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Using – Wishlist Feature

Steeda recently launched an All-New The new website contains a slew of new features to help assist users with finding the correct product for their own vehicle and make the shopping experience more pleasing.

In this first installment of the ‘Using’ series, we will show you how to easily make a Wishlist and send it to your family and friends. This is a great feature that will make holiday or birthday shopping for family and friends simple!

Simply browse and select the items that work best for you. Then have our system send the list directly to your family or friends. For a simple walk-through follow the steps below.

How To Send Someone a Wishlist

Browse and locate items for your Wishlist.

Click the ‘Add To Wishlist‘ link of the top of the page above the item.

Next, you will need to log into your account. If you do not have an account you can create one by clicking the ‘Register’ button under ‘New Users‘. The setup process is very easy and should take you less than a minute. If you have an existing account on, simply enter your login info under ‘Existing Users‘, the login.

You will then be prompted to create a new wishlist. Enter the name of the wishlist you are creating and then click ‘Add Wishlist‘.

On the next page you will be asked to View The Last Product you added to the wishlist, or view your Wishlist page. In this case we’ll click ‘Your Wishlist‘.

You will now be able to view all of your Wishlists, add them to the cart, or delete them. For this walkthrough we’ll click the wishlist name to view the wishlist we have created.

Next you will see a list of the items in the wishlist you select.  You can easily email the wishlist to someone or print it out on this page.


2010 Steeda Racing Recap

The checkered flag has been dropped, the results are in, and once again racers using Steeda performance parts have consistently outperformed others and won more races, set more records, and won more championships than all of our competitors combined.   This does not happen by shear coincidence – rather it is the direct result of competent, skilled, and knowledgeable drivers using the very best performance parts available for their car – the Steeda Autosports line of track tested and race proved performance parts.

While there are literally untold thousands of competitors using our parts any given weekend at the race track or drag strip, following is a brief summary of just some of the drivers and race teams that count on Steeda every time that they race to victory:

Jason von Kluge – Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Series

Suffice to say, the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge series kept fans on edge during the entire highly competitive racing series this year. The battle this year for the 2010 series crown was being entertained by multiple competitors, but in the end the Steeda sponsored Mustang driven and owned by Jason von Kluge prevailed to become the 2010 Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Champion.

After the final race this season, Jason commented: “It feels good, but I think it’s going to take a little time to sink in,” said newly crowned champion von Kluge following his win at the last race of the season. We got the series championship and I’m feeling really happy. I want to thank all the guys who helped me do this, and Varsity Ford, Green Filters, and Steeda Autosports for their support. I’m very grateful to be here and I can’t wait to celebrate! ”.   Congratulations Jason for not only the final race victory, but also for clinching the National Championship of the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge!

John Urist – NMRA Super Street Outlaw Champion 2010

Steeda and Nitto Tire sponsored driver, John Urist, entered the 2010 NMRA drag racing season with four consecutive championships to his credit. Despite having the most wins in Super Street Outlaw class history, John entered the season finale as an underdog, trailing the first-place leader by 160 points.

Through John’s good fortune and competent race preparation, in his last race of the season he ended the day highly victorious, making him the 2010 champion in one of the closest-points races in NMRA class history.  With this win, John Urist becomes the only driver in NMRA history to win five consecutive 

When the dust settled, Urist had clenched the championship by a mere 10 points.  “It’s been an exciting season,” said John Urist. “This was a competitive season, and it makes this championship that 
much more special and rewarding. I’m glad I could share this win with all of my sponsors including Steeda Autosports and Nitto tire. Join us in congratulating John and his entire team for putting another championship together for the 2010 season!

Tom Ellis – SCCA’s American Sedan Series Champion

Regular readers of our Steeda News releases have heard about the many on-track racing accomplishments of Tom Ellis. For the last six years, Tom has been one of our hottest drivers piloting his #51 Steeda Q Mustang in the hotly contested SCCA American Sedan Series.   This past year was another good year for Tom, he ran a total of 7 races in the Southeast Division and chalked up 4 wins, 1 second place finish, and 2 third place finishes.

