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Steeda Offers The Most 2010 Parts of Any Manufacturer

The team at Steeda Autosports has been working feverishly making sure that when the 2010 Mustang hit the streets this spring, that we had the most complete selection of the highest quality performance products available anywhere.

Today, with over 90 exclusive Steeda parts and with an additional 40+ parts from other manufacturing partners that pass the strict Steeda quality tests, we have more parts available for sale for the 2010 Mustang than anyone else. More parts that have been designed, engineered, and manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2000 standards here in the United States of America. And most importantly, more parts that are engineered and tuned to work in harmony together – a factor that is commonly overlooked when people buy their products from others. From suspension parts, cooling kits, brake upgrades, exhaust systems, to wheels and tires, we have what you want for the 2010 Mustang!

Most of our so called competitors (their names will really surprise you!) all practice what we term is a “dirty little secret” in the industry today by simply re-badging products from other company’s offerings, and then playing a shell game by pretending that what they are selling is actually their own product that they engineered and built. They do not have their own in-house design/engineering/manufacturing capabilities that Steeda has and they do not do the level of extensive testing that we do. The inherent problem with this practice is that when you assemble random off the shelf parts from other manufacturers, you simply are not guaranteed to get the best performing products that will work properly with each other so that your vehicle’s performance is maximized. Remember when you last watched that road race on TV when the pit crew was making minor adjustments so as to squeeze out the best performance out of the car? Or why do some cars always seem to perform better at the track than others? Tuning is the answer – whether it is the tuning of your springs, tuning your lower control arm bushings, or even the tuning of the stiffness of your stay bar, at Steeda, we ensure that when you buy parts from us, that what you receive will work perfectly with each other. Around the shop, we call it the Steeda’s Racer’s Advantage. That is why we can make the claim that with production based Mustangs, Steeda equipped vehicles have won more races, set more records, and won more championships that Shelby, Roush, and Saleen COMBINED!

“Races are sometimes won or lost by the smallest amount of tuning adjustments. When you equip your vehicle with Steeda performanced tested parts you take the guesswork out of the equation.” said Dario Orlando, founder and the creative visionary at Steeda Autosports. “We do exhaustive studies and countless laps on the test track to make sure everything we sell will work perfectly together. The next time you consider buying performance parts and accessories, dig deep and do some investigative research. Make sure that the parts you buy indeed are the absolute best they can possibly be, that they are made under strict ISO 9001-2000 guidelines and that they will work flawlessly together.”

Rest assured that we are not done yet – we are still creating many new and exciting products for the 2010 Mustang, including a revolutionary Cold Air Intake system and even a stunning aerodynamic body kit that will be a key ingredient our new and exciting line of Steeda Q-Series Mustangs. Designed with the intent of combining purposeful function and kinetic design into the best possible integrated performance package, the 2010 Steeda Q-Series is definitely worth the wait!

You can see the entire line of 2010 Mustang parts at: Look for more information about the exciting 2010 Steeda Q-Series of Performance Mustangs as well as more exciting and unique parts at now and in the future.

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Tom Ellis – 2009 SCCA American Sedan SE Division Champion

While it feels like the 2009 SCCA American Sedan racing season has really just begun, Tom Ellis has been hard at it this season winning 7 out of 8 races to clinch the SCCA American Sedan South East Division Championship title for the 2009 racing season! With the blistering pace Tom has maintained this season, he set yet another unbelievable record at the Daytona International Raceway when he shattered his previous record time with a new record time of 2:07.6 – no doubt this #51 Steeda Autosports prepared and maintained Q-Series Mustang is perfectly matched to Tom’s finely honed driving skills.

It is a perfect match of a high performance Steeda Mustang being controlled by a highly experienced driver and the end result is unstoppable victories and another championship. Keep in mind that Tom is a “weekend warrior”, not a professional driver, but his thirst for success, dedication to the sport, and his tenacity for the best results is the perfect formula for success.

The only time Tom did not finish in the top podium position was when he finished a very close 2nd place, when after leading the race, a $1 rocker arm stud broke robbing him of the ultimate power he needed. Suffice to say, that problem has been corrected and he has continued his winning championship ways. It just underscores why the Steeda Autosports Team continually track tests and races every weekend as we continually evolve our performance parts and accessories to be the very best possible. The race track is our proving ground where we test the latest performance products for you – our customer. Steeda‘s products are designed and engineered to be the very best possible, to offer uncompromising performance, and to exceed your every expectation.

