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Steeda Launches Online LIVE Chat Assistance

At Steeda Autosports we do far more than just engineer, manufacture, and sell performance parts and accessories for Ford vehicles.  Customer service is a key ingredient in everything we do both before, during, and after the sale.   We have a staff of highly trained and knowledgeable sales / technical professionals that are committed to assisting you with your performance needs.  In response to popular demand, we have launched a new internet-based LIVE CHAT function that provides our customers with yet another method to correspond with us.

No matter what your preference for communication is, whether it is by telephone, by email, in person, or by chatting – we are committed to offer you the highest flexibility in customer support to meet and exceed your expectations.  So when you are shopping for that performance part or accessories, there are now four different communication channels available to suite your needs.

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Semi-Annual Pony Wars Recap – In Pictures!

On October 8th, Steeda Autosports and LSR Performance hosted the semi-annual Pony Wars at the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia.

Pony Wars is a unique celebration of American Muscle cars, and this past October 8th was the date of the most recent event on the grounds of the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta Georgia.  This is where Ford, GM and Mopar enthusiast gather for a day of drag racing, car shows and automotive excitement.   This year, there were over 200 cars racing on the track, making it yet another successful Pony War celebration on a beautiful fall day.

The racing event included 3 heads up classes that all started “Pinks Style” with the classic arm drop to start the race.  Cars were assigned to their class based on their ET’s.  One class was for mid 11 second cars, another for 12.5 -13 second cars, and a final class for 13.5 second cars. When all of the racing was done, 2 race titles were won by Camaro’s (Joe Tuttle 2011 Camaro and Steven Davis 2002 Camaro) and the fast 11 second class was won by the 2011 Steeda Drag pak Mustang driven by Steeda’s own Scott Boda.

With the winning Steeda Drag pak car, traction was a slight issue due to the car not being completely converted over from it’s Sebring track spec’s, but when it mattered the most it got down the track 1st every time it raced.  Since Steeda Autosport and LSR Performance sponsored this event for fun and the enthusiasts, Scott Boda had no problem awarding the Prize money to second place driver Brian Laird in the spirit of sportsmanship.

In addition to the three heads up classes – there was also a “Quick 8” class that put the fastest competitors together.  To level the playing field we ran this class based off an index of their quickest qualifying pass.  This class ended up being dominated by the Blue Oval entries with the overall winner was Bill Jones in his Fox based Mustang.

Make sure to check out the photos from the event, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the next Pony Wars!

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An Often Overlooked Handling Secret

One often-overlooked modification that you can make to a Mustang is to increase the amount of negative camber in the front-end geometry so that you have more corning grip and improved steering response.  Unfortunately, the stock Mustang front geometry does not provide a high enough degree of adjustability for the settings that the true performance enthusiast requires.  At Steeda Autosports, we have developed an array of Camber-Caster Plates and Upper Strut Mounts that provide every Mustang owner from 1979 to 2012 increased level of adjustability needed for optimal handling.

Would you like to correct your camber to eliminate excessive tire wear or dial in more negative camber for better cornering? Our adjustable caster camber plates/strut mounts give you the ability to create the perfect caster camber settings whether you are drag racing, road racing, or for your street driving needs. Adjusting the caster and camber is easy, and the end result is simply amazing. Let us explain…

Camber/Caster 101: So just what is camber and how does it effect driving and tire wear? What is caster, and can I have too much with a Mustang? These alignment settings affect tire wear and the tracking of your vehicle.   Following is a simple summary that takes the confusion away:

Camber: Is the tilt of the tire relative to vertical. If the top of the tire leans inward (towards the engine) the car has Negative-Camber. If it leans outward, that is Positive-Camber. Negative-Camber gives the car more cornering grip and improves steering response. 
- A car without enough negative-camber will understeer and wear the tread off of the outside-corner of the front tire. 
- Too much Negative-Camber will wear the tread off of the inside corner of the tire 
Camber should be adjusted to suit the use of the car.

Type of Driving CamberSpecific to Mustang

  • Drag racing-no street use -.2° to -.5°
  • General street use -.7° to -1.1°
  • Aggressive street handling -1.2° to -1.7°
  • Road race / Autocross -1.8° to -2.5°

Observe your tire wear (street) or tire temperature (race conditions) and adjust camber as necessary: 
- More Negative-Camber (-2.0º) gives better cornering grip and more wear on the inside edge of the tire. 
- Less Negative-Camber (-0.5º) gives less cornering grip and more wear on the outside edge of the tire.

Caster: is the how far the contact patch of the tire follows behind the imaginary line where the steering axis of the wheel intersects the ground. (Think of the front wheel of a shopping cart, where the wheel follows behind the steering axis.

More Caster gives you straighter highway tracking with less “wander” and better self centering steering feel. It also makes the tires lean into the corner when turned, in effect producing more negative camber when the wheels are turned. This allows you to use less aggressive Negative-Camber settings, thereby improving the tire contact patch for better braking and reduced tire wear when the wheels are straight.

It is theoretically possible to have too much Caster, but to do so in a Mustang would require extensive sheet metal modifications. So for our purposes, we recommend the Maximum Positive Caster that can be achieved with our Caster/Camber plates. To get the most caster, push the top of the struts as far towards the rear of the car as possible when setting the alignment.