This allowed him to win the Southeast Division Championship for 2010 – clinching his 6th consecutive championship in a row for Steeda/Palm Express/ Dawson Motorsports sponsored car!  No doubt, his biggest accomplishment was winning the SCCA National Points Championship for having the most accumulated points in the United States for American Sedan.  Congratulations Tom for another really great season !

James Ray – Hopeful Camaro-Mustang Challenge 2 Regional Champion

This has been one truly outstanding race season for James Ray and his #68 Steeda Mustang to say the least! From finishing dead last in his first shake-down race of the season, James has managed to get the feel for the new Steeda ’Stang this season, and has continued to win at a blistering pace since finishing 1st in seven of his first 10 races at various tracks around the country – no small feat to say the least!  And that is just the start !!

At the NASA National Championship at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT, James found himself running the high speed, 3+ mile Outer course and won two podium positions when the checkered flag finally dropped  – a hugely successful endeavor especially when you consider that one of the races had him racing in a higher class against other more highly competitive cars – the proverbial “knife at a gun fight!” scenario.

James is continuing his racing with one more race in December at the famed Road Atlanta Raceway.  In this last race of the season, he essentially needs only to take the green flag at the final race to be crowned the NASA Southeast Championship for the Camaro-Mustang Challenge 2 Race Series.   Congratulations and best of luck to James Ray and his Steeda Mustang “Trigger” for a truly unbelievable race season in 2010 and we wish you continued successes.  With all of your successes this season, we look forward to more in-depth coverage of your podium pursuits in the 2011 race season!

Robin Burnett (Burnett Racing Team) – American Iron Challenge Series

The Burnett Racing team ran in the American Iron Challenge Series – East during the 2010 season wherein the Burnett team grow it’s stable of competitive cars and drivers competing in different clases with the addition of Anders “Erik” Sjoblom in the #65 CMC (Camaro Mustang Challenge) class, driver Mark Adams joining the team and taking over the driving duties of the venerable #21 car, while Robin Burnett worked to complete a new 2010 Camaro Mustang Challenge – 2 class Steeda Mustang.

Overall it was another fantastic year with the Burnett racing Team competing in 8 events fielding 3 cars and acquiring a total of 8 race victories, 2 track records, and clinching a National Championship when rookie Erik Sjoblom earned the National Championship crown in CMC! Could it get any better than this….well 2011 is just around the corner.  Congratulations to everyone on the Burnett Racing Team !

These are typical race enthusiasts that count on Steeda Autosports every time that they race.  From the local dragstrip and race track, to the nationally recognized events, more racers rely on Steeda than any other brand.

SteedaSpeed Matters


Steeda Attends SEMA Show in Las Vegas

The Annual SEMA Show held in Las Vegas is always “the show” where the OEMs and aftermarket builders showcase their latest performance bred vehicles and speed related parts and accessories.   The 2010 SEMA Show was no different this year for Steeda Autosports as we had a total of three different factory sponsored vehicles on display including our all new Steeda Fiesta Sport, the performance tuned Steeda Fusion Sport, and the asphalt rippin’ 5.0L Steeda StreetFighter.

Steeda Fiesta Sport

The Steeda Fiesta showcased some serious handling and performance upgrades for Fiesta enthusiasts.  For this car, the power end of things is handled by a cold-air intake system that feeds unrestricted air into the 1.6L Ti-VCT I-4 engine.   The control aspect of the newly found power is handled by the famed Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter specially designed and engineered for the Fiesta’s 5-speed manual transmission that facilitates sure, quick, and confident shifts only as a Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter can.  On the exhaust side, a Steeda performance cat-back system eliminates the unwanted back-pressure and provides for that special sound you have come to expect from us.

Planting this newly found power to the pavement is the specially designed chassis and suspension upgrades we developed for the Fiesta.  These upgrades include:

  • Specially tuned front and rear lowering springs
  • Retuned dampers on all four corners
  • Performance tuned front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Front strut tower brace
  • Steeda/Ford Racing Performance wheel set
  • Nitto NeoGen high performance tires (215/40/ZR17)

From an appearance perspective, the Steeda Fiesta taps the body modification experts at 3D Carbon and we applied their outstanding 4 piece body kit for the Ford Fiesta that includes a newly molded front air dam, left and right side skirts, and a rear lower facia that completes this stellar aerodynamic appearance package.   We further dress up the exterior of the car with a functional rear Euro rally-style spoiler and then applied our Steeda exterior graphics package that adds that “just right” look when you are blasting down the street.