While he has secured yet another championship, Tom Ellis will still be racing aggressively for the remainder of the season in high hopes of securing additional 1st place finishes as well as the overall national Championship in SCCA American Sedan. This weekend you will be able to see Tom up close and personal at the 2009 Camp Steeda at the famed Sebring International Raceway. Make sure you stop by and congratulate Tom and check out his championship Steeda Mustang in person.

Everyone at Steeda Autosports sincerely congratulates Tom Ellis for his commitment to the sport of racing and his continued championship ways!

Remember: Talk is cheap – only winning and breaking records count! If you want the most innovative and the best quality race proven parts you have only one choice – Steeda!

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A Cure for the Supercharged Mustang ‘Fever’

A very common issue associated with supercharged Mustangs is the effective elimination of heat in the incoming air charge. When incoming air is compressed in the supercharger, heat is generated – and that heat robs you of power when you need it most, when your right foot demands it!

While most superchargers employ a heat exchanger to assist in cooling the incoming air charge, oftentimes those cooling systems are designed for regular street use or the occasional flog on the street. To address these shortcomings, the team at Steeda Autosports has the solution that addresses this critical need – The Steeda High Efficiency Heat Exchanger. Designed for whatever you can throw at it, this cooling system is simply the ultimate solution to maintain the coolest temperature of your induction air.

Steeda’s in house engineering team developed an ultra high efficient heat exchanger that is the perfect upgrade for the supercharged Shelby GT500, Magnacharger, Whipple, or Roush supercharged Mustang GT.

With dimensions measuring 6″ tall, 26″ wide, and 4″ deep, our heat exchanger dwarf’s the factory Shelby GT500 unit and provides a 166% cooling capacity increase in Shelby GT500 applications. This results in substantially reduced air inlet temperatures. Reduced inlet temperatures mean more power with greatly reduced chances for detonation under boost under all driving conditions!

Don’t be deceived by “double pass core” claims to superiority over our 2-core single pass design. Surface area is king when it comes to cooling capacity, and no other heat exchanger on the market gives you the functional surface area ours does. Double pass core designs also force you to relocate hoses due to the inlet and outlet having to be on the same side. Our design does not require this modification for easier installation.

Steeda’s high efficiency heat exchanger comes with all mounting hardware for installation on Shelby GT500 applications. Requires minor modifications for use on Magnacharger, Whipple, and Roush supercharged applications. Consult with our Sales Professionals for specific information about your application and start getting all the power you can!

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Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration Recap

The Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama was definitely a huge success for all aficionados of America’s original pony car – the Ford Mustang. With crowds that were larger than anyone’s expectations, and an outstanding venue, the 45th Anniversary of the Mustang went down in history as one of Mustang’s best celebrations ever!

On Friday evening, the Mustang 45th Anniversary Birthday Party sponsored by Steeda Autosports and hosted by, SVT Owners Association and BAER Brakes at the famed Ted’s Garage was an overwhelming success. The “official” birthday party for the Mustang lived up to everyone’s expectations and was THE event Friday evening with hundreds of people celebrating and scores of Mustangs from all eras on display.

The Barber Motorsports Park was simply the best possible venue to host an event like this. With a track carved out of the rolling hills, it provided a venue unlike any other for performance drivers to challenge their skills around the 2.38 mile track. Located at the track, the Barber Motorsports Museum had on display the very first Mustang to roll off the assembly line – a true sight to behold. Also at the track were displays by many key partners in the Mustang world including, Ford Racing Performance Parts, Ford Motor Company-Ford Division, Temec Transmissions and others that added a unique/distinct flavor and excitement to this outdoor event.

During the celebration, our highly publicized “Steeda Autosports Drawing” for a certificate for $2,000 of our Steeda Autosports Suspension upgrades attracted scores of attention with thousands of entries vying for a chance to win. While everyone that entered automatically became eligible to a special 10% discount, there would be only one grand prize award winner.

