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Steeda Supports Get Your Heart Racing Event

The 2nd Annual Henry Ford Hospital Get Your Heart Racing event was once again a huge success – generating hundreds of thousands of dollars for the hospitals Heart and Vascular Institute. This event is held annually on the grounds of the super-secret Ford Motor Company Dearborn Proving Grounds, provides contributors the opportunity to drive on various track and surfaces, courses, as well as to experience hot laps with professional drivers in a variety of cars. This year, Steeda Autosports provided various performance parts that were on the one-of-one cars made for the event including the 2013 GT500 auction vehicle and the 2013 Ford Focus that was a door prize at the event.

Additionally, Steeda sponsored driver Dane Moxlow brought his Trenton Forging Boss 302s race car to the event and provided exciting hot laps around the Ford Handling Course. Equipped with a passenger racing seat and a six-point harness, attendees were able to experience first hand what it is like to be driven around the track at racing speeds – effectively getting their hearts racing !

We want to thank Dane Moxlow, Trenton Forging and their entire race team for supporting the Henry Ford Hospital with this remarkable charity event. Plans are underway for the 3rd annual event next year – look for future updates from us about this exciting event next year.

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2012 Steeda Stampede Recap

On Saturday September 15th Steeda Auto sports held its 13th annual Steeda Stampede event at our Pompano Beach Headquarters in conjunction with the Fun Ford Weekend at Palm Beach International Raceway. With over 130 cars in attendance and hundreds of people at the event it was once again a huge success with some of the nicest hotrods and greatest enthusiasts in the whole southeast. Thanks to SCT, Tokico, and Nitto for providing great items donated for the raffle which also included Steeda Autosports donated prizes. We had a huge turnout for our annual Frank’s Garage sale. With a line around the building many enthusiasts got some great deals on takeoff parts and blemished items. After a great morning at Steeda it was now time to head out to the Fun Ford Race at Palm Beach International Raceway and see what some of these beautiful rides could do at the track!

The highlight of this year’s Fun Ford event was the Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine “Triathlon”. This unique event saw Mustang owners put their cars to the test in three distinctly different events:

  • Timed Autocross
  • Timed Speed Braking Challenge
  • Low ET Quarter-Mile Drag Race Pass

For this event, we decided it was appropriate to pull the cover off of one of our older cars, our 2005 “Screaming Yellow” Q650 that served as a mule in past years for testing and developing many of our performance parts for the S197 Mustang. While this car might be over eight years old, we thought it would be appropriate to showcase how an older 4.6L based Mustang GT that we modified back then, can compete effectively and hold its own against even the newest generation Mustangs and other specialty purpose built cars.

The Triathlon’s rules required that the same driver must handle the car for each event – so we relied on our own drag racer Scott Boda to pilot the Screaming Yellow Q-650. When the dust settled, Scott took home the overall top honors for his class at the event with a 1st place in the speed braking event, a 1st place finish in the drag race portion, and a close 3rd place showing in the auto cross event. Overall, Scott and our “Screaming Yellow” Q650 were able to bring home the 1st Place Overall Win in the highly competitive Modified Group Class and he did this in a 3800lb street car that is fully optioned out with leather interior and other luxury appointments and with all suspension and engine pieces right out of the Steeda Catalog!

In the timed speed braking challenge, Scott achieved a time of 11.97 seconds to go from a dead stop – accelerating up to 115+ MPH at the 1,000 foot mark, and then stopping in a 20×20 box all on Nitto NT05R drag radial tires and NT01s up front. His performance earned him the best time overall for this portion of the event beating all other competitors. On the Drag Racing portion of the Triathlon, with 3 round robin passes and no cool down he managed a 11.44, 11.42, and a best of 11.32 at over 126 miles per hour. These times were around three quarters of a second better than his closest competitor. And finally in the Triathlon’s Auto Cross event, he was able to wrestle this street car to a 3rd place finish, against cars with full roll cages and complete road racing suspension. Not bad for a guy who spends most his time going in a straight line down the quarter mile dragstrip!

Plans are already being made for next year’s Steeda Stampede which we are confident will be even bigger and better once again. Keep up with all our upcoming events by sign


Steeda in the Motor City

Everyone knows that Detroit and its surrounding suburbs are THE PLACE to be in the month of August. With perfect weather and historic automotive birthplaces, the Detroit area hosts two truly great automotive celebrations – the annual Woodward Dream Cruise and the Mustang Memories Car Show. Needless to say, Steeda Autosports was at each event, proudly representing the Blue Oval every step of the way.