Not to be overlooked, this car also featured the world debut of a very special lighting system from Valeo Lighting.  This lighting package, especially designed for the Ford Fiesta includes a bi-function HID headlamps as well as their super trick exterior LED lighting system.  With enhanced functionality and performance, this lighting system really makes the Steeda Fiesta stand out from all others.

Steeda Fusion

For the 2011 Ford Fusion, we upped the ante once again this year by bringing to the Ford Motor Company Corporate display the 2011 Steeda Fusion Sport.  Conceived to provide the performance enthusiast who requires a four-door sedan an alternative to European performance sedans, the transformation done to the Fusion is nothing short of dramatic. As if becomes a high-end performance sedan with increased power, more aggressive handling, suspension and barking systems people have come to expect from Steeda Autosports.

Performance modifications made to this race-bred sedan include our proprietary Steeda Cold Air Intake that allows the 3.5L 24V V6 engine to breath much more freely than the stock intake system previously allowed.  With it’s design to provide the densest air charge possible for feeding to the engine, it prevents any hot engine air from being sucked in inadvertently from around the engine compartment.  We added a billet aluminum velocity stack and high flow nano-particle air filter to ensure a clean, cool, streamlined air charge straight to the engine.   The cold air intake combined with our Steeda Performance Tune resulted in a solid performance gain of up to 25 hp and 22 ft.lbs. of torque – effectively delivering an overall enhance performance level throughout the 3.5L’s RPM range.

In the chassis/suspension department we embarked on the mission to seriously transform the Fusion into a street/track sedan that would make owners of competing euro sedans jealous with envy.  Our modifications included the following Steeda Autosports upgrades:

  • specially tuned front and rear lowering springs that provide enhanced cornering and track performance and the “just right” appearance
  • retuned dampers on all four corners that plant the tires to the pavement under street and race conditions
  • anti-roll bars tuned for maximum performance and minimal roll
  • chassis stiffening front tower brace that locks the front struts tightly together and further minimizes chassis flexing

In the wheel and tire area, it was critical that we provide not only great looks, but also great performance.   Hence we opted for forged alloy 20” x 8.5” HRE 793R wheels and shod them with the outstanding Nitto INVO High Performance tires (245/30/ZR20).  With stunning looks and outstanding road gripping adhesion, this is one wheel and tire package that is very hard to beat on and off the track!

From a design perspective we collaborated closely with the Ford Motor Company Corporate Design Team for a fresh and awe inspiring graphic package that complements the existing Euro lines of the Fusion Sport.  The vehicle’s hood and roof have sections of matte, flat, and gloss clearcoat lines of differing widths – reminiscent of a product bar code design, and then we added a contrasting metallic orange racing stripe was to further draw attention that this is no normal Fusion Sport.  Completing the overall design, a Steeda windshield banner in body tone silver and metallic orange identifies this as part of the Steeda family of high performance vehicles.  From the street, to the track, to the dragstrip – Steeda delivers !

Steeda Q650 StreetFighter

The 5.0L Supercharged Q650 Steeda StreetFighter was proudly displayed in the Nitto Tire Booth at SEMA this year.  Equipped with their ultra high performance Nitto NT05 tires, this vehicle remains a huge attention grabber as well as a halo vehicle for the entire Steeda line of performance vehicles.

Being equipped with the Nitto NT05s call for some serious suspension upgrades so that the full potential of the Nittos can be appreciated – here we equipped the StreetFighter with the most extensive amount of suspension upgrades we have ever included on one of our production vehicles.  Incorporating our famed Watt’s Link Suspension system – this performance Mustang can easily pull over 1.2gs, and with it’s broad range of brutal power it has on demand, it can rip off 0-60 times that are less than 4 seconds with quarter mile times comfortably in the 10 second range. There is simply no other serialized Mustang available today that offers the performance, styling, and performance attitude that this Mustang has.

