parts for your 2013 to 2014 Focus ST! Steeda’s Ram Air Intake Scoop allows your intake to receive the most direct and non-turbulent air straight from the front of the car. The more direct induction of air creates lower air inlet temperatures, resulting in horsepower and torque increase.

Unlike our competitors’ products, the Steeda Ram Air Intake Scoop is far superior in that it allows for a more natural “velocity effect,” in which air flows from a large opening to a smaller entrance in the intake – resulting in direct, free flowing, and cooler air. This part is also made right here in the USA!

Check out our detailed installation video for a more in-depth look, especially if you’re planning on installing this part yourself:

Here’s a link directly to the product: – Steeda, Speed Matters

Track Tested Focus ST Parts

South Georgia Motorsports Park was the site for the season kickoff for the SCCA Dixie Region Auto X time trials. Cold and wet weather in the morning eventually cleared for sunny and near perfect conditions the rest of the day – an excellent opportunity for our Steeda Autosports specially prepared 2013 Focus ST to show exactly what it can do on a tight and extremely challenging autocross circuit.

At Steeda Autosports, we are continually testing the products we design, engineer, and manufacture under a wide variety of conditions – on the street, on the race track, at the drag strip, and even on autocross circuits. “Real World” testing like this at a variety of different venues provides us the opportunity to further validate the performance of our products, to do valuable durability testing, and also to ensure that the products we offer live up to our expectations as well as the expectations of our customers.

Our core DNA dictates that we continually push the boundaries of performance everyday because our customers expect nothing less. While plenty of aggressive testing has been done to some of these components we know we need to push it even further. “We needed to really hammer some of these parts,” explained Scott Boda, Steeda’s Director of Manufacturing. “While most of our customers will never put their cars through some of the testing we do, we know that somewhere, there are die-hard gear heads that will push performance limits and we want them to have confidence in their Steeda performance parts”.

At the event we were testing several new motor mounts and a couple other new key suspension components that have great promise for raising the bar of Focus ST performance even higher. With just 3 passes on the Steeda Focus ST we were able to cover the track in a blistering time of just 52 seconds, allowing the ST to win its class out of the 71 cars attending the event! While many people might think we had a professional autocross driver at the wheels for this specific test, we purposely opted to put Scott Boda behind the wheel to see what a seasoned drag racer could do when the road in front of him had many challenging turns. Suffice to say, the Steeda Focus ST carried the mail and made an autocross hero out of Scott!

Director of Manufacturing, Scott Boda, with Steeda's Development Focus ST

Director of Manufacturing, Scott Boda, with Steeda's Development Focus ST

Overall, it was a fun and very exciting day at the event and our test results provided us some key and very valuable information. The next validation we will be performing will be at the drag strip where we will push the Steeda Focus ST harder than we ever have before down the quarter mile – all in the quest of validating our parts and ensuring that they are the very best that they can be. Stay tuned – we will keep you posted!!

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Leading The Way in Focus ST Tuning

Ford has hit a home run when they brought the 2013 Focus ST with the 2.0L EcoBoost to market as it provides enthusiasts looking for increased performance and handling in a compact package the added bonus of great fuel economy. With this platform we saw the outstanding potential to take it to the next level of overall engine performance. After months of dedicated research and development, Steeda Autosports is proud to formally announce our Steeda Certified Custom Tune services for the 2.0L EcoBoost powered Focus ST.

Focus ST Custom Tuning

With the stock calibration from Ford Motor Company, we found there is a substantial amount of torque and throttle limiting pre-programmedinto the stock calibration. . In certain instances, we found that programming the PCM to open the throttle all the way could actually hurt power in the low end and midrange. So while we can make the system give us full throttle sooner, we purposely have delayed it ever so slightly – which results in higher power loads and torque production in the low end and mid-range of the power band.

With our Steeda Certified Tune Programs we provide additional horsepower and torque while providing the utmost in engine safety and reliability. Steeda Certified Custom tunes are available for 87, 91, 92, and 93 octane fuel versions.. The dyno gains shown in our graph is our tune for 92 octane or higher fuel, note that gains will be less with lower octanes tunes. As the graph below shows we achieved horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire powerband.

Focus ST Dyno Graph

Focus ST Dyno Graph - Click Image to Enlarge

Breaking down the actual peak numbers, the torque peak numbers are the result of spikes from the initial hit, so we will break down the numbers to properly illustrate the gains achieved.

