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Steeda Racing Update

The 2010 race season is in full swing, and there are literally thousands of Mustangs on the racetrack and dragstrip every week that have their trust in Steeda performance products. For over 21 years – vehicles equipped with Steeda performance parts or sponsored by us have won more races and set more records than all other competitors combined. From SCCA American Sedan Racing, to NASA Camaro-Mustang Challenge Series, to even the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge, Steeda prepared/equipped/sponsored Mustangs have more top podium finishes than any other manufacturer in the business – proof that the race track is the ultimate proving grounds for Steeda products and your guarantee of maximum performance and product satisfaction.

Following is a brief summary of just a few of the many racers and enthusiasts that have their trust in Steeda Autosports this season and are having outstanding results:

Ford Racing Mustang Challenge – Jason von Kluge

Jason von Kluge, is the newest member of the Steeda Autosports Racing livery. At the most recent Ford Racing Mustang Challenge, Jason made it a perfect Hat Trick at the Virginia International Raceway by winning his third consecutive race of the 2010 Mustang Challenge Series is his Steeda Autosports sponsored FR500S Mustang.

So far this race season, Jason has won all three of this season’s races and has a very comfortable lead in this action packed all Mustang race series. Driving the No.19 JVK Motorsports Mustang, Jason von Kluge led the final three laps of the 45-minute race resulting in yet another top podium finish. In the previous two rounds of the Mustang Challenge, Jason completely dominated the qualifying sessions and the races, this time around the competition was even tougher, but Jason was in the lead when it mattered the most – at the end when the checkered flag was dropped and he record yet another win for a Steeda sponsored Mustang!

Jason von Klug is an enthusiastic 30 year old Ann Arbor Michigan native that has turned his love of racing into a highly successful endeavor. By combining his passion for motorsports, his driving skills, as well as his undying pursuit of perfection he has become a major front-runner in the highly competitive Mustang Challenge Series. Steeda Autosports is proud to be a sponsor of Jason von Klug and his JVK Motorsports racing program and wish him continued luck in his racing endeavors.

NASA Camaro – Mustang Challenge Racing Series – James Ray

It is safe to say that James Ray was seriously bitten by the performance bug back in 2008 when he took his “daily driver” – a 2007 Steeda Q400 to the race track and competed in a series of weekend events throughout the year. With the solid performance of his Steeda Mustang under his belt and the natural talent he acquired for winning, James captured the NASA Time Trial Championship in 2008.

Not wanting to sit still, James began preparing a “purpose built” race car to compete in the NASA Camaro-Mustang Challenge Series. The series rules require that the cars engine be basically stock, yet allows for required safety equipment and other minor modifications. But James and his son Taylor had a formula for success: Take a Ford Racing body-in-white and sprinkle in various parts from a salvaged 2007 Mustang GT, then season them with a host of Steeda suspension parts that are made in the USA. Put them all together and the end result is nothing short of spectacular: A highly competitive race-car capable of spanking the competition back to the starting line every time it races!

After a shake down weekend at Virginia International Raceway where he checked the car out at speed and verified it’s readiness, James made the trip last weekend to Carolina Motosports Park to compete in his very first NASA Southeast event.

The result: He qualified 1st in both Saturday’s and Sunday’s events, and when the checkered flag dropped – James recorded his first two victories finishing on top of the podium in his very first NASA-SE race weekend! All of this was done on a limited budget – proving that competitive racing is available to everyone.

Congratulations to James Ray and his son Taylor for once again showing how competitive a Mustang built with Steeda components can be. Look for James and his son Taylor at future NASA Southeast and Mid-Atlantic events events at Carolina Motorsports Park, Roebling Road, Charlotte Motor Speedway, VIR and Road Atlanta and other venues this year.

NASA Camaro – Mustang Challenge-2 Racing Series – Robin Burnett

Robin Burnett , the NASA’s National American Iron Champion in 2008 is still campaigning his #21 Steeda Mustang in the American Sedan Series this year, but he also has been diligently at work with the Steeda Team in preparing an all new 2010 Steeda Mustang for the highly competitive Camaro – Mustang Challenge-2 Series.