The overall winner – Neil Case, who made the long migration all the way from Colorado to attend the 45th Birthday bash with a close friend. As it turns out, Neil was the perfect individual to win the $2,000 worth of Steeda suspension upgrades, he and his wife are devote Mustang enthusiasts and own a slew of Mustangs including:

  • 1966 coupe that they recently restored and will be handed down to their youngest daughter
  • 1967 coupe that their oldest daughter helped restore when she was in high school
  • 1968 High Country Special that is currently awaiting restoratio
  • 2005 GT that Neil drives daily (weather permitting of course) that will be the beneficiary of the Steeda suspension upgrade

Neil’s and his wife have been weekend racers for about eight years and visit the drag strip and auto-cross as often as possible. Early on they realized that competing an early model Mustang against late model cars is difficult, especially when SCCA categorizes them in the same class despite technology differences to suspension and horsepower. Hence, they purchased the 2005 Mustang they currently campaign. While Neil customized the exterior of the car, doing most of the work himself, nothing had been done to the drive train or suspension to make it a true “weekend warrior” because his budget required the suspension system to be trumped by his oldest daughters’ upcoming wedding expenses. Having won the $2,000 dollar Steeda suspension system upgrade, Neil commented: “…this will allow us to have wedding cake and eat it too!” Neil also added: “Thank you Steeda Autosports offering such generous opportunities to the followers of the Mustang aftermarket industry. I look forward to the difference the suspension will make for my car on the track”.

We will be profiling Neil’s experience in the future as he transforms his car with our suspension upgrades. Showing the extent of the modifications as well as his true comments about how Steeda Autosports products improved the performance of his 2005 Mustang GT, this will be one story you most certainly will not want to miss!

Steeda Autosports wants to congratulate Ford Motor Company, Team Mustang, Neil Case, and everyone that is an aficionado of Mustang for making the 45th Anniversary Celebration the best one yet!

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Robin Burnett – Steeda 2008 American Iron Champion

Robin Burnett never dreamed that a date he was on in 1996 at Waterford Hills Raceway in suburban Detroit would would change his life. He ended up marrying that very special woman who shared his passion for racing and, with her support, eventually would become a National Racing Champion in a Steeda Mustang. Often called a “Cowboy” for driving antics, Robin understands it takes both an aggressive and a technical approach to be successful in racing.

The many race victories, records, and championships he has won all started with a Ford Fiesta with over 109,000 miles on the odometer when campaigned and won the 1987 local SCCA Improved Touring C class at Waterford Hills. From that very first championship, Robin was hooked on speed and the thrill of victory and has never stopped or looked back since. Ultimately when the Fiesta became a bit tired, he upped the ante, changed classes and upgraded to the Mustang platform and has consistently turned to Steeda Autosports for all his performance parts and accessories.

The very first Mustang he raced was a 1989 blue Mustang GT that was previously his daily driver, but also became his race car competing in the SCCA American Sedan Series. Over the years Robin has consistently adopted new stallions to his stable including a ’94 Cobra, ’99 Cobra, and his current ride, a 2005 Mustang GT – all fully equipped with Steeda performance parts – a requirement he says is mandatory to ensure his winning ways.

Robin’s accomplishments are many, ranging from Regional SCCA Champion in 1992 and 1993 to his current string of three (3) consecutive Regional Championships from 2005 thru 2007. In 2008, Robin became the NASA National Champion racing his red Steeda Q-Series Mustang against a host of many other hotly prepared vehicles. As a mater of fact, ever since Robin started running in the NASA National Championships, he has never failed to make the podium and consistently waves the Steeda championship banner!

The S197 pony he is racing today has a bevy of performance parts from Steeda Autosports and an ideal engine from Ford Racing Performance Parts. A inventory of the parts he has on the car includes our competition race wing, aerodynamic front facia, full coil over suspension, hardcore engine mounts, control arms, stay bars, and a custom Steeda brake package that provides maximum cooling. The list of Steeda parts goes on and on, just rest assured he is a rolling test bed for Steeda at every race he goes to. Also included for that special “go power” is the famed Ford Racing Performance Parts Boss 302 Stroker motor – a potent mandatory requirement if you want to be competitive in the NASA American Iron Class he regularly competes in. It should be noted that all of these parts are readily available for sale to anyone – they are not custom “one-of” parts, but rather “off the shelf parts” that you too can purchase by visiting

Robin’s daily driver today is a 2007 Mustang GT that also has a serious shot of Steeda improvements including a full Steeda suspension package and a few other performance tricks from Steeda. It seams like he just cannot limit his need for performance just to the race track!

This summer, in an effort to take the “Championship to the People”, Robin Burnett and his Steeda Mustang will be touring many other various tracks in the Eastern part of the United States to showcase his driving skills and his winning Steeda Q Mustang. In April he was at Virginia International Raceway where, in his first race of the season he chalked up another podium finish by qualifying and finishing first – a habit he has grown accustomed to !