Focus ST Dyno Graph Showing Torque Curve

Focus ST Dyno Graph Showing Torque Curve - Click Image to Enlarge

Looking at the peak torque shown of 318, that is a false peak due to a spike from the initial boost hit. Reading the highlighted point in the run at 3100rpm, a point where measurements have now stabilized and you are getting true readings, you can see we’ve gained over 52 ft/lbs of torque and carry large torque gains through another 1,800rpm, torque stays above stock the entire run all the way through 7,000 rpm.

Focus ST Dyno Graph at Higher RPM

Focus ST Dyno Graph at Higher RPM - Click Image to Enlarge

With no spikes to worry about for horsepower readings here we have clean, easy to understand numbers. Peak-to-peak gains were just shy of 15 horsepower, but point-to-point gains are much higher. At 5,100 we see an 18+ horsepower gain, at the highlighted point at 5,700, we see over 27 horsepower. At other points lower in the powerband we have gains of over 25 horsepower. In fact the average gain between 4,000 and 6,000 is well over 20 horsepower. Gains you will feel and enjoy everytime you mash the gas pedal.

Ready to take your Focus ST to the next level? Steeda Certified Custom Tunes will take you there reliably and safely.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Focus Product Development – The Racing Advantage

Buyer Beware: If you are a current Ford Focus owner or are contemplating on getting a hot new Focus ST and will be in need of performance parts, it is critical you understand the Steeda difference and the benefits you can receive. Unlike most other performance parts manufacturers or distributors, the Steeda Team is comprised of not just businessmen out for quick profits or geeky engineers that have zero race experience, or a bunch of greedy accountants that try to thrift product content. Rather, we are comprised of a team of dedicated, die-hard/hard core racers that also happen to be exceptional technical engineers, and honest business professionals that have a firm commitment to produce the very best track tested products possible right here in America.

Steeda Focus ST Development Vehicle

Just one example of this is the ongoing product development we have undertaken on the Ford Focus. Our President of Steeda, Dario Orlando has been racing for over 40 years a variety of RWD and FWD vehicles, fine tuning them and further developing and refining their performance as well as honing his own keen ability to dial in a car better than the competition. For example, this past weekend following the Pony Wars event, he took our older 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 to Sebring International Raceway for a weekend SCCA Road Racing event. This ZX3 has served as just one of the many front wheel drive vehicles we have in our test fleet and has undergone a variety of modifications over the years as we test new performance ideas, spring rates, stabilizer bar settings, and other elements that are completely unique to a front wheel drive vehicle platform. Dario purposely started dead last in the race – 65th position to be exact. During the race he was hauling in and hunting down various cars and at the end, he was in second place ready to drive up the tail pipe of the leading Porsche 944 at the finish line – all in a 10 year old Steeda Focus!

Steeda Focus Development Vehicle at Sebring

So when you set out to purchase performance parts and accessories for your Focus, ask yourself if you want to purchase parts made by people that say they know performance, or would you want to purchase from a company that really knows performance and proves it at the race track?

Do you want parts made overseas by suppliers that have never seen or tested your type of car, or do you want performance parts that have been specifically made under strict ISO 9001:2008 Certified practices here in the USA with the highest quality materials that have also been extensively tested under the most harsh conditions possible – the race track?

Steeda Focus Development Vehicle at Sebring

Do you want parts made by a small shop with limited experience and questionable equipment and sold by an internet .com clearinghouse that is more concerned about dollars to their bottom line –or– do you want to buy from a company that is really concerned about performance, and can deliver the integrity and quality you deserve for your hard earned dollar?

Steeda Focus Development Vehicle at Sebring

The answer should be obvious – Take advantage of the knowledge base of our entire team and leverage the extensive racing and engineering experience that goes into every part we manufacturer. Go ahead and ask other manufacturers if they are ISO 9001:2008 Certified – their answer may surprise you because only a handful of performance aftermarket companies in this business today undertake the same quality commitment that we do.

By choosing Steeda you are buying not only a performance part or a turn-key Steeda serialized vehicle, but also a commitment that guarantees you the highest level of quality and a level of performance that is unlike any other.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Introducing: The 2013 Steeda Focus ST

Exhilarating, Responsive, and Refined

Combine Ford Motor Company’s EcoBoost power and the exhilarating performance modifications that Steeda Autosport has been famous for over two decades, the result is the 2013 Steeda Focus ST – a European-inspired performance sedan that provides a smooth responsive ride with exceptional handling characteristics thanks to the Steeda enhanced turbocharged power and the advanced Steeda G/Trac handling/suspension components.

