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Mark Your Calendar – 2012 Steeda Stampede

For those people that have participated before in the past – those two words signify the return on the annual Mustang celebration that is at the Headquarters of Steeda Autosports in Pompano Beach Florida on September 15, 2012.

Now, in it’s 13th year, the Steeda Stampede has grown to be bigger than ever before – with more cars and more excitement to experience than ever before. Held annually, it is one of the biggest events that we host at our Pompano Beach, Florida facilities – so tell your friends and mark calendars…the Steeda Stampede is one event you surely do not want to miss!

The Steeda Stampede features a multitude of cars on display for everyone to admire and envy, thousands of dollars in give-a-way promotions, as well as a special guided tour of our Pompano Beach facilities. In addition, you will have a first hand opportunity to see a collection of our own factory cars that have on hand – including our various race cars, SEMA Show vehicles, and also our new 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca that we have transformed into a “Certified” Steeda Boss 302 that is now even more of a major track warrior than it was when it came from the factory.

Lastly, do not forget about “Frank’s Garage” which will once again be open to all and will have some extraordinary products to enable you to upgrade your ride at huge-deeply discounted prices. Items will include new and used parts, slightly scratched items, and those simply targeted for inventory reduction. Certainly there will be something for everyone’s need for speed!

For those in attendance that are inclined to show the power that their pony possesses, you will have an opportunity to schedule an appointment and have your car tested on the Steeda dyno for a small fee.  Then in the afternoon – it will be time to start your engines as there will be a special stampede over to the Palm Beach International Raceway – where the Steeda Stampede will join up with the Fun Ford Weekend events going on there. While at the track, members of the Steeda Stampede will once again receive special treatment while on site and be able to participate in a car show, or if you have the racers edge, you can participate in the Pony War Class where there s an arm drop race set-up similar to the television show “Pinks All Out”.

Here are some of the key event details

  • Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012
  • Location: Steeda Autosports Headquarters, Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  • Price: $15 for pre-registrants / $20 on day of event and will include a FREE 2012 Steeda Stampede T-Shirt and goodie bag with registration.
  • Registration: Click on the following link to complete your registration for the event – and then watch our email updates for even more information and special features!

SteedaSpeed Matters


Steeda NASA Racing Update

Every weekend across the United States, individuals are taking their Steeda equipped vehicles out to the dragstrip, race track, or participate in local club or organization sponsored autocross events. The primary reason that they do this is for the love of the drive, the competitive spirit – and not to be overlooked – just having some plain fun driving everyone’s favorite muscle car – the Ford Mustang.

Two such individuals are Jim Edwards and James Ray, who recently campaigned a 2007 Steeda Certified Shelby GT Mustang – nicknamed “Thor” in the NASA (National Auto Sport Association) race series at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Jim, James, and “Thor” participate in the NASA Southeast Region and just last weekend competed in the one-day NASA-SE event at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was blistering hot with ambient air temperatures over 100 and track temperatures in the near-140 degree range, the conditions took major tolls on cars and drivers alike. Thor had his work cut out for him in this heat, however, with team drivers James Ray and Jim Edwards at the wheel, Thor pulled down a 1.27 time to eclipse anyone seeking to take away the coveted first place trophy!

Charlotte Motor Speedway’s venue for NASA track events includes NASCAR turns two, three and four and the very tight, flat and slick 8-turn infield roadcourse. Charlotte is a very fast venue for roadcourse racing due to the utilization of the 3, high-banked NASCAR turns so combined with the infield course, this track presents challenges related to vehicle set-up, tire pressures and race strategies. Nonetheless, with 9 races under Thor’s proverbial belt this year, he stands first in points with 3 firsts, 5 seconds and only 1 third. And hasn’t been off the podium all year long so far! Not bad for some weekend fun !

Two other great competitors that are in the NASA race series Great Lakes Division are the “Steeda North” duo of Robin Burnett and Anders Sjoblom. Both Robin and Anders have been campaigning their Steeda equipped cars and have been raising hell with their competitors for many years – and this year is no exception as they compete in the American Iron (AI) and Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC) series.

Over weekend of June 30th at the famed Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, both Robin and Anders were there having more fun than one should legally have. While this particular race weekend was not kind to them as they had hoped, they still managed to have some serious fun at the track. With full fields in each class the Steeda teammates knew they had their work cut out for them. Robins race on Saturday was cut short by a back marker on the first lap when contact in the first corner bent a tie rod. Anders race was better with a solid drive that saw him battle the entire race and earn a 4th place finish.

Sundays qualifying was one of the closest fields either class has ever seen, with the top 7 cars within a single second away from each other. Robin had a better day, after repairs from Saturday, where he had a great race with 2 other competitors in Mustangs. The battle lasted long enough to let the front 3 get away leaving Robin with a satisfying 4th place finish. Anders continued his up hill battle on Sunday, as the lone S197 Mustang in his class, managing his class rules mandated skinny tires to a 2nd place finish.

A good start and battles between his competitors left Anders to run the race with little if any challenge. The skill level, preparation level and rules packages in American Iron (AI) and Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC) has created a unbelievably competitive field of cars. With the National Championships just a few months away the Steeda teammates are looking forward to the challenge and are confident that they will continue to represent the Steeda brand as best as they can do. With the season at it’s mid-point, Anders is leading in series points in the Camaro Mustang Challenge Series and Robin is running a close second in the American Iron Race Series.

SteedaSpeed Matters!


An Independence Day Message From Dario Orlando

With the 236th anniversary of our great nation’s independence occurring on Wednesday, I think it is indeed very important that we take pause and reflect upon the brave and selfless men and women in our armed services that protect our freedom each and every day. These brave individuals serve our country with the greatest of honor – so that we can all enjoy the peace and well being that makes the United States of America the free country it is today. For their countless sacrifices that they make every day, the entire Team at Steeda Autosports and their families are forever grateful.

Not to be overlooked, the economic backbone of the United States independence has suffered greatly recently and is still under attack. Far too much manufacturing has been outsourced offshore – effectively taking your hard earned dollars out of this economy and making times exceptionally difficult for the American worker and threatening the economic well being and sanctity of our homeland.

At Steeda, we firmly believe in the capabilities and fortitude of the American worker and that is why we have resisted the trend of outsourcing our design, engineering and production resources – instead, we have put full faith in the American worker and the American economy in everything we do. That is why we chose to expand our operations in this country and invest in America. We have and will continue to increase our American operations and will always bring to market the finest American Made performance parts and accessories for your Ford vehicles. While most if not all of our competitors have yielded to corporate greed and outsourced most if not all of their production overseas, we remain steadfastly committed to the United States of America with the belief that our customers want American made products for their American vehicles.

So while you enjoy this holiday with your family, please give thanks and remember to treasure the freedom we all are blessed with thanks to our current and past servicemen and servicewomen.

SteedaAn American Company Supporting The American Work Force

From all of us at Steeda, have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July,