While the exterior shares the same aerodynamic body modifications of the 2011 Q450 with the unique Steeda front fascia with openings for front brake duct cooling, the facia also incorporates unique vented openings for additional engine cooling. Additional exterior enhancements include:

  • Steeda rear spoiler tuned for maximum down force with the least amount of aerodynamic drag
  • Steeda rear facia that exhausts air from under the vehicle with extreme aero efficiency and minimal aerodynamic drag
  • Unique Steeda vented hood that exhausts the hot power robbing engine heat out and over the hood into the vehicle’s slipstream with amazing efficiency.

The suspension enhancements include but are not limited to:

  • Steeda/Tokico D-Spec shocks and struts
  • Steeda Upper Strut Mount Kit
  • Steeda Adjustable 3rd-Link Trailing Arm Kit
  • Steeda Lower Trailing Arm relocation brackets
  • Steeda Billet Lower Trailing Arms
  • Steeda X5 Ball Joint Kit
  • Steeda Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Rear Swaybar
  • Steeda Rear Swaybar billet endlinks
  • Steeda Adjustable Front Swaybar
  • Steeda Watts Linkage kit
  • Steeda 3-point Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace Kit

The interior is yet another area where this vehicle speaks performance. Inside you will find it’s interior very sleek, athletic, and totally ready for aggressive driving. From the illuminated Steeda doors sills that greet you when you open the door, the interior includes the following performance related amenities:

  • A thick, Alcantara leather wrapped steering wheel assures a firm and secure grip during performance maneuvers
  • Body hugging, adjustable, leather covered, carbon fiber backed Steeda Sport Seats
  • Safecraft Safety Equipment 6-Point Safety Harness
  • Safecraft fire extinguisher system
  • Four-point, leather wrapped DOM steel roll bar with cross bracing
  • Steeda floor mats

To plant the power to the pavement and also to ensure secure stopping power during the most aggressive conditions, the Q650 Streetfighter includes:

  • HRE Monoblock P40 wheels (20” x 9.5” front, 20” x 11” rear) with a brushed finish
  • Nitto NT05 High Performance tires (275/35 20 front, 315/35 20 rear)
  • Steeda/Baer 6-Piston High Performance Brake Package (six piston front –and- six piston rear brakes) with 15” crossed drilled and slotted rotors

SteedaSpeed Matters


2011 Mustang Breaks 11 Second Barrier With Cold Air Intake

Recently one of our 2011 Steeda Mustangs equipped with our proprietary Steeda Cold Air Intake, a Steeda Performance Tune, and Nitto 275/40/17 NT05 Drag Radials blasted down the quarter mile at the South Georgia Motorsports Park with an unbelievable time of 11.96 seconds at over 115 mph !

The Mustang GT 5.0 was driven by our own Scott Boda, Steeda’s Director of Manufacturing, and was running a stock exhaust system, 3.73 gears from the factory, and all of the other stock Mustang equipment.  The Steeda performance tune that made the engine sing was part of our Cold Air Intake/Tune package that provides better throttle response so the rpms do not hang up between shifts, a slightly increased RPM range, and increased power that ensured the ‘Stang would trip the lights at the quarter at a stout 7600 rpm in 4th gear.    The result was simply amazing and shows how with a simple and relatively small investment, a stock 2011 Mustang can be transformed into a sub 12 second performance machine.

Sure there are some faster cars out there – but most of those cars are heavily modified and are running nitrous oxide or have an expensive blower system installed – this was a 2011 5.0L Mustang transformed with simple – yet effective Steeda Autosport modifications that made the already quick 2011 Mustang into a complete asphalt ripping Mustang!

The principal modification that enabled this feat was the Steeda Cold Air Intake developed exclusively for the 2011 5.0L Mustang.  Readers of these releases in the past already know that we take engineering and development of our performance parts and equipment very seriously.  That is why Steeda Autosports, the world’s largest aftermarket manufacturer of Ford performance equipment, is so highly regarded on the track, strip and on the street.  Once again we are leading the performance market with our High Velocity Cold Air Intake (CAI) which was engineered and designed, under our ISO Certified engineering and manufacturing processes.

This high performance CAI effectively opens up the intake system of Ford’s new five-liter power plant and allows it to breath much more freely than the stock intake system allows – effectively taking the 2011 5.0L Mustang to the next level of muscle car performance.