Note that the amount of Caster that can be attained varies with the year of the vehicle.

Year of Car 1986-89 1990-93 1994-2004
Factory Specification (Caster is not adjustable without C/C plates) 1.27° 1.75° 3.6°
Typical Maximum Caster with Steeda C/C Plates 3.1° 3.4° 5.0° to 6.0°

Toe Settings. Toe-in or Toe-out describes the alignment of the front wheels relative to each other the same way you would describe your feet. Toe-in means they are closer together at the front than the rear. 
We recommend factory Ford toe settings for all situations except track-only racing, where toe may be adjusted by the crew chief as needed. Factory toe settings are given in degrees. When setting the alignment with a tape measure (the way we do it at the racetrack) set toe to 3/32″ total Toe-in.

To take advantage of tuning your car for optimum handling, see the full range of Steeda Mustang Caster Camber Plates and Mustang Upper Strut Mounts, click here.

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John Urist & Steeda: Super Street Outlaw Champinions

Steeda sponsored driver John Urist won the NMRA Super Street Outlaw Series Championship for 2011 in a blistering final race at the World Championship Finals in Bowling Green Kentucky. The Super Street Outlaw was a thrill-fest from the word “go”. In qualifying, John “The Fireball” Urist cranked off a pair of 7.02-second elapsed times to take the number-one spot and set the new ET record. In eliminations, Urist never went slower than a 7.06 en route to the final round.  In the final round, as the tree dropped, Urist streaked to a 7.05-second victory. While the first six-second run wasn’t in the cards for Urist, he won his unprecedented seventh Super Street Outlaw title this year.

“John continues to dominate this highly competitive drag event every year.   The Steeda Autosports Team is proud to be a sponsor of John’s and contribute to his ongoing  racing success” commented Dario Orlando, CEO of Steeda Autosports.  “John outstanding success is indicative of the commitment that his race team and Steeda Autosports Team has towards dominating drag racing.”

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MM&FF at the Test Track with a 5.0

Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords recently traveled to Gainsville Raceway where they did an on-track evaluation of the basic Steeda suspension upgrades to a 2011 5.0L Mustang GT.  In a no-holes barred evaluation, MM&FF Associate Editor Marc Christ reveals the benefits that a modest suspension upgrade of shocks, springs, struts and swaybars can make to your Mustang.

By first testing the pony to gain it’s baseline performance figures on the track and on the skidpad, they then did a trackside swap of some basic Steeda suspension upgrade components, and then immediately went back on the track and skidpad with the same driver under the same identical weather conditions for an honest re-evaluation – for the results, you just have to see the video!

Suffice to say, the video does an outstand job of showcasing the before and after performance of the Mustang, revealing the degree of lean, it’s trackside manners, as well as it’s skidpad performance before and after the swap.   In addition, they also show just how easy it is to perform the suspension upgrades with relatively simple mechanic tools.

Now – just imagine what could be done to the car’s performance level if you added a few more of our suspension components (lower trailing arms, bumpsteer kit, Watt’s Link, etc)….the results would be even more dramatic.   Remember – on the track, every fraction of a second on a lap can make the difference between just finishing the race, or finishing in first place.  At Steeda, we are meticulous at getting every ounce of performance that can be obtained from a ride without sacrificing ride quality, your Ford warranty, or raping your pocketbook.  Remember – more races have been won, more records have been set, and more racing championships have been decided with Steeda Autosports performance parts than any other brand on the market today.

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Get Your Heart Racing

On October 15, 2011, the Henry Ford Hospital’s Get Your Heart Racing charity event took place on the grounds of the super-secret Ford Motor Company Dearborn Proving Grounds. The event raised over $750,000 to benefit the Henry Ford Hospital.   Both racing legend Parnelli Jones and three-time X Games Gold Medalist and two-time Formula Drift champion Tanner Foust got their heart racing when they drove the 690 HP Steeda StreetFighter on the Ford handling course at speed.

Both Tanner Foust and Parnelli Jones were equally impressed with the outstanding handling of the StreetFighter and they were especially impressed with it’s nimble steering feedback as well as the exceptional manner in which it was able to handle the twisty turn and elevation changes that the course challenges drivers with.

In addition to the Steeda StreetFighter, event attendees were also treated to rides in a slew of Boss 302 Mustangs as well as some F150 Raptors on a challenging off-road course. When you add in a wet skid-pad area as well as a drag strip, the afternoon event was an experience that was indeed exceptional.  A grand finale featured Parnelli Jones driving a Boss 302 with Ford Marketing Executive John Felice and Tanner Foust doing a serious burnout in a Ford Racing supercharged 5.0L Mustang.

During the evening that was hosted by Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally, a one-of-a kind Boss 302 Laguna Seca designed by Ford Designer Melvin Betancourt with one-of-a-kind Parnelli Jones graphics was auctioned off for $300,000, and an original Camilo Pardo oil painting that was signed by Parnelli Jones sold for $10,000.  In total – over $750,000 was raised for the Henry Ford Hospital ensuring that inaugural event will become a reoccurring event next year!

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