Steeda Autosport relentlessly pushes the boundaries when it comes to performance and our work on the 2013 Focus ST was no exception. Our Engineering Team refused to accept status quo when they took a “clean-sheet” approach in developing the level of enhanced performance that our customers have come to expect from us. All of this turbocharged performance sedan engineering enhancements were developed under our strict ISO 9001-2008 Certified Processes – with the intention to provide a more refined level of handling and responsiveness that can do ample duty on the street or the track.

Debuted to the media in the Ford Motor Company corporate display at the 2012 SEMA Show, the Steeda Focus ST delivers an exhilarating experience that will satisfy even the most demanding performance junkies. On the street or on the track this unique package has the increased performance, improved handling, aggressive looks and competitive feel to make a true automotive enthusiast want to climb behind the wheel and stay there. Available powertrain modifications include a Steeda Cold Air Intake, Steeda Cat-back Exhaust, Steeda Performance Tune, and underhood cosmetics that make this Steeda Focus look, sound and go like a racer. The beefed-up Steeda G-Trac suspension with available NITTO performance tires rounds out the performance upgrades to help you grab the road and carve the corners like no other Focus ST on the road today.

Custom Steeda body graphics let everyone else on the road know that this high-performance hatchback means business. Inside, the Steeda custom leather seats make it feel as good as it looks.

An addictive drive? Try it yourself and see….visit for more information or call 954-629-1233 for information on the Steeda Certified Dealer in your area where you can get your own Steeda Certified Focus ST.

SteedaSpeed Matters

Steeda Focus Continues its Development Process

Fresh from their outstanding showing at the famed Sebring International Raceway, Steeda President Dario Orlando and Racing Chief Engineer, Steve Chichisola continued their very successful development process on the Steeda Focus ZX3. This time, Moroso Motorsports Park in Jupiter Farms was the scene of the action as the SCCA Florida Region hosted the Double South Atlantic Road Racing Championship races. Dario Orlando qualified the Focus third in a field of 60 cars the first day.

” I cannot believe just how easy and how much fun the ZX3 is to drive,” Dario stated, ” We are getting the suspension dialed in as we test and continue to develop new parts for our customers,” he continued. The 2.0 liter Zetec engines produces around 200 normally aspirated horsepower, enough to keep the yellow ZX3 ahead of the majority of the field. In fact the only cars to finish ahead of the Focus were purpose built race cars during the two days of competition.

Encouraged by the progress of the Focus, Orlando explained,”we plan to continually up grading our ZX3 all season long as the development process continues. The Focus is an exciting car both on the race track and on the street and we look forward to engineering and developing more and more competition proven Steeda Focus performance parts.”

Racing Together Again, Steeda Focus Goes Racing at Sebring

Since the late 1970s, when they teamed up, Dario Orlando and Steve Chichisola have been inseparable. The talented pair have formed companies, Steeda is derived from Steve and Dario, successfully raced and won in many forms of competition. Building and racing a wide variety of cars from Sprites to the victorious IMSA GS Class Cobra R Mustangs to the latest Steeda Q400 R has led to a long line of competition proven performance parts for Steeda’s customers. Although both men are equally talented in all phases of car building and race preparation, Dario became the driver able to communicate the engineering facets needed to dial the race cars to Steve as the racing chief engineer was able to take the input and build winning cars.

Now the talented duo are back racing , testing and developing more competition performance parts with the Steeda Focus. The number 22 ZX3 underwent extensive testing, evaluation recently at the South Atlantic Road Race of Champions race held at Sebring, Florida.

Dario and Steve sorted a number of new suspension and engine parts as the Focus qualified second in class and ahead of a number of competitors, including BMW, Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

Throughout the weekend the Focus went faster as the pair dialed the car in. After qualifying second to a purpose built race car, Dario stated. “ We were very pleased with the progress we made with our Focus this weekend. The ZX3 Zetec engine never missed a beat and we were able to gather valuable suspension data. The Focus is a blast to drive! I cannot wait for our next race as we continue develop the car. This will enable us to continue to offer new performance handling and engine parts to our Focus customers in the very near future”

(photo caption) Racing together again, this time with the Steeda Focus, Steeda President, Dario Orlando (L) and Racing Chief Engineer, Steve Chichisola prepare to head to Sebring International Raceway for a successful product development and race weekend.