The Mustang Memories Car Show is held annually on the grounds of the famed Ford Motor Company World Headquarters and provides a truly unique place-setting to showcase the original pony car – the Ford Mustang. Once again, Steeda Autosports participated at the event having a total of six cars on display as well as donating a sizable amount of door prizes for attendees to win. Cars on display included multiple Steeda customer cars, a Steeda modified Ford GT, and our supercharged Steeda StreetFighter Mustang. In addition, the following two race cars were on display:

Dane Moxlow’s Trenton Forging / Steeda Boss 302S that competes in the Pirrelli World Challenge Series and is equipped with a variety of Steeda components. Dane was on hand all day providing insight about his car and the hotly contested race series.

Heins Motorsports Boss 302RS was on hand showcasing superior workmanship and unique fabrication details that position this car as a truly unique race car. Equipped with a variety of our race proven and track test components – including our Steeda “race-proven” Watt’s Link Rear Suspension.

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2012 Steeda Stampede is Next Weekend! – September 15th

You have heard about it before – so do not miss out because the annual Steeda Stampede is happening next weekend at our Pompano Beach Headquarters Campus! This event, set for the morning of September 15, 2012, has grown to be an event that you do not want to miss. In addition to a multitude of cars on display for everyone to check out and admire, there will be thousands of dollars in give-a-way promotions from Steeda Autosports, and also from companies like Nitto Tires, Tokico, SCT, DBA and more…and then there will be a procession to the Fun Ford Weekend events at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

At our headquarters you will have a first hand opportunity to see a collection of our own factory cars that we have on hand – including our various race cars, SEMA Show vehicles, and also our new 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca that we have transformed into a “Certified” Steeda Boss 302 that is now even more of a major track warrior than it was when it came from the factory. Also – “Frank’s Garage” will be open and will once again have some extraordinary products to enable you to upgrade your ride at huge-deeply discounted prices. At noon, the Steeda Stampede will lead the way to the Palm Beach Raceway, where the Fun Ford Weekend event will feature an unleash horsepower frenzy as hundreds of Mustangs and other Ford models thunder down the drag strip. In addition, the Steeda #20 Q-Series Mustang race car will be on the track, providing “charity rides” to a few lucky people that provide a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach.

The event delivers fans unbeatable gear-slamming, pavement-pounding, edge-of-your-seat racing experience with the Steeda Autosports sponsored “Pony Wars” – which will feature heads-up drag racing down the quarter mile. Also during the day, Mustang Mania will take over the entire facility from racing on the quarter-mile drag strip to the two-mile road course hosting the “Mustang Triathlon” sponsored by the Palm Beach Mustang Club and Muscle Mustangs Magazine. The triathlon will feature three challenges including an autocross on the road course, speed brake challenge and heads up drag racing.

Here are some of the key event details

  • Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012
  • Location: Steeda Autosports Headquarters, Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  • Price: $15 for pre-registrants / $20 on day of event and will include a FREE 2012 Steeda Stampede T-Shirt and goodie bag with registration.
  • Registration: Click on the following link to complete your registration for the event – and then watch our email updates for even more information and special features!

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Mark Your Calendar – 2012 Steeda Stampede

For those people that have participated before in the past – those two words signify the return on the annual Mustang celebration that is at the Headquarters of Steeda Autosports in Pompano Beach Florida on September 15, 2012.

Now, in it’s 13th year, the Steeda Stampede has grown to be bigger than ever before – with more cars and more excitement to experience than ever before. Held annually, it is one of the biggest events that we host at our Pompano Beach, Florida facilities – so tell your friends and mark calendars…the Steeda Stampede is one event you surely do not want to miss!

The Steeda Stampede features a multitude of cars on display for everyone to admire and envy, thousands of dollars in give-a-way promotions, as well as a special guided tour of our Pompano Beach facilities. In addition, you will have a first hand opportunity to see a collection of our own factory cars that have on hand – including our various race cars, SEMA Show vehicles, and also our new 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca that we have transformed into a “Certified” Steeda Boss 302 that is now even more of a major track warrior than it was when it came from the factory.

Lastly, do not forget about “Frank’s Garage” which will once again be open to all and will have some extraordinary products to enable you to upgrade your ride at huge-deeply discounted prices. Items will include new and used parts, slightly scratched items, and those simply targeted for inventory reduction. Certainly there will be something for everyone’s need for speed!

