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A Message From Dario Orlando – President, Steeda Autosports

The dawn of the New Year is a very good time to remain grateful for all of the loved ones and things in our life that are important to us, to look back reflecting on achievements and as well to look forward to see what we still need to accomplish.

At Steeda Autosports, we are extremely grateful for your continued support and loyalty, and pledge that in the New Year we will continue our quest to support you with the innovative performance products you have come to expect from us for over 22 years.

We are committed to support the American economy and our over 310 million fellow neighbors, friends, and race teams by having a simple business plan that supports the continued growth and expansion in this country with new and exciting performance products.  The basics of our plan essentially follow the key Steeda business principals that have been our primary charter for many-many years:

“Status quo” and the “same old” will never be accepted at Steeda. We will continue to be dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing the finest Ford performance parts and accessories available anywhere.

Our customers and what they care about will continue to be our primary focus in everything we do. Plain and simple, our entire existence and future depends on our loyal customers and we pledge to listen and support them with relentless pursuit of customer service and support.

We will continue our mandate that we will be an innovative, creative, and dramatic company in all aspects of our business operations… from development and engineering of performance parts, our manufacturing operations, our warehousing and distribution, as well as our continued support of various racing programs, we will strive to be the quintessential leader.

We will be relentless in our quality efforts by ensuring that our ISO 9001-2008 Certification brings a continuing higher level of quality in everything we manufacture.

As we embark into 2011, please enjoy the simple things in life that matter most, support our American economy and our enlisted service men and women, and most importantly maintain a lifestyle that keeps “family first” in everything you do. From myself and the entire Steeda Team – we want to wish you a very Happy and prosperous New Year !

SteedaSpeed Matters


Steeda Vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show annually kicks off the season of major auto shows and is considered to be one of the top four premier auto shows in North America.  Last year, as many of you will recall, we showcased our all new 2010 Steeda/Ford Racing Fiesta and our famed Steeda Streetfighter Mustang at the venue – and this year the momentum continued when we showcased in the Ford Motor Company corporate display two exciting new vehicles; the 2011  Steeda Fusion Sport and the Steeda/Raceskinz Mustang GT.

Steeda Fusion Sport

Conceived to provide the die-hard performance enthusiast who requires a four-door sedan an alternative to European performance sedans, the transformation done to the Fusion is nothing short of dramatic. The vehicle’s transformation is extensive as it evolves into a high-end performance sedan with increased power, more aggressive handling, and specially tuned suspension and braking systems that only Steeda Autosports can deliver.

With a bevy of performance modifications, this race-bred sedan includes our proprietary Steeda Cold Air Intake and velocity stack that allows the 3.5L 24V V6 engine to breath much more freely than the stock intake system previously allowed.  In the chassis/suspension department we embarked on the mission to seriously transform the Fusion into a street/track sedan that would make owners of competing euro sedans jealous with envy.  Our Design and Engineering Teams provided a series of modifications that you have come to expect from Steeda including:

  • Specially tuned front and rear lowering springs that provide enhanced cornering and track performance and the “just right” appearance
  • Retuned dampers on all four corners that plant the tires to the pavement under street and race conditions
  • Anti-roll bars tuned for maximum performance and minimal roll
  • Chassis stiffening front tower brace that locks the front struts tightly together and further minimizes chassis flexing

The Steeda Fusion Sport – just part of the comprehensive Steeda family of high performance vehicles that exceed everyone’s performance expectations!

Raceskinz / Steeda Mustang GT

Raceskinz, a Southern California based company with plenty of experience modifying and customizing Mustangs was asked by Ford Motor Company to build a customized Mustang for the SEMA and Los Angeles Auto Shows.  When they charted out to build the car, they turned to Steeda Autosports for most of their performance modifications.  The collaboration between us resulted in many awards including Road & Track magazine proclaiming the car as “Best of Show” and Ford Motor Company also recognized it by also awarding it a Ford Corporate Design Award.

This project vehicle, based on a 2011 Mustang GT featured Raceskinz complete new line of carbon fiber accessories for the 2010+ Mustang, and a slew of major performance upgrades from Steeda including:

  • Steeda G-Trac suspension
  • Steeda heavy duty upper strut mounts
  • Steeda billet rear lower control arms
  • Steeda lower control arm relocation brackets
  • Steeda adjustable swaybar kit and panhard rod
  • Steeda extreme sport springs
  • Steeda bumpsteer kit
  • Steeda Q-Series functional front fascia
  • Steeda Q-Series functional hood
  • Steeda Q-Series Rear Spoiler

Raceskins dramatically enhanced the appearance of the ‘Stang by developing a comprehensive line of accessories and add-on components of the highest quality.

  • Raceskinz carbon fiber stripe kit
  • Raceskinz carbon fiber rockers
  • Raceskinz carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • Raceskinz carbon fiber mirror covers
  • Raceskinz carbon fiber KR Extreme splitter
  • Raceskinz/Magnaflow carbon fiber exhaust tips
  • Raceskinz rear seat delete kit
  • Raceskinz RS1 sport seats
  • Raceskinz interior trim kit
  • Raceskinz roll bar

As part of the ongoing collaboration of Raceskinz and Steeda Autosports, we will be a premier distributor of the complete line of Raceskinz carbon fiber accessories and appearance enhancement products for Ford Motor Company vehicles.   Look for more news and information on this exciting new line of accessories in the first quarter of 2011 that will be available from Steeda Autosports !

Steeda – Speed Matters


Racing & Winning – The Steeda Difference

For over 21 years, Steeda Autosports has been the undisputed leader in Mustang performance.  There simply is no other aftermarket manufacturer who has won more races, set more records, or won more championships than Steeda.  Vehicles with our performance parts and accessories have consistently outperformed and out gunned Shelby, Roush, and Saleen where it matter most – on the race track, at the dragstrip, and on the street.

With the 2010 race season over we can once again proclaim that racers using Steeda performance parts have maintained their competitive advantage by using Steeda performance parts.  This does not happen by shear coincidence – rather it is the direct result of competent, skilled, and knowledgeable drivers using the very best performance parts available for their car – the Steeda Autosports line of track tested and race proved performance parts.

With our ISO 9001:2008 Certification – unique in the aftermarket/racing industry, we have a distinct competitive advantage compared to all other manufacturers.  Combined with our extensive testing we do on the race tracks and drag strips around the United States, we are able to consistently beat all other where it matters most – at the finish line!

While there are literally untold thousands of competitors using our parts any given weekend at the race track and drag strip, and hundreds of thousands of street performance enthusiasts that rely on us from corner to corner and stop light to stop light, we once again would like to congratulate a few of our drivers and teams that have done exceptionally well this season, including:

James Ray – 2010 Camaro-Mustang Challenge Champion

Tom Ellis – 5 Time SCCA American Sedan Champion

Robin Burnett – American Iron Champion

John Urist – 2010 NMRA Super Street Outlaw Champion

Jason von Kluge – 2010 Mustang Challenge Champion

Again, the real winner is you – the Ford performance enthusiast who trusts and relies on Steeda Autosports for all of their performance needs because the racing and testing we do ensures that the parts you buy from us are the best that they can be.  Remember:  Testing products on the race course either proves the theory or destroys the theory behind the part – that is why we race test all of our products as a final validation of our engineering and development.   With all of the engineering that can be done, we feel that we must take it to the track to test our parts under the most severe conditions possible – that way you can rest assured that quality and performance are guaranteed.

SteedaSpeed Matters