All In The Family!

It was a brisk but sunny south Florida day when a sharp looking SVT Focus pulled into the parking lot here at Steeda Autosports – an event that would hardly raise an eyebrow around here under ordinary circumstances. But the folks in this Focus were here on a mission – they were here to take delivery of the newest member in their automotive family.

Donnie & Joyce Brown from Plant City, Florida motored down in their SVT to pick up “The Fireball”, the first delivery from the Legendary Steeda Fleet Sale. Donnie is an avid Ford Enthusiast who found the sale notice posted on our website, and was quick to realize the value of the offer before him. They locked up the deal online, then made arrangements to finalize the deal and pick up the car a few days later.

The Browns are a car crazy couple. While Joyce has a penchant for VW’s (REAL, air cooled VW’s), it’s Donnie who is the Ford Fanatic in the family. A ’96 Mystic Cobra with a mere 3500 miles on the clock already has the Brown name on the title, and Donnie hadn’t yet decided if he would be parking or driving their latest acquisition – an enviable dilemma to have.

The delivery could not take place until Steeda President Dario Orlando took the new owner out for a test drive (or thrill ride, as the case may be) to demonstrate the Fireball’s handling and performance. We bit the Browns farewell as they headed home, confident that our little, red friend was in good hands, and looking forward to some photos of the red jet in it’s new surroundings.With one car delivered and one offer pending, there’s still time for you to own a piece of automotive history as the Legendary Steeda Fleet Sale presses on.

Focus Challenge 2003

The Steeda Focus Challenge 2003 Was Held On April 5th at Steeda Autosports.It was a hit with Ford Focus enthusiasts throughout Florida. Steeda Autosports opened their doors to Focus enthusiasts with the President of Steeda, Dario Orlando personally giving tours of the Steeda campus.

Challenge attendants got exclusive tours of Steeda’s operations center, shipping center and manufacturing centers. Many of the attendants were impressed with Steeda’s massive manufacturing center and it’s capabilities. The main attraction for the Focus Challenge was the dyno competition, and the first entrant on the dyno, Oliver Pacheco set the bar very high with a turbocharged 219 horsepower and 236 lb/ft of torque. Steeda engineer, Dan Carlson demonstrated how to install the brand new Steeda Tri-Ax/F for the SVT Focus on one lucky customer’s car. Jose Leon, watched as the Tri-Ax/F designer himself installed his new shifter. Many of the attendants also watched as Scott Boda, the assistant director of Manufacturing, installed a throttle body on Steeda customer, Shane Pilpel’s 2002 ZX3.

In Between Dyno runs Steeda placed the Ford Division project vehicle amicably named “Project Shadow” on the Dyno for some live vehicle testing. The vehicle’s name “Project Shadow” comes from its very popular liquid grey metallic color. Participants watched as “Project Shadow” was placed on the dyno for a baseline run, then Steeda Technicians Sam Cory and Chad Coy, installed a Diablo sport computer chip. Participants witnessed first-hand the development and testing that Steeda puts into all of it’s product. Signifying the end of the event and the start of the cruise to Moroso Motorsports Park was the Car Show Awards. Winning Best of Show, for his hot looking ZX3 was Robert Quinn, who received a $50 Steeda Gift Certificate. Winning Best Paint/ Vinyl Graphics was TJ Fogleman with his lime green with purple flames ZX3. TJ’s Focus was definitely an eye-catcher and he received a case of Royal Purple motor oil.

Winning the Category of furthest driven was Eugene Warlop who drove 300+ miles from Deland, Florida. Eugene also received a case of Royal Purple motor oil. Then the prize everyone anticipated, the brand new Steeda Focus Wheels, was raffled off to Focus Challenge registrants. After two names failed to claim their prize, a loyal Steeda customer’s name was drawn. Jose Malave became the First owner of a set Steeda Focus Wheels. Our other door prize winners include, Todd Manganello, Mark Lee and Jose Leon. Once the prizes were given away, everyone posed for a picture in front of Steeda’s new Warehouse and Manufacturing facility before they made the 50-mile cruise to Moroso Motorsports Park for the Inaugural BFGoodrich Sport Compact Nationals.

Thanks to Ford Motor Company, Ford Division, Jack Daly of J.D. Companies, Royal Purple, Focus Central, and EBC Brakes for making the Steeda Focus Challenge 2003 a very successful event.

Click here for the 2003 Photo Gallery!

Next Event: July 31st, 2004