For those in attendance that are inclined to show the power that their pony possesses, you will have an opportunity to schedule an appointment and have your car tested on the Steeda dyno for a small fee.  Then in the afternoon – it will be time to start your engines as there will be a special stampede over to the Palm Beach International Raceway – where the Steeda Stampede will join up with the Fun Ford Weekend events going on there. While at the track, members of the Steeda Stampede will once again receive special treatment while on site and be able to participate in a car show, or if you have the racers edge, you can participate in the Pony War Class where there s an arm drop race set-up similar to the television show “Pinks All Out”.

Here are some of the key event details

  • Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012
  • Location: Steeda Autosports Headquarters, Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  • Price: $15 for pre-registrants / $20 on day of event and will include a FREE 2012 Steeda Stampede T-Shirt and goodie bag with registration.
  • Registration: Click on the following link to complete your registration for the event – and then watch our email updates for even more information and special features!

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Steeda Shines at the 2012 Sebring Sensation

The 2012 running of the annual Sebring Sensation presented by the Track Guys, and held annually at Sebring International Raceway during the Memorial Day weekend may be over – but everyone in attendance took home some really great memories of Steeda Mustang performance as a result of being there.

Annually, performance enthusiasts from around the country converge at the famed Sebring track to challenge its famous 3.7 mile full race circuit for two full days of on-track excitement. The Engineering and Speed Teams from Steeda Autosports were on-hand as we have been for every year, showcasing a variety of new products, and continually testing our vehicles under some of the harshest track conditions that you will find anywhere in the world. From the grueling tough track and its rough surfaces, to the intense heat – if something is going to break on a racetrack, it will happen here. Suffice to say – the Steeda equipment held up perfectly and provided many thrills and experiences for those lucky enough to be in the Steeda driver’s or passengers seat and also provided the perfect venue for our ongoing product development efforts.

As everyone expected, the weather was perfect, the track conditions were challenging, and the excitement was non-stop as the Track Guys coordinated yet another great enthusiast event that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

This year, we invited some of the leading Mustang publications to the event to see first hand exactly how our products perform under aggressive racing conditions. From Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords, Editor Evan Smith, Marc Christ, and Pete Epple were all on hand and from 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords, Michael Johnson was on hand to experience personally exactly what makes up the “Steeda Difference”. Sebring is an exceptionally tough track – not every car that runs there is built for the grueling punishment – as evidenced by the photo below showing a 2012 Z06 Corvette that just did not hold up like the Steeda vehicles did.

First up, we had our famed #20 red 2009 S197 race/developmental car – this is just one of the specially prepared and ultra competitive rolling testing platforms we use to evaluate our ongoing product research and to test new products. Pounding out over 600 supercharge horsepower and every bit of advanced suspension technology that we offer (and some pieces that are not yet in production), this ride completely surprised everyone with it’s road gripping tenacity and it’s brutal acceleration.

The performance of Steeda #20 is best described by Evan Smith, Editor of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords when he comments: ”…after just a few turns I…was running faster than just about any car on the track. I found the Mustang had a neutral balance, and it was unsurprisingly easy to drive at the limit. The Steeda suspension with Nitto tires was compliant and predictable, even on the bumpy sections of the famed Sebring track. Braking was amazing and confident-inspiring, turn-in was accurate, I was able to push much harder than I thought I’d be able to….It’s clear the years of racing has allowed Steeda to build such a powerful and capable Mustang.” As Evan so eloquently stated – there is definitely a difference on how a car performs – and our over 25 years of uninterrupted experience of racing Mustangs is unmatched in the industry today!

Here is a video of Evan Smith hitting the Serbring racetrack in the Steeda #20:

Also on hand was our newest creation – our 2013 Steeda Q450 that completely delivers on the Steeda guiding philosophy that “Speed Matters”. This latest beauty is based on the 2013 Mustang GT that Ford builds – but from that excellent starting point the Steeda speed gurus with their engineering expertise and ISO 9001-2008 Certified standards transformed it into a performance machine that is just outstanding. With performance characteristics that are so finely tuned, it just goes where you point it with speeds that are simply unbelievable. Precise handling, rocket-like performance, and breathtaking looks make for a truly unique Mustang – the 2013 Steeda Q450 – only from Steeda Autosports.