How did we do it?  Well to ensure the densest air charge possible we retained the factory cold air feed ducting from the front bumper and sealed the stainless steel shield to the hood to prevent any hot air from being sucked in from around the engine compartment.  Other manufacturers have chosen to ignore the factory cold air ducting which is key to keeping the lowest air charge temperatures possible. Also, we added a billet aluminum velocity stack and high flow air filter ensure a clean, cool, streamlined air charge straight to the engine. The new high flow “ProFlow” intake tube provides the necessary ports to retain the factory noise tube and PCV tubes.

This Cold Air Intake is so effective at improving airflow into the five-liter engine that a performance tune is not just recommended, it is required for maximum performance. In an effort to maximize performance and provide our customers with only the very best products we have partnered with the leader in automotive tuning – SCT Performance.

Combined with the required custom tune using an SCT X3 Flash programming device we have achieved dramatic power increases of up to 44hp and 52ft/lbs of torque! While these are peak numbers, the actual power increase is spread throughout the entire rpm range so your increased performance is available on demand in any gear at virtually any rpm!

With easy bolt in installation, 44 additional horsepower, and 53 additional ft/lbs of torque, this is one performance add on that provides increased power throughout the entire RPM range.

SteedaSpeed Matters


Save The Date – 2011 Pony Wars are Coming!

Mark your calendars and make no other plans, April 2, 2011 is the date for the 2nd Annual Pony Wars event being held in Valdosta Georgia at the state of the art South Georgia Motorsports Park.  This now annual event is being combined once again this year with the Steeda Stampede-North to provide some fantastic motorhead mania to kick the 2011 enthusiast season into high gear.  There will be a healthy dose of heads up drag racing, a show ‘n shine contest, and of course, plenty of performance enthusiasts all around.

More details will be forthcoming – in the interim, save the date!


Steeda Launches All-New

In the never-ending quest of providing you, our customer, complete satisfaction with your Internet based Steeda sales experience, we recently launched a dramatic overhaul of our Steeda website ( This completely new Internet portal provides a state of the art Internet sales experience unlike any other performance aftermarket supplier in the market today. This formal re-launch of is the result of extensive benchmarking, analysis, as well as customer feedback where constructive value enhancing modifications were identified, prioritized, and then implemented.

Steeda Autosport’s Webmaster, Larry Ward comments: “The major overhaul of further enhances the consumer experience at Steeda and provides for vastly superior interaction with our knowledgebase while also providing key incremental product information available so our customer can make a more informed purchase decision.” Larry also added, “This is yet another example of how Steeda undertakes extra measures to benefit our customers. From design, engineering, manufacturing, to our website – everything is done with a customer concentric focus to be the very best at what we do.”

Key attributes of the new site include:

Browse By Model Year
Visitors can now select their vehicle for product fitment. Product pages that have parts that fit your specific car are pushed to the top of the page and highlighted to make finding the proper product easier than ever.

Smart Search
Searching for products by part number or name just got a whole lot easier. Our Smart Search feature gives you live suggestions for your search term while you type to assist you in finding your product.

Larger, Cleaner Photos
Get a better view of the item you are looking at. We’ve added thousands of larger photos to help you make the proper purchasing decision.

Product Reviews

Visitors can now read product reviews from people just like you to help them find the product that is right for their application. Also, feel free to post your own product reviews to help others make an informed decision.

Related Products
It’s now easier to find related products, or products that will be required or assist in the installation of the product you are looking to purchase. These items can help the visitor make a more informed decision.

Just browsing, but found an item you may want in the future? No problem, simply at the product to your wishlist in the shopping cart and you can come back later and know exactly what you were interested in. A holiday or birthday coming up and you are hard to buy gifts for? Help people get you that perfect gift by emailing the wishlist to family or friends.

Social Networking Integration
t’s now easy to share products and news articles via Facebook, Twitter and Digg. You can also email a page of interest to another person or yourself for viewing.

Browse By Manufacture
Looking for a particular brand? That just got a whole lot easier. Select the manufacturer of interest and browse just their parts.

Streamlined Checkout
Checking out is now super-simple. Our one page checkout process makes checking out painless. Shop with us frequently? Than make sure to create an account during checkout and your future checkouts will be even faster.

More Smartphone Friendly
Visitors will no longer get error on our site from missing plug-ins. All of our website is now full accessible from and modern mobile device with a web browser.