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Racer Spotlight – Tom Ellis

Regular readers of our Steeda News releases have heard about the many on-track racing accomplishments of Tom Ellis. For the last five years, Tom has been one of our hottest drivers piloting his #51 Steeda Q in the SCCA American Sedan Series. Now it is time to get up close and personal with Tom with our very first Video Enthusiast Spotlight. Learn how Tom got started in racing. What Tom and Dario Orlando have in common, and what Tom really thinks about his Steeda Mustang…

Up close and personal, this Video Enthusiast Spotlight is one definitely worth your time to watch. You can find it by clicking:

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Steeda 2010 Mustang On-Track Testing

Rest assured that Steeda Autosports is hard at work developing and refining the 2010 Mustang to be the best Steeda Q-Series Mustang ever. Attendees at the recent 2009 Camp Steeda, held at the Sebring International Raceway in Florida, saw it for themselves that weekend as we had two 2010 Mustangs in “regular street clothing” testing a variety of new components that will be standard on our 2010 Steeda Q-Series. Covertly disguised to resemble regular 2010 Mustangs, these developmental mules were there on a mission to test under severe track conditions exactly how our parts will perform once we formally release the 2010 Q-Series. It is all part of our ISO 9001-2000 developmental process that uses advanced computer simulation and on-track testing to provide you the acceleration, braking, confidence, and all around performance you have come to expect from us.

Unlike most other tuners in the aftermarket that just re-badge parts they buy from others and then sell them as their “own”, at Steeda Autosports we take everything very seriously. Not only do we design, engineer, and manufacturer our own parts, but we test them in the most brutal way we can find – on the race track. And the development of the 2010 Steeda Q Mustang is no different, as we have done for over 20 years, we are continuing our engineering refinement to make the 2010 Steeda Q the best ever to pound the pavement, blast down the quarter mile, or win at the racetrack.

For those that were not lucky enough to make it to Sebring and see our testing in person, we had the video cameras running and captured some screens from the track. (Keep in mind when you watch this video, that the vehicle is in “regular street clothing” and does not have our proprietary new body kit or spoilers). You can see this video on SteedaTV.

Our work is progressing on our 2010 Q-Series, and to date, it is exceeded the original expectations we had. Currently, we offer more parts for the 2010 Mustang than any other company – and we are developing more. Look for a formal announcement about the 2010 Steeda Q-Series in the near future….it will be worth the wait.

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The Steeda Garage – Performance Makeovers

Does your Mustang need a performance makeover? Is the thought of buying a new Mustang and outfitting it to your tastes economically out of your reach? In these difficult economic times, we have a stimulus package that is really stimulating. The experts at The Steeda Garage can make your present Mustang perform much better and at the fraction of the cost of a new Mustang. No matter if you have a bone stock Mustang, a Shelby GT or GT500, or any Roush Mustang that some Jack may have sold you – at Steeda Autosports, we can dramatically improve the performance of ANY Mustang. With our technical experience and vast array of performance parts and accessories we have developed, we can add that special performance upgrade better than the people that originally built your car and at a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle.

Need an improvement in how your car handles? Need a dramatic boost in power that will not destroy your engine? How about a set of Steeda Wheels and Nitto tires that will reduce your unsprung weight and provide unbelievable grip? Or add dramatic styling change with the addition of a Steeda aerodynamic facia and race wing, or a 3D Carbon Boy Racer Body kit – either way, we have the parts and the real expertise to make your ride the envy of everyone. Before you know it, your need for speed will be fully satisfied and your Mustang will be better than new!

No matter what your needs are, the Steeda Garage with our champion race mechanics, is your one stop source for all the high performance and styling needs. Services provided include the following upgrades / modifications:

  • Performance Power Packs
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Steeda Wheels
  • Nitto Tires
  • Chassis Stiffening packages
  • Cooling
  • Appearance
  • Graphics and Styling
  • Drivetrain
  • Engine
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel & Induction
  • and much more !

Contact us for a detailed price quote for the services you need to re-create your ride. We can even arrange nationwide transportation to and from your location for your modifications. All of our work and performance parts are covered by a full warranty – so why wait?

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Introducing SteedaTV – Steeda’s Video Sharing Community

Steeda Autosports is proud to announce the formal launch of a online video sharing community, SteedaTV. Created by automotive enthusiasts for automotive enthusiasts, SteedaTV is a great source you can go to for high performance and action packed automotive videos. As a video sharing community, you will be able to see all of the videos we create -and- all the videos you and others create and upload as well. In essence, it is your personal video network to share with your automotive friends.

SteedaTV is a no charge video sharing community where users can post their own videos and also see other automotive videos others have posted. Because it is solely dedicated to performance automotive videos, it is guaranteed to grow into a very popular site for those individuals that like life in the Fast Lane!

Here are just a few of the early videos posted on SteedaTV – naturally we posted a few of our own to help kick start this site – check them out and add your own favorite video:

There you have just a small sampling of the videos available…..Steeda TV – The only video source solely dedicated to high performance automotive videos!

Check out more at

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