Not to be overlooked, we also had a variety of other race cars at Sebring including race cars from Tom Ellis and Tony Lorenz – each fully equipped with our products and each a record setting and championship holding vehicle. In addition, many production based Steeda vehicles make it to Sebring and strut their superiority. Here is a video of our own Glen Vitale driving a Steeda Q-Series Mustang at the famed track. Note his racing style, how he attacks the course at every turn, and how efficiently and accurately the car responds to every input he provides:

Every time we are at a racetrack, and the annual Sebring Sensation is no exception, we are there with the primary intention of testing our products. From prototype and developmental products, to existing products that have been in production for some time – we continually test our products under real world race conditions. While some company’s simply put together and sell a “package” of parts or build a show vehicle to showcase their products without any real world track testing and refinement – we opt to test our products to the extreme so that our customers expectations will be fully fulfilled and Sebring is just one of the many race tracks we compete at every weekend.

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2012 Pony Wars Recap

Earlier this month at the South Georgia Motorsport Park, the annual Pony Wars event pitted some of the best American muscle machines in a showdown celebration that had Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers facing off against each other. This year’s event was held under the hot and steamy Georgia sun, nevertheless, the heat did not deter any of the competitors as we had another record crowds from being in attendance. Over the years, the annual Pony Wars event has evolved to become THE celebration of American muscle cars and this year’s occurrence was even more popular with more cars and more excitement than ever with Ford, GM, and Mopar enthusiasts all convening for a full day of drag racing, car shows, and muscle car excitement!

This year’s event was even extra-special in that we were raising money for the That Others May Live (TOML) Foundation – a charity that provides critical support, scholarships, and immediate tragedy assistance for the families of United States Air Force Rescue Heroes who are killed or severely wounded in operational or training missions.

Special thanks should be provided to the Nation of Stangs Car Club for hosting the Ford, GM, and Mopar car show at the event – their support and generosity is most appreciated as they are fully committed to preserving the legend of the Mustang: past, present & future and that they did at this event!

When the sun was finally setting, there were some definite winners in the various drag racing categories and show classes. In the Quick 16 class Randy Thomas in his GT500 took out Chris Harter in his Corvette. Mel White in his 1966 Mustang beat Dan Perry in his Mustang to take honors in the Quick Street win. Steeda’s own Bill Jones and his trusty Falcon “Dirty Bird” defeated Blake Ennis in his Mustang for the Hot Street win. And in the Street class Chris Smith defeated Travis Stepp in his Camaro to take the title.

Congratulations to the following show car show winners: (Ford) Mike Haynes with his 2009 GT500, (GM) Gary Prine 2010 Camaro, and (Mopar) Christopher Fones 2010 Challenger SRT8.

Make sure to check out for photos from the event, and make sure to be on the lookout for the next Pony Wars Event.

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Semi-Annual Pony Wars Recap – In Pictures!

On October 8th, Steeda Autosports and LSR Performance hosted the semi-annual Pony Wars at the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia.

Pony Wars is a unique celebration of American Muscle cars, and this past October 8th was the date of the most recent event on the grounds of the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta Georgia.  This is where Ford, GM and Mopar enthusiast gather for a day of drag racing, car shows and automotive excitement.   This year, there were over 200 cars racing on the track, making it yet another successful Pony War celebration on a beautiful fall day.

The racing event included 3 heads up classes that all started “Pinks Style” with the classic arm drop to start the race.  Cars were assigned to their class based on their ET’s.  One class was for mid 11 second cars, another for 12.5 -13 second cars, and a final class for 13.5 second cars. When all of the racing was done, 2 race titles were won by Camaro’s (Joe Tuttle 2011 Camaro and Steven Davis 2002 Camaro) and the fast 11 second class was won by the 2011 Steeda Drag pak Mustang driven by Steeda’s own Scott Boda.

With the winning Steeda Drag pak car, traction was a slight issue due to the car not being completely converted over from it’s Sebring track spec’s, but when it mattered the most it got down the track 1st every time it raced.  Since Steeda Autosport and LSR Performance sponsored this event for fun and the enthusiasts, Scott Boda had no problem awarding the Prize money to second place driver Brian Laird in the spirit of sportsmanship.

In addition to the three heads up classes – there was also a “Quick 8” class that put the fastest competitors together.  To level the playing field we ran this class based off an index of their quickest qualifying pass.  This class ended up being dominated by the Blue Oval entries with the overall winner was Bill Jones in his Fox based Mustang.

Make sure to check out the photos from the event, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the next Pony Wars!

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Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Steeda Events

At Steeda we never rest, and just because the summer may be over, the fun and excitement at Steeda is not about to end.   The next two big events we have are the lined up that you should try to attend – the Steeda Stampede in Pompano Beach Florida and the Pony Wars in Valdosta Georgia.