This racing series gives its members a place to race V-8 powered Camaros, Firebirds, and Mustangs that are closely regulated (e.g. evenly matched) in both power and handling in a national race series. This Series has brought together some of the best, close knit, competitive drivers found in the country and since the race cars are so evenly matched, the racing is some of the closest, most exciting, and challenging you will ever see.
Robin’s all-new race vehicle will be fully equipped with all of the latest Steeda performance gear the race regulations allow. With the intent of “winning all the marbles”, Robin and his race team are building one very serious contender. Some of the Steeda performance parts included in this race vehicle include:

  • Steeda Billet Swaybar Mount Kit
  • Steeda G-Trac Brace Kit
  • Steeda H.D. Race Engine Mounts
  • Steeda Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Front Lower Control Arm Rear Bushing, Race Only
  • Steeda Billet Lower Control Arm Hardcore Racing
  • Steeda Double Bar Strut Tower Brace
  • Steeda Tri-Ax ® Shifter
  • Steeda Rear Ride Height Adjuster Kit 2005-2010 Mustang
  • Steeda/Tokico D-Spec adjustable Front & Rear shock Kit – ’05-’10
  • Steeda Brake Hose Kit

Robin’s latest track warrior will have it’s formal debut at the upcoming 2010 Camp Steeda at the famed Sebring International Raceway on May 21st -23rd. Following that debut, Robin will be campaigning both vehicles during the summer race season. Look for him at Putnam Park, Road Atlanta, Mid-Ohio, Virginia International & Miller Motorsport Park later this summer !

SCCA American Sedan Racing Series – Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis competes in the highly competitive SCCA American Sedan Racing Series. In the 2009 race season, in which he competed in 9 races that resulted in 7 wins, he won the Divisional Championship as well as the Nationwide Points Chase in which he had more race points than any other driver in the Nation. This solidified the facts leaving zero doubt that he indeed is an exceptional driver and has an exceptional race car – a Steeda Mustang.

The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) recognized his achievements of last season and proudly presented Tom with the Kimberly Cup Award at the SCCA Awards ceremony in Las Vegas for the most improved driver of the 2009 Race Season. At the ceremony, Tom expressed appreciation and gave thanks to the Teams at Steeda Autosports and Dansan Motorsports for preparing an exceptional race car.

So far this season, Tom is continuing his blistering pace of winning. To date in SCCA American Sedan competition, he finds himself solidly in first place in the standings and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down his aggressive competitive pace of winning for Steeda Autosports. Everyone at Steeda Autosports congratulates Tom for his outstanding 2009 season and wishes him the best for 2010. Tom and his #51 Steeda Mustang will be at the upcoming Camp Steeda at Sebring International Raceway – so make sure you drop by and congratulate Tom on his achievements and with a little bit of luck, he just might offer to give you the ride of your life around the track !

SteedaSpeed Matters


Steeda Balljoints – What Your Lowered Stang Needs

Suspension geometry is a very complicated subject, one that very few people in the automotive industry really fully understand. What most people do not realize is that whenever you alter the ride height of your vehicle, as you do when installing lowering springs, you dramatically alter your suspension geometry. We are not talking about wheel alignments here – rather we are talking about steering geometry changes that have a discernable impact on your overall vehicle’s performance. At Steeda Autosports, we take our suspension designs very seriously as it is one of the key components required for optimum performance on the street and the track.

That is why we offer our exclusive Steeda X2 and X5 Balljoint kits for 1994-2009 Mustangs that provide an easy fix to correct the problem that every lowered Mustang will experience. Our X2 / X5 Balljoints improve your vehicle’s suspension geometry on by raising the spindle relative to the balljoint pivot-point. This in turn raises the vehicle’s roll center back into the correct range for optimum handling, resulting in reduced body roll, quicker steering response and improved front tire grip – all key components for maximum vehicle performance.