Later, you will also be able to see him and his red Steeda Q as on this special tour at:

  • Sebring (June)
  • Mid-Ohio (August)
  • Road Atlanta (August)
  • Watkins Glen (October)

Everyone at Steeda Autosports is exceptionally proud that the 2008 NASA American Iron National Champion – Robin Burnett is racing again this season with his Steeda Autosport equipped Mustang. Proudly defending his championship and the Mustang badge of honor, Robin is a true champion!

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Introducing Steeda’s Charge Motion Delete Plugs

Are you bummed that you bought a 2009 or 2010 Mustang and found out that with the change in the intake manifold that you cannot use Steeda’s Charge Motion Plates to increase your airflow and deliver greater horsepower? This is because starting with the 2009 model year Mustangs, Ford Motor Company changed the intake manifold so that it is a single unit that includes the charge motion plate butterflies molded into the housing. Leave it to the speed techs at Steeda to engineer an inexpensive and highly effective fix that eliminates the butterflies and provides your intake air a clear shot into the combustion chamber – the Steeda’s 2009 Charge Motion Delete Plugs.

Machined from solid billet aluminum, these plugs are a great upgrade for your 2009-2010 Mustang. Easy to install with just basic tools, these allow you to remove the butterfly valves that restrict airflow and seal the housing with plugs from the kit that when completed will reduce turbulence and improve airflow in the intake path for more horsepower and torque!

Because our charge motion delete plugs are so effective at finding that “hidden horsepower” in your engine, you will be required to reflash your engine control module with either our Steeda’s Xcalibrator2, Steeda Predator tuner, or go all the way with our unique Adaptive Performance Calibration! Once tuned, our charge motion plate delete kit will not sacrifice any low end torque and will provide midrange and upper rpm horsepower and torque increases. Peak increases of 10 horsepower or more have been seen on naturally aspirated applications, and larger gains possible on supercharged engines. When combined with our industry leading Cold Air Intake, your performance gains are even more substantial. These are the same modifications we make on our famed Q350 Mustang series to deliver that asphalt rippin’ power to the pavement!

Sometimes the simplest and most inexpensive parts can provide you with the performance edge that you really need. Install our Charge Motion Delete Plugs today and maximize your power curve today!

Learn more about Steeda’s Charge Motion Delete Plugs by, Clicking Here.

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2009 Camp Steeda – Huge Nitto Give-Away

The return of Camp Steeda SVTOA On-Track at Sebring International Raceway is scheduled for May 22 thru May 24. Steeda Autosports and the SVTOA Tampa Chapter are teaming up to host a complete weekend of pure automotive excitement that annually is THE event for the Ford performance enthusiast.

The Camp Steeda / SVTOA-On Track Event is designed to be an educational as well as an exhilarating opportunity for performance vehicle lovers to mingle with other aficionados of performance vehicles, drive around the track at speed, and also to receive professional instruction on how to enhance your driving abilities and vehicle performance capabilities. There will be classroom and trackside instruction as well as lots of track time on the fabled full 3.7 mile Sebring International Raceway.

Nitto Tires has just confirmed that they are sponsoring an unbelievable promotion at this year’s event – they will be giving away 20 full sets of their ultra high performance tire – The Nitto NT 01 (size 275/40/17). Considered by Steeda and most drivers “in the know” to be the very best competition radial tire available anywhere, this fully D.O.T. compliant dry competition radial is specifically designed with the weekend racer in mind. With a compound developed to provide the best balance of traction, consistency, heat cycle performance, and longevity, there is simply no other tire available that is better ! Make sure you visit the Nitto Tire display to sign up for this raffle and get more information about the complete line of Nitto performance tires! Nitto will not have a display in order to win people have to be at the banquet and purchase raffle tickets.

Additionally, editors from most of the major Mustang publications participating at Camp Steeda, they are always on the lookout for feature vehicles for their magazines in the target rich environment Camp Steeda always provides. From stock, to slightly modified, to heavily modified vehicles, there is guaranteed to be something for the entire family at this prestigious event.

There are still a few spots left, but the event is filling up fast. The last day to register on line is May 18 – so go to: and register today. As an added incentive to register now everyone who registers between now and May 10 will receive a special gift directly from Steeda Autosports.