Steeda Stampede® – Join us at our Pompano Beach Florida Headquarters on September 17th 2011 for the annual Steeda Stampede.  This year is staged to be the best one yet as we will have plenty of action and sights for everyone.  Mingle with fellow Mustang and Ford enthusiasts, browse the fantastic discounts and great deals in Franks Garage, participate in tech discussions or a tour of our facilities and enter to win thousands of dollars in giveaways.

After the events at our headquarters, there is the annual stampede to Palm Beach International Raceway where we will be joining the activities at the Ford Weekend – essentially two events in one day – what more excitement could one have in a day?

Schedule of events include

  • 8:00 am – Arrive at the Steeda Pompano Beach Headquarters
  • 10:30 am – Prizes and giveaways
  • 11:30 am – Stampede to Palm Beach International Raceway
  • 12:30 pm – Fun Ford Weekend Event

For registration for the Steeda Stampede, click here:

For registration for the Fun Ford Weekend Events, click here:

The Pony Wars® – Mark your calendars and do not make any other plans – October 8, 2011 is the date for the next Pony Wars event that is being presented by Steeda Autosports.

The Pony Wars event held at the South Georgia Motorsports Park is open to any American made car from Ford, GM, and Mopar and with an expected huge turnout with some of the best performance cars around, this will most certainly be an event that will be talked about and remembered for quite a long period of time. If you have not been to one of the previous Pony Wars events – then you are missing out!

To stay up to date on the upcoming Pony Wars® event make sure to Like us on our Pony Wars® Facebook page:

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Steeda Invades Motor City

Annually, August in Southeastern Michigan is a hotbed of car shows and activity as the Motor City celebrates everything automotive in a grand way.  This year, was no exception as the American automotive mecca pulled out all stops to celebrate the automobile and Steeda Autosports made sure that our loyal customers attending these events would also have a chance to see some of our latest product offerings.  From the Mustang Memories Car Show to the Woodward Dream Cruise, August in Michigan is the place to be.

Mustang Memories at the Ford World Headquarters – Taking place on the grounds of the Ford World Headquarters and presented by the Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan (MOCSEM), this annual event is most certainly one of the key shows you need to attend in the future.  Steeda Autosports is a co-sponsor of this event for the past several years and we were on hand with a variety of cars to showcase including the 5.0L supercharged Steeda StreetFighter, a Steeda modified 2006 Ford GT, and an exceptional 2006 Q400 displayed by loyal customer John Long.  In addition, American Iron Champion Robin Burnett and Camaro/Mustang Challenge driver Anders Sjoblom each their Steeda prepared race cars on display and were on hand to answer any questions the show attendees had about their competitive cars.
In addition, the Mustang Dream Giveaway presented the keys to the lucky winner of the two Boss 302 Mustangs at this event.  A classic/restored 1969 Boss 302 and a new 2012 Boss 302 with cosmetic modifications directed by Ford Designer Melvin Betancourt were awarded to 24 year old Thomas Barker of Effingham, Illinois.  Suffice to say, the 2012 Boss 302 received a full Steeda suspension treatment as well as a Tri-Ax® shifter to further enhance its outstanding handling and overall outstanding performance.

Woodward Dream Cruise – This annual cruise is undoubtedly the largest car cruise in the world with over 1.5 Million people celebrating various car cultures, and automotive performance.  The “official” cruise occurs on the 3rd Saturday in August, but in actuality the cruising begins well over a month before the official date as ten of thousands of people populate the cruise route on evenings leading up to the cruise.  This year, there were multiple sightings of the Steeda StreetFighter and even a “street-legal” Steeda race car cruising the famous M1 boulevard.  Needless to say, there were no tickets issued, but there most certainly are many memories of some high horsepower Steeda cars pounding the pavement from traffic signal to traffic signal.

In addition to the actual Dream Cruise on Woodward, Ford Motor Company sponsors the Mustang Alley where hundreds of Mustangs are on static display during the cruise, and in the days preceding the actual cruise, Ford open up the Mustang Plant (Auto Alliance) for some special behind the scenes tours. This year, Steeda was asked to display one of our cars at the plant, and we obliged by having the Steeda StreetFighter making a stop to be showcased in a display in front of the assembly plant.  Dario Orlando and his son Zach made a special trip to the Motor City so they could be on hand to answer questions about the car and to participate in the tour as well as the official Dream cruise events.
If you have not been to the Motor City and attended any of the Dream Cruise events in the past – plan now for 2012 as these are some events that should be on your “bucket list”!!!

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