The Technical Talk

When a Mustang is lowered, the front roll center changes due to the new position of the suspension pivot points. Lower the car too much and the front roll center drops to well below ground level, and worse than that, the roll center moves side to side as the body rolls, resulting in lost grip and erratic handling. Additionally, the lower roll center causes the body to roll more easily. Countering this tendency usually requires a significant increase in front spring rates to simply control the added roll due to the lowered the roll center. This higher spring rate not only hurts ride quality, but it also reduces grip on rough surfaces, as the stiffer springs cause the tire to skip over bumps instead of following the contours of the road. The X2 /X5 balljoints we designed eliminate these problems by correcting the front roll center geometry perfectly!

Specifically, the X2 balljoint has a longer shaft, to raise the spindle relative to the balljoint pivot point. Spacers for the springs are included in the X2 kit to maintain the same ride height as a stock balljoint, but with a much improved roll center height. With the roll center restored to proper height, smaller front swaybars and softer springs can be utilized. The result is a suspension that works for you to accommodate the small and large imperfections that are in any road or track, allowing the tires to remain firmly planted on the ground where they belong.


Our balljoints are designed and made in the USA to exacting specifications – your guarantee of the best absolute quality available anywhere. Except for their custom length, they are made with the same materials and design that has been extensively tested in various severe duty applications (e.g. Police vehicles), and demonstrated the durability exceeding current production “regular” balljoints. In addition, they meet or exceed Ford Motor Company’s standards for friction, wear, and durability resulting in the best balljoints for your lowered Mustang.


While most aftermarket manufacturers will just sell you a set of springs and then send you on your way, at Steeda Autosports we go the extra distance to ensure that your Mustang will deliver optimum performance as part of a comprehensive suspension package. Around the shop we call it the “Steeda Difference”….. that is why vehicles equipped with our suspension systems consistently outperform all competitors.

SteedaSpeed Matters


Sebring International Raceway is Calling!

The 2010 running of the 2010 Camp Steeda Driving Event at the famed Sebring International Raceway is right around the corner. Over the years, Camp Steeda has grown over the years into the quintessential performance driving event that is the most favored by all Steeda devotees. Hosted by Steeda Autosports and the Track Guys Performance Driving Event teams, a complete weekend of pure automotive excitement in store for everyone that attends this event at one of the most historic racetracks in the world – Sebring International Raceway. This year the event is scheduled for May 21 thru May 23 – this is an event that you surely do not want to miss as it is pure fun and excitement for everyone.

Once again, Camp Steeda is designed to be an educational as well as an exhilarating opportunity for performance vehicle lovers to mingle with other aficionados of performance vehicles. It is an event that is designed to cater to those individuals that are new to performance driving up to the most advanced drivers (or anywhere in between for that matter), event participants can receive optional professional instruction on how to enhance their driving abilities and vehicle performance capabilities and then be allowed to drive around the historic track at speed. There will be both classroom and trackside instruction as well as tons of track driving time on the famed full 3.7 mile Sebring International Raceway, this is one sure event you will not want to miss!

Of note, there will be a car show and a raffle. Raffle goodies include such items as several sets of Nitto NT01 set of tires (sponsored by Nitto), twelve sets of brake pads (sponsored by Hawk) and more. Also look for goodies from aditional event sponsors, such as, Tremec Transmissions and SCT.

We have received confirmation that the Steeda Q performance vehicles line-up (including our all-new Streetfighter Edition Series) will be on display and running around the track, but also Tom Ellis and Robin Burnett, with their full-race Steeda Mustangs will also be on the track providing passengers rides and driving instructions at race speeds – an opportunity that you certainly will not want to miss!

Editors from most of the major Mustang publications have confirmed that they will be on hand at Camp Steeda, covering the event and looking for feature vehicles to photograph and write about for their magazines.

The event is filling up fast and there are only a few spots left. The last day to register on line is May 17 – so go to: and register today.

Pre-Registration is now open – Click Here

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